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  1. Hi all, My first time posting, although buying a lot of stuff online, I've been lucky never to have had a bad experience until my first order with Wilkos! I have never complained about anything or had such shockingly poor service that I'm really unsure how to proceed. Would be really grateful if you think I'm being unreasonable, or how I should proceed: I ordered 4 items at a total cost of £300 from the Wilko website about 3 weeks ago. • After a week of ordering, I still hadn't heard anything from Wilko so contacted them • I contacted the couriers directly to arrange delive
  2. Hi I'm new to this site, but have read some other posts and am hoping somebody may be able to help. My partner is a self employed Carpenter. He was recommended to a company by somebody he's worked with previously and completed 11 days labour for this company. The company paid him for 6.5 days, but despite numerous reminders and informing them we would seek a CCJ if payment was not made by today, we have not received the money owed. I tried to submit a claim online, but I have no address details for the company. The company website provides a telephone number and e-mail address a
  3. Hi. Many years ago, well since 2006 to 2010 ish me and my wife was in difficulty at times and we had DD's on her account with HSBC, on a regular basis we were charged for returned Direct Debits, I think at one time there ere 3 returned this went on for a while and was wondering if its possible to claim these type of charges back. And OD Arrangement fee's, are these reclaim able
  4. anyone do a favour please... I have a return offer from MBNA obv some £400+ lighter than what i'd roughly done. they've not sent any breakdown yet, that will be asked for on Monday. 1, the neighbour in question needs the money if he accepts it as it stands , can he argue the rest later. 2. can someone do a better job with the way I calculated the redress [CIsheet then stat] have all the statements. dx siteteam
  5. I have been stupid but trying to sort a repayment plan with them. I am not due to pay until the 1st April, but this is the response I got. I am sure adding 60 days interst is wrong. Can someone please advise me A MiniCredit Hardship Department member has replied to your application, #221624 with the following response: The following e-mail is sent according to the Formal Hardship Procedure. Our hardship team has tried to contact You over the past few days, unfortunately we were unable to reach You by the registered mobile number. After assessing Your account de
  6. Hello, I'm really ashamed to talk about this so please don't judge me. I went into a store yesterday and I don't know why or how I went to exchange an item for a smaller size but I for some reason picked up a few items on the receipt and asked for a refund. I am not aware of doing this and I'm still in shock that I as a person did this. They caught it on CCTV took me to the back of the store. Goods refunded were £20. They took my personal details and called the police. The officer arrived about an hour and half later who spoke to the man
  7. Hi everyone, I recently submitted a claim to M&S for mis-selling of PPI insurance againstmy charge card (this was later changed by M&S to an &More Money credit card around 2003/04). My complaint highlighted that I took out the card in 1995, the application was made in store (hurried at a till point), I was not informed PPI was optional and that I was told it was compulsory. I became aware in 2008 that PPI was not a compulsory requirement for anystore/credit card so I therefore cancelled it immediately. I pointed out that I had previously requested a copy of the credit agreem
  8. been off work for over 12 months all treatment has stopped i had accident at work my gp says can return light duties ect had oh medical and they have said redeployment as my job to manual this was beginning of june i have had no corresponce my work place is a school when i phone been told to ring back in september when principal is back as he is only one who can discuss it my sick pay ran out i no longer get esa so have no money i am left in limbo
  9. Hi I have the above mentioned demanding an outstanding amount of £590.00. I do not know what this amount is for or where this originated from. Collectica themselves are not able to tell me either when I contacted them, just that it was for a non motoring offence dating 2007. They put any action on hold for 28days for me to try and trace what the sum is for. They gave me contact numbers for the local Magistrates (Stratford), and for Port Talbot, saying that the debt had been transferred from there. Stratford simply stated they did not deal with transfers and referred me
  10. Hi Guys Trusty google put me in touch with you guys regarding a friends "claim" from Cabot He was approached about a year ago by them for a debt from 2009 / 2010 from a company that didnt supply the goods regarding a training course (plenty of posts on google about that company as well!) in addition to having been pressurised into taking on the course / debt while he was depressed. Unfortunately being a young lad none of the paperwork from them exists any more. At some stage last year he was advised that his debt had been sold to cabot and subsquently received
  11. SEWAGE RUNNING ONTO JOISTS FOR NEARLY 12 MONTHS l had a shower room fitted under a council grant through an care organisation, from the onset wqe had problems, the tiles fell off the wall due to no prep work, this was redone, the shower ran water from the shower through the door on to the landing, so boards was fitted underneath now showing a rduige which as gone very springy. we just acceprted all the above but since our kitchen started to get condensation more and more but we didn't give a thought to any connection to the shower room, at the same time t5wo of the three of us
  12. Hi all. New to the site as I stumbled across looking for advice on the net. I'd be greatful if anyone could offer any advice. I will try be brief on this. I sold an item through the net. It was advertised on a site but was paid through paypal. The fella asked if he could pay as a gift to avoid their charges so I agreed. Naive? honest and genuine as I am, sent the item (sale worth just over 1k) only to have paypal try to claim back the money as the cardholder claimed an unauthorised transaction had taken place. Surely the onus shouldn't be on me? After
  13. Another debt for this poor debt ridden chap. Please advise if this is enforceable. DCA- Link Financial OC- MBNA - Credit card applied back in 2001 DMP- Eurodebt, been paying token payment since late 2002, will be ditching them soon. SAR sent to MBNA and waiting.
