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  1. Hi, I've just received a penalty charge notice from NHS BSA for a prescription I got a couple of months ago. I rang up to complain (more details below) but didn't get anywhere with persuading the lady on the other end of the phone that I wasn't at fault. I have two questions: Firstly - how do I appeal? It doesn't seem obvious from the net or from the letter the NHS sent me. Secondly, do I have a case against the penalty charge (deets below)? So, the story: Basically, I rang up my GP about 2 months ago and asked for some items that were on prescription. They asked me if I had a pharmacy I preferred, I said yes and gave them the details of a place I'd got prescriptions from before. The last time I visited the pharmacy (I've since discovered) I used a prescription prepayment card and therefore was exempt from the charges, but that card expired 6 months ago. About 2 days after I spoke to the GP I came home and my medications (without any accompanying documentation, that I can recall) were on the doormat having been posted through the letterbox. I thought that was a little strange as I thought there would be a bill with it or similar, but I was kind of busy with work, etc. at the time, so didn't really look into it. About 2 weeks later... penalty charge. I've never seen the prescription documentation, ticked any boxes, signed anything, or actively misrepresented myself, as far as I can tell, but the lady at NHS BSA's (spurious) argument was that I should have known to ring up the pharmacy and say that I no longer had a prescription prepayment card. I didn't, in fact, even know that the pharmacy was going to deliver the medications, and I assumed there would be a bill forthcoming. My argument was that it was on the pharmacy to check my prepayment status, not to assume that I did. So, am I going to get anywhere or am I just banging my head against a brick wall?
  2. My mum has a small business, a shop. Recently she contacted her energy supplier (one of the big names) and negotiated a (hopefully cheaper) new contract. Within a day or two (Tin Foil Hat time) someone contacted her about cheaper electricity and a few days after that she received a letter from BES Commercial Electricity Ltd. It's possible they had been hassling and cold calling her for a while. This letter claims she entered a verbal agreement on the phone. She called to question this and the 'customer services' dept told her they will be taking over the supply, the changeover is in process and will cost £400 to stop from happening now. The tone of the letter is quite threatening, as was the phone call with the customer services department, especially for my mum who is now nearly 70 . So I’ve Googled BES and can’t find a lot of nice things said about them online. Which is what led me to this forum. It would appear this is all standard practice for them. My understanding is distance selling regulations aren’t applicable to business, even if they were the standard 7 days is over. Unfortunately my mum doesn’t remember exactly when or what was said during the call (she’s had a few health issues, an operation, complications then fell over and broke her arm so has had a lot on her mind). I think I’ll just write them a (recorded) letter telling them their services are not required, if they believe a verbal contract has been entered then to provide evidence and a full recording / transcript of this verbal contract. I’ve told her NOT to hand out bank details, and call her current supplier and tell them she wants them to remain her supplier. Are we doing the right thing? Can they just grab the supply? I've read so many nightmares on the internet today just want to make sure I am going about this in the right way.
  3. This is a new forum for me. Post arrived today usual bumph including a letter from VM stating that from 01/02/2015 they will be increasing their fees by £3.00pm. Called VM to state not interested any more to have services that go up so much with no extra value same channels not better service, just more costs. Stated this and said that I would rather leave VM for services else where. The result was a £30.00 good will gesture to account for this increase for the next year. My question is now how many people will blindly accept the increase in fees without questioning them. Also they like to state a brand new contract is entered into if you change your service package for another year why?
  4. Wow. What a bunch of bullies these guys are. I have just gone through the various threads and have a similar story with Erudio student loans. I have supplied them everything under the sun to request a deferment and they keep on rejecting it. My income is only 15k a year but the guy on the phone was saying that since your bank statements show an higher income we will take that as meaning its over the allowance! My response was that I am self employed so someone pays me for a job out which I make only 5-10%. No we don't agree. Send us your Tax return which I have and they want the form from HMRC which I don't get for another 2 months! Supplied them my tax return documents which show my income - Not accepted Supplied them my Tax return from my accountant - Not accepted Supplied them my bank statements - Not Accepted I have wasted a good 3-4 hrs on the phone with them and what a bunch of idiots they are. I have read the threads and will fight them. What should I do next? Also I want to be able to claim expenses them for the time wasted. Any suggestions?
