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  1. I am helping someone at the moment who has had some 5 transactions refused by topcashbacks team. With the reason suspicious activity. depsite openning a ticket etc they have had no joy. At the last count topcashes system has closed the open ticket and no response. The only option i can see for them is issuing a small claim. The snag is where do i send the claim form ?
  2. Hi I just received my annual declaration for this year, I get child tax credits, I work 16 hours a week and work the occasional but of overtime, I have filled out my annual review online but noticed a difference in figures, I earned £6083 but my estimate was £5644, will I have to pay anything back? Also my estimate was slightly over and my actual salary is £5408, I am a little confused.
  3. Hello Firstly, what a great site this is. You significantly helped a friend of mine, who was in a mass amount of debt due to a failed marriage and a life-changing illness. I truly believe you saved her life! My complaint is in relation to Xercise4Less. My husband and I cancelled our gym membership by written notice (within their stipulated 30 day time frame I may add) as we have hit some financial difficulties and also we are not using the gym as much as we should as we are utilising our local park in the summer months. This was on the 27th May (direct debit payments come out of our account on the 25th of every month). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I panicked! I read some reviews on various websites that stated that Harlands (the company that collect Xercise4Less' direct debits) continued to take people's gym payments despite them cancelling moons ago! As a result, both my husband and I have received administration charges. My husband owed £40 and I owed £30 (no idea why they were different when we joined at the same time and cancelled at the same time). Panicked, we have paid up as whilst we thought they were unfair charges, we didn't want anyone banging our door down, especially as we are already stressed due to financial worries. I have since read that an industry body has stamped down on these unfair admin charges and I was wondering whether anyone could tell me who I should complain to. I have just written emails to Xercise4Less asking for an explanation, but I am not hopeful, so I was wondering whether anyone knew what the next step may be or whether I should just let this go and let it be a lesson learnt! Any past experience or advise would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Also, I don't know whether this is worth mentioning or not, but I will go ahead anyway. This solely relates to my husband's cancellation. My husband and I sent letters of cancellation on 27th May and we were told they were received on 1st June. On the 1st June, my Xercise4less branch called my husband and stated that if he rang the head office and paid £9.99 there and then, then he would not be liable for charges. My husband explained that he wouldn't have any spare cash until Friday. As promised, he rang on the Friday and explained that he wanted to pay the £9.99 to clear the account. This was accepted and his bank details were taken. It was only after he mentioned that I (his wife) had been charged considerably more to cancel the membership, did the advisor on the end of the call said "Sorry, I have taken £39.99, what did you think I had taken?". I quite clearly heard my husband state £9.99 at the beginning of the call, so I have no idea how the advisor didn't. The advisor refused to accept this, so we immediately rang our bank, who said they would contact Xercise4Less and request a refund, but I am not hopeful that Xercise4Less would accept this! I can't get over how Xercise4Less think it is fair to charge £20 per failed direct debit payment! Surely, a letter does not cost £20 of anyone's time! Also, the advisors at the head office are the rudest and incomprehensible advisors I have ever encountered. They talk over you at 100 mph and just shout you down. It's atrocious.
