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  1. MUM -KITCHEN-CONSUMER FORUM I was wondering if someone could help me? My mums bed ridden after a car accident and she recently needed a kitchen badly adapted a little for her needs in a wheel chair. But worried that she’s been messed about by people who have took advantage of her before she asked for help from the council and the care and repair team hoping they would help and also find some one reliable to do the contract. The Care and repair team came out approx 14th october 2014, shortly half hour latter the kitchen man turned up. But after talking to the company who p
  2. Hi all My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I have looked but cannot find an answer. A charging order was placed on my property 5 years ago by Welcome Finance, I was not required to make any monthly payments. I received a letter today saying that the entire debt has been sold to PRA Group and they are seeking to recover the debt. I was under the impression that as a CCJ, then a charging order had been granted, that the debt was stagnant until I sold my property. Could anyone offer any advice? Many thanks in advance. Emma
  3. I had an MBNA credit card approx. 17 yrs ago. I sent a standard letter asking for information on my original agreement including possible ppi, charges, fees and interest. they sent me a very brief letter stating " Payment protection cover has never been applied to this account, therefore no premium charges have been applied". are they trying to fob me off? and if this is true should I pursue this claim to reclaim my charges (im sure there are numerous for missed DDs and late payments) please advise
  4. Topham

    Tax credit advise

    Hi guys. just a quick one. i need some advise with regards child tax credits and working tax credits. Last year i was part of a joint claim for both above, during the claim period from Apr 14-Aug14 i was self employed not earning the best of money and nor was my partner. at this period we were entitled to claim the above benefits. I managed to get a permanent job based away so was told that due to when i start that job there would be a major change of income and that i was to inform the benefits people once i started that job on day 1. so i started the job told them we wanted to
  5. Morning Everyone, I was hoping to get some much needed advice from anyone who may be going through or has gone through and claim with Barclays bank. To give you an overview of the situation; about 9 months ago my business account was frozen by Barclays due to a technical error which concluded in my funds going from £20,000 to - £3,500,000 overdrawn. During that period I had no access to any funds and no money could go in or out. As a result two contract which were signed and dated during the error were unable to be fulfilled resulting in a loss of pr
  6. Firstly, Thank you everyone for all your contributions on this website, I have read through most of it and it was of real help to my particular problem regarding CCJ. I have a query if you can help and advise. I received a CCJ in April 2014 for parking in one of the sites maintained by Parking Eye company during Dec 2013. The reason was that, I moved from my previous residence and all the reminders and court communication were sent to my previous address including the CCJ appeals form. I collected the letters from my previous address and since it was a court
  7. Sorry to have to use a 'reply' thread but I couldn't see how to start a 'new' topic. I have used the forums previously and have had great success. My wife bought a new car on HP in 2007. Unfortunately, we went through difficult times in 2008 and she defaulted with 'Black Horse'. The car was repossessed. sold and my wife was issued with an invoice for £12k. This was the 'defecit' that Black Horse say they lost. My wife has paid every month towards this debt. The debt has been sold on and sold on again. On 30th December 2014, I ch
  8. City Link customers are being urged to collect parcels from depots on Monday. The firm also said parcel depots would "remain open for a short period of time" to enable customers and intended recipients to collect their parcels. Sky saying one million parcels still at their depots. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-30621884
  9. I've come into some money and I've gone over the £16,000 threshold and I wonder whether there were any non-obvious do's and don'ts here? Also, I believe that the step down from £16,000 to £6,000 is done in £250 steps. Does anyone know how this is managed and handled? One could easily make that step in paying a bill. Would I have to continually be posting off proofs that I'd reached the next step level or is it assessed on a set interval time frame?
  10. Unfortunately my business came to a pretty sudden ending, 2 dead months and things effectively stopped dead. The only real debt I had was £1150 to a Postage Franking provider for postage. I did agree to pay them £50 a week but in honestly it was too much and after a couple of weeks I stopped. I was just a sole trader so the debt is in my name. This morning I've received a default notice off them, its dated 29th May 2014 in an envelope dated 03/06/14 giving me 5 working days from the date on the letter to make payment via a cleared method. By my maths the entire th
  11. Hi Please could you help with advise on parking charge notices? I've received one from G24 Ltd who are an IPC member (member of trade association) demanding £95.00 for exceeding permitted free parking of 1 hour in a privately owned car park by 40 mins. No parking ticket was needed to park. They have pics of my car entering and leaving car park and have obtained my details from the DVLA. I parked my car on 19th November and received the parking charge notice on 4th December. What should I do next? I don't want to pay the charge
  12. I had a visit off Collectica a couple of weeks back regarding a few fines that were out standing. He looked like a bodyguard with bullet proof vest and looked very scarey. He claimed he was from the courts and had a warrant to enter my property and take stuff to cover the debts. He was very understanding at the time but made me feel very little and under a very lot of pressure. I have a few questions if someone can help me out. 1) i thought bailiffs are not allowed to force themselves into a house. They need to advise you they are bailiffs and wait until you allow
  13. Quick version - i did not renew our tax credits for 2014/2015 as our circumstance has now changed and we wouldnt need nor qualify for them. Got a letter few weeks ago saying we had been overpaid, for the entire 2013/2014 claim, so 4.5 K In addition apparently an extra fine of over £1 k because i did not renew the claim to inform them i did not intend to claim any longer. I wrote back to them right away and asked them to explain how they worked all this out and also to dispute their decision. no reply to my letter, but got a new letter today basiaclly ramping up th
  14. Last may the clutch in my vivaro van started slipping so took it to garage. i was told that the clutch AND gearbox needed replacing. With pressure of work and time schedules hanging over me i said ok. The garage charged £950 plus labour. Last week (12/10 ) the gearbox and clutch went on the way to work. I did not receive a written warranty but even so i think that this kind of work is only warrantied for 12 months? My feelings are that 1. a new gearbox was not fitted at all. 2.the gearbox was not fitted properly.
