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  1. Hi everyone . I want to thank everyone in advance and also apologise in advance - as I realise my questions are probably very common here, but I have very little time left and I am overwhelmed with so much info on internet , while trying to do my duties at work and as a father. Summary : 1.My debts are in the region of 4,000 for a loan, credit card, overdraft and phone account. I started missing payments in 2010 due to family separation and depression, stopped making payments and stopped contact with lenders in 2011. Meantime paid some sums, made some agree
  2. Hi, seeing there are so so many problems with cancelling the membership with Xercise4Less. I am about to cancel mine with a full month notice, therefore I want to do it the best and right way to avoid any kind of harassment. I have read the "Cancelling your Gym Agreement - Get it right!" Post at the top. So my plan is to have 2 copies of the same letter handing to the gym staff with them signing the letters(Hopefully they will sign that). But I have no idea what I should include to make this letter "legitimate" in a manner of speaking. Here is my letter------------ T
  3. -IDEM Services replied that debt is unenforceable as they are unable to provide CCA paperwork, but they refuse to release me from my financial obligations. (£2000) This debt does show my on credit file, defaulted 09/2001 Not sure what to do here, please any help info on next steps??? stop paying ? wait for it to fall off credit file? offer full & final???
  4. I have used this forum a couple of times for myself but this time am enquiring for a friend who has MS and leukemia and is highly anxious at present. She had been on ESA until March, having been forced out of her teaching job in quite harrowing and underhand fashion a couple of years ago. She was put onto JSA and has been supplying bank statements to the Benefits Office here. She had been paying her rent out of rapidly dwindling savings until her savings fell under the limit preventing a housing benefit claim very recently. Despite her condition she has in the year that I've known he
  5. In August this year I received a letter from Ross & Roberts saying that I owe council tax to Gosport Borough Council , As I left Gosport over 12 years ago I was taken aback by this. As far as I was aware the rent and c/t was all up to date. I wrote to R&R to tell them that I was disputing the claim. I sent a letter about not knowing about the debt and also about CPUTR 2008 and guidance on debt collection , also I have requested from GBC, under the FOI anything to do with this. What I want to know is: Can they still visit if its in dispute! Can they s
  6. Hello, we have a car loan with a company and in the last 12 months we've received two email both containing a lot of attached letters that contain personal information on a significant number of people. They contain name, address, bank details, car reg details and so on. I'm a bit concerned about this as I worry that our details have gone flying around to others! I also feel sorry for the people whose details I'm seeing! I've alerted the company each time and just received an email back saying "sorry about that, just delete", very offhand about this! Is there anything else I should be doi
  7. Hi All, I need some help regarding a problem buyer from eBay. I sold them a phone on 21 Sep 2016 for £95 (Pink iPhone 5C) It was on the Vodafone network and then unlocked when the contract had ended (tested from my end with a few sim cards one being the 3 network) A month later the buyer opens a case saying the item has never worked with a 3 sim card, so I thought "here we go," I begrudgingly accepted the return knowing that the item was working and I would most likely get a smashed phone back or something completly different. So I get the phone back it is sort of in t
  8. A new financial guidance service to provide advice on pensions, managing debts and other money issues is to be created by the government. It will replace the heavily criticised Money Advice Service (MAS) as well as two pension advice services. The government thinks a single advisory body will be more efficient but has yet to decide how the new service will actually work. The abolition of the MAS was announced in the Budget in March. It was criticised for failing to help those who needed it most and paying its staff too much. No timetable Like the MAS, the new
  9. Hi All, I'd really appreciate some advise please, I'm in court next week for a set aside hearing. It's in relation to a Cap 1 cc claim for just over 1k, the court papers were sent to my old address so I never received them, I'm certain I gave my new address to all concerned back in 2007/8 but cannot prove it. I don't think it's statute barred but I can't find when I last made a payment. I sent a SAR to Cabot and have received it back on a CD, there is no default notice or credit agreement on the CD, I've read that they are not obliged to send these with a
  10. Hi all, Have an interest only mortgage with 11 years remaining and our mortgage company we have been with changed us over to someone else. Well we need to sort this mortgage out asap and switch to repayment but the company that now holds our mortgage does not allow changes like this. We contacted a mortgage advisor whom finally came back to me today and said due to the amount of unsecured debt we have the only company whom looked at ourselves said no and now we are stuck up a creak without a paddle. Does anyone have pointers, advise etc. We have never missed a m
  11. I am taking a deep breath because I've always adopted the Ostrich approach to dealing with my debts and as that didn't work too well I am trying facing them instead. A few years back my marriage dissolved and I was left with the majority share of the financial burden from that marriage. When the house was sold I cleared the majority of debt as far as I was aware and got on with things accepting that my credit rating was poor. I am now happily remarried and my husband has no debt and pays everything on time. I expected my credit rating to have hugely improved however l
  12. Hello, My house is a semi detached, next to my garden fence is a piece of land of which I m trying to acquire . What it is, is that there is public footpath which runs diagonally across it next to my fence. But then round the edge of the land is a ready alternative foot path too Which people also use. I have tried contacting the council, they own the land, but it has been adopted by the Essex highways they said, because of the footpath. One of the reasons for wanting the land is because passers by keep kicking and damaging my fence as the said path is just next to my fence, I have chi
  13. Hi everyone! Sorry to be one of 'those' people who join in the hope of some free advice but I'm in a bit of a pickle and would really, really appreciate any advice. I'll try and keep it short, I promise. I have recently moved into a new house and as a result, my wife and I bought ourselves a new TV from AO.com. BIt cost £750. In short, it's rubbish - it's slow, it feels and looks cheap, and the optical output doesn't work which is a term which means to me: no sound out of our soundbar. I called AO this morning to arrange a return, and have been told th
