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  1. I've found myself in an odd situation which no-one seems to be able to give a straight answer on. I've googled endlessly and found no similar cases. I'm sure my situation can't be unique but maybe it is. I was made bankrupt in 1998 and as a result the forfeiture clause in my personal pension with Prudential (originally Scottish Amicable) kicked in. This just meant that they would hold my pension in trust while it carried on building as before. The only difference being that on redemption any lump sum would have to be paid to someone else. Now I want to take advantage of the new rules by taking small amounts as and when but the Pru are adamant I can only buy an annuity or have the whole amount paid out to someone else. They say they cannot transfer the pension to another provider and cannot pay it in installments, drawdown fashion. The problem with this is: The pot isn't big enough to make an annuity worthwhile. They say that payment of a lump sum will not qualify for any tax free element per the new rules. I have letters from both the OR and the TIB confirming they have no further interest in my pension and I am free to do as I please. The fund is worth about 80k. I am dealing with an independent financial advisor and he has been tearing his hair out from talking with the Pru. He feels the next step is to go to the ombudsman. I've dealt with ombudsman services before and know how long it can take. My question is basically are the Pru just being awkward or should it be possible to reinstate my pension and thus benefit from the recent changes in law, without having to lose half of the pot in tax? Will going to the ombudsman be likely to produce a result? I would be really grateful to hear from someone who knows about this subject.
  2. World War 1 soldiers finally honoured after over a century READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/world-war-1-soldiers-finally-honoured-after-over-a-century
  3. I had AXA health insurance up until April 2016, and in January of 2016 I received some specialist treatment all of which was paid by insurance. I have now had a letter from AXA to say I owe this specialist £200 as they have just had an invoice, 21/3/2017, and my outpatients limit had been reached. I said I thought 14 months late was a bit much, that I had now cancelled the policy, that I might have moved and I wasn't impressed. Their stance is that it is between me and the specialist....the Dr's accounting system must be wild!! Any advice really appreciated....
  4. World War 2 Royal Warwickshire 2nd Lieutenant's grave identified after almost 77 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/world-war-2-royal-warwickshire-2nd-lieutenants-grave-identified-after-almost-77-years--2
  5. Asking for a friend and any advice appreciated. She is on universal credit with her partner(female) and two young children and had a job working early morning shifts whilst also trying to earn money self employed (all declared). She has suffered bullying, humiliation in front of colleagues and sexual harassment from her boss, the owner of the business. She is also disabled and in receipt of mobility DLA. One of the children is also disabled. Yesterday she had enough and, in tears, walked out and refuses to go back to work. They have been trying to contact CAB for advice but are worried that she will now face sanctions for leaving her job voluntarily, although, as I understand it, she seems to have good reason and will be pursuing legal action against her boss. (Sanctions are only imposed if you leave your job WITHOUT GOOD REASON as far as I know). Can someone advise, is she likely to be sanctioned? How difficult is it going to be to get redress for the harassment and bullying? Thank you.
  6. I recently purchased a Flight on Opodo The reason I booked with Opodo was because it gave certain assurances that I would be able to cancel my flight and receive a refund if I booked though them. My trip was subject to change so I was shopping around for a flexible airline (for september) The first statement although not misleadign itself, did make me feel more comfortable about the booking: "Free cancellation on most routes and airlines" - now I agree this doesnt say ALL route and airlines, but its already put my mind a little at rest and made me feel comfortable to continue further The final nail in my coffin as it were is the statement on the following page: Trip Cancellation Insurance , a BIG bold blue box stating "Life is Unpredictable - dont lose your money if you need to cancel your trip" now there is a link to the full terms of the insurance, but given his bold statement and believing by purchasing this I wouldnt lose my money if i needed to cancel I went ahead and booked. Had this statement not been there I would not have continued with the purchase So correct me if I am wrong but Consumer Protection laws protect me from misleading statements, if a misleading statement is made which leads me to make a purchase I wouldnt otherwise have made then they are breaching the laws? Appreciate any help how to resolve this, Opodo keep fobbing me off to the insurer to make a claim when it is Opodo who own and operate the website and are solely responsible for the content published on it
