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  1. Grave of Kent born WW2 Pilot Officer finally rededicated after 77 years READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/grave-of-kent-born-ww2-pilot-officer-finally-rededicated-after-77-years
  2. hi, I bought a BTL in Glasgow in 2005 at a value of £175,000. The mortgage was £155,000 and fast forward 12 years it was still in neg equity after the crash in 2008. with a host of tenant and service charge issues. in the end i let it get repossessed and it was sold for £139,000 in less than a week. the arrears were £7,000 and im sure there were costs involved in the sale such as estate agents and sols etc which we expected we were expecting s shortfall of circa £30,000. we received a letter with stating a shortfall of just under £45,000?! There was no breakdown of costs or the account just the amount to pay? this seems excessively high and totals with the sales price £184,000 which is nearly £10,000 over the original market value? has anyone else had shortfall surprises with lenders such as NRAM as this is new waters for us and we want to be up to speed on any fees and costs we should be aware of before we move forward with an action plan. thanks in advance for any help!
  3. hi all... my partner lived in France for years and recently moved back to the Uk. .. since returning French authorities are demanding 6000 Euros for some supposed over-payment of low income supplement that she received while in France. She emailed them explaining that as well as not understanding why this is owed, that she is on low earnings here and could only afford to repay 20 Euros per month. They have said this is not acceptable and want more than 200 Euros per month. The other day we have received a letter demanding the full amount from "Titre Executoire" ... Are we likely to have bailifs on the doorstep next? What should we do?? Thanks in advance. we haven't received anything from any debt collection agency yet as far as i can see this letter looks from official local government from where she lived...
  4. This is going to be a very long drawn out case, unless someone can offer some element of hope for us. We completed renovations to a derelict property about 2 ½ years ago. Our porch needed a new roof which was done with a trocol membrane. In a storm back in January 2016 we returned from a trip to find a metal pole on the flat roof which had a covering of gravel. My immediate suspicion was that it was the remnants of an old tv aerial, but as it was only the pole, I have since found it to be referred to as the mast, not the aerial itself. This is important as it was referred to as an aerial when I rang to make the claim. Because of the gravel I did not notice the membrane had been punctured, but removed the pole and lifted down a bracket/clamp that was on the main roof. In the August of 2016 we noticed a dry rot problem, which had previously been identified and treated during the renovations, had come back with vengeance. I notified the company that treated our house and they began stripping the property apart under warranty to determine the source. It was then that we found the porch roof was compromised which had allowed damp to enter the property. I notified MoreThan/RSA that the pole was suspected and they sent out Building Validation Solutions. Their "inspector" was quick to dismiss the case, suggesting we would get nothing from the insurance company as dry rot was not covered. It was explained that we were not claiming for the rot but for the porch roof, hall, stairs and landing decoration and vestibule door due to the leak, and that everything else was being covered by the rot company. BVS suggested to decline the claim due to rot, but yet some three weeks later, agreed inadequate costs and issued a scope of works for a patch job with inferior materials than what was listed on his first report to insurers. After rejecting this, RSA sent out their own senior loss adjuster, from a fraud unit??? who took a statement and agreed that BVS had not conducted themselves correctly, and asked for estimates for the repairs. These were for different aspects of work, building, plastering, decorating plaster moulding etc and as they were emailed to him, he agreed them individually by email. Over a couple of months, he was aware we had begun the works as it was nearing Christmas and we had a lot of work to do to rebuild our home. 5th December he sent an email giving his account of what he had agreed "as he saw it" and was going to transfer funds. This was an inaccurate figure as he had forgotten to include some aspects of work he had previously agreed to, but after a quick couple of emails he accepted. At this time I had asked him to consider the exterior rendering of the front of the house to match the new render of the porch at our builders request. This went over what he was authorised to pay and he referred it to in house specialists due to escalating costs. We have been fighting ever since. It is worth noting that this loss assessor was happy that we were being fair and reasonable with regards to the claim, considering we were only looking for the porch hall stairs and landing even though the rest of the house was in a mess. At this time, they decided to send out a forensic investigator and she would be accompanied by the same BVS inspector that had been proven to be incompetent in the first place and we have subsequently found out lied on his report, suggesting he used pole cameras outside to assess the origin of the metal pole we found, when he most certainly did not. During the forensic