  5. Hello Everyone I received a summons last year due to incorrect information given by one of the employees. I attended 'court' and asked to see the judge. 2 minutes later the £125 was waived and I was allowed to make the outstanding payment before the end of March this year. I actually paid it off in the Feb, but in the same email confirming it was paid, they found an outstanding amount from 2011. I could not remember the circumstances of this and asked for copies of the bill which was refused. I then explained that I would not be able to pay the additional £100+ pounds plus my current council tax within the time. I asked on three occasions if I could have a financial statement, to show my expenses and this too was refused, despite them saying it would be counterproductive to send a court summons. I tried to pay a little extra for a couple of months but could not manage the amount they wanted. They have sent another summons. Of course I will be going back to court again, but want to know if they should have allowed me to send in a financial statement, because clearly if I cant pay the additional amount, how am I supposed to pay the court fine too.
  6. Hi, i have had mortgage arrears for a number of years never been able to control them(approx 6k). due to an upturn in trade earlier this year i managed to get them down to £234 then a catastrophic business deal dumped me straight back sq one unable to pay the mortgage again i rang them and told them i would not be able to pay the up coming payment. i was advised that if i cleared the arrears before the next due payment i would be entitled to a review of my account to see if i could get the payments down to an affordable level. i did this only to be told that it wasn't true the nice lady from complaints took £100 off the arrears and put £200 into my private account, she said they should of said "i pay off all the arrears and one full months mortgage payment then i could have the review". she made sure i had no savings and no way of paying the extra i then received a letter saying my agreement for reduced payments was at an end and i needed to make another which i did . i knew this was my busiest time of year and went hell for leather to meet the all the arrears and one months payment option by the skin of my teeth i succeeded. previously i have had arrangements go wrong because i paid on card and they say this takes 3 days at this time i was told that if i paid cash into a halifax branch it would show immediately. ( which is what i did ) they now say cash payments don't show for 24 hrs!! in the sure knowledge i had covered all the bases i rang them i seem to have rattled the cage i don't think they expected me to meet there criteria and don't want to give the review i so desperately need my payments have jumped from £695(interest only which they have taken away as an option) to £1380 a month and simply can not afford it. i dont want to go into arrears again i need some advice what do i do next i have to phone them tomorrow but can already see where this is going any ideas how i should approach the matter.
  7. http://www.cash4phone.co.uk/ http://www.nominet.org.uk/whois/lookup?query=cash4phone.co.uk
  8. Hi, we spent 430 on a lay z spa Monaco hot tub. We bought it in may and it was delivered 25 th June. We've since had to replace the whole pump thrift lay z spa warranty and now it's gone again. We're feed up as we go outside to use it and it's not working. We have spent loads looking after it, correct chemicals cleaning etc. Can we take back to argos. Want money back Thanks
  9. I need to go to Exeter and Totnes on Friday and will be going by train. So, can I buy a return going to Exeter and going back to Plymouth, get off at Totnes, exist the barrriers and come back again and get on a train to Exeter? I think I read somewhere I could. Can't remember where I read that though!
