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Found 42 results

  1. hi, i am a single mum on benefits and just trying to sort my debts out and was wondering if someone could help me, i could not remember this debt so i sent off a prove it letter and this is the response they sent back. a statement of account but i cant work out why it has £219 in charges, is that something to do with adjustments, i am not sure what to do next as to whether to offer a pound a month or to ask for more proof with regards to the amount they say is owed.
  2. This morning i have just recieved a letter from advantis credit limited. The letter states that "theit client" has instructed advantis to undertake debt recovery action against me. There client is "lowell group" this is a debt i have let get buried quite some time. The actual debt is from a shop direct catalogue from some time ago, but can't remember the exact details. The letter goes on to say " if we do not hear from you within 7 days they may take further action against me" then the letter goes on to say we'll apply for a county court judgement and it will harm my credit in the future. Can someone give me a bit of advice on what to do with these? they have started phoning me up but only leaving a message as i'm never really in to answer the phone. I know the next time they ring and i answer the phone i should tell them not to phone and only contact me through letter. can anyone direct me to what letter i should send back to them? by reading through the forum i assume i can claim back charges from shop direct, not sure what charges are on there but... i know there is quite a few. this is the first letter from advantis, i have had letters from lowell but i've always just binned them. (they never contacted me by the phone, just through letter) Help is appreciated.
  3. Hi I've just started posting in the forum and it has already been a great help. After checking my credit file I've decided to deal with some debt problems one by one to try and clean up my credit file. One of these is an alleged debt of £69 said to be owned by Lowell. In the last 5 months I've had letters from Hamptons Legal, Lowell and Advantis (In that order) acting on behalf on Three Mobile. I've uploaded the letters here. I have a vague idea what the debt may be, a 3g contract I had some years back which I'm sure the contract ended without me renewing. So here are my questions 1.knowing that this is a mobile phone debt and that I cannot CCA them, what other options do I have in regards to trying to have this marked as settled in full? 2.This is a relatively small amount compared to my other debts so if it comes down to it I'll just pay it off, I just want them to prove I owe the money, so I plan to send this letter, an edited version of on of the templates from the library; Dear Sir or Madam Account No/Reference No: XXXXXXXX You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to “Three Mobile.” I am familiar with the CPUTR 2008 and the Office of Fair Trading's Guidance on debt collection, which states that it is unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question. I would also point out that the OFT say under the Guidance that it is unfair to pursue third parties for payment when they are not liable and in not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive and unfair methods. Furthermore ignoring and disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical & psychological harassment. I would ask that unless you can provide evidence as to my liability for the debt in question, that you Fully delete and expunge this disputed record from my credit files with all 3 credit reference agencies (namely Experian, Equifax and Callcredit) at the first possible opportunity, and all other credit reference agencies you have reported this account to. After which I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account. I await your written confirmation that you will be removing the records form my credit files and that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to Trading Standards and also inform the Office of Fair Trading of your actions. Yours faithfully 3.So as you can see from their letters, Lowell have stated that they have instructed Advantis to pursue me, but Lowell still own the debt on my credit report. SO who do I send this letter to? Lowell or Advantis? 4.What evidence do they need to provide to prove I owe the money, and that they can enforce it? Your thoughts on this would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Hi all, just a quick question. Advantis sent me a letter regarding an old debt (not staute barred) that came about when I was unwell and not in a place to make good choices re my finances. Any way, I requested a copy of the credit agreement which they failed to provide. I sent the follow up letter and now nothing. What does this mean? That the debt is uneforceable until they produce the cca or is it uneforceable period? And is there anything else or any other letter I should send. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks guys, sabby
  5. Hi all, Thought I'd post here just to check I'm on the right(ish) course to deal with the following situation. Today, I received a letter from Advantis, claiming to be acting on behalf of United Utilities, addressed to myself, for money owed to them at a property I have never lived at (although I did once live in the same building). Their letter advised me to call them to inform them if this was not myself, so naturally I did just that. I told them that I'd never lived at that address, including during the period the bill applied to. The woman on the other end of the phone told me I'd need to provide a council tax bill from the period to prove that was the case. During this period, I've lived at my parents' house, so my name doesn't appear on the bills. The Advantis woman told me that this was illegal (which I disputed - as it's not a shared occupancy, only the homeowner's name needs to appear on the bill). She wouldn't back down, though, and then said that my only alternative was to report this to the police as fraud, giving Advantis a crime reference number, address of the police station, and the badge number of the officer I reported it to. I simply told her I was going to ring United Utilities, and hung up the phone. I called United Utilities, and told them the situation. They said they had no record of anything at the claimed address, and certainly nothing in my name. They tried calling Advantis, whose offices had since closed for the day, and advised me to call back on Monday to sort it all out. Now, my plan of action at this point is that I'm going to ask United Utilities for a written statement that they have no record of me at said address. I'm then going to forward this to Advantis and tell them that if they ever contact me again, I'm going to report them to the relevant regulatory authorities, and the police for harrassment. Thoughts?