  4. I am posting this on behalf of a friend in a different 'Shire' but I know this won't make any difference. Because I have had dealing with them before, she asked me opinion and I said categorically, do not pay it. They parked in a retail park and visited several stores for D.I.Y products and other shopping. When they returned to their vehicle it had the usual garbage attached to the windscreen. The car park apprently has signage stating that it is only free parking for 4 hours and as they had over stayed this they were bound by their T&C's , hence the penalty charge notice. I drafted them the usual letter to invoke their appeals process, denying any liability on the basis of (1) charge is not a genuine pre-estimate of loss, (2) their signage does not comply with BPA etc and (3) they do not have authority or permission to issue invoices at that location. Well, Parking Lie's administration appear to have tangled themselves up and sent the two replies below. One has the POPLA Appeal form attached. Would appreciate your thoughts please. Thanks in advance. Shelley
  5. I am keeping in mind all the good advice on here regarding dca's, and i dont get involved with them at all. Moorcroft are ignoring my letter to them re no door step callers. I have had two in recent weeks, the first one caught me out a bit and i answered the door he was a really slimy looking guy, looking down his nose at me and really quite smirky, stating he was from Moorcroft and i owed money, i pointed at my notice on the door re no appointment no call etc and he just laughed. I closed the door, but he repeatedly kept knocking loudly for several minutes, i did feel quite unnerved but didnt want to call the police and have a whole big drama. I felt really shaky after though and was glad he finally went. He had tried to stuff an envelope through the small gap in my door? but not through the letterbox? he didnt succeed and all that was left was some ripped paper and none on the ground when i checked later. Another one yesterday, who also got the door closed on him, after he managed to tell me he wasnt intimidating as he carried a walking stick?..... . i was awaiting a delivery which is why i opened the door. Again even after me telling him to go he persistantly knocked loudly for a good 5-10 minutes. I ignored it and he left. Again nothing through the door at all. In future i will take a minute to look from another window to check if its a delivery if waiting for one............
  6. I have had a Mifi with Three for over 4 years. Initially I was in contract and when the contract expired they offered me another good deal if I signed up for another 2 years keeping the same unit. Anyway just prior to the contract expiring on 05/05/2015 they tried to get me to sign up to a new contract with a new unit. Initially I accepted however I had second thoughts and returned the item well within the 14 days. The normal debit of £5.29 went through at end of March and I expected a similar amount to be debited at end of April however they tried to debit my account in excess of £12 although I had the same unit and the contract was due to finish on 05/05/2015. I contacted my bank and advised them that as per the DD Mandate H3G had not given me notice or sent a final bill therefore I could recall the DD. Unfortunately the bank jumped the gun and stopped the DD before it went out. H3G are now saying that they never attempted to debit my account and their collections department wants the £12 plus immediately. I have asked for a final breakdown bill showing why I should be paying a higher amount but they just ignore my request and demand the outstanding money. I have already had two phone calls today and do want to be harrased and neither do I want a default against my credit rating which is clean. Any advice on how to deal with these plonkers?
  7. Have just resolved an issue with Direct Bikes with a satisfactory outcome http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?440312-Direct-Bikes-more-consumer-disatisfaction-**Resolved** however about a week later another issue with the moped occurred whilst my son was out riding it. Suffice to say I had to go out and rescue him and from the explanation of what happened and the lack of any resistance from the engine when it turned over I feared the worst. So he and I stripped the engine down and found the exhaust valve had broken, dropped into the engine holed the piston and generally destroyed the top end of the engine. Knowing the problems I had previously with Direct Bikes I bought the spare parts and repaired the bike at a cost of around £70. I contacted Direct bikes and said, I enclose for you two photographs of my sons moped which stopped working whilst he was out on Saturday 15th Feb 2015 and needed to be rescued from the road side. I have now dismantled the engine to find massive internal damage. Having sought an engineers advice it would appear that my diagnose and his agree on the cause. It would appear the exhaust valve has fail and dropped onto the piston with the consequences one might expect. As a result, the piston, valves, barrel and cylinder head all need replacing. The engineer is clear that this part should not have failed after five months of use. Therefore, I now find myself in the position with yourselves which I did with the clutch previously. I am prepared to settle this matter by accepting replacement part which is by far the cheapest part of the work which needs doing and ask for no other costs. I would ask you consider this matter with some urgency as I would wish to have the moped back on the road as soon as possible. Should you not respond within five working days I will source the parts and pursue other ways of re-dress. Now due to a technical issue Direct Bikes could not open the attached photos, allegedly, so I sent a copy of the letter by signed for mail. They responded by asking for the mileage of the Bike which is only 3500 KM and then they responded with the mother of all reply which I thought I needed to share with the world so here it is.......................... We will not be entertaining this matter any further. You are fully aware you have failed to service your bike as required and that you bike needs to be serviced and maintained by an approved service centre. Despite this you have continued to ignore. You have not informed us of any such engine issue prior and have taken it upon yourself to dismantled the engine, tampering with the goods, you are not an approved service centre. Upon further investigation, we note from our prior correspondence to you we clearly stated to you 'to make payment of £89 to your card in full and final settlement of your scooter purchase.' Payment was made and accepted by you. It was a 'full and final settlement for you scooter purchase', you had a choice at that time to accept this or not. You accepted the offer and so and in turn you cannot subsequently bring a further claim for your purchased scooter. If you are unaware of the law we suggest you contact a solicitor. If we hear any further we will be contacting the Police. Any such claim from you we will not be settling like last time and will defend fully with a barrister and costs. Any such costs we will seek in full from you. No further correspondence will be made with you. Kind regards, Direct Bikes Well are they worried??? Or just part of a terrorist cell about to take me out??????
