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Found 8 results

  1. I am asking this on behalf of someone else. Basically they rent a house, it is in need of a number of repairs, such as back door, living room ceiling bowing and shower room tiles need replacing. To date the landlord has not doen any of these. My question is what can be done, can they withhold rent or what actions could they take.
  2. Morning all after some advice as to what my daughters rights are regarding a privately rented flat that is suffering from extreme mould and damp, this has left the 2 bedrooms as uninhabitable and she is having to live in the living room. The property maintenance company originally said it was condensation but the letting agency sent around someone who confirmed it is caused by damp. She is now stuck in a property that she cannot use half of and paying full rent with £1000's of personal furniture and clothing ruined. Would it be worth with holding rent? who would we claim her personal belongings that have been destroyed? any advice would be gratefully received
  3. Hello I am looking to see if anybody can give me advice. We (my family) have just come back from a holiday in Belgium. We rented holiday accommodation in a holiday centre. When I booked the accommodation, I talked to the sales people and explained that I needed a property that was disability friendly. e.g. At least one bedroom downstairs, with a walk in shower and toilet. We booked a 3 bedroom house. I have arthritis and very bad circulation and very thin skin. I can't afford to have accidents. I do have a blue badge and use a wheelchair when the distance to walk is too far for me. The wheelchair was bespoke and provided by the NHS. One of our daughters is Autistic and has very bad anxiety issues. When we arrived, we got to our accommodation, which was very run down and didn't have a bedroom, toilet and shower room downstairs. My daughter had a meltdown (very heart breaking to see it happening). So I went to reception and complained (this was 4 oclock in the afternoon, having travelled all the way by car from Lincolnshire). All they could offer me was a 4 bedroomed accommodation and it would cost us an extra €400 for the pleasure. We looked at the accommodation and although it had a bedroom, the tiniest toilet room I have ever seen and a bathroom with bath and overhead shower downstairs, it was not disability friendly. Because of the stress and anxiety that our daughter was going through and having nowhere else to go, we went back to reception and accepted the accommodation. I managed to barter the €400 down to €200. The next day I filled a complaints form in accusing them of miss selling us a holiday home. I put on the form that I wanted all the money back, for them not providing the correct sort of accommodation. It spoiled our holiday and I was constantly hurting my self, because I didn't have support handles for lifting myself up. Anyway, when I got back home, I called the head office up and complained. They offered to return the €200 back, which I still haven't received. I do believe I will get that money. Once I receive that, I want to claim for all the money paid for the accommodation on the basis that they effectively miss sold me the wrong type of accommodation and using the disability act to support it. Can anybody give me any advice on this matter, especially as to whether I have a valid claim. I can't afford a lawyer.
  4. Just posting this out of interest, as nothing has actually happened, but I was speaking to my daughter recently regarding her campus accomodation agreement. According to the agreement, the uni can fine students for inappropriate behaviour (one case in question is wedging a fire door open during hot weather). Question is basically, can a university levy fines against students for not following procedures, and more to the point, can they refuse to hand out degrees and results if the 'fines' are not paid ?
  5. This is really 2 issues 1. We were offered a house my sister was renting. It has damp and electrical problems, landlord hasn't fixed for two years and we were due to move in but not with the issues. My sister is tied to a contract. Can she leave? 2. I have returned from abroad, currently staying with parents but my husband can't stay here. I am not receiving any money from anywhere. I think I can eventually claim but can't find anyone that would accept us. What can we do?
  6. My son took a first year accomodation with MCRStudents which he vacated in June this year. The deposit was placed with DPS and when we contacted the MCR for the deposit back they gave us a reference and said we needed to apply on the DPS site for the return of deposit. We applied and heard nothing...chased up MCR who said it was out of their hands and to apply again on the web site. We applied again. No response. We contacted MCR yet again who said to check we had put the right details in. This time we double checked against the tenancy agreement, input to the website yet again and now recieved an email from DPS saying they do not have any record of a deposit and to go back to the letting agents. I replied stating we had checked the details, had input them three times and felt we were now getting to the stage of compensation for their refusal to return monies that are rightfully and legally my sons, I copied the email to the MCR students finance email as well. I am furious! My son needs that deposit as he is moving into his new accomodation next week and I am so appalled at the runaround we are getting...what can I do? I paid the deposit out of my account but it is in his name. Thanks Tinks
  7. Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a predicament, around 2 years ago to this date I was a student at a certain university, now at this university I didn't pay off my final accommodation fee off around £580 this was because I was entitled to a £1000 bursary from the University they I never received and was therefore unable to pay it off. Fast forward a couple of months and they are sending me letters saying pay up but honestly I had no money and of course I'm a dumb kid so I ignored it. Eventually around 2 years later (today) I receive a letter from county court saying that I now owe £757 because of court fees and interest, what happens if I ignore this? I'm not even living at the address where the letter was sent I just got a phone call by the occupants who then forwarded it to me. What are my options guys?
  8. I visit many residents in a residential home for the elderly folk. The residence is " advertised as Sheltered accomodation and Retirment homes for the elderly" However the residents have now aquired a new person who is 59 and is working full time. He goes out to work at 5 30 am in the morning and is bacjkaround 9 30pm. His works van is parked directly outside some of the residents flat windows and is restricting their views of peacful gardens. Many residents cannot go outside and this is all they have to look at. Also many residents a woken at 5 30 in the morning by the slamming of car doors when he puts his tools in. Some residents have gone to the extrem by drawing their curtains as they do not want to look at the advertising on this van and they cannot see any thing else but this van. Question One ) the works van is being parked on a private entrance to the home. Can he do this? Question 2) Surley as ths is a residential home for the retired he should not have been allowed to live here. (He is not retired and certainly does no need sheltered accomodation) If anyone con help with the legal side of this problem and you are able to help these elderly folk with this promblem you would be advise a s a p as they are in dispare. Many thanks
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