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  1. Hi, I had a default placed on my credit file from Scottish Power back in 2011 that I am attempting to contest as I never remembered receiving a notice of. The balance was paid a month after it was applied. However, clearly, removing it entirely would be most beneficial. Using the web as a resource, I recently sent a letter which included: After recently obtaining a copy of my credit file from Experian I was concerned to note that your company has placed a "Default" notice against my name. Further to this I have no recollection of ever receiving such a notice, and I therefor
  2. hi i ve just defaulted wonga due 2day i havent spoken with then thought id ask u guys 1st what 2 do. i ve had a few loans with them always paid i was going 2 roll this month over but got days muddled up so times up x im happy 2 and will have payment next month just wondered should i speak on phone see if they will accept rollover payment and roll over or email and say i cant pay or phone and say i cant pay also could someone please pm me their bank details dont want 2 not pay them but not sure what 2 do ty all any help appreciated
  3. If you have a joint mortgage, How do you prove financial independence? In providing a bank statement, is it necessary to show entries for amounts paid in or for the running balance ?
  4. hi,ive posted on here before about the dwp posting my medical files to my ex sister inlaws address for my ESA appeal. i really need advice about who is at fault for this error. i have complained to the dwp but they say it was the CSA who downloaded this address and the CSA are saying the dwp are at fault .im getting nowhere here fast .(reregistered on here because i forgot my login details) .advice please .
  5. Hi all Can anyone help me on the correct procedure for Eon (electric) have to do to gain a warrant of entry, Also what is the procedure after the have gained the warrant, and come to the property. Thanks in advance Leakie
  6. Hi i went to sign on today and the advisor said that in her opinion that i had not tried hard enough over the last 2 weeks looking for work and have stopped my JSA and has been sent higher up for a decision to be made Ive done my work search as i have always done for the last year and not had a problem until today Im a 43 old man with a partner and a disabled son im at wits end and worried sick and wondering what to do Ive been a driver for 20 years and last year lost my licence and im having a nightmare finding a job as thats all i have done but the job centre dont understand t
  7. Hi everybody, This is my first post, so please excuse me, if I posted it into the wrong location And please move it to the correct one. I searched the forum, but did not find something related. I have a HP agreement with AFL (Advantage Finance Ltd), where i was unable to make the last payment (due 28th October 2012). The HP agreement is currently beginning the last of 4 years. So 3/4th of the agreement is paid off. AFL sent me a notice that I have missed the payment, a few days (less than a week) later, which gave me 48 hours to contact them and pay in full.
  8. Hey everyone, first of all, apologies if i am reapeating what has already been posted on here, but im new and its hard to pick out the relevant imformation sometimes, so im posting from my point of view in hopes it will be clearer for me! Here goes...... I took out a loan with welcome finance around 4 years ago for £1000. I paid them regularly each month, for about 6 months then i borrowed another £500 and continued to pay regularly. Around 3 years ago i asked for the payments to be reduced as i was having some financial problems which they agreed to. Af
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on what to do after losing an esa tribunal, The tribunal was for my father and I've given a history of whats happened so far below, My father's had back problems for many years now and it's been really bad recently. He started claiming ESA roughly 2 years ago and had a ATOS medical which in which he scored 9 points (2 years ago), We appealed that decision and our GP advised us to apply for DLA. The DLA claim was accepted after evidence sent in by Doctor and the previous ATOS medical, he receives Higher rate mobility and Lower rate care compon
  10. Dear All, I have come across this site while doing some research for a court case takes place on the 10/10/12. Probably a bit late in the day but I was looking for some help, advice and support as I am representing myself. I purchased a Siemens fridge/freezer in Sept 2008 which went faulty in May 2011 just outside it 2 warrenty. They inspected the appliance and found a fan needed replacing and that they had none in stock and had to be order it from Germany. There would be a week before they could come back to repair it. To cut a long story short, I was being charged a call out fee pl
  11. I had a credit card with Capital One, got into difficulties, debt passed to Lowells, I then got a Debt Management to look after this debt. Debt management went bust. Now I have Robinson Way after me on behalf on Lowells and Capital One. Looked at what little paper work I had and it looked like it might have been six years since last payment, so I wrote to Robinson Way saying statue barred. this is the contents of their letter. (We do not accept the statue barred on this account. and if you were to demonstrate that this debt is time barred the debt st
  12. Myself and my partner are both unemployed; we have a two year old child. I have been the main claimant for us both because I am the one returning to work whilst he looks after our child. He has no qualifications, I have many (not that it's helped me find work so far, I keep being told I'm over qualified ). We claim JSA and get child tax credits. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my partner has just been signed off as ill by the GP (yesterday). He's actually very ill and will be seeing a neurologist for tests. He's been getting progressively worse over time and he isn't fit to care for ou