  7. Dear All, I need some advice for my wife. We have had a terrible postal problem; after reporting our postman for an incident over a year ago some of our mail seems to simply go missing - I wonder why? My wife received last august a witness statement for a court date for speeding and failure to provide - we had received no NIP, no reminder and no summons. We contacted the ticket office and explained about our post, and they agreed to fine her and give her 3 points for the speeding, but drop the offence under 172. Later on in 2016 a neighbour brought round a summons for, wait for it, failure to provide and speeding. We initially thought that this was for the ticket earlier on in the year but realised it was a separate incident at exactly the same GATSO! This time, we hadn't received the NIP or reminder, and the Summons clearly addressed to us at No 14 was delivered to no.29 round the corner, and the lady asked around and found out we lived at 14 and brought it round. Guilty of the speeding or not, my wife couldn't keep accepting points and a fine like this, so we decided to plead not guilty and to explain to the magistrates. We have had a letter drafted and signed by our neighbours confirming the above, and have had Royal Mail conduct an investigation into our mail not being delivered. The investigation is ongoing, but they have found no wrong doing at this moment in time. However, what they have said is that the Courts use proof of posting only, whereby bulk mail is signed for by the postal service as collected and therefore "posted". But they have also stated proof of posting IS NOT PROOF OF DELIVERY to the recipient, and that the recipient has NO CONTRACT with Royal Mail, their customer is the Court in this case and it really should be them that complains if their mail that they have PAID FOR is not delivered. They have looked at our complaint only on the basis that several items of our mail have gone missing over time and that there may be an issue. So we were going to go to Court and to state that the NIP etc was not delivered within the 14 days allowed, arguing that the post is the Court's responsibility, therefore both charges should be struck out. I know that there be many cases whereby someone simply states they didn't receive the NIP, and that the Court "get around this" with their proof of posting as is taken as papers are deemed served, end of. But surely if there is a genuine doubt if the NIP has not been delivered then this should be listened to? Whats thrown me today is that the CPS have written to us (again similar to last time) offering that the charge under 172 be dropped if we change the speeding offence to that of guilty and accept points and a fine? Really don't know what to tell my wife to do? Suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/blog/live/2017/mar/22/peers-say-brexit-with-no-trade-deal-would-cause-signicicant-damage-to-service-sector-politics-live
  9. Bought a car: - made in 2010 - 89,000 miles - Ad said: "car is mechanically excellent" - Paid GBP 2900 with debit card - Trade seller After 200 miles, car broke down (engine noisy, smoking and not going anywhere). Seller said I was driving the car with a problem, hence it's my fault. Called citizen's advice, got deferred to consumer helpline. They called today, saying: 1. The burden of proof is on ME 2. I need to take the car back and get an independent export report 3. I need to prove it is a "manufacturer's defect" All these 3 are totally contrary to what I have found via google. What in the name of Elvis is a "manufacturer's defect"? this is a 7 year old car! What to do? Bought car: 20 Jan 2017 Car broke down: 27 Jan 2017 Dealer picked up car for inspection: 2 Feb 2017
  10. I have been sacked one and a half weeks into a two-week trial period. The employer says that, because I only worked for a short period, he doesn't have to deduct tax and Ni from my wages. I was working a 37-hour week for which my pay (due at the end of March) was £7.50 per hour. My employer confirmed this in an email to me before I started work. I was directly employed (not through an agency) and was not self-employed. My questions is this: Is the employer legally obliged to deduct tax and NI after such a short period and does he have to give me a P45? Also, what can I do if he doesn't do any of this? I am from Eastern Europe and feel that the employer is deliberately attempting to recruit EU citizens for a short period and avoiding his legal obligations to pay tax and NI. There was nothing wrong with my work. I believe that it was all along his intention to sack me and that this is ongoing company policy towards temporary employees. Your help on this would be much appreciated.
  11. In May 2015 I purchased a Snooper DVR-3HD dashcam from Amazon sold by Amazon in October this year it developed power related faults including turning on, battery holding no charge etc I returned it to Snooper via their technical support who recently emailed back saying that although it was out of the 12 month warranty (I'd owned it 1 year 5 months) it was not a model that they stock anymore and that they do not have spares for the device and therefore cannot repair it. They have therefore offered me a newer model the DVR-4HD at a discounted price of £99.99 instead of the regular RRP of £149.99. However I do feel that although this is an upgraded model I feel it is only giving me the option of paying £99.99 for a replacement direct from Snooper and if I don't, then I am stuck with a faulty dashcam which I have paid £139.99 for and lasted only 17 months. Obviously there is the issue under the Sale of Goods act of arguing that goods must be fit for purpose for up to 6 years and I would consider a dashcam of that price to be more towards the higher end of the dashcam market compared to many other cheaper models and therefore expect it to last longer than 17 months before being faulty and then unable to be repaired. The SOGA also says that the claim should be against the retailer (Amazon in this case) but it is Snooper who have dealt with the repair via their technical support and have not exactly told me what the fault was yet. Should I be directing my claim towards Amazon instead and should I be requesting either a replacement or at least a partial refund from them seeing as it can't be repaired? Or is it fair to consider that a £139.99 dashcam can be classed as "dead" after just 17 months (i.e. only expected to last that long), or that £99.99 is a reasonable price to pay for a replacement model which now retails at near enough the same price as the old one when effectively the only main difference between the two is that the new one would be at the start of a new 12 month warranty?