  14. Hi all, Please may i have advise; the following is an email i sent to Phones4u on on the 16/12/2013 Thank you ---------------- Good Morning, My misses visited your Hounslow high street store on 05/12/2013 in order receive advice or a resolution on what appears to be a very common issue with the Samsung SII, the issue began on 03/12/2013, whereby the phone remained permanently in airplane mode. Your store advisor took a brief look and commented as follows (Actual quotes) 1.“It’s finished” 2.“It’s Gone” 3.“Not working” 4.“Gone” 5.“Sorry it’s fini
  15. really struggling with this one if anyone can offer some advise i have been working at a manufacturing company for 3 years and up until last year i was quite happy with everything moved home to be nearer work met a new g/f she got pregnant then when i told my employer everything went wrong... last November i was offered a (alleged) promotion while i was on holiday i attended work during my annual leave and was asked by the director to move in to a senior role. which i agreed to in principle and spoke to my potential new manager who said it would be a good idea to move me into a slightly l
  16. Morning Everyone, I need a bit of advise on a matter regarding defamation from a EX. Me and my EX split up in March 2011 we had a 3 week old baby, she was using the child to her advantage as a weapon so I decided to involve a solicitor and put an application in to the courts. just before the first hearing in July 2011, my EX decided to make numerous allegations to the police in may 2011 which ended me being on bail until May 2012. in May 2012 all these allegation we concluded ludicrous and no further action was taken but in the mean time I had lost my Job and my EX had been t
  17. Hi all, After struggling for months to obtain amounts associated to six different PPI products with HSBC, I am after some advise. The first thing is, do I treat each of these as individual claims, or can I combine as one claim for the total amount? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, I bought a car from a trader just over 1 month ago and have been having a few issues with it. I have been trying to get the trader to resolve these issues but they just ignore my calls or tell me they are going to call back and never do. in the end I got all the repairs done my self and it cost me around £340 to sort out. Now I am/was planning on getting this back from the trader and just done abit of research on the company and I have noticed that they filed for the ltd company to be struck off about a month ago (just after I bought it) So what do I do now? Can I
  19. Just moved house and was at the local DIY store whose car park is on a bit of a slope and has signs everywhere, used one of their provided trolleys to get a pile of DIY stuff, got out to the car put the brake on, put baby in the back whilst doing this the trolley rolled off and bumped into someones car, they were not happy, i reported the failure of the brake to the staff at the DIY store am i liable for the damage to the other car?
  20. Hi, I am new to this form, and will appreciate help and advise..... I have a buy to let mortgage with West Bromich, I have a tracker mortgage paying 1.49%, Today I have recieved a letter informing me that they are increasing the additional percentage of the interest paid by 2%, increasing it from 1.49% to 3.49%. they site increasing cost of funding to support investment in properties and the fact that I have other investment properties as if they are targeting this group. in addition to advise re my options, I will be grateful if any can advise about; 1. The legal
  21. My car turbo just blow up. I took the car to the local garage and was advised that the engine is fine after the turbo was removed and will need to just pay for the turbo replacement so it is economically to proceed with it. After replacement was done the garage called to say that the change was done but the problem has escaladed now and it is an engine problem and this is non economical to do it because it would cost at least 3k. They said that they would like me to pay for the turbo and take the car for a part exchange post it on ebay as engine in need of attention. Do I pay for something tha
  22. AMEX have written to me offering full & final settlement out of the blue and unsolicited. The offer taken from the letter : "If you pay just 40% of your outstanding balance still owing, we'll waive the remaining £0.00 of your balance in full and final settlement. In order to accept this offer, please call Amercian Express on 0800-etc. This opportunity allows you to repay a reduced amount from which you otherwise owe us. From Michelle Upton Manager American Express Address Amex House Brighton." They call this a 60% Balance Forgiveness. In brief this concerns an Amex credit card t
  23. cut along story short like most off the threads that i have read about the DPS and landlords issues have got my head spinning,. my story is that back in 2011 i rented a house from the local letting agent at that time i was in a good job and the rent was not a problem .. but in 2012 i lost my job due to company/corporate restructuring. and found my self out of work at this point i spent my time trying to find new employment but things are now not so Rosie on the job find lark..but i manage to stay on top of things till the money run out. then i headed to the local unemployment
  24. Hi I would like general advise please long story short, i am living with my family and now on verge of leaving and now my circumstances will change, particularly my outgoings which will mean i will no longer be able to pay the minimum payments for the loans and cc. if i continue paying the minimum payments, all my debts will be cleared off in 3 years, however due to personal circumstances i wont be able to afford. i have been advised to consider DMP or IVA as my oustanding ammount is in excess of 15-20k. before i make this change, i will be consulting with compani
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