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  1. Dear all, Great website and excellent information. Below is an explanation of my current situation. It's a bit long but I have given as much info as possible in order to be as accurate as possible. Here goes... I was forwarded on a letter from my Mum today (I've recently moved back from abroad and have been using my parents' address) from Harlands regarding my recently cancelled Fit4Less membership. I cancelled my membership earlier this month as when I checked their website I saw that they stated: Monthly membership – paid via Direct Debit Membership agreement
  2. Transmitter purchase On the 20/05/15 I purchased a Quad transmitter from HobbyKing for £167.18. This price included carriage by FedEx to my door. On the seller web site was a page for selecting a carrier. The default choice by the seller was FedEx and was highlighted by a button selection. All of the carriers offered carriage at about the same price (DHL etc). The carriage price offered by FedEx was the most competitive at $33.32 and I continued with the payment process. At no point was I advised of any other affiliated costs or charges. I paid the full
  3. Hi, Sandy here, not sure who to ask but is it possible I could put something in the helpful organisation bit please? It says you need to ask admin. I would like to put something about The Lullaby Trust is allowed? This is The Cot Death charity I fund raise for in memory of my granddaughter . A lot of people still do not know about SIDS, it takes more babies then anything else and is known as the silent killer If not allowed , no problem Sandy AKA snowdragon x
  4. In July of this year me and my partner felt we would like to switch to a new gym which was much better suited to our needs, from our then current gym Xercise4less. We know that when you cancel a membership there tends to be a contract to honour or a notice to fulfill, so we decided that we would not make the switch until payments had been sorted with Xercise4less. Money is tight and we are frugal, so we would not have two memberships running at the same time. We went in to our local branch in St Helens and spoke to a young man on reception, who's etiquette left a lot to be decided, distra
  5. Hi all! Looking for a bit of advice. I recently imported a computer game from a company in Hong Kong which was delivered to me via FedEx last week. Just today I've received a letter from them, a "Duty & Tax Invoice". The value of the item I imported was £23.89, so it seems there's £5.64 of tax owing. A bit annoying, but fair enough I suppose. However, FedEx are also charging a £12 "Clearance Administration Charge", bringing the total they want me to pay them to £17.64. Now, the £5.64 of tax I don't mind paying, that's owed and that's fai
  6. Dear forum members, Countrywide have issued a court claim over a service charge arrears, legal fees and admin costs. I’m a leaseholder (over 14 years) in one of three block development and the property is managed by residents company who have hired Countrywide to manage the property. They manage properties so badly that and estate agent has recommended my friend not to buy in the development. I have refused to pay the service charge as the management company in in breach of lease and Countywide is in breach of its management obligations, in particular: 1. According to the le
  7. Sorry realise this is not the place but I couldn't see this anywhere - can anybody advise me how to contact site admin?
  8. Please can an admin contact me by PM, urgently? Sorry for the brief message, but I'm trying to play safe.
  9. I think this is relevant because this part of the forum is to do with benefits advice. I think the admin team responsible for monitoring these threads should be impartial, and not allowed to act like a blue collar gang, closing threads and then allowing admin staff to continue to post, after the creator has been banished from his own thread. They seem to want to put their opinions across and stifle and repress all opposition to it. This is the behavior of school children, and not a consumer actions group it is often the case that no attempt is made to answer the th
  10. Hi. Have just been given a weekend paid for caravan at a Parkdean site by a friend who can no longer go. I called Parkdean to advise that my friend is no longer going, but she has given it to me. I was informed that there was a £20 admin fee for changing the name. Whilst i'm grateful that my friend has given me a free weekend away, i can't help but think that they're taking the mick charging £20 for changing the details. I sent a message via Twitter, and have had their twitter team call me and reconfirm that there will be a £20 charge which will not be waived. I've asked what it was for,
  11. I seen this user name(sticky) before on the anonymous.uk. site!
  12. Hi, I have gone through various threads on this site regarding this ridiculous "admin fee" which harlands charge, however I'm still unsure what to do. I joined the gym a month ago now and my first payment was due on the 20th, however I had misplaced my card on the 18th (I later found my card.) After misplacing my card I did not add any funds into my account because I was worried someone would use my card if found. I added funds into my account on the 24th after I finally found my card again (it fell out of my jeans pocket in my cupboard!) I thought the DD payment for gym would be t
  13. Hi all. I am in the process of putting together my paperwork to reclaim charges levied to my mortgage account over the last 7yrs. I will be reclaiming admin charges which were levied for missed payments, which is fairly straightforward. I am also going to claim fees for counsellor visits. the lender would send someone from a third party company to the house without making an appointment in the hope we would let him in so he could discuss our finances in detail and of course make an assessment of the property to see what it's worth. Invariably we missed these un
  14. Hi, Another question for anyone who can help! I asked my landlord (they are a property company) if I could change energy suppliers over the phone last year, they advised me I could as long as I provide them with the new reference number which I did. I've just moved out and on the check out form I see they have said if I've changed without written confirmation from them that it will be £100 admin fee. I'm guessing they would take from my deposit? I'm not happy about this, they told me I could but I have nothing to prove this, anyway it's my money paying for the supply surel
  15. Hi, I was wondering if anybody knows what the legal amount of admin fees can be taken for a VAT refund - and the law or directive that deals with it? I was recently visiting the UK and shopped in 2 stores. One takes a 5 GBP admin fee, and the other a 40% admin fee (in this case 25.63 GBP). I have previously used other stores and the maximum I have been charged was 10 GBP. I think 40% is a complete rip-off. (Before anybody suggests I don't use this store again, they are one of the only retailers, and the only accessible one near to where I stay with the products I want.) Thanks!