  8. Damn... Shows how bad there service is getting...
  9. Hi, I don't want to be a pain, but I am going to reply to all the Champion Soccer threads on here, trying to find a solution! I have the said letter, and have spent the past 2 hours trying to find a solution to any of the threads, unfortunately, they all seem to stop dead, which doesn't really help me. Hopefully one thread will come up with an answer to how any other letter from the other posters were resolved? Cheers lobbo88
  10. HELP I have received a hand delivered letter in my letter box today from BAILIFFS It is addressed to my son who hasn't lived here since he was 17. I dont normally open any of his post and just bin it however this letter was not totally in its envelope. I have been estranged from him since he was this age as he was in considerable trouble with the police Now I have notice that these people are to return to my address to remove goods Help what can I do
  11. Hi all, a couple of years ago you gave me some great advice on here regards the above company. At that time it was ignore, ignore, ignore. I followed this, received the statutory letters and eventually that was that. My son has received the same charge in november. They had changed their times to this ridiculous ten min wotsit. I told him to ignore, which he did, but then i read on here that the advice has changed. We wrote, requesting the POPLA number but did not keep a copy or send it recorded delivery. We received the second reminder to which i responded by recorded delivery that we had already requested a POPLA number which you have ignored and asked again for it informing them that this was a recorded delivery letter (used a template from here). Today we received the response that we have failed to submit the appeal within the 28 days and therefore they are unable to review my appeal. Just checking where I go from here. Many thanks
  12. I like the decision to give the fine to the CAB. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32157906 HB
  13. Hi After checking my Noddle report I have a default entry in 2014 from this company I have had no correspondence at all from them before this date or since I was in financial trouble a few years ago and the ONLY debt this can refer to was registered as a default in 2007 by the original lender (who I have had no contact with since 2005 ) As my credit file was marked with a default on this from 2005-2011 can a DCA re-register a delinquient debt they have purchased after this amount of time as a default presumably on the date they purchased it meaning my credit file is marked again for another 6 years ??
  14. I know from experience that Capital One are not going to give in easily and more likely to refuse point blank to my claim for mis-sold PPI. However, back in the early 2000's I took advantage of what I recall was an automatic acceptance short application process to their credit card. I was working full time in a well paid job which from memory had a good sickness plan for management employees. However the organisation has been long taken over by various companies and I wouldn't have access to evidence of this. I have sar'd Cap One and recieved some information but they have NOT sent a copy of the original agreement or application form so I will not be aware if I did or didn't accept PPI. I remember back then that their marketing strategy appeared to infere that if you didn't take out PPI the loan or card would not be approved, but I don't think I can prove that after all these years.I know I wasn't asked any medical questions and I now know that pre-existing conditions would not be considered. Therefore, I believe I would have been exempt. There was also an annual membership fee applied to the account, including an upgrade fee all of which were £29. If PPI was mis-sold shouldn't they refund the membership fee as well? (1) Should I write back and try to obtain more information on my application form/agreement etc? but based on experience I expect to get the usual fobbed off excuse and it will be wasting my time. (2) I know from personal experience that the court route with these highway robbers will be stressful so I am wondering how long it will take if it ends up with going the FOS route and what interest would be applied? Any guidance or help would be very much appreciated. Cheers