  12. I purchase a car on 29th Sept 2016 from a garage in Surrey. The car is a "lemon" when I went on the companies house to see where to send my letter of complaint under the Consumer Credit Act 1985 I found that it was dissolved in Nov 2016. I downloaded the DS01 form and found that it had been signed and dated 22 August 2016. It means that the garage sold me a car when it should not have been trading under that name. Am I right ? They may have got away with me claiming my money back from their Limited Company but has the director been acting according to the Law ? If not , who should I notify so that he gets prosecuted ? Companies House ? The Inland Revenue ? Your valuable expert advice is appreciated . Many thanks !!
  13. Just when I thought I am getting everything in order here comes Lowells with a Pre-legal assessment letter. How funny they are sending a letter for an account that was settled. It was an old account that I had with BT which is also SB'd as last payment was made in 2010 (disputed termination fees which was settled). I sent them a letter to say that I do not owe them or BT any money and they are trying obtain money by fraud.
  14. Been a while since I posted so here goes. A month back, my car got clamped for an unpaid PCN. The car was parked on a single yellow line overnight (legally) and restrictions only apply from 08:30 am. At 08:30 when I went to go to work, I saw the car clamped and made the relevant calls and dealt with it. I wasn't notified that the clamp had been removed (it was removed at 10am I have found out). When I returned to the car later to see the clamp removed there was a shiny new PCN on it for parking on a single yellow line during restricted hours. The PCN was given at 10:13. The bailiff notice was still stuck on the car. I obviously thought no biggie. I'll appeal the ticket which I did and received a reply from Barnet saying that as it was 4 hours from when the car was clamped and the ticket, the ticket is valid! Now I need to wait for the notice to owner to appeal this further, but I will lose the discounted rate and if I lose that then what? I actually think this is disgraceful behaviour, but I may be wrong. Thoughts?
  15. very long story which I will add later today, if possible, but your question of {did you make offers to the creditor before ccj } made me think because I made the offer which they refused,and yet when we went to court they accepted the exact amount! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?398804-Help-with-a-judgement-and-visit-from-HCEO-**Partial-Refund-Obtained** but I am not a business, just a pensioner who has now fees which like yours, didn't apply , I have now paid all but 200 which they say I still owe, did it cost you much and how did you go about taking them to court, As I am new on here I dont know how far I can go asking personal questions , but I know ,{ I am not being arrogant} that the original debt was just so flawed , and I cant seem to find out how to go about proving it, I am not disputing the money owed on the debt , but the lies which were behind it, and it need not have gone this far paying all the HCEO fees, As I said I dont know how far to go on here, with company names etc, I would like to copy and paste the costs etc , but is this allowed, because then I can explain a bit more in detail what happened? Long story , had delivery of oil which I HAD NOT ordered which was £739 , it was signed for by my partner who just thought I had ordered it, I asked them to come take back on same day, they refused and said I had signed up to their top up service, which I had not, as always paid for my oil when I had saved enough money, I couldnt afford to pay all that at once and save weekly for my oil as well, I made them 2 offers, which they refused, next thing I knew was an HCEO was at my door, with a writ I explained I didnt know anything about the court proceedings, and was just waiting for the claimant to get back to me again to see if we could come to an agreement, they had gone to the High Court which was around 200 miles form me, I had to ask him for it to be set aside, he did an inventory and went away. The original court case was 27 1 2011 and I wasn't aware until 7th june 2011 . , The reason for me posting is