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  1. hi wanted to take out a car insurance with hastings direct filed in online form were it said no claims bonus i put in the years from my other cars policy which i still drive and was told i basically had no claims bonus for new car as it relates to old car so then they came up with a huge increase in premium £1100 which i told the advisor i would have to cancel because of this now they have taken £108.00 in admin fees out of my account have since got a insurance quote for £400 for same car they are a load of [edited] and they shouldnt be allowed to get away with it
  2. Forgive me if this has already been posted about but A couple of weeks ago Gothia Emailed me regarding my outstanding loan with PayDayuk (£100 loan - I was desperate) but they got the completely wrong details. Wrong name etc..They have since sent a weak apology for this admin error but I see this as a major cock up. I'm wondering how many other people were affected by this and how many of those people are allowing Gothia (BCW) to simply sweep the matter under the carpet as they are trying to do. It's been a while since I was very active on here but my CAG senses still began to
  3. Hi, I'm wondering If anyone els has questioned Santander about there 'admin fee' that they apply to small loans? I had a loan for a car from Santander that finished last year (22nd dec) I was quiet shocked when a letter came stating I needed to pay the final DD and on top of that an 'Admin Fee' of £299. I called them up and there call centre staff said it was on my contract that I signed 5yrs ago. Thats fair enough, so I paid it. I then sent them another letter asking for the full financial breakdown of this charge. I received a letter back from them stating that
  4. I am in a mess because of GE Money.I remortgaged with them in 2007 when a broker just cold called,I was self employed had never had a mortgage independently he proceeded to put down estimated figures for my income as I had only recently become self employed & had no books to speak of.He then encouraged me to take some extra finance on top for home improvements etc & advised as I was self employed not to have the Payment protection as it would not cover me & I received a letter confirming it was not in place.Then my business went under & within 12 month I was taken to court for
  5. Hi I am hoping someone can give me some advice please. I live in a leasehold property and pay ground rent of £10 every 6 months making a total of £20 a year. I received an letter from the Ground Rent agents stating that I was in arrears and despite several emails had not paid the last 2 instalments. I then discovered that they had sent me 2 emails, one for the 1st instalment and 1 for the more recent one. These emails had aoutomatically gone into my junk folder. I hold my hands up though that this is entirely my fault and that it is up to me to make sure bills are pai
  6. I've read the previous entries about Hastings' so-called admin fees with interest. I have motorbike insurance with them and last year after coming off my bike called them to enquire about making a claim. After being told that because of the age of my Yamaha, they would write it off and taking into account the excess, I decided not to proceed. On renewal this year, I am told that because I reported an incident that was 'closed, non fault' I have to pay an admin fee of £35. This charge seems unecessary, as I've only received two emails and spoke to someone for about 3-4 mins on the phone. Anyo
  7. TalkTalk: Advertising to thwart As a happy talktalk customer (and I mean happy as I have nothing but good service), I noticed that there are a few discrepancies on their pages that are somewhat questionable... Most of them advertising, which in the end I never wound up with. Luckily I'm IT savvy and know better but here are the examples: 1) "TalkTalk Plus TV, broadband and phone only £15.50 a month". Looks good, looks snazzy. In the small print they do mention that you get a YouView box included, but in the MYRIADS of policies they link you to, they offer nothing of the like what
  8. Hi Folks, I'm hoping some kind soul will point me in the right direction for my next move. I have had an account with JD Williams for at least 7 or 8 years now. Last year, I got fed up with all the 'Admin charges' that were placed on the account, so I wrote asking for a summary of all transactions. Oxendales duly did so and I was shocked to find the charges over the years totalled beyond £700. (I do accept, and do not want to get into the argument that I should have simply not made my payments late. There were extenuating circumstances, including living abroad with the RAF which compl
  9. Just looking for some advice on this issue so i know what steps to take to get it removed, I got into trouble when i was a lot younger which resulted in my mum making me take out an administration order from the courts. It was made up from 3 creditors, 1. The benefits place for around £700 2. a catalogue for around £300 3. another catalogue for around £200. I was 18 at the time, still in college and didnt really have any money to pay catalogues back, The benefits thing was that during a period of not working i claimed jsa, but my mum was still claiming child benefit which we