  10. Hi everyone, I had a contract with vodafone for years with no problems when my partner and i moved in together i decided to get another phone out for him as my upgrade was due and i would get a better deal being an existing customer than he would getting a new contract. We had loads of problems from the very minute we entered the shop including having to wait a week before the second phone could be picked up because of some thing i really cant remember. eventually we had both phones and that was fine, i had had contract phones for years so knew my bill would be late that month and would be higher than usual so i was fully expecting to get a bill in about six weeks. after around two weeks my phone was disconnected but my partners still worked which was a good thing as i had no house phone so used his to call customer services who told me there was an unpaid amount of 60 something pounds on my number, i told them this was impossible as i had been forced to pay my final bill in store before they would give me the upgrade as the bill was due a few weeks later, she apologised for the mistake and put my phone back on. same thing happened a few days later and again a few days after that, in the end i paid the money and planned on claiming it as bill credit after my first proper bill of the new contract was set up figuring this was the end of the situation. within a week or so both phones were cut off again with no warning, i went to my mothers and used her phone to call and complain and was told i had an unpaid bill, assuming this was the 60 odd pounds again i went off my head at the woman who turned round and told me that it was in fact a bill for around 320! i asked how this was possible for just over a month and she said she would refer it to be recalculated as this seemed very high compared to the bills i had had in the past, even factoring in another line the bill was recalculated and i paid it, same thing happened again the next month and i have at this point still not actually recieved a bill from vodafone. it happened a third time only for some reason vodafone refused to recalculate the third bill and even though i spent hours on the phone and wrote several letters/emails even asking for the bills so i could go through them myself which they charged me for but only sent the front pages, not the itimisation i had asked for. even although the account was clearly in dispute i eventually ended up at debt collectors and defaulted on the amount they said i owed which included a termination fee. i hadnt heard anything about it for a year or two when i moved house and suddenly lowell are in contact again, they disputed the debt with vodafone on my behalf apparently and voda told them i had entered a payment plan with them over this amount, which i never did because i do not owe it and i would never have agreed to pay a termination fee for a contract i actually at the time wanted to keep. so i now plan to send a dsar to vodafone but if im honest have no idea where to go from there? i have told lowell i will be making no payments until i have the debt recalculated im guessing i should write to them to that effect, when they phone now i just tell them that i have told them all im going to tell them and to write to me if they have anything new to add. Its really frustrating because i have done really well sorting out my debt from when i was a stupid teenager and this is really the only thing left to sort out and they just wont budge on it even though they are 100 per cent wrong. anyone have any ideas what I can do about this? Thanks in advance
  11. Once again the letter from my work provider telling me a telephone interview has been arranged and that I must be available for it. I know I do not have to participate as I am in the support group, but it is criminal how they hound people (we look forward to seeing you again, and helping you find the right job). How can they 'see' me over the telephone. It's so exhausting keep up with all of this, failed PIP medical, lost mortgage relief form, now these people. You get to the point of just wanting it ALL to end.
  12. Just got a letter from moorcrap supposedly in response to a s78 request for a personal loan taken out in 2009....Hmm not quite complied lol. My first query is under key information it states arrears letter charge = £25 unpaid direct debit charge = £25 I thought these charges were altered to £12 in 2006? I know they were for credit cards, not sure about loans. Also at the bottom right hand corner it gives a date of, May 2005?? how significant is this regards Jack
  13. Hello I have posted in the forum a few times over my issue with HSBC and as this is still going on I could do with some more help please. I agreed with HSBC that as they owed me more in a PPI claim more than I owed them for an outstanding loan that the PPI would repay the outstanding debt. I signed a form to this effect and returned a long while ago. Since then I have had a few debt collection agents call me to chase this debt and I told them politely about the agreement and the matter went away. However, I have been receiving letters from MKDP chasing the same debt. I told them by phone about the agreement and they have gone back to HSBC who stated that they never received the signed agreement re the PPI and so the debt is still outstanding. HSBC never contacted me again. I really dont want to pay this debt while HSBC owe me PPI monies which may still be accruing interest at 8% pa. I have taken a look at my credit file and the loan is still registered as unpaid but now as owed to MKDP and not HSBC. Can this be transferred between parties on credit files in this way? Should I go ahead and make a claim against HSBC for my PPI? Im really just looking for a steer on this matter please. Thanks