visit we provided some drone images which show that the old pole that was present when we bought the property had been since been removed during renovations unknown to me, and that it could not have originated from the chimney stack after all. My reasonable and logical suspicion of a pole that I was able to prove was on the property before works began from old footage was clearly incorrect. I found out a week or so later after a few anxious nights of no sleep worrying about the implications, that the pole was in fact something my son had used to extend his reach while cleaning gutters out with a trowel, which he had inadvertently left of the large chimney stack while he was cleaning up. This was explained to the insurers, so the forensics wanted to interview my son, which was facilitated and he explained what had happened. The forensic report has recently been forwarded by the ombudsman after I lodged a complaint due to the time that has been involved and their treatment of us throughout. I have found a significant amount of inconsistencies, and the report is heavily based on guess work, estimates and opinion rather than facts. With the porch being completely rebuilt and no pole available to inspect, it is hard to understand how the forensic investigation could have been anything other than an opportunity for the insurers to wash their hands of the case based on conjecture, yet the ombudsman has declined to side with us and given much weight to the forensic report considering it was independent, and have rejected the claim. The costs of these works has been in excess of £30K which was all agreed as the quotes went through, and emails can confirm this. What I would like to know is if the RSA loss adjuster by agreeing these costs and knowing we had begun works has accepted the claim on behalf of the insurers. They are claiming that because I didn't accept the original offer of just over £20K, on the 5th December, even though the loss adjuster accepted in reply emails he had calculated the figure incorrectly, and omitted some of the previously agreed costs, they are not obliged to pay anything. They were entitled to investigate further and a flimsy forensic report with steering by BVS to clear his name was the reason. The title of the report from forensics is "Damage caused by Rot" for instance, which stinks of BVS influence, considering that is not what we were claiming for, and she has not once referred to the RSA loss Adjuster nor has he been involved since the 5th December as he was "sick" and now no longer works for the company. Any guidance would be most appreciated. We are in financial difficulties after heavily loading credit cards, borrowing from family and from our business which is struggling to pay suppliers now, on the strength of this agreed fund coming to pay them all back, and the lack of sleep worrying and what feel like panic attacks, knots in the stomach and sweating are wearing me down. Perhaps RSA policy is to break my spirt but hope I can get a shred of help to fight this one last time. 11 months almost....and counting. Many thanks if you have got this far reading and in anticipation of you helping with advice.
  5. Feb 2016 a purchase was made following a telephone call to the seller for advice and to confirm the correct parts were ordered for my vehicle registration on eBay with PayPal for £289.97. Shortly after fitting the clutch, it failed. The seller refused a refund or to cover mechanics costs, instead charged me to return the kit for warranty replacement. The replacement parts actually consisted of one new flywheel and other used parts with visible contamination rendering them unusable in several mechanics views, and missing all fitting bolts. The seller told me to get bolts and he would refund costs, but in trying to do this I discovered that the supplied item was not actually as described but a cheaper model for a lesser powered vehicle, hence its premature failure. I re contacted the seller to request the collection of the kit and delivery of the correct kit as originally ordered. The seller refused to do this, even asking for more money to correct their supply mistake. Failing to get satisfaction I raised a PayPal dispute. They were great all be it a little slow, fully investigated the case, looked at pictures of the part supplied compared with the actual part advertised (confirmed with two independent suppliers) and found my case worthy of a refund under Buyer Protection. This happened Jul 2016 after everything had been returned to the seller at my expense. Last week (Jul 2017) I get served a county court claim, addressed incorrectly, for £489.97 plus court fees, claiming the warranty replacement to have been damaged beyond use (a solid flywheel, returned as supplied) and assigning a £200 value to what they even describe as a free of charge item in the particulars. They also listed the person that fitted the clutch as a co-defendant, claiming he trades as a Limited MOT company, that is totally wrong. I have acknowledged receipt and now have a few weeks to present an online defence. PayPal say he doesn't have a case as we both agreed to their T&Cs and to abide by their mediation should a dispute accour. They also say the seller had the chance to contest and ruling from PayPal under Seller Protection which if won/agreed would have seen a fully reimbursement from PayPal. Obviously I am not privy to the facts of this. Doing research into other buyers being taken to court by this seller (there are many), it seems that there is a pattern of providing evidence inconsistent with the truth and trying to evade CRA2015 by claiming a trade sale not private at distance. Is there any precedent case I can quote to help defend myself? Has anyone had similar experience and won? Thanks
