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  1. Hi, I am new to this site and I wanted some advice on how to go about an issue. I have just looked at some few threads and seen some similar situations. My wife and I leave in our flat and occasionally/rarely previous occupants letters do come to our address. I did speak to our Landlady regards to what to do with the letters of previous tenants and we were advised to bin them as they were probably junk letters. Recently we decided to open one of the letters as we wanted to be sure our address was not used by some other person as a couple of letters had come in for
  2. Hi all, this is my first post and may be a bit long winded so please bear with me. I complained to RBS about PPI on the 21/04/13 on a Mint c/c that I took out in Dec 2003 and 8 wks later received a reply along these lines, You will be pleased to know I have finished my review into your concerns about your PPI. Your concerns are important to us. In the circumstances, as a goodwill gesture and without admission of liability the bank is prepared to make you the offer set out below. To cut a long story short they go on to offer me £888.62 broken down as follows... Refund of
  3. Hello Everyone Just hoping for some advice please. Its been a while since I've had any hassle !! MBNA credit card debt sold to Arrow Global. Arrow Global instructed Frederickson's to collect on the debt. Sent letter with I&E and they agreed to £2 month. No issues for 14 months then today I get a letter from Arrow Global saying that Frederickson's are no longer collecting the debt and it has been passed to Moorcroft Agency to collect the debt. Is this normal ? Should I continue with the payment arrangement I had through Fredrickson's ? Should I prepare my
  4. Hi, I have been trawling through these forums trying to find out what I can and can't do legally. I have a debt of around 7k to Egg which has been in the hands of Capquest for around a year. I started off paying them what I could afford which was £40 per month. They then upped the payments to £48 per month which I went along with. My Direct Debit on 28th July wasnt paid as I was skint and so I assumed they would try and take it again in a few days. But I have now had a letter from HL Legal who are now demanding full settlement of this account within 7 days?
  5. Hi all, I have read a number of the thread on Ruthbridge and could really use your advise on the best action in my particular case. Received first ever letter from Ruthbridge - It was addressed correctly to my name (unusal spelling), but contained no details about the alleged debt amount or alleged creditor. Just the general 'please call us' bit. There are 2 things I guess this could be related to: either a storecard for about £50 in 2001, or a disputed debt with the also totally dodgy gas/electric company Spark. If the latter then it is only about 2 years ago - I made
  6. unknown to the debtor welcome finance got a ccj where papers were served to a previous address now OP has had bailiffs at the door with a summons to a means testing hearing. turns out the org debt was already SB'd when the ccj was taken out.. next move please reply on this thread please - thanks DX http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?393306-CCJ-issued-jan-13-to-an-old-address-on-Sb-d-Welcome-finance-loan-now-summons&p=4251695#post4251695
  7. hi, Please, I would like to know exactly what i should have received as a reconstituted CCA request from lowell portfolio. The situation i have is: 18/03/13, I sent a CCA request to lowell for a barclaycard account. 14/05/13, I receive a reply to my request and states, after liaising with barclaycard in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that this is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened. Also it states they are closing my account and not make any further contact with me concerning payment against this account unle
  8. Recently had a New turbo fitted,Renault Scenic 1.5 diesel Feb this year.Havng major problems with oil consumption and now loss of power. Since having it done i have been hearing a whistling noise,never hear before turbo change. Is it likely that the new turbo is failing or is it just coincidence and it is something else? The car is going straight to the garage in the morning.Any advise would be great as im not at all convinced this is not connected. Many thanks
  9. help and advise please? I have ordered a Bed from Bensons for beds , This has arrived on the 15/04/2013, with a little help of a friend we have unpacked it and started assembling the bed frame, head and foot end that’s when I realised how big it was? it took the the whole space of the bedroom 200 long x 240 wide When ordering the sales staff had told me it was 180cm x 200cm wide, but when I measured it, from head end to foot end it was 200cm x 240cm? I checked the order/invoice it was 180cm wide' so called the store and after much discussion, they have referred me the custome
  10. Hi.. Just over 3 weeks ago my husband received his sleep test results back from his cardio consultant, turns out he is suffering from mild sleep apnea .. on the letter from consultant it stated he was to advise DVLA which he did that day and they told him best way forward is to surrender his driving licence which he has now done . My hubby is getting high rate care/ mobility and he has a motability car which he can no longer drive until his sleep apnea is under control which could take months , rather than have a car sat outside being paid for but getting no use
  11. Hello to everybody, apologies but this is my first post on this forum and I need some advise regarding a debt that has been passed onto aktiv kapital, in 2009 I lost my job and was unable to make my credit card payments to nationwide. I received this letter back in june 2009 Current balance: £782.64 Credit limit: £1100.00 Past due: £523.47 'Our records show that your account is currently three months in arrears. In line with the terms and conditions of your account, the payment protection insurance cover has now been cancelled and no further periums will be
  12. Hello, first timer here. I got a call from Global Debt Recovery last Wednesday, i confirmed my name etc and then was told that they were acting for Lloyds Tsb, and that i owed £5323.41 plus interest of £3518.49 accrued over the last 10 years. I admit that i had a Lloyds account, but when i moved away in 2000 i opened another account with another bank and things have been good, i thought that i had got my life together. I had payed off several old debts through various companies and had had no correspondence with Lloyds at all, even though i had a redirection of mail when i moved. I
  13. Hiya, Bit of advice needed, I have a CCJ against me for £5000 that is currently outstanding. Originally I was hoping to have this paid by the end of Feb - awaiting for a compensation payment to come in which would cover it - but that has come in late so looking like the end of April would be the earliest. There are two things I need advise on - Firstly is there an official form I need to fill in to propose the above repayment Secondly- Its a strange one but the debt is a personal money owed to someone, I have requested a number of times in writing but they keep sendi