  14. Hi Back in 2012 Ascendon applied for and got an eviction date from a suspended repossesion order from 2008. I posted on here and thanks to Ellen's fantastic help and advice I attended court and the judge suspended the order again provided I paid the monthly mortgage and £300 per month. At the time this seemed realistic and affordable but Ascendon kept on making things very difficult for me. They wouldn't change the payment date despite me not getting paid until the 10th of every month and they insisted I phone up every time.However by sept 2013 I was completely up to date with the mortgage but my business has struggled over the last year (due to a restructure of the company I work for) and I've fallen behind with the mortgage again. They have now gone back to court and obtained another eviction date, set for Thursday 23rd October 2014. My questions are:- 1. How long does a repossession order last-as it seems to just sit there indefinately and as soon as I'm a couple of months behind they start proceedings again. They know I'm self-employed and they always get their money but they are so inflexible and keep adding on countless charges. 2.I never get noticed of when they go to court to obtain an eviction date-is this right ? I just find out from their solicitors letter, which by the time it arrived this time gave me 2 weeks notice. 3. I will fight again to get the eviction date suspended, but I can't remember what to put on the n244 etc (I lost all copies of my previous eviction when my house flooded) Can anyone help ? Thankyou
  15. I cancelled my membership to fitness first in person in their Old Street gym on 6 June and I received a paper receipt and email confirming that I had successfully cancelled. At the time they told me there was a month notice period I assumed the membership cancelled on 6 July. Now they finally claim the notice period is NOT one month but EIGHT weeks on 31 July!!! I found they were still debiting money from my account illegally. When I contacted the local gym in Old Street, the membership manager's reply was very abrupt and almost rude I contacted their head office. Their head office did NOT even reply. After waiting a week, I cancelled my direct debit and claimed the money back through the DD guarantee. Now they have appointed debt collectors even though I dispute I owe them any money. I have contacted the Citizens Advice consumer service who have passed the complaint to Trading Standards. I will be contacting the CMA next about their harassment. If Carrs continue to harass me, I will also complain to the FCA. I have been a member since 2011 but never again. What else can I do about this dishonest company?
  16. hi, I have just received my sar from welcome and even though they said i have no insurances i actually have "shortfall extra" amounting to a rather large amount. please can anybody point me towards a templete specifically for welcome and shortfall extra, I havent been lazy just cannot find one anywhere and believe me ive looked! thankyou in advance if you can help if not thanks for ready my post. Jamie
  17. Hi everyone, Today I received a letter from the above company with my name and address on it saying I owe £198 to TalkTalk. I have never taken out a contact with TalkTalk before so I'm confused as to why they're asking me for money. I'm also really careful with my money and only take out contracts if I know I can pay for them and I'm now really worried that this will affect my credit score and being able to apply for things in the future (I'm only 22). My question is, what do I do about this letter? Do I call the company and tell them I've never had a contract with TalkTalk, but won't they want proof? Or do I ignore the letter and anymore that arrive completely? I'm quite worried about it as I've never had to deal with anything like this before any advice would be appreciated!
  18. Hello all. I hope someone can give me a bit of advice as I am trying to help someone who has got themselves in a right pickle. I'll give the background firstand then the current situation if that's ok. Please bear with me if I ramble on but tryingto give as much details as possible up front. An ex of mine from many year's ago has a repossession date for this comingTuesday at 10.15am. I have remained extremely close and we are more like siblings than friends, indeed I am Godfather to her children aged 6 and 3. She has a first mortgage with Birmingham Midshire for £182,500 which is up to date. She also has a secured loan from GE money which was originally for £35,000 but now stands at around £55,000. When she took out this loan she was still with the father of her two children and there were two incomes in to the household. However shortly after discovering she was pregnant