  6. I was diagnosed with sciatica in October 2009. At the local hospital. With physio and hardwork I got myself ove rit as much as one can by walking mainly, a hobby anyway. I was left with drop foot but managed that with step ups in my shoes. In 2015 it started to become a real problem again, or so I thought. This time it was preventing me from walking properly. I went to the GP who referred me for physio and I was given exercises to do, including pushups which really seemed to help on the left side where the sciatica was, but my right leg was getting more and more painful. I was then referred to a sports psychotherapist via the GP who gave me a talking to about "analysing too much" especially when I told her my dad had died from blocked arteries and I was sure I had this. in my right leg. Then they sent me to the back pain clinic where I collapsed with pain. Now something weird strarted happening to me, it felt like I had a cut or blister on my right little toe, but there was nothing there.. In the end I was trying to walk my dog in my partners size 9 trainers (I am a 6) and even this became impossible. I went back to the doctors and instead of look at my toe, she put me on amilitryptyline. It just so happened that mum was having her feet treated by her podiatrist so I asked him if he could see anything wrong with my toe. and when I put my foot on the floor he got very excited a nd told me I needed an immediate Doppler test as he could see I had hardly any circulation to the toe and that was causing the pain. It was also very serious. A few days after this the doctor invited me to have a Doppler test. s The nurse refused to let me leave the surgery until she had seen a doctor with my results, the DR (this was a Friday afternoon) tried to get me an immediate MRI scan. The earliest was Tuesday which I duly had, I saw the vascular surgeon the next week and the week after that I had a serious blockage removed from an artery in my right leg. When I came round, although the pain was gone my toe was now covered in a huge black scab. I was in for a week, nobody even looked at the scab til the last day when the head honcho on ward rounds, and to discharge me just said to "keep soaking iti and applying scholl products, and that pink healthy skin would reappear as the toe was "viable". When I got home, (with a special soft boot for my right foot as I still could not get shoes on) I rested for a fortnight as told, soaking the foot everyday. I got a blood clot in my leg. So then I had to take the superdrug to get rid of that. Now every health professional I saw, including my GP as he was being fed info from the vacscular surgeon, told me to get out and walk on that leg. Which I did, I was so proud when I could do 2 miles without stopping. I went to Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Mind you I had to tell the GP that my toe kept getting infected. And so he asked me to see his nurses 2 x a week and they were to report on it to him. The first nurse kept saying soak and keep walking no dressing required. After a couple of weeks of this the 2nd nurse was on duty, she used to work on a vascular ward and informed me that the toe needed to be kept permanenelty covered with Iodine patches and dressings. Now, I cannot do this myself. the sciatica on the other side prevents me from either getting down to the right toe or raising my right leg to the bed or a chair. It was also painful enough to make me scream in agony whenever they touched it. In then end they just gave me some dressings and told me to get on with it. My mum had to do her best for me three times a week and is still doing this today I saw the surgeoun for sign off in November and I showed him this mess on my toe. He just said my leg was fine (Doppler and warmth) and said I needed podiatry services. Due to age and not being diabetic I don't qualify for them. However, I'm not sure what has gone on but I am now having my podiatry services. The surgeon told me to keep on walking even after he saw that ulcer. Right now, fast forward to January 2017 and I had my first appt with the loveliest podiatrist you could ever wish to meet. And he is very unhappy and annoyed at they way I have been treated. He says that since the op I should have been offered podiatry services straightaway because my toe was black. Apparently there are things that could have been prescribed to help me. He says I should never have been allowed to walk until the toe had healed, everytime I take a step I break away any new skin trying to form. He is having to keep me on permanenet antibiotics, which the GP has just tripled, an urgent Xray and swab has been taken. THE GP rang me to say they could see the infection which is now in my bone, and also that there is a loose slither of bone. At the same time, because I have h d to stay off the foot since January my sciatica has flared up so I can't get to the loo without help and all that jazz. I fee lthat at 54 I didn't have the year to waste that I just have, I am angry and in a lot of paIN. I am a serious hiker amd I miss it so much and I don't believe I'll ever do it Again. I am also a PTSD sufferer and walking in the sticks with my dog on a bad day was my way of dealing with it. So now I am like an adder as well. # Should I be complainiing to someone and who? We suspect my mobility will now be permanently affected. Sorry for the long post. Grateful for any advice or pointers.