  10. hi all, new to all this so please forgive my lack of knowledge on this subject as i'm simply a mechanic, the problem is i took out a secured loan with ge money in 2004 for £21,000 and fell behind with payments in 2005 which put me into arrears so from then on i've been paying them an extra £100 per month to try and clear the arrears, its not unil now that i've noticed that my loan and arrears balance is going up not down despite the regular payments, so following some similar posts on here about similar situations i requested an sar which came through last weeks and shows that every month and
  11. Hi, my computer won't let me get directly to the web relations team so posting my dilema, I have been paying my wifes contract for 19 months at the agreed £24.99 (now £25.50) only 5 months to go, when I came to pay this months bill it has increased by £3.60 because of administration fees so now over £29, I phoned them asking why and the rep stated that this is what the banks are charging them for taking visa debit payments which has recently started the only way around this is to start direct debit payments I argued to no avail and agreed to start a DD payment to sort, I had my doub
  12. hi i have paid my arrears now i need to claim the money back .My interest is 4.34 and i used spreadsheet but something is wrong . my charges om the account is £576.27 can someone please look on the spreadsheet and help me to put the claim through i think maybe i am using wrong spreadsheet or the interest thanks [ATTACH]39983[/ATTACH]
  13. I recently contacted studio who sent me a list of all past transaction from 2000 to 2008. I have invoices which total approx £1000 but I have paid back approx £2900. The list consists of admin charges (£600) , service charges (£750) and PPP. I have put in a claim for the admin charges and studio have agreed to send me a cheque for £400 (£300 plus £100 interest) they will only go back 6 years. I would like to try to claim all these charges back. I don't think the agreement is the original one. Can somebody PLEASE help me as this cheque could turn up any
  14. Hi, I have paid a £410 admin fee over the phone using my credit card on the 2nd of October to a letting agent On the 9th of October I informed them that I could not proceed with the rental due to personal reasons. The agent refused to return any of the monies to me. My Question is; at no time did they say it was non refundable and nothing was signed by myself or any one on my behalf. The house was still being marketed and all they had done was to send me 2 email forms to fill in which I had not got around to doing. Have they the right to keep it all? I would be happy to let t
  15. hi, i gave 190 pound as admin fee and 250 refundable holding depposit to estate agent. Now after All is well. the landroad refused and the agnet will not give me my money back. :-x :-x :-x :-x that is 190 + 250 which he should of given back automatically. thanks please help me get my money back .
  16. Hi, A general question... Is charging someone for not paying DD a form of discrimination? I've searched the Stat Instruments and can't find anything covering 'general discrimination'. All I seem to find is Race, Sex and Disability. If the above isn't the case, when will the zoo start charging fat people more as they take up more room, and thin people get discounted for taking up less? lol
  17. Hi, I have just discovered that wfs made an error. In September 2008 I cancelled my PPI, and they said they would refund the rebate of £388 to my account. A couple of months ago I heard from FSCS who said I had a valid claim for PPI. The refund cleared my remaing balance, but the original refund in 2008 was £110 less than the FSCS quoted on their calculation. Anyway to shorten the story a little, when I checked my 2008 statement, they had added the £388 on to my balance before deducting it off. This meant that I didn't get the rebate. They have just agreed that this was an administratio
  18. I am buying a 6 month old car from a Main Dealer for which I am paying the full amount in cash so not having any finance. Tallking to the salesman today on the phone he mentioned there would be an admin fee to pay of about £140. I didn't get into a debate as I was just going out the door. I last purchased a 6 month old car from another main dealer 10 years ago and all I paid was the price on the screen. My question: Is this normal practice nowadays or is this salesman trying to rip me off and put a few quid in his own pocket? I could understand paying admin fees when finance is invo
  19. Good morning, my TA was up for renewal on the 6th June, i had spoken with my LL and we had agreed to renew, last week on the 7th i received a phone call from the new agents countrywide ( who are the parent company of Bairstow eves) my original agents stating that they req £125 admin fee to draw up the TA, i objected stating that i was not willing to pay this, now today i receive a letter from them stating that as we have not reached agreement the tenancy will become a Statutory Periodic Tenancy, what is my position and are these agents allowed to just come up with any figure they dream up fo
  20. Hi. On behalf of my partner: About 10 years ago I took out a contract with a phone company, I think it was Carphone Warehouse. Along with the monthly policy charge was an extra charge called "Policy Admin Service", which was £7.99 per month. I think it was some sort of insurance policy for the phone. As the years went by, I renewed my policy direct with Vodafone but without understanding or realising what was afoot, Carphone Warehouse just kept deducting £7.99 from my bank account. I recently wised up and stopped the payments - is there anything at all I can do to recover
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