in early 2009 the father walked out. She effectively went in to breakdown and stopped making payments on any bills and stopped working or even claiming benefits she was entitled to. Both companies applied seperately for repossession in August 2009. She cleared the arrears with BM but GE just cancelled their repossession. Foolishly she did not make any payments on this account but continued payments to BM. Head in sand syndrome because she says theywere asking her to repay more than she could afford. Currently she has not made a repayment since April 2009 and has arrears of £15,500 plus fees of £7,500. She finally came to me in desparation and explained the situation last week. I got her permission to speak directly with GE and have done so last week to try and resolve the issue. The property would only make £190,000 as a distressed sale so with fees and BM's first charge there is nothing left in the property for GE should they repossess but they do not seem to care. I have offered to maintain the payments and even pay off the arrears over 4 years but they still refused. I even tested them further and offerred a lump sum of half of the arrears which I could pay on Dec 1st from my annual bonus plus £500 per month against a payment of £329. Again they refused saying that the entire arrears plus fees had to be cleared. What little I do know was that you can't repossess for fees only arrears and pointed that out and they backed down. I also pointed out on her statement that they have taken £650 of payments against fees already which I didn't think they could and questioned. They told me I was mistaken even though I had it in writing in front of me. I have a well paid job and ( not bragging so please don't hold it against me) take home over £4,000 per month. Realistically I could go as high as £1,000 per month to clear her arrears I suppose. back to the breakdown part. SHe struggled through and after much persuasion from family and friends she finally went to her GP about her state of mind in April 2012. She was immediately referred for ongoing cognitive therapy treatment and prescribed anti depressants which she is still receiving. I made GE aware of this and they wanted proof. I got her permission and sent through the documents by fax which GE mysteriously said did not arrive! that is the situation and I have an N244 in front of me that I am going to go to court with first thing in the morning to await a hearing. What line should I take on this? Would it be worthwhile pretending that we are in a relationship so my income could be taken into consideration or would my current offerto give her the money suffice? If a repossession does take place I am really worried that this may push her over the edge of what is already a strained existance for her and her children. All help greatly appreciated and sorry for such short notice. Finally if I am in the wrong place and anyone knows where would be better to ask please let me know. Many thanks Ian
  19. Today went into my account to transfer money and only my state pension and no pension credit payment. Short or missing about £44 which creates a little problem. I contacted the pension people who said that they would send an email to the relevant department which would take 24 hours for them to action. It would then take another 4 - 5 days for the payment to be re-instated! They seem to do this on a regular basis and without any warning and it does create problems for us as we are both on pension. Not sure if there is anything we could do to make sure we are paid on the correct day as confirmed in a letter received 10 days ago! Very annoying!
  20. Hi I was wondering of you could all help me make my mind up about this. Same old story.............. Had statements back, worked out £1563 owing. Letter sent, then 2nd letter. Cheque received for half - £781.50. Returned cheque stating no deal and cheque returned back stating their position was unchanged and feel free to contact their legal department. So my quandry is whether or not to go through with it. Do I need the £781.50 now? Well, it would be nice, but not dire. Full claim with interest is £2002 ish - that would be nicer. YB seem to be the worst bank to deal with - the most aggressive (or should that be arrogant!), bullish, and intimidating. If I take action, from reading previous threads, it will take me 6 months. I have a parachute account open and ready. If I start proceedings and they start playing silly idiots like withdrawing my overdraft without notice, I shall be annoyed. If they close my account without notice, I shall be fuming. If I accept the cheque and go away quietly, I am £1k plus down If I accept the cheque and they still close my account and withdraw my overdraft - I shall be committing myself to the asylum. I read the threads on MSE which give me dutch courage and go through long periods of "lets do it!" "hmmmmmm - 2K! what a nice holiday!" Then I read the more detailed thread on here and I think "you are insane - take the cheque and run - it's £781.50 I thought I had lost forever" I know I should have destroyed the damn cheque - then it would be job done. Please supply dutch courage and tell me its worth it and don't let them win - or tell me I'm ahead and quit now before it gets nasty! Help!
