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  1. HELLO your advice would be highly appreciated please as I don't know how to handle this .. Late last year, we had a guy knocked at our door and proposed to fix our driveway, we told him we couldn't afford it as we were getting our windows replaced in a couple of weeks. . He said we could spread payments that he understands besides he has many people owing him anyway that he knows we would eventually balance him .. he said it would cost £1800 , bear in mind that we already had the cobbles kept in our garden which we agreed would be for half part of the drive way. He came 1 week earl
  2. Hello I would like to get some advice please. Me and my partner are both are on IVA and on year 2. 2.5 years ago we decided to rent out a property and our contract expires end of March 2016 , idealy we would like to move out of the flat asap to a house as its small and a lot of condensation the letting agency advised us of 2 months notice period – which was fine (last date 31st April). The letting agency found someone to move in end of March (what we originally wanted) and asked if we can leave early- which we accepted. Now the problem we are having
  3. Hi all, i have recently started receiving letters through the post from a company called CCS Collect claiming that I owe money to them on behalf of The Department of Work and Pension for £97.50. Thing is, I have no idea what this is for. The letters gives no explanation, they only abruptly demand that i pay it or face legal action. Quick search shows that the department of Work and Pension is government related. I pay all my taxes, National Insurance etc through PAYE and have no other dealings with the HMRC. The only thing i can think of is that i was on J
  4. First post, so hoping I've followed all the recommendations. Would appreciate some advice following a recent SAR request I sent to NatWest. Used the template from the CAG library to send a SAR to NatWest and they've called today to ask exactly what I was looking for. Not very good at being forceful on the phone, so rather than saying "everything I asked for in writing", I explained I needed transactions and credit agreements. They are supposed to send me a list of transactions for all of my accounts that I will then comb through for any reclaimable charges and supply me det
  5. Hi there I would like to ask for advice re unfair parking charges at Lidl / Athena car park in Eltham SE9 Thanks Ross
  6. Hi When my Dad's boiler broke, he called a company from the phone book and the engineer they sent told him he needed a complete replacement of the boiler and quoted him £2600. He charged him £1000 deposit and said he'd be back the next morning to replace the boiler. The same evening, we found another gas fitter who came over that evening and found the problem was with one part and replaced it and serviced the boiler for £370 in total. So the original engineer mislead my father into believing the boiler needed replacing and he didn't do any work. I'm not sure what the best a
  7. Hi all, I have been look around taking in all the information, but I could really do with some help/advise. I am currently on a DMP with step change (4-5 years). CCCS now StepChange have & were life savers, but I now feel advice contradict what I have read on theses and other forums I send off CCA request letters to some of my creditors. Long story short Capquest 1st reply stated they were waiting for HSBC, 2nd letter stated that HSBC could not provide CCA paperwork therefore the debt was unenforceable, but I was expected to continue to pay. 12+2+
  8. A little history first. Wife diagnosed with Diverticulitus over 25 years ago she is now just coming up to age 65. Had a really bad episode late December 2013. Went to GP first day open in January 2014. Saw Consultant at hospital jan 2014. Had MRI scan,saw consultant who stated it was now Complicated Diverticulitus plus a Hernia and surgery was required. Appointment with Surgeon who confirmed diagnosis and reffered wife to Stoma nurse. 27 Aug 2014 Sigmond Colostomy surgery by key hole was done ( This was past there own target of 18 weeks and too
  9. I’m currently being investigated for selling on eBay my unwanted goods while claiming housing and ESA. I went for an interview under caution were I was asked what all these PayPal transactions on my bank statements are going back 6 years into my account to the amount on 9k? I explained I sell coins on EBay which I have been collecting for over 20 years and all personal belonging since I moved into a small flat. Also told them a couple of friends sold on my account and they are willing to give a statement to this effect. The reason why I had sell all my personal b
  10. just need a bit of advice please , i have a neighbour that has a jeep which he covers in mud then leaves outside our house for weeks on end , when the mud starts to wear of he goes out in the middle of the night to cover it in mud again then puts it back outside my house , obviously i do not get on with this neighbour just wondered if there was anything i could do about this without getting myself in trouble as obviously i am quite wound up about it
  11. Hi all, I really need some straight advice. I've just discovered this site.. ..it has so much information that my head is spinning. I'm really not sure where or how to start dealing with my debt. I have debts of just over£25k to eight different creditors. Very, Isme, Marisota, Barclaycard, Aqua (2) Vanquis and Next. I've been with them from between 5 and 10 years. Due to a change in finances (im self employed) I haven't made a payment since January. I feel so ashamed! But I just cant afford to. I have just £131.62 left o
  12. Hi, So I've thankfully managed to pay off most of my Payday Loans. Had a bit of an issue this month with a flood at home so all of my income went to sorting that out and I'm now awaiting insurance money (Should be latest next week). I cancelled CPA from remaining lenders also. The last lenders I owe to are 24/7 & Peachy. 24/7 were kind enough to freeze interest etc. Until next Friday at which time I will pay off the remainder. PEACHY on the other hand flatly refused to freeze anything, Offered a rollover and said that the loan of 500 which with 150 interest and cha
  13. Hello, I am working my first real full-time job after graduating from university in 2014. I started on December 1st 2014 and have so far taken 10 days off on holiday. I have another 4 days booked off. My employer has indicated that he is unable to give any further holiday and I will not be paid for the remaining 14 days holiday this year. I have tried to make an arrangement with my employer whereby they offer a day off here and there (as my employer has stressed that they cannot be short-staffed for black periods) so that my 28 days holiday is reached however this seems unl