  7. Hi, Just looking for a bit of advice on a situation that's happening to me at the moment. Back in March 2017 noticed my car wasn't where I'd parked it. This is in London, so first checked https://trace.london/ to see whether the council had taken it and the car wasn't listed. Called up Trace London just to be sure and they told me to call the police and report it stolen as no London council had the car. Called the police, they confirmed the same thing, spoke to the insurance company (Diamond) and started the process of the claim. I got £250 about a week later in lieu of a courtesy car from the insurance company. Police called me a couple of weeks later to say they couldn't find the car anywhere and told the insurance company to write it off. Sent logbook and car keys over to the insurance company and they paid out £1,550.00 (after my excess) on May 4th. Fast-forward to now and have had a call from the insurance company saying the police have found the car, that the council had taken it all along and that it's in the pound. I asked on the phone since the car had effectively been transferred to Diamond whether they were offering me the option of getting the car back, or if they were forcing me to collect the car and pay back all the money. They said since it wasn't an "insurable event" it was void and they would force me to collect the car and repay all the money. Now aside from the fact that there's a bill of several thousand pounds for it being in the pound this long (as I'm pretty sure this will amount to procedural impropriety? the police have given me a reference number which I'm hoping means I could pick the car up without having to pay anything), can the insurance company force me to do this? In the event that car's "found" after being stolen everything else I see online says it's now the insurer's car not mine. Can they force me (by force I mean take me to court to get the money back), or is it just the claims handler being pushy? He did put me on hold to check just wondered whether anyone had been in anything similar and whether there was anything to this "chargeable event" thing. How are cars that are stolen, parked illegal, and then towed to the pound treated for example? Any thoughts or advice welcome thank you!
  8. This is a nice story and should give hope to others with similar health issues. Read More : -
  9. I feel as though I am drowning! Just come home to a warrant for possession of my home. Is there anything I can do...??? I spoke with the mortgage company earlier today, they tell me if I can make 2 months payments, and a little off the arrears, they think they can help, and I should go back to court (how?). I will not be getting my earnings until the end of March, from my previous employer, but do have a new job, beginning in mid April, but no earnings of course for a month. My house is on the market, much reduced with an interested buyer, but I don't see anything happening before 11 March. I also wondered if I could auction it myself, would that help to persuade them to let me stay. I want out of here so much, but on my terms, so I do actually have a little something to start again with, and not lose it in a few days. Anything anyone can suggest... please, I don't know what to do next.
  10. I work as an IT Consultant, the programme I work on decided to employ Ernst Young consultants and release a lot of us early from our contract and gave 2 weeks notice. On 24th May I was told my contract was finishing early, but he said I could bill to the end of may and bill 2 weeks of June to cover the notice period. I submitted 2 time sheets one for the month of May and the other for the 2 weeks in June, these were duly approved and returned to me copying in the Finance Manager who was present during the meeting, raised invoices to cover the time-sheets and submitted to my agency. I have now been told by the agency that the company is refusing to pay my May time-sheet as I had finished on the 24th May, I spoke to the person who authorized the time-sheet who was one of the people in the meeting and he confirmed his interpretation was the same as mine. I explained to the agency that I will not amend the invoice as it is in line with the discussion I had and reflects an approved time-sheet. Yesterday I received an email from the agency with a copy of my time sheet this time altered and they said they would now only accept an invoice based on the altered time-sheet. I intend to stick to my guns but would appreciate any views from you chaps in respect of where I stand. My opinion is that if I accept a retrospective amended time sheet that I have not agreed to that replaces a previous time-sheet that was properly authorized there is nothing to stop them doing that to any time sheet have submitted. Grateful for any views.
