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  1. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong forum but any advice welcomed. Here is the issue, a car with 20k finance goes missing after a company enters administration. The finance company utilises a trace company to locate, which they sucessfully do. They find the car imobile, abandoned in a back street garage after a severe accident. The vehicle is clearly a total loss. Does anyone know what the legal obligations that the finance company has to comply with? i.e. safe disposal transfer of ownership for salvage Assessment of condition Or is it that they can dispose of
  2. Hello, I am facing a problem with my non fault claim(my Mazda 6 car was smashed while parked) Sequence of incidents: After the accident I went through Mazda Accident Aftercare, because of "call Mazda first" campaign". Their aggressive advertisements always say the customer is better off going through them instead of insurer. Actually they are a claims management company in disguise. They arrange a hire car from enterprise for a price double that of enterprise advertised prices. My car is written off. Mazda Accident Aftercare valued the car approximately 1500 pounds cheap
  3. My husbandreversed out of a parking bay at an Esso Petrol station after checking it was safe to do so. A car had been stationary when he checked but started to advance towards him while he was reversing. Hefailed to notice that the other car was now coming towards him because he had his head turned. The insuranceis adamant that he has sole liability for the accident because he was reversing. They said the ’onus of care’ is on the reversing driver and therefore he is liable for the accident. He reversedbecause the other car was NOT moving and surely cannot be held responsible foran accid
  4. Hello I recently had the misfortune of having a car accident early one Sunday morning. I was on my way to Leicester on the A46 and joined a round about at a reasonable low speed (traffic lighted) my car spun out from underneath me as the back wheels lost themselves, I managed to keep the car on the road for a couple hundred meters before hitting the curb side on and flipping the car across the grass and down a ditch. I was suspended upside down for 1 hour before emergency services could cut me but but thankfully I could walk away to the ambulance. My insurance on this new car wa
  5. Hi, I'm a new user to this forum, in fact I have never posted anything before, so please be patient, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Here goes..... I was driving home from my local supermarket which is approx 10 minutes from where I live. I live on a main road, next to a junction. As I was approaching my home I could see a young boy and gentleman walking pass my drive way, so as I always do I indicated left and was stationary outside my home, waiting for them to pass, when I was suddenly hit from behind with force. My family heard the impact so they all came out. Th
  6. Hi I was involved in a motorcycle accident this afternoon which has left me with my beloved Vespa written off! Unbelievably have ended up with only minor injuries and was incredibly lucky to come out of it unscathed. It was the drivers fault and im confident they will hold there hands up howeverrrr my MOT had expired in july! And you've probably heard it all before but i was en route to the MOT centre when the crash occurred!! Will this effect putting in a claim? My insurance is Third party fire and theft. I'm taxed and insured but my mum and dad are panic
  7. Could someone help me with this, my daughter had an accident in a major department store. Staff where told, and acknowledged by the physical evdience of that happened. I was in shock and had a very very upset child, when i have spoke with various people re the accident i was told due to Health and Safety law this should have been recorded. I contacted the said store, and got a responce that i refused medical care thus this means it would not go in the book. A- I never refused medical care B- I have been told even though we never had medical care their that its their responsibil
  8. Hi all, New to the forum but really need some guidance if possible so thanks in advance. I had a car accident in May this year. I was travelling down a dual carriageway on my way to the station on my normal daily route one morning. As I drove through a set of green traffic lights ahead there was a private recyling truck making an illegal left turn. In order to make the turn he had to swerve out into the overtaking lane and back across lane 1 in order to make the tight turn, effectively blocking off both lanes of the dual carriageway ahead leaving me nowhere to go. I slammed on the br
  9. Hi, I'm new to these forums and wonder if anyone has a little advice regarding an injury my OH had a few days ago. My apologies if it's a bit of a long post.. My OH is a line supervisor/machine maintenance engineer in a factory with roughly 300 employees. On Monday he was assembling some machinery and was fixing on a big awkward part when he felt his back spasm. He thought little of it initially as it's not uncommon with the heavy stuff he has to pick up every day to feel a twinge now and then. Over the last couple of hours of his shift he was in some pain but carried on working thinking
  10. Hi Just looking for some thoughts My wife was parked in a local shopping centre carpark, they use a one way system. She was coming out of a space as a car drove past, she shopped to let him go by until he was about 4 or 5 spaces along. She then continued to reverse out of the space looking in the direction of the normal traffic flow. Unfortunately the car that passed decided to reverse back down the one way system (approx 20M or so) and ran into her. As they were moving fairly slowly there was no huge damage, but enough to warrant an insurance claim. My question is who would be
  11. Hi there I'm new to this, would really appreciate advice. I was in a minor accident yesterday, never been in one before. I rang my insurance company and reported it, they said due to circumstances it was likely the other party would accept liability and tried to refer me to a non fault accident specialist to arrange to pick up my car and supply me with an equivalent hire car. I wasn't sure what to do so said no at that point. An hour later I had a call from the other insurance company saying their party admitted liability and they then got really pushy asking me details about the accident an
  12. I am just inquiring whether an employer can refuse to put minor injuries in the accident book? My son works at a major UK car manufacturing plant and has had difficulty for some time now because of the repetitive nature of the process he undertakes,it is a renowned process within the company as one of the more challenging tasks with a high worker attrition rate. He has had to have rest periods where he changes to more menial tasks to help him recover, but every time he asks to put the injury in the accident book they refuse citing his injury must have happened outside of work. He recentl
