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  1. Hi all, I had a non fault accident (rear ended) The paperwork has cost me a lot of time and I resent this. Can I claim £10/hr for dealing with correspondence, emails etc for my time lost? Thanks in advance, Andy
  2. Hi Everyone. I would really appreciate your input on this issue. I just received a Default Costs Certificate from Chester County Court. The letter was redirected from our old address in Wales (we have now lived in the South East of England for the last 3 years). The letter states: "As you have not raised any points of dispute on the claimant's bill of costs, the costs of the claim have been allowed and the total sum of £604.85 is now payable. You must pay this amount to the claimant within 14 days from the date of this order (1 June 2015)." Now, this is the first time I hear o
  3. I have been driving for less than two years, but am about to qualify for my 2 years NCB for the first time. I drive about 25K miles pa with no accidents at all up to last weekend. This was when another driver was backing out of the parking bay opposite to me trying to back out too and swung round to exit, whilst I was stopped to re-manouvre to go the right way, and he hit my bumper causing the panel to come loose. He tried to drive off but I stopped him and I called police and our details were exchanged. Before the police arrrived he tried knocking on windows putting words into mouths of drive
  4. I wonder if anyone could give me some guidance......... A relative has been involved in an accident while using the vehicle for 'social, domestic or pleasure'. Following the accident they have studied the policy and noticed that it did not cover business use which the last policy did as they use the car for minor diy jobs. Having used the car for business during the current policy, but was using it for pleasure on the day of the accident, is the policy void? If the insurance company was told the vehicle was used for business previously are they likely to void the policy? Having read
  5. A colleague at work had an accident at work and was signed off until 22nd June.However,the company are refusing to pay him until he brings his sick form in personally.Can the company do that ,because if you have been signed off unfit to work, how can the company expect you to come into work and bring your sick certificate and fill in sickness payment forms? I was under the impression that if you had an accident on company premises and were signed off work, then the company has to pay you full pay?
  6. Hey all, hoping I can get some more experienced views on some things. My Father in Law was involved in a very serious accident at work a few months ago. He survived, although he may not recover full use of an arm or leg (he was at risk of loosing them). He was dragged into a machine and crushed while trying to clear a jam. He's now received a letter from his work saying that their internal investigation has concluded and that he will be invited to a Disciplinary Hearing (date to be arranged). Government Health and Safety officials were there on the day, however he hasn't hear
  7. Through no fault of my own a lorry drove into me on a roundabout tearing off half my back bumper, the asssesor came round and stated that considering the age of my peugeot 206 it would most likely be irrepairable, yet i know the only thing wrong with the car is the damage caused by the accident as have spent time and money making it a decent car. I was shocked when ringing up hastings to hear that when the report from the assessor does come back and if it is deemed a right off i will be offered money for the value of my car but not be allowed the car back? In no writing in the policy does it s
  8. Hi All, I just received rather interesting call from the firm called Complete Claims Solution and was wondering if someone could advise me how should I approach it. Few years ago I had minor road incident that end up with no major damage or personal injuries. The only damage was to the other driver’s car. I simply scraped the other driver’s door while trying to change the lane. We stopped exchange the contact details. I was covered by a valid policy and I filled all the required documents. There was no further problems concerning th
  9. Hi All, I had was involved in a RTA back in January; happy to say not serious and not my fault. Third Party admitted liability, so I made a direct claim to their insurers, who promptly arranged for repairs to my car, arranged a hire car, and paid out a sum to my passenger in injury compensation. I didn’t make a personal injury claim at the time as I didn’t experience any effects that I could attribute to the accident. However just about a week later I did experience a stiff neck and shoulder pain, also pain down my arm, I knew that it must’ve been as a direct result of t
  10. My daughter as been knocked down in Thailand by a taxi that sped off she has abrasions to her hands, arms and has lost her toe nails. She did attend the police station but I know very little. She as asked me to get advice as to what she does now concerning a claim she is wishing to make. She is a lecturer of sport and should be returning back to college Monday but I assume she is in no fit state to carry out physical education. She has made her way to Bangkok with her 4 year old daughter - they return home Thursday. She has asked me to ring her
  11. I have been working for a major retailer for a long time,more that 15 years now.last year had an accident...had an operation on my hand...lost wrist movement as one of the bones was shattered.they had to put metal screws in...i have been on sickness for a while...never claimed a benefit penny in my life till this second.had tyo reduce my hours,go unpaid....basically suffered on my own,plus having to support a family.now physically my hand which is the right one is useless,can't bend my wrist,or lift etc...my job was leading a team,taking deliveries..moving cages ,filling stock....customer serv
  12. My son had an accident while working, he drives a lorry, he was on the motorway and was involved in an accident involving 3 other cars. Accident was not his fault, he has whiplash and back pain, and cant work/drive at the moment. He is not getting any pay, I would have thought that he would be on normal pay as accident at work. Does any one know the law? thank you.