  11. Hi and thank you for reading this Following a relationship breakdown last year I had the indignity of having my car repossesed by Moneybarn. My boss tried to intervene and talk to them saying that if they did not go ahead with the repo she would ensure that money was deducted at source and sent straight to them. They were quite rude and aggressive (the reason why I gave up trying to talk to them) and rejected this and I allowed them to collect the car from an agreed location. As I had not paid one third of the finance off I acknowledged I couldnt fight them. The car was a 1ltr Toyota Aygo which I purchased for around £6,000. They sold it at auction for £3,000 and told me I owed them £8,000 in interest for the balance of the four year loan. I told them to get on with it! Last Saturday I received a county court claim from Moneybarn claiming around £8,500 from me. As they knowingly sold the car at an undervalue can I defend this in any way? As it is I have nothing to pay them with, I work and after paying my way there is little left especially to pay for non-existent interest. I have until next Friday to respond - yes I know I should have done something sooner but I have been running the office as my boss had to spend the week attending to a dying relative. Moneybarn has to be the most ignorant organisation I have ever dealt with. I have been patronised by someone possibly younger than my own son, spoken at and talked over. This is why I ignored them. I have an anxiety disorder and cannot do confrontation without going to the extreme of caving in or losing it completely. Can I defend this? What can I do? Any suggestions please folks
  12. Found this in the Guardian today A young man committed suicide, for a debt that had escalated from 2 PNC's https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/apr/30/debt-ridden-couriers-suicide-after-bailiff-visit-prompts-call-for-reforms#img-1
  13. We received a letter from Npower recently, included was a "final" bill, saying we were £347 in credit. I have no idea why they have sent this now, considering we moved out of the propery 5 years ago ! I have also now received a cheque for the amount owed. Should i complain, do i have grounds for claiming for lost interest or any other reason. I remember they completely messed up our billing for about a year before we moved out, however i thought it had all been settled.
  14. Hi all, Hope I can get some advise regarding a problem we've had with roofers. We are extending our house with two extensions and my husband has done most of the work himself but decided it was better to get a professional in for the roof membrane, battening and tiling. He found a guy on MyBuilder who said he's done similar work and had photos to show, so after discussing costs, we decided to ask him to do the membrane and battens to suit the tiles we had bought, and to tie in the new roof with the existing one. He did this, we paid him and then he decided he was too busy to do the rest of the job and suggested we find someone else to complete it. We did this and they found that the first guy had cocked up the battens and membrane and the roof is not waterproof, and is raining in. We were quoted £400.00 to make good and they did this but we have never been given a propert receipt for the initial job (only a quick note and bank transfer details) nor the making good. We need to go after the first guy to recoup the £400.00 but we don't know whether we go official in his personal name or his business name, as I said, we only have a quick note and his bank details? What would happen if we had to go to court and we'd put it in his personal name and he was adamant it should have been in the company name? Would we have to start again? Sorry for all the questions, it's been a very long time since I've had to do this. Thank you
  15. Apparently he had repeatedly asked how much he had been overpaid/overclaimed and he never received a response. He was terrified that he would be £thousands in debt. Another tragic victim of the benefit system http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/coal-miner-took-life-after-10477308
  16. Shoplifting suspect dies after being tackled by store security guard Bit young to be a security guard isn't he ?
  17. Good afternoon everyone, Currently I have Rundles bailiffs harrassing me for payment of a fine from a council. The offence was a Bus lane violation. To try and be concise, I owned a car and it broke down and wouldn't run correctly. I took it off the road and did not repair it. The tax ran out so I declared it SORN. The insurance then finished on02/09/2014 I sold the car off the driveway to a chap on 30/06/2015 I was concerned that he was driving it away(albeit slowly) without tax etc... and warned him it was his risk and gave him a receipt for the sale. Witnesses were there to see me sell him the car. On 11/10/2015 he, or whoever had the car committed a bus lane violation in the next council area. I had moved houses in the meantime and did not get any letters from the council alerting me. I posted off the V5 as demanded, but perhaps he hadn't sent off his part? Fortunately I had scanned the V5 document before sending it off! It appears the car was still registered to me at the time of the offence, despite me sending off the V5. Rundles bailiffs have been chasing. I found the scan of the V5 and sent it to them, they have demanded other "proof" Today I have had a long but ultimately successful phonecall to my insurers at the time, adn they have confirmed that the insurance ceased in September 2014 "Cessation of insurance" is one of the "Proofs" Rundles seem to require. My insurance company have just sent me a PDF electronically of the cessation of insurance, and confirmation of my no-claims at that point. Should I send this on to Rundles? I have already sent them the scan. They have also asked for "proof" I sold the car saying the V5 isn't good enough. I have searched for the simple receipt of sale I wrote out 2 copies of, one for me and one for the buyer, but have not yet found it. I don't keep everything! I do have witnesses to the sale though, who clearly remember the car being sold. How far do I have to go to jump through Rundles hoops? I appreciate they are a business, and have a job to do, and that an offence was committed, but I don't like their bully-boy approach. Any suggestions as to how I should proceed? Many thanks in advance, this forum has always been exceedingly helpful!