  14. Good Afternoon all, Having been a keen reader for many years now, only now do I feel the courage to take on these ghastly payday loan companies which left me in such disarray in late 2012 and early 2013. To provide a bit of context, I got myself in a bit of trouble gambling (which I have not touched since 2014), was on anxiety medication from 2012 to 2014 and often found myself taking out payday loans to make sure I got through and able to pay for my rent, council tax, travel and living costs. I often was scrabbling around, pawning items, going to pawnbrokers and also applying onlin
  15. Good Afternoon, Firstly I appreciate everything you guys do on here, I'm a first time poster and would appreciate any advise you can give me - I'll give as much detail below in relation to my situation however if you have any questions let me know; So, at the moment I have a defaulted loan outstanding with Tesco Finance to the amount of - £ 8,900. I defaulted from the loan in October 2013 and haven't been in contact with Tesco Finance since. In January 2013 I moved to Australia to complete a two year working VISA, at the time I had enough money in my UK accoun
  16. Hi... I booked a ticket through flight centre with an agent. This guy was hurrying me up for a week to offer me this special deal which apparently closed by 6pm on Friday. I eventually booked it on the day...and paid over the phone. Prior to that I received a terms and conditions note, then paid for the ticket. I received the itinerary confirming the flight and ticket two days ago. The agent then asked me if I was still looking for hotels and I said I was, asked if he could help with that as well... a day later he sent me an email saying: "I only ask becau
  17. I got a laptop from Currys on 15.8.2015. At time of purchase, it had windows 8 and was prompting to upgrade to windows 10. Windows 10 has grown larger in size in recent months now and has currently reached 29 GB. I think soon windows 10 will be larger than 32 GB which is supposed to be the size of my hard drive. Programs cannot uninstall because they need writing space while they uninstall, thw laptop keeps crashing. Currys keep taking it for "repair" which takes 3-4 weeks a time. They say they are just doing a system restore when they have to also rein
  18. hi i was wondering if anyone could please help with some advice we had to move home about 5 weeks ago due to the wifes sister having cancer and we being out of work but actively seeking work the new house is a bit more costs to run and with cuts in our own money we sort of fell into a black hole with our payments to brighthouse when we got a letter a couple of weeks ago we had make choice that way things have been recently we had no option but to call the store n ask if could return the items we had but could i hell get the guy behind the counter
  19. I have two credit card debts, one of which is the subject of a CCJ some 9 years ago. I have been making payments in accordance with the CCJ and voluntary payments in respect of the other. Both defaults are over 6 years old and no longer appear on my credit reports. The DCA have offered to do a deal and accept less than is outstanding in full and final BUT if I agree does this deal appear on my credit report (as of the date of the full and final payment for a lesser figure) or, as the date of default is over 6 years ago, will my credit history be unaffected if I ch
  20. Hello all, this is my first time posting on here. I have been sick with worry regarding working tax credits and the new rules. I am self-employed and have been claiming WTC since July 2014. It was very helpful towards costs and I am not disputing that BUT the new sanctions were causing me anxiety. I renewed my WTC last Fri but telephoned today to withdraw the claim. The guy was very helpful and I explained that I am going back to college in Sept and will be doing a lot of unpaid placements, and, as such, my working hours and income will fall. He withdrew my new claim but said I will have to pa
  21. Hi All . after some advise on this please. I received a Cliaimform today from cabot financial (claimant) with the address of mortimer clark solicitors as the address for sending payments and documents listed underneath , for the sum of £557.68. this debt is i think form a old hp agreement from five and a half years ago when i split from my ex (she moved out and all debts where in my name she was the main wage earner ). to be honest i cant even remember what it was for or what company it was (says Hitachi nova on the particulars of claim). i know thi
  22. I have just received a court summons with three options and need a little advise on how to act. On the morning in question I was in a carriage on the Thameslink service from Bedford to Brighton along with 7 people and two kids. We were asked to provide tickets by an inspector which I did so. The inspector took my rail wallet which included my work ID to access my building and previously purchased tickets. I asked for my wallet back to which he refused. He talked to two other passengers before speaking with me and ignored a woman and two kids opposite which I thought wa
  23. Hi I was wondering if someone can help me with what i can and cant claim for? I rented a property of the local council which have a management company. I got a mains water leak which was reported straight away. The company sent loads of wrong men out and then said it was fixed when it wasn't. I had to call and harass so many people to get them to listen that the leak was not fixed. I was called a lier and ignored. All complaints logged disappeared. They then said they would not fix unless i sign a disclaimer which I refused and then i went to the local MP for help who assigned me
  24. my partner and his friend had our 4 month husky bitch out on a walk in a public park area just down the road as always she was on lead it was pretty dark and out of nowhere 2 Bull Mastiffs (off lead) attacked her cause sever injuries to her back left outer leg and inner with puncture wounds around her backside she was absolute squealing and terrified, my partner had to physically kick them away as the owner did nothing otherwise Im sure they would have killed her, the owner then ran off with his dogs still off lead,luckily our neighbor works for a local pet charity and rang vets et
  25. Hi everyone , i am looking for advice on how to proceed with this nightmare. I bought a car with 6 months warranty included , it had service history & the last service had been carried out on 3/12/2015 I bought the car on the 21/01/2016. On Monday 14 it just stopped with no power in the vehicle [ had to push it home] . I called out a mechanic who said it needed a new starter motor as he could get the one i the car to turn & he advised i needed a electrical diagnostics service due to my description of how it lost power & stopped, new starter fitted
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