  14. I lived overseas and following a relationship break up had to move back to the UK. My home overseas was placed on the market and with 3 children (one severly disabled) I returned to the UK. An accident prevented me from working and I claimed income support. The dss accepted the overseas house was on the market and no income was generated from it. I was required to give updates every 6-12 months and during that time reduced the asking price. Our situation remain unchanged. Last week I was sent a letter telling me that benefit was suspended as they had not received the latest form back. I had
  15. HI Sorry not sure exactly where to post this I currently have outstanding credit card debt 7k, buried my head in the sand long story short , it is 4.5 years since i acknowledged the debt with the bank. Said debt was passed to DCA who i think have now passes it to another DCA. Problem here is letters are coming to parents address, which i dont want. I have never had and recourse with any of the DCA , my question : if i write to dca and tell them send any further letters to my current address , would that effect the time already passed towards statute barred { last time i wro
  16. Hi just after a bit of advise if poss - to keep a long story short, I got myself into some financial trouble and ended up using various payday loan companies. Most i managed to pay off in full. i had 2 outstanding one of which was payday express. They just kept rolling over what i owed and charging me £100 each time. I worked out id paid well over what id borrowed. So i cancelled my debit card and stopped paying them anything. after loads of hassle, calls, emails i agreed to pay £10 a month. This debt then got transferred to equidebt and i carried on paying £10 a month. After 11 months i canc
  17. Hello please could someone advise me....After a long and stressful period 3 years ago which lead to me having a nervous breakdown Tesco Finanace managed to secure the outstanding balance of a loan against my house - I went to court and they now have a charging order on the property for when I sell. I have kept up the payments religiously as ordered through the court - This is paid through Incasso LLP. Last week I was contatcted by DWF to say my account has been transferred to them and I was to pay them direct, they also want to contact me to discuss future re payments etc... what should I d
  18. last year my matrimonial home was sold and i rec 40.000 from the sale .at the time i was on income support so it was suspended naturaly . i payed my rent and bills ext but as im not used to having lots of money i have spent most of it .i have 2 disabled children and im a single mum i bought us a good reliable car for 7.600 as i knew i would never be in the position again to aford one . i never kept cheqe on my acounts properly and spent a lot of money on my children i basicaly gave them all the things i couldnt aford before .i im my eyes gave them a better quality of life .i thought this was m
  19. This is my first post so apols if I am in the wrong place + if this is lengthy. I am a LL who really wants to be doing the right thing for her tenants and I am facing a claim against me at this time from tenant whose AST finished on 4th July12 but who abandoned the property moving into a new property one month earlier leaving 2 cats in my property and the back patio doors left open for them. Tenant is claiming LL breach of contract / disrepair but only after LL has tried to deduct damages from deposit for a) Keeping animals against AST b) AST clearly states if animals found in property,
  20. hi long story really we took a mortgage and unsecured loan had a 110% out with northern rock in 2004 in 2005 our circumstances changed and we were taken to court for eviction an arrangement was put in place and we maintained this untill 2009 when i lost my job and my husband could not afford to maintain at that level on his own we informed them and another arrangement was put in place this was again maintained till late 2010 when my husband was put on short time at work and i was not working due to us have a small child i informed n rock and was told to make payment that i could afford and as
  21. HI Found out in October that my sister had joined Gregory Pennington, really wish she had told me. within 3 months her debts had increased by £400 in bank charges and credit card fees. I have read through the code of conduct for Dempsa, and it states that anyone in extreme hardship should be advised that there are non profitable companies available, - does anyone know the definition of an extreme hardship case? I have all the sars info and a recording of the hour my sister spent on the phone, in my opinion they should have sent my sister away she had £4000 mortgage ar
  22. Hi all, I have a disiplinary hearing this week which i was notified about last week. My question is this: The hearing consists of my director, HR representative (takeing notes) and additional HR Mgr who is dialing into the meeting. My Mgr is now going to be abroad and has also said he will now dial in to the meeting. So it will be me and an HR representative taking notes with the HR Mgr and my Mgr dialed into the meeting. Is this reasonable?, there is alot of paperwork to go through and present and I had also planned to ahow a business presentation in relation to
  23. Hello I have had letters from Rockwell chasing an outstanding debt from myself and I am after some advice on where to go next. Firstly I had a letter from Pace Forward on 21/06/2012 looking for a Mr Bowen regarding an urgent matter, after reading thread on CAG I ignored the letter. Then I received a letter from Rockwell dated 09/07/2012 that they have been instructed by their client (Arrow Global) to contact me in regards to an outstanding debt of £1402.84. I replied with a prove it letter on 12/07/2012 using a template from CAG, which they replied with on 16/072012 with a thank yo
  24. Hi. I'm a newbie on here and I have tried to look through the threads but I think I have only succeeded in confusing myself more. I have recently been receiving letters from Arrow Global, Arrow Monument, Cabot Financial, Lowell Portfolio, Hamptons Legal and Fire. Some of the letters just say I owe a debt but no details, others give an amount but no date and there is one that gives the date of 2003. It looks like Fire and Cabot are related as are Lowell and Hamptons. Now to my knowledge I don't owe any money and I checked my credit file and none of
  25. We need help as something strange going on with Scottish life. Our endowment is due to end next year 2011. For the past 2 years now, we suddenly have been getting letters saying that we have not paid our premiums. They say they have informed the Halifax (our mortgage suppliers) and the life insurance is down to around £8000. The first occasion we phoned and asked them for an explanation, as payment has been paid (bank statements) the first time they said the money had been attached to somewhere else and confirmed that it had been received and they would sort it out. In the meantime we rec
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