  6. I got a letter from advantis saying they are collecting on behalf of capquest, I emailed them asking for details about my account and they demanded I provided name and address and date of birth before releasing any details about me, I sent them my name and address because they already have these but not my date of birth, they are insisting they need this, why should I send them this when the letter they sent me didn't include it, do they even know my DOB? Are they fishing for more info about me. So in short should I provide my DOB to get a copy of my accounts or should they be showing me what I ask for anyway?
  7. Hi, hoping somebody will be able to help and advise me. Last year I stupidly got a pay day loan from TXT Loan to cover some emergency car bills, but, as is so often the case I couldn't afford to repay it so just kept reapplying for the £200 loan straight after repaying it. Eventually I decided to default on it and try to set up a repayment plan which I managed to do quite easily at £25 a month via standing order. Total I was to repay was around £259 I made the first repayment in June which went through and again in July but after checking my account noticed TXT Loan hadn't taken it off my balance. I emailed them about this and they said there was a delay in processing it and they would let me know once that had happened. Getting to the end of July and still no sign of the payment I again emailed them to ask why it hadn't been deducted. Again they said they would contact me when it was credited. My due date for August came and my July payment was still not credited so I withheld my next payment to see what would happen. Sure enough they contacted me to say my payment was late and I was at risk that my account would be defaulted. I replied asking why they had never contacted me or applied my July payment to my account and they came back saying it was credited on 09/07/2012. I have emails from them after this date claiming otherwise. Due to this default they claimed I now owed £406 and passed my account to Mackenzie Hall. After a few email exchanges with them disputing the amount and saying I was willing to defend this in court, they said they were in the process of obtaining documents and would contact me again. They didn't. Instead I started receiving letters from Advantis Credit demanding payment for £406. I told them that as far as I was concerned I owed £209 and enclosed a copy of an email from TXT Loan showing my balance. They came back saying this was not adequate proof and I needed to send something such as a headed letter - I never received one! - and that collection procedures would continue, I replied saying I was making a complaint to the OFT over their handling of the matter and they came back again apologising and that their internal complaints dept would also look into things. A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from them saying - - That upon investigation I have not sent them enough proof for them to query the debt with their client. - As I breached the contract the extra debt is probably down to charges and interest (I guessed that) - So that they can verify the balance they have requested a balance from TXT Loan with a breakdown of charges and payments - For me to receive a copy of the original credit agreement I need to send Advantis £1 before they are able to obtain it - If no further contact is made on this matter by the end of February then they will consider the matter closed (and, I assume, collection procedures will continue) I'm not too sure what to do next. Should I send them the pound? I am happy to repay the £209 but I dispute payinh almost another £200 interest and charges. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, thanks for reading. I would be very grateful for any advice on the following - This morning I received a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd advising that they were acting on behalf of their client Lowell and were seeking to recover a debt of £961.14 from me. I have a vague idea that this may be a debt from more than 6 years ago although to be honest I cannot remember exactly when it was from. Should I send a statued barred? letter or a request for the original credit agreement first? I honestly cannot remember exactly what this debt is for?! Thanks in advance:-D
  9. Hi Everyone I recently received a letter from a company called Advantis Credit Ltd claiming I owed a debt to Lowell who had purchased the debt from Redcats finance. I had no recollection of this debt however I know in my past I had ran up a large amount of debt with various companies. All my debts now however were statute barred as I know for sure there has been no CCJs, no contact and no payments in the last six years and my credit file is now clean and I am currently managing my debts well. Early in November I sent Advantis the statute barred letter confident that my debts were all statute barred. On November 22nd I received a letter from Advantis claiming that a payment of £15 had been made on the account on 30th October 2007. I know for a fact no such payment had been made by myself on that date or even in the last six years. On that same date I replied with a CCA request letter to them with the statutory fee and sent it by special delivery. The letter was received on the 23rd November 2012 the very next day and Advantis have responded to say they have received the letter and have passed it on to the original creditor. It is now the 10th January and I still have no response from the creditor in question. Please could someone advise me on what to do next as firstly they have not responded adequately in the statutory time period and they have made a false allegation that I made a payment of £15 to them in 2007. Help is much appreciated Pete