  13. bit of a strange one this, had a non fault accident in 2009, claimed on insurance, recovered all costs claim closed. re insured with a new insurer the following year , no problems. insured with the rac this year, notified them about the non fault claim and took out insurance. a week later and i received a letter stating they have got more info on the 2009 claim and they are increasing the premium as the accident was my fault! luckily i still had a letter from my insurer in 2009 stating they recovered all costs so i have written to the rac and included a copy of the letter and am still awaiting
  14. Hi Everyone, Friend has been issued Claim from solicitors via MCOL for an accident he caused (shunt from rear). Fully comp. Issue date 13/6/12. AOS ??? Was being dealt with via insurance. I will see POC in the AM. No reference to preaction protocol mentioned. Was read out - claim is less than 1k - damage only not PI claim. Will send all docs to his insurance company BUT in the meantime holding defense should the insurance take too long ?? Does not want CCJ by default as will affect life. Any nicely worded doc to send to claimant ? Failure to comply with PAP ? Pos
  15. Hello Guys, I was involved in a minor accident on the Friday. The problem was that this Van was packing on a double yellow line right at the junction. I was coming from one of the road which is Lewin terrace to join the road he was packing at. The van was obscuring my view, but I can still see both side of the road. As I was driving round the Van adn I was on the road where he packing, he was reversing back his car at the same time to go and pick up some school children. So, at this time he hit my car with a minor scratch on both our cars. He took the picture of me car, and I took hi
  16. As my previous thread, I had a fairly minor accident a few weeks back. I was on a roundabout, another car joined the roundabout. He failed to give way to the right, I braked but because the road was slippery & wet I crashed into the side of him. His insurers are claiming I changed lanes, I do not dispute this, I had to change lanes as I was leaving the roundabout. However if the other driver had obeyed the give way road markings and given way to vehicles on the roundabout this would not have been an issue. My insurers are saying its the other party at fault the other party are bl
  17. Hi about 12 months ago I had "nudged" another car at a roundabout, there was no damage to either vehicle, the other party was clearly not [causing problems]- there has been no claim made. I did however have to inform our company insurance- it policy that even the most minor thing is declared! I renewed my personal policy about 1 month later, and was asked about claims etc, to which I answered non, as I did not really think this warranted a mention. I have now had to claim on my policy and am scared that my insurers find out about this and try to void my insurance or similar.
  18. Apologies in advance, this is a bit complicated! Daughter took out insurance on a car she believed her (now ex) partner owned. He was a named driver on the insurance policy. They separated a short while ago and as he is going abroad for a few months they agreed that she would keep the insurance going until he went away. Insurance cancelled from Sunday when he goes away, but unfortunately he had accident on Saturday (car shunts him from behind, pushing him into car in front). Daughter has no other details than this. Their separation was not very amicable and communication betwee
  19. I book on line with Rentals.co.uk a car. This was through Atlas Choice. They send me 72 hours later a voucher and I could pick up the car at Green Motion at Gatwick. I also took an extra insurance with White Horse Insurance Reimbursement up to 2000 pound. In the contract with Atlas Choice I was insured for car theft and CDW. I asked if I was insured and Green Motion said yes. This was the 26th of May. Hired an automatic as coming from the continent and having to drive on the left side and using my left hand to change gears would distract my attention to the traffic and road s
  20. On the 5th of July 2011 my husband and I were involved in a car accident. I was 16 weeks pregnant and our car was stationary on a roundabout when a pile up involving three cars occurred. We were the last car to be hit and the driver in the middle car behind us was badly injured and had a hospital stay. We went to A & E and I also had an ultrasound. I was diagnosed with whiplash and a back injury and my husband an upper back injury. After the accident I developed problems with my hips that started in the left and then right so both were affected. This led to me having 16 weeks off work unti
  21. Almost 2 weeks ago, i bumped into the car in front of me because the car in front of him stalled and he had to stop suddenly and other party actually just drove away. Afraid of spiralling insurance premium i reckon it was cheaper to fix his car instead of dragging things out through the insurance companies and having to pay massively on premiums during the process. I arranged for his car to be fixed which was done and the day after he collected his car he sent me a text saying it was not properly fixed and how the painting was slightly different. (i was not there when he took the car to t
  22. Hi, i recently purchased a used car from a private garage in London (Shahid Motors) for £2,900. I still have not received a receipt for the car, even though its been 2 months since I purchased it. There was a delay with payment (due to merchants fault) and I was promised a receipt after payment was cleared. I paid using my debit card so have proof of purchase though. A few days ago, it started to rain and the boot of the car was completely flooded! I took it to the garage, assuming there was a small hole somewhere but was horrified to discover that the car was involved in a accident. If y
  23. Hello there, I am hoping someone can help me with my question as I cannot even begin to think where to research/google my query. We had an accident while driving our car abroad (EU), we skidded and hit the side road barrier. My husband had a wrong breakdown cover and when we found out about it we didn't know what to do as the car was not "drivable"; so we rang the insurance company thinking they would suggest something helpful. However they didn't and we had to find a local mechanic to carry out the repairs. We thought nothing of it on our return but now our car insurance is due for rene
  24. Hi all... I understand that this has been discussed previously, but cannot find a resolution to refer to that reflects a similar issue to mine. Yesterday, 20th September, I was travelling alone in my car driving to work, aquaplaned across a pool of water an a dual carriageway, and my car crashed into trees, the car was severely damaged and is now a write off. A major concern is that despite being up to date with MOT, the airbags did not inflate. Luckily, I am living to tell the tale, and do have some whiplash, cuts, bruises, but also mentally, the accident has really affected me,
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