the fees are very high, having read some of the comments on here, are not right, and they are still chasing me for more, and keep stating about 2004 regulations . I have got an email with court papers and fees, and also a breakdown of fees, which are a joke, even more of a joke is the fact that my monthly payment which I have paid to the court is the exact amount I offered the claimant and was refused out of court on a debt and judgement of 795 with the court costs, I have now paid 65 payments of 35 .00 and DARE NOT cancel it as they told me in an email they will enforce again, For the last 3 weeks I have nearly drove myself crazy trying to find out what I can do to claim these fees back, I dont have a problem about paying the oil debt, but I do have a problem with their under hand way they have gone about it and now I am owing money to my friends who have been helping me pay this, I would be really grateful for any advice, thank you x
  16. Hi Looking for some advice please. I was a customer of First Utility they stopped being able to issue me with a bill after almost a year I referred the case to the Energy Ombudsman and the complaint was resolved to my satisfaction. During this time I switched my supply (October 2015), I agreed a final amount with F/Utility of £111.52 & this was paid. Today I received a letter from their credit management company stating that I owe them £112.50. I'm reluctant to respond to the letter to be honest but I don't want the situation to blow up. Surely F/Utility should have made contact with me if I owed them money!? Thank you
  17. Summary of problems: Admitted they overcharged me for 3 yrs, eventually got money back, Want to go on sky fibre, but had to cancel my existing broadband to do so as this was on a separate contract, cancel as they said And now 4 weeks later after placing an order over the phone I still have no broadband and now no telephone. Keep being told start date after the next to point I'm now so sick of it I'll have to go else where. I've been given wrong numbers, told wrong policies, Told incorrect contract lengths, and a whole lot more. Please someone tell me I'm within my rights to cancel this order as they've specified a date several times and still have not provided a service.
  18. Hi Advice please. I'm likely to be unable to pay off the capital amount owing on a mortgage with Woolwich in 3 years time. I've informed Woolwich of this and all they say is try and pay off as much as you can and then you'll be able to extend the mortgage with them when the term ends. I've got a great tracker deal at the moment which is interest only. Woolwich have calculated that any new repayment mortgage with them will be approximately £500 to £600 per month which I won't be able to afford. I got made redundant 5 years ago and have struggled to find full time well paid work since. I now work part time and am trying to pay off as much as I can. I 'm 62 this year and I have got a small private pension which was given to me as part of my redundancy package. My mortgage ends when I'm 65 and I don't really want to be paying a mortgage after then. My endowments didn't pay out as much as expected and I did get some compensation which I paid off some of the capital owing. I know that I can downsize my house and pay off the mortgage but I don't really want to do this just yet. Can anyone suggest any alternative options. Many thanks for any help given. Best Regards Baching Mad
  19. Hi, My daughter has split up with her boyfriend after 12 years and one child and finally admitted what we already knew that she is in a world of debt and has had to take out an IVA. The boyfriend never contributed a penny to their living costs and she even paid off his rent arrears. Problem is the elctric bill is soley in her name and that had been run upto 525.00 GBP which eon have accepted a twenty pound a month payment plan on , I feel as it was a joint tenancy property (housing association) Eon should pursue him for half and her for half but she thinks this will not happen . During all this time she has worked so he can sit on his arse and do nothing, I am trying to think of ways to get the issue dealt with and bring her debts down and thought it might be worth negotiating with eon, any thoughts.