  18. A friend has received a Parking Eye PCN after a car in his name was driven by a family member (with permission and insurance) into a small retail park when it was closed. The driver felt unwell on the way home one evening and drove into the car park, stayed in the car and then left 40 minutes later. The signs are clear and it does say no parking is allowed once the stores are closed so it may be that this unfortunate mistake has cost them dearly but if there's any way out of it I'd like to help them. Can anyone give any advice? (Apologies if this is already on here but I have one day left to write them and a long working day ahead of me so don't have time to read them all.)
  19. Hi All A good friend of mine, charity worker and child who are school friends of my son has got a bit of a problem. A couple of weeks ago my friend and her family were on the way home when they were hit up the backside of the car buy a driver who was accelerating. The car my friends family were in was stationary. They were shunted forward about a foot the tail gate bumper and tow bar are damaged. Repairs are going to cost more than the car is worth but the car is driveable. The car is needed for hubbies work, he was the innocent driver, and to do fundraising for the charities they currently support. The driver that hit them insurance is dragging there heels about this. TBH its looking like the driver will get away with this and they will have to foot the bill or get a new car. The friends insurance is 3rd party after years of being fully comp. There insurance is not being to helpful either. As far as aware the at fault driver is insured as there insurance company has not said the policy number is not recognised or anything. My thoughts is what can they hurry the insurance along. My other thought is can they sue the driver personally via the small claims courts for the damage to the car if they do get away with it. I have suggested this but my friend seems to thing legal advise would be expensive
  20. Hello, on Saturday evening i thought i'd give the Mrs a break and take us all to a restaurant in Bromley, we arrived and parked at 18:50. Looking at the signs it was a bit confusing i went to check the hours of operation also attached everything looked fine and i was happy that i managed to find parking on a busy evening. The restaurant was really busy and they told us we only have an hour as they have further reservations, we sat down to eat knowing we will be back just after 20:00, but that's besides the point. I am really surprised to be getting a ticket outside of the operation hours, and the 5 mins max stay just doesn't add up. I am appealing just need a bit of help please Regards fro
  21. Hi, I brought 2 sofas from Furniture Village on 20th December 2015 for the total price of £1000, they were on offer after being ordered by another customer and rejected on delivery due to a colour difference. We paid by debit card on the day but didn’t take delivery until the 5th January 2016, at the time we had a complete house refurbishment so stored them until early March 2016, 5 years’ warranty was standard then, now 10 years. In July 2016, we noticed the stitching coming apart on 2 seat cushions and on the sofas fame (one sofa), we called Furniture Village and asked the procedure for repair’s. We were informed that even though they still stocked the model type, they no longer dealt with the manufacturer therefore couldn’t offer a repair or replacement, they did however offer a credit note to the value of the purchase price, they also offered a refund to the purchase price. I advised Furniture Village that we had the sofas coated for stain protection (cost approx. £200) and my wife had brought some ridiculously expensive cushions / accessories to match the sofas (£180) I had receipts for everything, therefore taking a refund would leave me out of pocket nearly £400. I was asked to email my thoughts and what options I would like to take over the next few days. I asked on the phone and in a following email if they had experienced any problems (advised, no problems), I requested a replacement, if that was not able to be done I requested a goodwill refund of £600 to allow me to get the 2 cushions repaired, I also noted that if the £600 was refunded I would take responsibility for future repairs to that sofa, I included pictures of the cushions. A few days later I received a call from their customer complaints manager who advised that she had spoken with the manager of the store and was unable to offer a refund of £600, they would offer a goodwill refund of £400 due to the fact they could not replace the sofas or repair them. We had 2 companies come to look at the sofas and with quotes more than double the original purchase price no repair had been done, roll on to February 2017 