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  1. I am not sure where I stand with my car insurance - I had an accident 6+ months back where other driver admitted liability and my insurance was then dealing with recovering the money they have paid out as a result. I have now checked my policy online and seen that the status of that claim now says - it has been registered against me (previously said in my favour) as I was not at fault. Do I need to get involved with other insurance to chase it up as I am worried it will impact my insurance premiums going forward for an accident that was not my fault being recorded against me?
  2. Hi, Following the latest mis-selling scandal, my father-in-law has today received a letter from Homeserve "Requesting a review of your policy sale" Enclosed was a questionnaire which seems to ask some very personal financial questions, should he answer these or just ignore the questionnaire and just submit a letter claim for mis-selling. I know that Homeserve regularly used to phone him and sell him various policies until I told him they were pointless, as he was already covered. Could this just be a "fishing letter" to find out reason to disallow a claim?
  3. I have made numerous formal complaints already with no success, I have also complained to abta with no success. Is court action the next step and if so how much can I claim from them. I will try to keep this to the point. Booked a holiday to Tunisia all inclusive, me my partner and 12 month old daughter. We booked the destination based on the short flight 2h35m and a transfer of 20 mins. This was incredibly important as my daughter was an awkward age, very difficult to keep her occupied and she had recently stopped breast feeding so food stops very important. The flight turned out to
  4. My wife and I went to the PC World/ Currys store in Brentford to look at purchasing a new dish washer, when she opened the door on one of the integrated appliances the fascia fell off on to her foot. The first member of staff simply stated he wasn't qualified to deal with it and walked off with very little concern, the asst manager came over and looked vague as to how to deal with it having to be prompted for a duty first aider which he stated they don't have in store. When asked for a cold compress he returned with a pack of frozen chips and was concerned about putting them into a
  5. Hello, could someone please tell me, after an accident at work....is an accident investigation a legal requirement.
  6. Hi myself and my family stayed in a popular hotel chain last weekend. one of my 3 children burnt there hands on a tap in the bathroom, the tap had a notice stating very hot water but the cold and hot taps where labeled wrong with the red and blue labels. the hotel apologized and said they would refund our fee for the night. they confirmed in a email that they had not been aware of the miss labeling but the maintenance have fixed it now. The injury to my 6 year olds hand was dealt with by myself as a first aider and didnt need further medical attention. would i be able to take
  7. Hi, newbie here. Hope this is the right section. I was driving and someone ran out in front of my taxi. She ran out just a few metres in front of me and despite going fairly slow, and braking, I couldn't stop. I heard nothing about it, as the police report sent to me said she was ok and only had very minor injuries. Jump forward 2 months, I get a letter from my insurer saying that she was claiming for damages and injuries. It says that she is claiming 'I was driving without due care and attention'. My insurance company have been absolutely useless. I feel like I've been f
  8. In summary my girlfriend was in a collision with another. Her passenger can vouch for the events 1. Girlfriend about to turn in to side road 2. other car came out and crashed in to side of girlfriends car 3. Other driver apologises, takes full responsibility - windows fully misted and not cleared. 4. other driver leaves scene without giving details 5. other driver difficult to get hold of, non committal to giving details. 6. details eventually given 20 hours later. 7. Girlfriend has contacted her own insurance and eventually police re other drive driver details 8. Other
  9. Hi all this is my first time posting here so sorry if it's in the wrong place! Basically to try and make things as short as possible, my car was rear ended by a milk/foodstuff tanker whilst stationary at a roundabout. Tanker wasn't stopping and had basically saw a gap (but not me!) visible minimal looking cometic damage to rear. Liability admitted My insurance company didn't want to carry out structural tests and dragged their heels a bit, and their approved repair centre was not BMW approved. Decided stupidly to contact a BMW body shop who directed me to accident exchange. They pho
  10. can anyone advise? two thread question: mum (72) had accident at work (nhs) caused broken bones and has been off work since august, now been given formal warning for absence. is this correct on a work related accident? second part is she has appealed and been told 4 people will be at the appeal including the two she saw at the last hearing... surely this is excessive and intimidating for her?
  11. This is a question on behalf of my partner who is very worried about this matter. On my partner's way back from work, she accidentally bumped into the back of a young girl's car (around about 24-25 years old)... Anyway, the conditions were poor as it was raining heavily and the floor was obviously slippery because of that. However, the "bump" was only a MAXIMUM of 5mph... I checked the front of my partner's vehicle (Clio 04) and it was fine - no dents, no scratches, no marks - nothing! Upon the "bump" the girl in the other car pulled over to the side of the road and they exchanged
  12. My son, rather stupidly, allowed his friend to ride his motorbike and he was involved in an accident with a car. My son was devastated, the bike was his pride and joy. The police were called and his friend is likely to be prosecuted. The bike, which was in my husbands name, has been repaired and sold to a colleague who is fully aware of what happened. Today my husband has received a letter from Privilege Motor Claims saying their customer has reported the incident to them and given them my husband's details. They have been in contact with his insurance company and
  13. I insured with Hastings Direct which I am now really, really regretting. Whatever you do DON'T insure with them. Unless you want a truly bad experience if you ever have to claim. I recently had an accident on the inner ring road in Leeds, a dangerous place at the best of times. There was a stopped lorry and the car in front panicked (maybe) and did an emergency stop for no reason. It was a low speed impact. I called Hastings and was recovered to Nationwide Crash Repair Centre. I was told on the phone that NCRC would provide a courtesy car. When we got there they informed
  14. Last 24 November I was involved in a traffic accident LV insurance my ins comp ruled was my fault and I went along with them. Despite being fully comp I have a county court claim, stamped as served 8 Oct 2013 which arrived Saturday. The claimant is suing me personally for whiplash and 2000 pound because they hired a car and for private therapy all at this late stage I suspect because LV have said they wont pay for these things. What possibly is going on here? Worried Overdone.