  20. Long story short - may get longer later: My wife bought a vaping kit from a shop in Chester on the 2nd July this year. £50. Product is here: http://www.innokin.com/vaporizers/cool-fire-iv/ When I first got it, it seemed perfect, worked well, did what it was supposed to do. At the end of August it basically stopped working. Put it on bedside table before going to bed (pressed button 3 times to put on standby), woke up the next day and found it completely dead, nothing seemed to spur it back to life (charging, pressing buttons, checking physical on/off switch on bottom). Took it to the shop on Sunday 4th, was advised couldn't do anything as it was 'out of warranty', went on to advise them about Consumer Rights Act 2015 and how I was entitled to repair/replacement within 6 months of purchase if a fault occurred. The staff member (basically the owner's son) then advised that they could have a look at it and they'd be in touch. Subsequently got a phone call on Monday advising that they could sell me a replacement for £15. My response is below (by this point I found the owner's email address through their FB page: "Vape Shop, I am writing to you in relation to the Cool Fire IV kit that was purchased from your business, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, on 2nd July, 2016. Subsequently I found that the device has developed a fault where it will not turn on or show any signs of functioning. This is despite normal operational and care taken when using the product. I received a call today from a member of staff at your store who advised that the business would be willing to offer a replacement for the product, at a cost of £15. I advised the gentleman that I would need to give this some thought. Though I appreciate the offer, I wish to decline the offer and exercise my statutory rights to a free replacement, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, which makes it an implied term of the contract that goods be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. As the item in question has developed a fault within 6 months of purchase, I am entitled to have the item replaced at no additional cost and I would request that you confirm that you will do this within the next seven days. I am hopeful that we can reach a mutually beneficial outcome, one where I would gladly continue to make regular purchases from your business, and that other potential customers are aware of your business’ dedication and care towards its customers. Feel free to contact me on this email address or on my mobile of XXXXXXXXXXX. Kind regards, Jimmy Jangle" Later on that day I get this: "Jimmy. I am sorry to hear you are not happy with our service , as i am sure if you speak to any of our other customers, you will find we go out of our way to give good service to our clientele. In this case , however, I am sorry but the cool fire has obviously been well used for the last two months. I strongly believe that this fault has arisen through wear and tear and as you yourself admitted , worked well when purchased. The "sales of goods act" states that; if the seller does not replace or repair faulty goods, you are entitled to a reduction on purchase price (which we have offered) or your money back MINUS an amount for the usage you have had of the goods. Judging by the scratches on the battery the usage was quite a lot. It also states that ; " if your claim under the sales of goods act ends up in court, you may have to prove that the fault was present when you bought the item and not, for example, something which was the result of normal wear and tear. We like to have happy customers and would urge you to reconsider our offer of a replacement battery for a heavily discounted retail price of £15. I am afraid this is the best we can do in this situation and if this is not satisfactory to you, we will be sorry to lose your custom. Regards, XXXXXXXXXXX." My most recent response (Removed website addresses as don't want to be seen as advertising): "XXXXXXXX, Let me be frank; I know my rights, and have exercised them where required before, and always successfully I may add. I know many people who own and use a Cool Fire IV, and have seen theirs continue to function well for at least 6 months after purchase. My brother in law, for one, purchased his in January 2016, and still uses it to this day, and he uses his far more frequently than I did. That alone is evidence in itself that there is clearly an issue with the one I purchased, if it couldn’t last any longer than 2 months. Regardless of whether a device appears to function normally at the point of purchase, it remains the case that as the product has developed an issue through no action of my own within 6 months from the purchase date, I am entitled to a replacement at no added cost under the Act as discussed. Were the item to show age-related signs of degraded performance (ie. Battery capacity reduction), then I may be inclined to agree with your assertions. However, a device working that appears to work perfectly fine at near-full capacity one moment, then stop dead a matter of hours later meets the description of an item that isn’t fit for purpose). “Judging by the scratches on the battery the usage was quite a lot” The battery isn’t scratched – you’re referring to the housing in which the battery is contained. That is merely cosmetic and if any item would stop working because of a superficial scratch that was only on the surface, I’d stay off the roads as there’d be a few thousand cars that would come screeching to a halt in that case. If you could prove that the (minor) scratches were to be the cause of the fault – I’d be more than interested to see this. Furthermore, I should point out that you didn’t post the paragraph after the part regarding court action, I quote the paragraph in full: “If your claim is about a problem that arose within six months of buying the product, it's assumed that the problem existed at the date of delivery and it's up to the retailer to prove that the goods were of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, or as described when it sold them.” – As I am claiming within 6 months of purchase, even if this were to go to court, the burden of proof will rest with the retailer, not the customer. As the manufacturer themselves provide a 90 day warranty (US only, but that isn’t relevant), then it can be assumed that a product that fails in a lesser timeframe has developed a fault. I would also like to point out that the “reduction on purchase price” actually applies to a situation where the money paid initially for the faulty item is refunded, less a deduction (however this only applies after the 6 months from purchase have elapsed) I am aware of my rights under the act (I am an established and very active member of a number of vaping and consumer-related websites, including XXXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXX to name but a few) , I have been completely honest about the situation, and am disappointed with the response given so far, which in the opinion of all I have discussed this with (including the aforementioned websites), is in total disregard of my statutory rights. In view of this, I have no option but to reiterate my stance, which I will not deviate from: Unless a replacement is provided under the terms of the Act within the next 7 days, then I will seek further action, up to and including issuing proceedings against you in the county court to recover the amount paid for the item at fault, with associated costs and statutory interest, with no further reference to you. I have already submitted a complaint to Cheshire West and Chester Trading Standards, and will make it quite clear via various local and national outlets (Vaping-related forums, Social Media, Press and TV), that your business does not take its customers’ rights seriously. Yours sincerely, Jimmy Jangle" Thoughts/opinions? I ask as it seems that new Vape shops seem to pop up a lot and are run by people out for a fast buck and have no grasp of basic consumer law...