both sofas are ready for the skip. All 4 seat cushions have split / come unstitched, I don’t mean a little gap, two of them have come apart by at least a foot in length, you can’t turn them over as the stitching has come apart both top and bottom, the other breaks are between 3 – 7 inches. Also, the rear back cushions which aren’t attached to the frame and just lent on have also come apart (3 out of 4, so both sofas and again by 4 – 8 inch breaks on the seem). Also, the stitching on both frames have started to become undone, showing the frame. I phone Furniture Village in January and explained that this was unacceptable, you might be able to excuse one as a manufacturing problem but two? and with every cushion coming undone in a year, I requested they pick up the sofas and offer the refund, I would have to swallow the protection and extra accessories costs. I was asked to send in pictures, I sent them and waited a week, I called back and was advised the matter had been passed to complaints they would call me in 72 hours, I waited 2 weeks, again I called them…. here we are late April, I have been told that I agreed to a fall and final settlement of £400 (I didn’t), I advised I had the email with my offer to them, this was rejected and they advised that head office had agreed that they have no liability, I had effectively waived my warranty. I mentioned that the goodwill payment was for two cushions on one sofa, and now all cushions across both are faulty as well as the frame, the fault had been identified in the first 6 months, admittedly we are now over 12 months, 2 months of that was trying to get a reply! Furniture Village would not offer any further assistance and mentioned I could speak to the furniture ombudsman, I could find the details online. Thoughts?
  22. Hi everyone, Can someone advise me please? In November 2016, I had the rust on my car sorted by a local recommended garage. It was a cash job as it saved me £100 on the quoted £600. Now, only five months later, the rust is back and it looks as bad as it did before the "repair". I have just rang the garage, only to be hurryingly told that they don't give any guarantees over their rust repairs. I didn't even get to the point where I was going to tell him that I don't have a receipt - it was obvious that he wasn't interested. So then, I know that I have potentially lost out here by going cash-in-hand, but any rights on this matter that I could put forward that might change his mind on this? P.
  23. Hi, I received a letter last week for a ' Local Compliance Telephone Interview'. The call will take place in just over 2 weeks. The letter says the telephone interview has been arranged because your circumstances may have changed and we need to ensure your payments are correct. On the back it says i need my bank statements at hand and any savings or pensions (which i don't have!). I rang the women who will be doing the interview to change my mobile number as it was wrong, i asked her what the interview was for as i had never heard of it. She said "its just to check your getting / on the correct benefits." Since googling i have seen so many stories of the LCO being part of the fraud team, i haven't commited any fraud but its still worrying me as to why I have this interview! I have had an issue with housing benefit that i have been overpaid (roughly £135) which isn't my fault it was my housing associations fault, could it be to do with this? It is sorted now though i went to sort it out last week. I also rang income support to tell them about a part time course i will be doing and i asked what a local compliance interview was and he said its the fraud team!! Sorry for rambling on. Any advice to put my mind at ease would be great, seen as i have to wait just over 2 week!!! Thankyou.
  24. I bought my son an Armani watch for his 18th birthday last November. Within a few weeks it was not keeping correct time. I emailed the company who said I couldn't get a refund as it was longer than 14 days since I received it. I sent it off to be repaired. After a few weeks it returned only to go wrong again. I sent it back waited a couple of weeks emailed and got it back. Again, after a few days my son noticed the hours hand was not on the correct position particularly obvious on the hour. I contacted them and again sent it back. It came back yesterday and the hand is still not correct. This time I have included some photos to illustrate my point and asked for a refund as I feel this has gone on long enough. At each stage from purchase to now I have had to email them asking where the watch was. I've been told I would be contacted within 24/48 hours and then waited 2 weeks with no contact. I need to know what my rights are and I hope somebody here can help!
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