  15. Hello I am on JSA at present, have been for over a year. My wife works the hours of 30 hrs per week. I have two children 15 and 17 years if age. both still in full time education. Over the past year our tax credit has seen a large drop in payments. I did think this was due to our son leaving school and starting collage and hmrc would readjust the amount back up as he now attends collage and is still in education. 1. is this correct?? The other question is i have been given a sick note by my doctor as regards me being unfit for work. If i claim ESA and stop my cliam for JSA would
  16. hi, i parked in a permit holders only bay for which i have a permit and there was a pole stating this right next to my car. next to the bay i was parked in was a disabled bay which had it's own pole with notice on it but also had a parking suspension notice on it. naturally i assumed that the parking suspension was for the disabled bay as the bay that was actually suspended had a pole right next to it which was about 2 feet away from the disabled bay pole. the suspension notice reads as follows: I******** road suspension of 1 car parking space side off 129 U**** Lane (not
  17. Please help... My company went into liquidation last week with help from a insolvency practitioner and as we know help sort out creditor issues ect.. . meanwhile i received a CCJ from a creditor who refuse to deal with the insolvency practitioner. i spoke to the creditor and they say i am solely liable for money owed, i ask hows this possible when my company was a limited company, they replied '' you have signed a sole trader/non limited personal account trade account form'' cut story short i did sign this for personal reason and they sent me a
  18. Hi I was still under the impression that if i drove off before the pcn had been complete it was not valid. Turn out after getting home and looking it it its not so here is my situation. I stopped in a residents parking bay to get directions was gone maybe 2 mins max i had to walk about 15m up the road to find someone to ask on the main road. I arrive back to my car and see a CEO in the process of writing a ticket out as i was still under the impression that you could drive off and the ticket could not be served i simply just got i the car and drove off. At no time did the CEO try to hand m
  19. Hi, Im not sure where I should be posting this but here goes. I am a 2nd year mature student and last year got full dependents grants as I have two children, both of which need childcare while I study. This yesr however I am having major problems in that Im apparently getting much less (nearly £7000) even though my income this year is actually lower than last. If anyone had had the displeasure of dealing with the SFE advisors they will know how frustrating it is to get a straight answer on thresholds and entitlement. I was wondering if anyone knows what calculation t
  20. Hello, I rented a property directly with the landlord (no agency involved). The contract was for 1 year from may-2014 to may-2015. I have got a job somewhere else and unfortunately have to move. I discussed this with the landlord and he agreed to let me find a new tenant (and I pay the rent until the new tenant starts). This is all Ok. However he is saying he would take all my deposit in lieu of the breach of contract. The point he is referring to in the contract is: "In the event of the tenancy being terminated by the tenant before the end of the term the tenant shall pay the full cost
  21. HI all. I have received a CCJ whilst abroad for several months. Though there was a judgment for claimant letter on my arrival there was no sign of any court forms. I have applied to have the CCJ set aside on this basis. From reading other posts, it appears I will need a to convince the judge I have a reasonable defence before a set aside can take place. The debt is from a Nationwide credit card. Original agreement would have been a signed agreement rather than through the internet. It was established over 10 years ago. The default occurred just under
  22. Hi there. My son and his partner are joint claiming Jobseeker's Allowance. I hope someone who has Jobcentre experience can help me out. We have a two part question - first part is relating to appointment scheduling, and the second is about funding for training. I'll stick to the question about scheduling in this post. Their normal signing day is on a Tuesday in the a.m. However, at their last appointment 2 weeks ago, their Jobcentre adviser told them that he was going to be absent from their next scheduled fortnightly appointment due to a training course he had to attend. So, he said
  23. Hello. I have read many threads on here on brighthouse over time and now needing help myself. I have a fair few agreements with brighthouse making the payments £73.19 per week! Stupid me, yes I know. However I got myself in to a few problems when my partner was out of work and we sold everything to make ends meet.. However he is back in work now, but we're struggling making the payments. I contacted brighthouse and decided to be open with them and explain the situation and ask if I could set up a payment plan as I still want to pay but can not afford the amount.
  24. Hello can some one help i have applied to get back ppi on credit card and loan, the credit card i defaulted on a few years ago and are paying it off via a debt collection agency, if i get ppi back will the bank take the money off me or send me a cheque, the loan i paid off years ago, but the bank i still owe monies to, which are with debt collection agenies, any advise would be great, also i had a mortgage back in 1991 till 2005, i had Mortgage protection insurance from 1991-1995, which was stopped by my partner of the time, the mortg
  25. We have received an eviction date for the 5th June 2014 after being behind with our mortgage payments. A year or two ago we were taken to court and the judge ordered that we paid an extra £46 a month on top of our payments. Unfortunately we also had some rental arrears on our shop and the council ordered us to pay £100 per week. We are almost at the end of paying the rent arrears but having to pay it meant that we couldn't always pay our mortgage. I have been speaking to Topaz Finance for the last few days and have been struggling to come to an agreement - I have proposed to pay
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