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Found 28 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to this and forums, so forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. My ET1 was accepted. The employers submitted an ET3. Due to 'an administrative error' (Employment Tribunal's phrase), there has been a very long delay between my being physically attacked by my employers and the submitting of forms by them and the employers. I have literally just received the hearing and due process dates and today I have received a letter from my now ex-employers' solicitors, asking for an unbelieveable amount of information, that I would have to get together by this coming Monday. It would take me more than three days under perfect circumstances, but I am on new medication, from the GP, and have been referred to crisis intervention and a psychiatrist, as well as other health care professionals, as in their words, I am very ill, due to the stress of the attack, incidents leading up to the attack, subsequent court case and continuing intimidation and threats. I am too ill to get this replying information in this time frame. How do I word an email to the Employment Tribunal people, to ask for an extension, to get myself together enough, to answer all these questions? I am also suffering side effects from the medications and clinical depression. Also, I have been asked by the tribunal people to describe my disability (also present at the time of employment) under some kind of regulation rules. Do you know how I do this please? I take about ten medications to maintain my hormone levels, including Metformin as I am pre-diabetic and I am diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, which is triggered by things like stress, including someone trying to kill me. At some point, I will post a full explanation as to what happened, but I need to first remove the stress of being expected to answer a whole heap of intricately detailed questions by Monday. Thank you for taking time to read this; I hope it makes sense (it's hard to concentrate at the moment) and if anyone answers, I thank you, in advance, for your help. If possible, I think I have to ask for the extension today. C
  2. Hiya Just had another letter from Lowells telling me how easy it is to set up a direct debit to pay off an old mobile debt - i've disputed the debt many mnths ago but you have to admire their persistence! Anyway... they've added a line at the bottom of the letter saying "We won't add any interest to your account whilst you are repaying it". As far as I'm aware they can't do that but before I send them a letter back reminding them that they've still not supplied me with any documentation I justthought I'd pop it on here and ask if there's something I'm missing? I was going to ask them forthe T&Cs which related to adding interest or some sort of guidance which stipulated that DCAs could add interest to debts? BSBS
  3. Hi, I've been paying off a credit card that i defaulted on for about the last 18 months, paying a regular payment of £75. I now have only one payment of £78.50 left outstanding but unfortunately my financial situation is such that i'm not able to pay it straight away. The card company, Vanquis, passed it onto a debt collection agency, 1st Credit. the balance stayed at £78.50, this then went onto another agency, DHS, still the balance stayed at £78.50, but then it went to an agency called C.A.R.S and suddenly they want £84.19. is it possible for one agency to not add charges but another to add them on? i've read about C.A.R.S and lots of people have had problems with them. is it possible they might have just whacked on some extra money for the sake of it? because they're excuse is that that's the amount that was passed onto them. If anyone can advise me as to whether i can dispute this it would be much appreciated. Chris
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