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Found 660 results

  1. Hi there, I have found this forum after looking for a solution to my problem through google and I was wondering if someone could advise me. After reading through some threads in this section my problem seems trival but here goes. I have been a member at my gym for about 5 years and I canceled my gym memebership last month inline with thier policy of giving one months notice. I handed my physical letter (which they insisted it had to be) at reception on the 1st of May. I rang the next day to make sure it had all been recieved and the membership canceled which they confirmed it had. I noticed that on the 1st of June they have taken money out for this months memebership fees. I rang to enquire why this had happened and was told that because I had not given 1 months notice they would be charging me an extra month. Now my issue is the 1st to the 1st is a month, but they are failing to recongise this because 'thier direct debit system works on the last day of the month' this was not made clear, I was told 1 months notice, which is what i gave. So basically im asking do I have a grievence here, or above and beyond asking for the money to be refunded and being refused (which I have) I cant really do anything more? I should have cancelled the direct debit straight away, but like a fool I didnt. It isnt a massive amount of money, but I feel they do this to chance their arm and see what extra revenue they can drum up by doing things like this to many customers and it gets on my wick. Thanks Monsterman
  2. I purchased a laptop in March from Tesco and it failed today with a fatal IO error which, having asked a few IT buddies who guided me through some testing, appears to be a hard drive problem and is in all likelyhood not repairable. I took it back to Tesco this evening and was told by the electronics counter assistant and the duty manager that I have no choice but to call Toshiba support and go through them and once that has been comnpleted they will refer me to Tesco tech support who will in turn provide a reference number to take to the store if they cannot fix the problem where I will be offered whatever solution they decide to offer. I have a problem with this as it is going to take some time to go through it all and the machine is just 3 months old with minor use. Am I oblidged to go through Tesco's process or can I insist that sale of goods unfit for purpose entitles me to a refund or replacement?
  3. hi all just a quick one, it seems inevitable i will loose my home soon and would like to ask if all debts including county court judgements will be wiped off... Enough money in home to pay off mortgage and debts secured on it and i just wanted to make sure anything else would be written off after sale. Thanks Eggy12
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2160617/Argentine-tennis-player-David-Nalbandian-booted-Queens-Club-final-wild-kick-line-judge.html?ito=feeds-newsxml http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/tennis/4378332/David-Nalbandian-disqualifed-from-Queens-final-for-injuring-tennis-official-with-kick.html
  5. Lloyds TSB has agreed to pay compensation after lending a woman with dementia £18,000 for home improvements. The bank allowed pensioner Jean Hyde to borrow the money in 2010, even though the repayments took almost half her income. Her family told Radio 4's Money Box programme she would not have understood what she was agreeing to when signing-up for the loan. After Mrs Hyde died in 2011 the £18,000 was found, unspent, in her account. Lloyds Banking Group told the BBC it did not realise Mrs Hyde had dementia but admitted it should not have lent her such a sum considering her total income was only around £15,500 a year, including her state pension. However, when she went into the Cirencester branch of Lloyds TSB in January 2010 her request for an £18,000 loan for home improvements was agreed, even though she was a tenant not a homeowner. More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18374230
  6. We have been repossessed and Acendon have the house up for sale for alot more than we owe so fingers crossed we wont have much of a shortfall if any at all. If they sell for more than we owe what happens with the extra money ?. Also i have inherited a house which is currently for sale but its under probate and not my own name on the deeds. As the repossessed Mortgage was in my partners name and not my own would Acendon be able to claim any of this property if there is a shortfall ? They are totally unaware of this. Hope this makes sense to anyone reading
  7. http://www.itn.co.uk/home/47362/Cameron+leaves+daughter,+8,+in+a+pub
  8. I have made a purchase today of £7.99 using my Barclays debit card. I checked the balance before and after the transaction. The balance has been reduced by £7.99 exactly. Therefore the money for this transaction has been "ringfenced" for this company and is no longer available to me. If, in the next few days I exceed my overdraft limit before this transaction is completed, I may be charged for this transaction. Surely this is wrong as the money should already have been allocated to this company. I know that if I do not have sufficient funds when I make a transaction to this company, the transaction will fail, therefore, the company check that I have sufficient funds at the time of sale. However, the charge advice letter states that "As these transactions are guaranteed, we've agreed to pay them even though there were insufficient available cleared funds in your account" Surely the advice letter is wrong because had there been insufficient cleared funds available at the time, the transaction would not have gone through. I would appreciate some opinions on this matter before I write to complain to Barclays.
  9. Anyone else had this problem? I sent my GL24 off on the 8th May but nothing received. I went into the JobCentre on the Friday and they faxed it but they tell me that they have not received it. Had to apply for a crisis loan to see me through this week. Has anyone else experienced such delays?
  10. Financial adviser Patrick Francis O’Donnell of P3 Wealth Management has been fined and banned after telling a low-paid mum and a forklift driver to put money into unregulated high-risk investments. The shocking cases of mis-selling were revealed by the Financial Services Authority as it slapped a £60,000 penalty on O’Donnell, who ran his financial advice firm alone in West Lothian, Scotland. O’Donnell advised a 39-year-old mother on £10,400 a year supporting a dependent son to invest 93 per cent of her pension in Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes, or UCIS. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2152117/Financial-adviser-pushing-high-risk-investments-fined-60k-banned.html#ixzz1wPSzKmWd
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