  15. Hi Im looking for some advice. My husband had an accident in December 2009. The accident was at work so he claimed industrial injuries disablement benefit. He was also in receipt of DLA and ESA. The claim is coming to a settlement at last however the medical expert has said my husband would of became disabled anyway but the accident accelerated this by 12 months. The DWP has asked for benefits back for the first 12 months only apart from the IIDB which they want back in full upto settlement date. The ESA doesnt need to be paid back at all as he started getting that after the 12 months.
  16. I recently purchased a budget cross trainer from Argos as it had some amazing feedback considering the price of £69.99. Item no 906/1686 I today attempted to begin putting it together and first thing first, put the legs on the instructions say. I lift the main body of the trainer on to its back to attach the legs and as it did not have a great balance it fell on me and has given me a black eye and cut my bottom eye lid :Cry: I don't see how 1 individual person is able to assemble this alone. The instructions do not suggest there to be 2 people and I am a single mum. I am quite upset
  17. Hello everyone, I was recently involved in a road traffic accident and I’m not sure how to proceed. I was in the middle lane approaching a roundabout and I was driving to go straight over. There was a large commercial lorry from Germany to my left. We were both going straight over (= the second exit), I was going to go onto the outer lane and he was going to go to the inner lane, well so I thought. As we were exiting the roundabout he drove into the rear passenger side of my car, with the front passenger side of his car (bear in mind his car was a German left hand drive lorry).
  18. Hi guys, I witness a tragic accident on Sunday morning and even though my car wasn't involved the police have impounded it. They say this is just procedure but as you can imagine this is very inconveniencing for me. There was no damage or marks on my car and was really no need for them to do this, to be honest they treated me like I was a criminal and it thoroughly peed me off and I doubt I will be stopping to help at an accident any time soon again even if I am the first on the scene. My main question is, do they have the right to do this and is there any way I can make them return it? I ne
  19. Had a bump in 2011 and as a last resort had to go through an accident management company. My car was taken away and I was given a hire car for 2 weeks. The management company called around 6 months ago and advised that the third pary insurer had admitted responsibility so I thought it was all sorted although I now have received a letter advising that their car hire bill has not been paid. They also state that "Our panel of solicitors or our company will not request payment of any legal costs from you, as long as you do not fail to co-operate" I have to fill a Form of
  20. Back in November 2012, a Romanian HGV collided with my car. Basically, as I finished a left hand bend, I was faced with the third party driving in contraflow, and I took evasive action, steering to the right, at which point the other driver was moving to the correct lane, hitting my car on left hand side, leaving it with severe suspension and body damage. Given that they didn't speak any English, I called the police that arrived 30 minutes later, and managed to get their details and of their insurance. Since my policy is only Third Party without legal protection, the onus of recoveri
  21. Any general advise please. I was involved in an accident whilst coming towards a Keep Clear Box. The road had filtered into 2 lanes and as I arrived at the KCB a 7.5 truck was on the inside lane. I noticed a vehicle suddenly pulling out from a Ford garage and the driver looking left then suddenly pulled out turning right and straight into my offside. He claims that I was in the KCB . He was potentially obscured by the truck but should have shown more caution . My point is I was not in the box and though he claimed I was this meant that I would have had to be hit
  22. My friend had a serious motorbike accident, which resulted in him being in intensive care and on life support for 2 weeks. He has 8 broken bones and is in a wheelchair for the time being. From what I understand the other driver was at fault..........BUT and I mean but, my friend had no insurance, mot......yes I know hes an idiot. Is he able to claim or does he have to take his injuries as punishment and move on?
  23. Hi all really appreciate any help! I had a minor bump on Friday in the car- the car in front of me ended up with a few scratches. Afterwards I went home and looked through all my car details and I realised that I have a problem. Last year I bumped into a footpath and did a small bit of damage so I claimed on the insurance so this year we decided to have my partner as the main policy holder and me as a named driver (I disclosed I am the main driver). We both signed and dated the V5C registered keeper form in march but I forgot to send in the form. So I have just posted it off yesterday t
  24. Motorists are being warned about a new insurance [problem] where criminals flash their lights to let other drivers out of a junction, then crash into them on purpose. Anti-fraud experts are calling it "flash-for-cash". The gangs tend to target new, smarter vehicles or vulnerable road users, including older people and women with children in the car. The [problem] is costing insurers hundreds of millions of pounds every year. It is a new tactic for an already well established crime, called "crash for cash", where criminals slam on the brakes for no reason so that the victim
  25. I was involved in a minor collision. My insurance company told me that I would normally be found at fault (even though I don't believe I was). But I left it to them. A month ago they warned me that I may receive a court claim as they were not prepared to settle the other party's full claim. I then got a claim threatening court action, from a claims management company attached to an invoice for an amount just above £100 from a "claims assessor" for services inspecting the other party's vehicle. I guess I agree with my insurance company that claiming over £100 to assess a car tha
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