  15. This is unbelievable. Yet another calculation error leaving me in arrears when I just paid off the last calculation error. After another stressful week with the CSA I have finally got to the bottom of the latest arrears and this takes the biscuit. In September my partner moved in with ONE of her Two children. The child who didn't move in was 16 and living with the Grandmother so she could commute to the college of her choice. The 13 year old lives with my partner and I. I declared this situation to the CSA and the tax credits were made for just the ONE child. The grandmother claims for the 16 year old. The first recalculation failed because HMRC had not completed our joint claim. This shows they have very up to date information with HMRC. The second change of circumstances was successful and only one child living with me is on the paperwork, the 13 year old. The CSA sent me details with just one child on my change of circumstances. This week I learn that the latest arrears were caused by them calculating TWO children live with me. Two? Tax credits only have one, I only claimed one to the CSA and HMRC have a claim for 16 year old in the Grandmothers address. After four exhaustive calls a case worker called me back. She stuck to the calculation error yet could not explain how they got the wrong information. She also said I should be extremely lucky that I am not being prosecuted for giving false information? This is just unbelievable, everything I have supplied proves that I gave them the right information,. So yet again I am in arrears and they asked me to clear these by Next Friday or DOE may be served. I pay every week without fail and can only pay what they ask for and now I am wrong. The incompetence is staggering, they constantly change the goal posts.
  16. Having attended a funeral the return journey was quite an emotional one as you can imagine so I pulled over into a services on the motorway as I didn't feel well to get breath of fresh air, to freshen up and as it had been a stressful day I ended up having 40 winks as I was totally drained. It wasn't planned but I think the events of the day had took their toll. A few days later the registered keeper of the vehicle received a PCN from PE charging £100 for purportedly over-staying the 2 hours free parking. A 'discount' is offered to £60 if paid within 14 days blah, blah! Amazed is all I can say....... As this hasn't been acknowledged or paid they have sent a reminder. Neither document states they are NTK it just has VRNP photograph which is in the dark on both photographs and could be anywhere actually. Someone has been back to the services and photographic evidence has been taken both as stills and video. The intention is to appeal this matter but as the legal case (Beavis) is due to be heard this month wondered what Caggers opinions were on this matter please.
  17. Just some advice on letter received from Kensington solicitors. Kensington are filing for possession. we have 3 missed payments,Sep,Nov,Dec, 2011.. We have made payments for for Jan and Feb and march is due at the end of the month .they state that the arrears are jus little over £2500, but are monthly payments are £670, so does not add up .there are £50 charges for each month un arrears. could these charges be included.. I.am going to.ask them.to drop to interest only but keep the payments the same. this means arrears would clear in 10 months. firstly would they accept this????. ..and all also it wise to claim back the charges of £50 a month.. Any advice
  18. just read this. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2955012/Wages-rising-six-times-faster-prices-Boost-family-budgets-ahead-election-inflation-predicted-fall-0-3.html#ixzz3RtsgHw11 then read this article.
  19. Hello all. I am a new member of this Forum, thankyou for allowing me to join you. Here in Sleaford the Aldi supermarket uses Parking Eye to manage their car parking. PE has cameras at the entrance/exit and various notices around. These state that, to qualify for a free 1 1/2 hrs. parking the motorist has to enter their reg. number at consoles in the store. These are situated at a point after the tills before the store exit. The signs state that failure to comply with this will, note will, result in a parking charge of £70. I know of several people being charged this, including a relative, who accidentally punched in the wrong number, although they bought goods at the store. What is the legal position of this situation, bearing in mind a 1 1/2 hrs. limit is imposed and cameras record this. Any advice and opinions are welcome. Regards
  20. Hi all, A little advice please - I recently listed an ad with Shiply for a wardrobe to be moved, accepted a quote & paid a £20 deposit. The transport provider never replied (may of even been fake) so they credited the money onto shiply account so I could relist again. Relisted a further 2 times and still received no suitable quotes... Upon emailing them, they've said that as it's gone past 28 days they cannot refund me - I can only use the account credit for future deliveries within 2 years How can I get my money back?!