  13. Hi have had a loan with toothfairy for well over a year now, have commented before! I have paid back just over 150 now , called them today to try and clear the original loan of 400 plus interest. I have been paying back weekly 5 to 10 pounds. I have just over 300 to hopefully clear the debt but they have refused it marshall hoare. Do i pay 300 and then say paying no more or carry on with a minimal payment ie 1 pound as they wont accept the offer? thanks
  14. Hi everyone, I have been a total pleb and due to various circumstances left it rather late to inform the council that I had a wage rise last year. I know I should have done it immediately later but at the time of the rise I was under incredible pressure with debt worries after separating from my husband who left me in huge financial difficulty together with the fact that i was undergoing various medical tests which at the hospital as I was (an still am) showing symptoms of MS. This ommission came about because I was sorting through this years paperwork and unusually for me have lef
  15. Hi. I am new to this forum and looking for some help and advise please. I have been on Incapacity benefit since 2006, as I had to take early retirement due to ill health. I worked 30 years for my local authority, but after suffering an accident at work in 1997 I had to stop work. I have reciently had to attend a Work and Capability Assesment, which I only received 6 points and have been decleired fit for work. As the assesment was a complete fix I am now appealing this. As I have a works pension and only ever received under half the amount of Incapacity Benefit from day one, I
  16. I have recieved a letter from Bryan Carter solicitors regarding a account that was passed to them from Fredrickson International ltd on behalf of there client Everything Everywhere Limited saying payment must be paid in full within 14 days if not they will advise their client to do court proceedings how do i go on about this as i do not have the amount they are asking for? advise plss
  17. I own a home with my wife and desperately need to move due to size as we have more kids on the way. Since buying my home 7 years ago there are a string of defaults etc on my file, unsecured and in the main unsettled, but being paid by arrangements. I have been stupid and irresponsible, for the last 6 years, building up a debt of £25k to various loans, cards, payday lenders etc. This can only be put down to me being an idiot! Missed payments are on unsecured stuff, mortgage has never faultered. The current home is worth £200k, and i owe £120k to standard Life now woolwich. £80k equ
  18. Hi I wonder if you can help me out a little. I found a website showing which credit reference agencies are used by bank lenders. Is there any such listing of which CRA's motor insurance companies use? I have different info with all 3 CRA's, one being alot better than the other 2. I would like to find out which insurers use which CRA's before i go ahead and make an application. ALSO - if using comparison sites, if they are giving me multiple quotes from serveral companies, will this mean several credit searches? I have heard that credit ratings COULD be damaged if this
  19. Been called in by j p fraud investigation team to give me the opportunity to explain as they have grounds of employment and living with a someone as husband and wife . After some fishing around on what ive done wrong as i don't live with my husband and have not since 2008 due to my children from a previous relationship did not get on with him and we decided to live apart , over the past 4 yrs its been on and off but when my children go to my mums the odd weekend he will stay and as i live in his house where he still pays the mortgage any diy or gardens need to be cut he will
  20. Hi I am currently in the middle of trying to claim some sentimental items from my late fathers estate via a local solicitor. When we started the process i asked about her fees...after picking myself up from the floor, she suggested i could pay a block amount for services ( I think, this was in April) and then produced a bill which i duly paid up front the bill details read as below..... 'professional charges in connection with advising you in regard to your fathers estate; to include discussing probate in general; to advising you on action you can take; to contacting Mrs ****; t
  21. I have a few months to think about this; but could do with some help, please: I am sight impaired. I can read; but with difficulty. (because I see everything move and can't focus properly) Over the years, I've had 2 talking phones, a normal phone and currently have a mobile with a qwerty keypad. With the talking phones, it was difficult to do anything in private - even on the quietest and the fastest voice settings. Because they were T9 keypads, they were difficult to use. The normal phone is fine for just calls and texting. I use this when out running. Last year, I changed
  22. I need assistance with an RLP issue however reading some of the posts it seems that RLP staff seem to read this site and sometimes match up cases. I am therefore reluctant to give many details. I went to CAB to-day but the lady I saw I think just made it worse. She said she knew nothing about the company and immediately phoned them. I did say not to phone them, especially as she had no idea who RLP was and what they did. She got me to go through their 'security' check etc then she started speaking to them, but i had to take the conversation over because I feared she would say the wrong thing a
  23. I have a son who is permenantley in a wheelchair and recieves the higher rate DLA. He is attending a residential college and as such the authoroties have stated that he is not entitled to the carers allowance while he attends the residential college. Is this correct?
  24. please can anyone help/advise me i am going round in circles with my council & the debt collector both refusing to help me set up an affordable payment plan!! I owe £880 for 2010 council tax. swift credit services have advised me they want payment in full within 7 days now i am on an income (with defecit of £900 a month) & cant pluck £880 out of thin air! I have been advised BY THEIR BAILIFF that he'd accept payments (over 8 months) that would be all he could do!!! but i still can not afford this & he would also want me to sign a walk in possession order (or something like tha
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