  21. Can anyone tell me if my child is eligible to make a claim on his late fathers army pension, we lived together but were not married at time of his death. He served 8 years in the army.
  22. Hello, I had a 10 month policy with Elephant that ran out at the end of december, as I am not originally from the UK I wasn't aware that auto-renewal is even a thing. I did not receive any calls/letters from Elephant about a new policy. I received one letter at the end on January with my 1 years NCB with a £133 bill for my new policy that was already cancelled. Is there any way to clear my history of a cancelled policy? Thanks.
  23. Hi, It's a bit of a complicated issue, but I'll try to keep it concise. It's relating to my partners BC account, for which he put his head in the sand until 2014 as he assumed PayPlan had 'sorted it all out', since starting a DMP in mid 2006. I took over the issue in 2015, helping him, as we discovered BC failed to default the account in 2006 (and where still trashing his CRA files). The journey since has been frustrating to say the least.... ...I use 'I' in this context as I have been writing the letters etc on his behalf to try to get this sorted. I have a complaint with FOS, re Barclaycard failing to default a CC account in 2006 and adding interest between 2007-2016, at times as much as 17.9% whilst on a DMP. I raised complaint with BC in Early 2016, raising with FOS 6 months later (in time), BC refused to default account, and referred me to the FOS. FOS have now stated its both out of time, ie more than 6 years ago (only by BC using this as an excuse to stop the FOS investigation), and secondly the FOS adjudicator has stated it is fair, and in BC T&C that interest can be charged after the account is cancelled, as per T&C. ...my problem is that in 2 CCA requests no terms have ever been provided, the one copy I did receive with my DSAR does not reference interest under the section number the FOS states, oh and the FOS has actually failed to include a copy of the terms they are referencing! I intend to escalate to an Ombudsman, but need a little advice beforehand. My Q is: When a credit card is cancelled, by the creditor for the cause of 'my failure to meet minimum contractual repayments' (for 5 months), does this deem the contract to be terminated and thus no longer valid. Ie can BC legally charge interest if they have withdrawn credit facilities and 'cancelled' the account? (There are internal BC notes from DSAR which state account is closed in 2006) I always thought that when closing the account, withdrawing the card and stopping PPI etc then he contract was finished and interest could not be charged. (Oh and defaulted which is my main complaint to BC, the interest being charged is the second part of the complaint as I think this falls also under unfair treatment). History below: In summary, in 2006 default notice, not complied with (was in considerable financial difficulty), received a letter from BC stopping PPI as the account was cancelled. All credit facilities were revoked. DMP with Payplan started FIVE weeks after account cancelled. Then a 2nd default notice issued, after the first DMP payment, but before DMP accepted by BC . This too expired before BC accepted DMP. For one year interest was stopped, but then failed on 2 DMP payments , only managing a partial payment for both, in 2007. (DMP temporarily failed due to bullying from another creditor to make more payments to them outside of DMP!). Interest was restarted and never stopped despite numerous letters from PayPlan request that it is stopped - all letters were ignored. Between 2007 - 2016 made regular payments, and in Sept 2016 managed to pay off the remaining balance with a small PPI Claim received from another company. Between 2006-2014 buried head in the sand assuming PayPlan were working in best interests. Also assumed BC account was defaulted, all the others out of 13 creditors were defaulted between 2006-2009. In 2014/2015 realised both that BC was not defaulted and that wouldn't be getting the interest 'refunded' upon completion of DMP ( as promised by PayPlan - unfortunately only verbally!). This is when I intervened eventually leading to this Formal complaint to BC. any advice before I reject the ajudicators decision would be great. Me_too
  24. If so, you could be missing out on valuable credits that would help build up your pension. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38654321
  25. Hi All, Hoping you might be able to provide some advice here. I signed a 12 month gym contract on the 1st January 2016 and like most people who get sucked in, hardly used the facilities and decided I wouldn't renew. In October I gave notice to terminate the contract on the 1st January 2017. Now the club have said I still owe them for the month of January because I can only give 30 days notice AFTER my 12 month contract has ended? Is this common practice? I've never had a contract like this before. Thanks SK
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