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Found 14 results

  1. Have CAG gone up market with their adverts ? I was getting adverts for dating sites with pictures of beautiful Russian and Chinese ladies. Now i am seeing adverts on Pensions with a picture of Tracy Solomon, sensible expensive jumpers and Volvo cars. Not complaining, just missing those pictures of those nice young Russian ladies !
  2. The war on mobile ads is heating up in the European Union as several mobile carriers are preparing to block these ads on their network. The latest carrier to be considering such a move is O2 UK. O2 & EE customers could soon be browsing the web free of adverts, as the company has admitted that it is in the “well advanced” stages of testing the technology that would see ads automatically blocked network wide. http://news.sky.com/story/1594267/mobile-network-plans-to-block-adverts-on-devices
  3. John Lewis has come up with some crackers [no pun intended] over the years, but this years beats them all hands down. This really is something. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuz2ILq4UeA
  4. Just rejoined Skype, needless to say since Microsoft took over it is now plagued with adverts I am using an internet dongle from Three so my question is? If i leave skype running in the background, will it eat all my allocated data on my price plan?? Thanks
  5. There seems to be so many stupid adverts on just recently so here goes 1) Moneysupermarket and the bloke wearing shorts & high heels 2) The moam couple on E4 ( Big Bang Programme normally ) 3)The advert with ugly mug George Clooney in 4) Adverts for pay day loans There are more and am sure you all have adverts you do not like
  6. I'm currently not working, due to ill health, and am in receipt of ESA. Although I don't feel completely ready to start working again, I'm finding it really difficult trying to survive on the benefits, so am looking for part time jobs. I am subscribed to the DWP/JobCentre Plus website called `Jobungo', and have noticed several job offers detailing opportunities for working from home s e.g. data entry/typing documents/stuffing envelopes. Can anyone tell me if these sites are legal and safe, or are they all/mostly phishing traps? Or, does the fact that they are on the approved `Jobungo' jobs site, provide satisfactory validation? I have 3 main concerns. One site asks for an upfront £26.00 Registration payment. If I proceed, is it likely that I will get the promised work? Secondly, if the work doesn't then materialise, would I get my money back, and would this be straightforward? Lastly, a few years ago, I clicked onto a link to a similar `work from home' site. It turned out to be bogus, and my email account was hacked. (My email provider then blocked my account, and it was a long process proving my innocence, and getting access again). Before I contact JobCentre Plus/DWP, has anyone got any advice or experience of this? If so, are there specific companies in this field to steer clear of, and conversely, any companies with good records? I'm desperately hoping someone can help. Little Eva
  7. I recently was involved in a fraudulent car sale attempt via Autotrader. I wondered if anyone else had been involved in one. My primary aim is to publicise and ensure others aren't conned.
  8. The screens, which can tell a customers' age and gender, are being placed into petrol stations across the UK. Tesco is set to install hi-tech screens that scan customers' faces in petrol stations so that advertisements can be better targeted at them. The retailer will introduce the OptimEyes screen, developed by Lord Sugar's Amscreen, to all 450 of its UK petrol stations, in a five-year deal, according to The Grocer magazine. The screen, positioned at the till, scans the faces of customers to determine age and gender, and then runs tailored advertisements. The technology also adjusts adverts depending on the time and date, as well as monitoring customer purchases, The Grocer said. The screens are predicted to reach a weekly audience of more than five million adults. Simon Sugar, chief executive of Amscreen, told the industry magazine: "Yes it's like something out of Minority Report, but this could change the face of British retail and our plans are to expand the screens into as many supermarkets as possible." More: http://news.sky.com/story/1163551/tesco-face-scanners-to-target-till-adverts
  9. Stop Payday loan adverts on television. please sign this petition & keep passing it on http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42019
  10. Dear All, Possibly asked and answered before. If it has, my apologies. Why the HUGE amount of real estate taken up by banner advertising at the top of every single page? There is the main CAG banner, then an ad banner (currently for the Seat Leon), then a PPI banner ad and then a banner with some quick links to CAG posts on the left hand side. Each page I visit requires that I scroll down one full screen-full in order to see any posts. WHY? I know that the site costs noting for me to join and that it needs paying for somehow but this seems both overly excessive and annoying to my way of thinking. Is there any way to get rid of them? Cheers, Art [/endrant]
  11. The Government is launching a crackdown on payday lenders by restricting how they advertise and forcing lenders to help people with multiple loans. The Guardian reports that the Government will act after a report it commissioned from the University of Bristol recommended restrictions on the time of the day when adverts could be shown. It also suggested that the annual interest rate of loans should be displayed more prominently on the face of adverts. A number of payday lenders have seen adverts banned by the Advertising Standards Authority in recent months as the short-term credit market has boomed. Lenders will also be forced to confidentially share data on certain applicants to stop them taking out several loans with different lenders. The Financial Conduct Authority is set to take over regulation of payday loans in April 2014 and will have the power to impose unlimited fines to wrongdoers. Link: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/latest-news/govt-cracks-down-on-payday-lender-adverts/1067202.article
  12. This honestly doesn't surprise me. All I can say to those of you who use the website be careful.... http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/dec/11/fake-adverts-government-jobs-website
  13. http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/socially-irresponsible-loan-firm-advert-banned-1-2752623
  14. http://www.scotsman.com/news/uk/socially-irresponsible-loan-firm-advert-banned-1-2752623
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