  21. MMF are trying to collect on 2 accounts, both Payday loans. I have sent several requests to MMF asking for proof of my liability to the alleged debt plus a full breakdown. MMF have continued to ignore my requests and have continued to send emails and letters with their usual threats of court and doorstep collection. I sent a recorded letter on Monday 26th November and was received and signed for by MMF on Tuesday 27th November telling MMF that ALL Communication MUST BE IN WRITTING by post, and no telephone, e-mail or text contact will be tolerated, Furthermore I expressly state that I have no wish to make any appointment for any agent, representative or employee of MMF Ltd to visit my home, should such a visit occur the person will be invited to leave failure to do so and will result in their removal using any necessary means. I have requested a full explanation and proof of my liability for this alleged debt along with a full breakdown of the alleged debt and MMF have failed to provide any data in this regard; therefore I do not acknowledge any debt to MMF Ltd., or any company you may claim to represent. I have also sent an email to Baranby Page & home visits with the same information which has been read... Fast forward to this morning whilst in the shower I heard a knock at the door and Ignored it. Through my letter box was 2x letters from MMF, hand delivered. The leter states "I have now been instructed to visit your property to discuss repayment. I am your local MMF Doorstep Agent and although disappointed that I could not meet you today, I am constantly in your area and a revisit can be booked. Why are these people ignoring me?
  22. Hi I know there is loads about these people on this site and I have read most of it with interest. I would just like to explain my situation and any help is very gratefully received. I have had dealings with them in the past when they threatened me over email but they never put anything in writing and did not contact me by telephone. This was in relation to Quick Quid with whom I had tried and failed to reach an agreement. I was so incensed by the threats uttered by MMF that I ignored them. One of them, who called himself 'Jason' told me that he was going to break down my door and collect evidence for court. Evidence of what pray tell? Anyway, they left me alone - that was over a year ago. Early this year I was unable to pay Lending Stream the £500 per month they were seeking. I sent numerous emails explaining my position but got nowhere so I set up a standing order for £20 per month (informing them of my actions) and still they did not reply. They did not return the funds though which surely constitutes implied acceptance of my proposal. They continued to send automated demand emails which I ignored. Several months passed and I was contacted by Mucky Hall stating that they had bought the debt. I emailed them and told them I had been paying LS and to refer to their client. All they would say was 'please confirm your name and date of birth'. Eventually they gave up. Unfortunately I did miss a few of the payments to LS but I reinstated them several months ago and have been paying ever since. Then about a week ago I got a text from MMF saying that they had bought the debt. Within seconds they were ringing me. I did not answer the first call but when I tried to answer the second one it was just a recorded message. I blocked all the numbers as they came though but my phone call still show me if they tried to call, the phone just does not ring. There are about 6 calls and texts per day, from a range of numbers, as has been the case with other posters. The calls stopped last Friday but on Saturday (24th) they started ringing my landline and again leaving automated messages, this time very threatening. My elderly mother heard this message and was really frightened. So my flat mate rang them and told them I didn't live there. He did this because he was genuinely afraid that they would turn up. We still don't know if they will or not and we are living in fear. The person he spoke to said that the number would be removed from their system but we got another call today and apparently they cannot remove the address on their file? I don't know what to do.
  23. Hello Everyone, my history is in these threads: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?431538-First-Plus-Mortgage-**PPI-WON** http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?431539-First-Plus-going-for-repo-**WON** Well I am back again and i need some advice and someone who can work out the payments that I have made. One again I find that I am being harassed into going to court but this time I am stronger and willing to put the fight in for all those poor souls who have had their life ripped apart by these sharks in the financial community. I have asked them continually to inform me of the interest rate I am on. I find that the PPI is still being included with in my loan. They have lodged a default on my account despite the fact that I have being paying by standing order every month. this looks like I have failed to pay. I am now trying to get another mortgage and I cant because of this unfair penalisation. I really want/need to fight this battle and I am prepared to put my all in sorting this dreading situation. 2me2u2
  24. hi we have been paying first credit for a credit card debit for some time i sent them a letter saying that due to short time at work i was unable to carry on paying the same amount but was willing to pay a reduced amount to which we got a responce of pay up or else after several bullying phone calls i sent them a cca letter with £1 postal order i received a letter back saying that they 1st credit would respond in 4 to 8 weeks no other response or comunication since then that was in may this year now sept 25th i have received a letter from lcs solicitors claiming a debt of £820 81 the original debt left was about £500 from citifinancial europe plc who i have never had any dealings with what do i do now ?
  25. 90 minute overstay....... Single point appeal, GPEoL.
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