  10. Hi caggers Need a little help with these bottom feeders. Recieved a phone call at work from these bottom feeders regarding an outstanding balance of £247.00. I phoned them to agree a discounted settlement figure as I did not agree with it being that much. I got a settlement figure of £ 160 that I agreed to pay in two instalments and I requested that this be sent out in writing b4 i pay anything. The date of the first payment came and went and I paid nothing as I did not receive any letter of agreement from them. I then received a letter in the post stating legal action or a doorstep visit. I telephoned Advantis and advised them that no letter had been received and I repeated that if I did not receive a confirmation letter of our agreement, then no monies would be paid. The representitive said that it is not their practice to send out confirmation letters and refused to do so. He then put the phone down on me. Any suggestions on my next move please
  11. Hi all Have a default from my bad years due to drop off on the 29th yesterday, still isnt showing as gone off credit file but i assume Experian take around 2-3 days after and Equifax 1 month? Got a letter from Advantis saying their client Lowell passed the debt onto them and they will commence proceedings, send bailiffs etc etc in 7 days time I have the statute barred letter ready as definatly not acknowledged or paid aything in 6/7 years Of course I wont sign this letter and I'll send it recorded post and keep copy and tracking, but can they still push for CCJ ? I guess im just concerned what if they still carry on pursuing me for this is there a follow up letter after statute barred letter or once i send them that I should just leave it and if there is a CCJ or further default put on then I can win easily? Thankyou for any help , been reading forum for ages and i know there are a lot of good people on here and really helps reading the forums and learning never to get into this situation again.
  12. Morning, Brief summary - received a letter from these guys that asked me to contact them regarding an "outstanding business matter" from a former address, which I ignored. The next letter from them said that I owed an amount related to water service charges. My response to that was to send an unsigned "prove it" letter via Recorded Delivery - I did not confirm or deny that I lived at the address in question. Their last response was a letter that said: This was sent along with an additional page that detailed the Advantis complaints procedure. Some background - whilst I did stay at the address they mention, it was for approximately 3 months in 2007. I left because I did not get on with the flatmate who was already living there. Beyond having a note of the month I moved in and moved out, I do not have any documentation re: bills myself and honestly can't remember how they were sorted. I think it's unlikely I would have moved out with owing any money as I am quite a nice bloke despite not getting on with the flatmate in question. However, since the letter from Advantis said that the debt in question was for a period ending July 2010, it makes me wonder whether the flatmate in question put my name on a bill or attempted to pass off some of her water bill costs onto my name even though I no longer lived there. My questions are: Am I under any obligation to confirm that I once lived at that address? The "prove it" letter asked them to prove my liability for the debt in question but do I need to confirm that I lived at that address in order that they then prove my liability? Does this letter that they've sent to me in response to my "prove it" without proving my liability constitute harassment? If so, can I escalate this as a complaint to the OFT? Can I just ignore it and see if they follow it up, if at all? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  13. Hi I dont know if this is the right place to post this I last used virgin media a couple of years ago however i did not pay my last bill, first it went to a company called moorcroft i still didnt pay. For the past year i have been trying to sort out my credit history. June 2012 it was passed to advantis like moorcroft i was asked to pay £119.89, i start making payments of £10 per week i had paid £90 then called to make the last two weeks payment £15 and £14.89. at that time they told me virgin media had added on £10 in july 2012. i called virgin they had no idea of these charges, so i asked advantis to send me proof they sent me a letter of a balance. after numerous calls to virgin and advantis, advantis said in order to file a dispute i had to pay the balance, on tuesday 11th september i paid the £10 as the final £14.89 was being taken out of my account that same day and they said another £5 had been added on, im frustrated i know its not a lot of money but im a single mom of 3 and feel im being ripped off what can i do? Virgin media are still denying these charges but can virgin media actually do this? is there any thing i can do to stop this:-x