  14. Hi All I am posting on behalf of my Ex wife. My Ex and her new partner live in a house share rental, Two of the other tenants have now left, The landlord wants the remaining people to pay full rent,for all three rooms that were let. Also they have found out that the others who have left, there deposits have not been returned. The Landlord is living in another country(south Africa) So the main question at the moment is the rules regarding house share the same as letting a property. they are prepared to pay for 2 bedrooms but not the 3rd. At this moment I have not ha
  15. Hello there I need your kind advise on the issue stated below: Passenger Notice Issued on 24 November 2014 (Thameslink) I am a regular traveller to Luton on Thameslink for academic purpose. Usually I purchase ticket online from National Rail website to avoid rushing at the station. I did the same on 23 Nov 2014, purchased an off peak day return ticket online from Elephant & Castle to Luton with ticket collection from Balham station. The next day I had to leave early at 6am due to some urgent event at my university and I was aware that I might need to change my ticket at cou
  16. I invited a local estate agent to view my property for evaluation in early May 2010. I also invited another agent for the same purpose a week later. I invited agent (a) to revisit my home to take the listing. They backdated their signature on the Sales Agreement by nine days, without my knowledge or authorisation. My signature reflected the correct date of the Sales Agreement. The agent did not advise me that by placing my initials in a box contained within the Terms and Conditions of the HIP Pack, I was waiving my rights to the seven day "cooling off" period. They said that they had
  17. I need urgent advice on a major issue I am facing with the local authority and need urgent advice on the best way forward. I bought a council flat on a right to buy several years ago. In the last 4 years there have been several works the council have done and the charges were quite substantial. One the first invoice I was given an option to spread the payment. On the others no such option was offered, although they claim it was offered. The charges in addition with the annual service charges, it became quite difficult to keep up. In February 2014 the council
  18. My Mum is buying my Son a car tomorrow, I have her Debit card and I'm paying for the car on this, the car will be between £1000 and £1500ish. We have no idea what car he wants and are going to browse local (and not so locally) garages. I cannot get my mechanic to look at my purchase until Sun/Mon. We are looking to buy here http://www.westmoleseycars.co.uk/used-cars I cannot find a single negative/positive post on the whole net. What are my rights once I drive the car off the forecourt. Many Thanks Jogs
  19. HI I start with a company on 1st June, i have tried to renegotiate hours and have managed to get it down so i am earning exactly 104 pounds a week for 15 hours. I sat with my doctor last week and talked through it and am signed off not fit for work until 1st June. My questions are......... When i go back to doctor for new fit note what do i ask him to put on it with regards to part time work. Obviously im still ill but we both agree that these 15 hours should really help with my recovery. Secondly, i still haven't received my PW1 form, shall i request another, fill it in, photocopy it
  20. Hello, As the title reads, we have council tax arrears that have accumulated over several years. Last week we received a letter through the door threatening bankruptcy from the council. Some background info - I am a full time student. My mum is the one who is liable. She has severe mental health issues. She has not sought help and is not in contact with any mental health services / CGP etc. She is on Employment Support Allowance, which is paid sporadically - has not been paid for the last month or so. My parents are separated and my dad lives elsewhere. H
  21. Hi All, I took out a loan in 2002 which I paid until approx end 2003 but then moved abroad and didnt pay any more. I have an experian account and there is nothing on there, but it isnt associated with the address in question. I have never contacted the loan bank and have no correspondance as I moved. How will this effect my credit now? If I was to apply for a mortage would I have to declare? can they see it? I dont know where I stand. Many thanks
  22. Hi All, This isn't really a dispute as such as they don't reply to any of my correspondence but I'm hoping to get some guidance as to what actions I could take next. Here's some background: - Made an online order 3 weeks ago for a weights machine @£550. - Payment made using V12 0% Finance (£55 deposit paid upfront and then monthly payments starting in April) - Delivery was agreed and confirmed for 23rd March. I took a day off work and waited in all day but package did not arrive. I tried throughout the day to contact them for an update but could not get throu
  23. Hi I've gotten as much information as possible. If you need anything else then let me know. Debt was originally with Santander UK. The balance is £1130 The default on the account was 14/2/11 Hoist Portfolio/Howard Cohen co. took over the debt in Dec 2014 The CCJ was issued on 16/3/15 The CCJ was issued to my old address so I didn't have any way of addressing it as I wasn't aware of it. I can't afford to pay this in full. I could afford small payments. I've worked hard as hell to settle up most of my credit file from my stupid student days but this was one of the bigges
  24. Hi People, hope somebody can give me some advice what to do. I used to live in the Uk for 3 years. Now I'm back in my home country since 5 months in the EU. My old flatmate has send me a Letter from Marston over. Were they claim I owe HMCTS ..... more than 600BPF! He hasn't informed them where I live and will not do so. Only 2 Client ref. Numbers are on the letter nothing more! Not for what they charge me! (what could that be any thoughts?) I'm normal the sort of guy who always payed his bills. I never received a warning or any thing for a missing payment.
  25. I wonder if I can get some input regarding a situation I am currently dealing with. At the end of December, I sought out a performance coach for assistance and treatment of social anxiety. I had three paid sessions with the practitioner and they were amazing. The fourth session, it wasn't so much a therapy session but more of a sales session whereby we only discussed the possibility of embarking on a full program. During this sales session, the practitioner presented a contract detailing the particulars of the program and there were three separate mentions of guaranteed outcomes as
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