  21. This is getting ridiculous now: I am partially sighted, have a hearing impairment, have Autism and a serious brain condition. I currently live in my parents house, which has 5 steps to the house and we live on a main road. It has been decided that I am in the lowest band and need a house with maximum of 3 steps. I have stated on my application that my parents house has 5 steps to the entrance and due to my disabilities, (my balance is affected) it's becoming difficult to get in and out of the house safely. My disabilities mean that I have no depth perception. The edge of the steps are painted yellow. This is now good when it's dark and the light we have on the house is bright, meaning I can't see the yellow. The argument from social services and the council is that I have somewhere to live. Yes, I do; but that somewhere is unsuitable. The main roads mean there's a serious risk of me getting run over because I can't see that well. There are 3 roads near me and whichever road I take, there's a serious risk that I will get run over. What are my options now please? I've emailed them, stating I want to appeal and have explained the above. There's also very little information regarding the bandings. that I can find. (I am in Plymouth)
  22. Apple sued over 'shrinking' gadget storage Apple is facing a lawsuit for not telling users about the amount of memory required by its flagship operating system. The legal complaint revolves around iOS 8 and the amount of memory it reserves for itself on iPods, iPhones and iPads. The complaint alleges that it takes up so much space that far less than advertised is left for people to store their own data. Apple has yet to issue any official comment on the lawsuit. Update upset The complaint has been filed in California by Miami residents Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara who say that iOS 8 can occupy up to 23.1% of the memory available on some Apple devices. In addition, upgrading devices from the earlier iOS 7 to 8 can cause people to lose up to 1.3 gigabytes of memory, said papers filed in support of the legal action. The amount of memory taken up by iOS 8 can mean users run out of storage and, the pair allege, this is helping Apple force people to sign up for its fee-based iCloud storage system. The lawsuit is seeking millions of dollars in damages for those using Apple devices facing the storage squeeze. So far, Apple has not responded to requests for comment on the lawsuit. The latest upgrade to iOS 8 was released in late September but Apple was forced to withdraw and then re-issue it because the first version meant a lot of iPhone 6 and Plus handsets could no longer make calls. Apple issued a public apology over the botched update but said only 40,000 people were affected by it.
  23. I'm about to start university, so I want to clean up my file so I can get a student account at some point. I currently have 2 defaults on my file. Capital one is for £245, It becomes statute barred December next year. Now I have not heard a thing from cap 1 for years. some DCAs tried, but were all ignored. I took out this card when the business I worked for were going under and we did not get paid for two months. The cards limit was £200. I drew out the 200 and used it to pay my rent. So the £45 on the balance is penalty charges or interest. There is also ppi on the card. They made an offer a few years ago of £9.00 refund. I said no and did nothing more about it. So baring that in mind what is a reasonable ish full and final? I also want all markers removed. I remember trying a full and final two years ago with cap 1 but was completely ignored!!
  24. Well its been a while since I have needed any help as I thought I had sorted everything as I have a crystal Credit file (at Last and thanks to the info on this site!!). Now I have just checked my better half Credit file and it has a CCJ registered in her maiden name back in feb 2014 for an amount we both know nothing about! We moved house in 2013, and I had to sort all our Credit files out ensure we could get a mortgage! So I CCA'd etc and checked credit files back in feb 2012 and no paperwork was produced within the time limits letters where sent back stating they have closed the matter etc. So I am now at a loss on which avenue to chase do I contact the courts with the case number and ask for all paperwork? then see if its a matter of SB or can be set aside? Sorry for the long winded write up but I am proper confused! Thanks
  25. Hi I'm a sole trader, and at the moment I'm busy paying off a council tax debt. The council were round last week doing a load of work next door, making noise from 8 in the morning and stuff, didn't bother to inform me despite the fact this is their legal responsibility. Anyway, the path I share with my neighbour is now a mess, it's not that bad but the guy didn't hose all the detritus off right which has left it in a worse state than it was before. I have been keeping very clean this summer, and now I have to sweep it and hose it again. As a sole trader, if I was to perhaps go out and clean it up, how much would I be in my right to send the council the bill for it?
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