  14. hi,going back to march 2011 wemoved into a new house,rented.i changed electric and gas providers to edf energy,as in house before there i used them,using pre payment meters.i phoned them shortky after moving in,to get them to install pre payment meters in the new place,as i find it easier to keep up with,instead of quarterly bills. i waited and waited,and never got any calls back to say an appointment had been made for engineers to come put meters in.so i thought,i guess a quarterly bill will arrive soon,it didnt,id phoned them again,to say about putting pre payment meters in.so i stopped calling them.and all the time we was there we never recieved a bill.we was in the property from march 2011 to june 2012.i had a online account with them,so i could check balance etc,and all the times i looked it said balance £0.00. 4 days before moving out of the house,i contacted them through their website,and filled in change of address form.day before we moved.i looked at account online and this time it said £1.244.22 so i thought ok,when we get to new property ill get in touch with them and sort somethng out,like a payment plan or something.well with being busy lately with one thing and another i forgot to contact them,guess i should have really. 2 days ago i recieve a letter from "advantis debt collection centre" asking me to contact them to make arrangements to pay the debt.and if i do not contact them within 10 days further action will be taken to recover the debt.i was wondering is it better i contact edf and say ill make an arrangement to pay it back with them and not advantis ? i just found it strange that edf never sent a letter or a bill at old address for anything,except for when we moved out.would like some advice.thanks
  15. Hi can you help i had debts with credit cards and vodaphone dating back a few years and am now receving letters from both the above companies, constant phone calls and texts asking me for payment, where do I stand legally on this thank you
  16. Hi Thanks to everyone here, i have sorted a large chunk of my debts and even evaded court action so a big thank you to everyone. With that said i have one more debt lingering, which i cannot seem to solve. Due to problems last year (of which i'm sure you are all sick of hearing) we racked up a £600 water bill. This is no big problem since i can and will pay it off. However, it appears i cant pay my last water bill, nor make payments towards my current water bill since UU has passed all dealings with me to Advantis. After reading/hearing about past experiences with advantis from various sources, i really don't want anything to do with them (as with D/C's in general). So, i was wondering if there is a way to make direct payments to UU and overcome the problem much like i did with council tax? Does this work, and has anyone had any experience they could share? Many thanks in advance! Regards, Andy.
  17. Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if someone can help me in dealing with this problem. I recieved a letter from advantis credit who are claiming to be appointed to collect payment of a debt which I owe to Global Arrow. It also states that the "debt owed to arrow global assigned by Orange". Now I had an account with Orange in 2005/2006 (cant remember exactly) and I to my knowledge the account was paid and closed when I took out another contract. It doesnt give any more details over then the amount which is £400!!!! Now my questions are How do I get them to tell me where this debt is from and what I owe it for and why Orange have sold this debt with out telling me (this is what I assume they mean by it was assigned to Global by orange). They also called me on my mobile (which I have no idea where they got the number from) and asked me to confirm my details (which I refused), to which they lady on the phone replied I will post you a letter and then hung up! What is the best thing to do here, should I send them a "prove it" letter that I have heard so much about in previous threads regarding these matters. Obvousily I dont want to end up with a CCJ for a debt I'm not sure I have, particulary when I havent heard from the company for nearly 5 years. I have checked my credit report (via experian) and there is no sign of this account from Orange?? Many Thanks for any help Chris
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