  16. Hi Guys, I'm trying to access the templates page, but I keep getting this message... '' Buncrana, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. You may not have sufficient posts to permit you to carry out your intended action''
  17. Hi Guys Need some advice and luckily this has nothing to do with Voda... I'm slowly arranging a transfer of services to "H3G" however ive hit a snag, previous with Vodafone I was charged 1 x Admin Fee for paying via Non Direct Debit. I currently have envisioned to pay for 3 services, 1 x Mobile Broadband for me and 2 x Sim Only Contracts (1 x My Brother) Ive since found out I will be charged 3 x DD Fees because the way of there billing system working. To me that's over obsessive because I've explained to the company that Im extremely unhappy by this discovery.
  18. Hi all, I joined Gym4all on Feb 14th on an their orange membership, this means there's 'no contract, monthly payment, £25 joining fee' & £12.99 is taken out of my bank every month via Direct debit. On the 4th of April I received a letter from Harlands which I didn't open until now, because I've been busy from exams, and have been away from my home where the letter was sent. This is what it said: Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your membership agreement with Gym4all. Your bank have advised us that your April installment has
  19. Hi Lee Need your help... Your staff members are being incredibly unhelpful and i cant get an answer. The £3.50 charge for non-DD i believe is unfair and the OFT set it out that the charge can only be upto the ACTUAL cost. I have quoted this to your staff since the inception of it this year. Its started to be invoiced to my number ending 154 and i dont think its fair... Especially how much i pay. So Lee... Why are your staff being unhelpful? I want something put in place to PREVENT the charge being applied as its unjustified. Your staff seem to think that im willing to s
  20. Hello all, hope you can help. I have been working in my position for nhs for approximately 7 years. I was recently notified that I had not been assimulated into agenda for change and if I up date my job description it would be sorted out. Which is has so far, however I am not happy with the banding they have given me. it is lower then I was expecting. Expecially as my role has changed considerable since I started. I am now managing an assistant which was not part of my original job description. IF I accept the banding that would make us both on the same banding and pay point.Although I am in t
  21. Not all benefit payments, but some (JCP says 32,000 claimants affected) have failed to receive payments due today. These people are urged to contact the DWP urgently to arrange payments. Sorry I didn't see this story earlier.
  22. Just a quick question, After a 12-month minimum term gym contract expired last month, I received a letter today from Harlands saying that my November instalment has been returned unpaid 'refer to payer' as there were insufficient funds to pay the amount due. I'm now being charged the month's fee plus a £15 admin fee. I will be in touch with the gym to ensure my contract is terminated (I'm aware it was my fault for forgetting to get in touch and terminate it, as the T&Cs do mention that they will continue taking the direct debit amount every month after until I cancel
  23. Hello, I am hoping that someone will be able to offer some advice. The basic scenario is this: I own a two bedroom leasehold flat. In May I received a ‘Letter Before Action’ from the Freeholder. This document stated that the ground rent was in arrears, this was payable within 14 days and a ‘Letter before action’ fee of £120 was added to my account “as per the enclosed summary”. Now, prior to this letter, I had received no invoices for Ground Rent from this company that complies with legislation. I immediately contacted the Freeholder. The Freeholder in question ha
  24. Thank you for reading this thread! We was just hoping to get some advise, maybe some thoughts on the following. We lived in rental property for 5 years. The property is managed by the agency on behalf of a landlord. We moved out 3 weeks ago. Had all the check outs done, property was left in a very good condition, inventory was completed, with no complaints from the land lord was happy with everything. This morning we received a letter form the letting agent that they are going to deduct 962£ from our deposit (full deposit amount is 1200£) in admin fees! It does state in our
  25. my daughter was issued a penalty fine on 15th june 2013, she had no money on her, was crying & the station where she boarded had no staff. i appealed the following day sent recorded delivery. & stupidly did not pay the fine. received letter today 8th july, Letter sent on 5th july stating that i had won appeal so now only owed £2.21 so rang straight away today to be informed i owed £22.21 ? it was explained that it was admin fee because i had not payed in 21 days, so now i have won appeal & instead of paying £20 have ended up paying £22.21 ? funny how appeal was won 1 day bef
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