  13. Ok on 20/1/15 i was stationary at zebra with people crossing, got rear ended by builders van cause he's looking at building work other side of road. he's a self employed builder carpenter. He offered to pay for repairs but seeing damage I knew car was a write off - so I insisted through insurance, so we exchanged details, he apologised admitted liability, I did a quick DVLA / MID check, there and then and van insured , mot and taxed. I even took license number from him, you'd think I done it by book.... Now it turns out license , van registered and insurance at his mums address,
  14. was in my local tesco earlier, minding my own business in the biscuit aisle when i felt something smacking me on the back ..turned and looked around to see 2 pieces of the concrete roof on the floor so thats what hit me, must have fallen a good 50 feet. each bit was about 10cm x 10cm. told a member of staff and the checkout lady and she got he manager and assistant manager, they logged it over the phone in the accident book and i spoke to the person that logged it. i already have something wrong with me that the consultants have yet to diagnose but im under orthopedic
  15. Hello All Help and strong advice is needed today..... In August last year my hubby and I went out for a spot of lunch, we parked our car on a residential road, correctly parked, outside a house the way you do, locked it and off we went. We returned two hours later to find that someone driven across the front of our car as they were trying to pull onto their drive. Before you ask, our car was in no way obstructing the driveway. The driver of the aforementioned vehicle was in a hire van as he was moving house. The damage to the van was pretty awful, and he admitted liability strai
  16. I bought a salvage vehicle earlier this year. Repaired it. It was a cat. Then later on the car was reversed into by a tesco insured driver. My vehicle was taken away to the body shop while i had a courtesy vehicle. Two weeks later i was told that as my vehicle had been involved in a previous accident and the damage had not been fully repaired. My insurance company offerred me £100 as salvage and told me the vehicle would be a cat c. I asked for the engineers report which stated that the damage was similar to the damage the vehicle had
  17. Since being involved in a very minor, no fault accident, where no one was injured, I have been harassed by numerous companies encouraging me to claim for compensation which could be up to £3000. It was suggested that I might suffer twinges due to tightening of the seat belt or possibly getting a headache in the next few weeks which could be attributed to the accident. I was even informed that the other party had claimed even though I know she was not injured - she was very apologetic. Apparently this money has to be set aside, by law and if not claimed goes into the insurer's pocket so I might
  18. I need some advice for what steps i should take in pursuing my insurance company for high risk of loss of life due to negligence. I will be vague on the dates/times/full details due to this potentially being a high profile case. a few months back i had an accident and damaged my car. No other parties were involved just myself. The insurance company did the usual protocol and recovered the vehicle and sent it off to garage 1. Garage 1 quoted the repairs and carried them out, on collection of my car i noticed the steering was not correct and there was a loud kn
  19. Can anyone help me make a claim for PPI or do they like to call it CRP on a old ex Associates Citi card account whats the best thing to do where to start any help would be great i no longer have the account, got rid of the card, shredded the statements but have the 17 digit number i'm even confused about the 17 digit number do i miss the last digit off ? Jay
  20. Hi All, Really miffed at the moment. I had an accident on a local country lane where a car coming the other way hit my car. I saw the other party coming and stopped. However the other driver had the sun in their eyes (I could see them fiddling with the passenger side sun-visor for their child as they approached). As I`d stopped and could see they hadn`t noticed me I braced myself for impact. They saw me at the last moment and although they tried to stop and go onto the verge to avoid me, didn`t succeed. Both cars had bumper and bonnet damage requiring repairs but fortunately no-one was hur
  21. I wrote this for insuranceguy since he said he offers help , but I cannot PM him because I do not have 15 posts . This is my first . Maybe someone can PM him with this link for me , or offer any advice at all . Thank you very much , kind and concerned citizens . I do not have a thread . I just was researching about my case , which I have an attorney representing me supposedly anyway , and I see that you offer advice . I hope that you can help from here , without a thread and if I need one , I guess I could compose one , but I have no idea where it would go . so I will start here if I
  22. Hi This morning my car was involved in a collision, whilst parked in the street outside my home. Another car was parked behind me, and a third party has smashed into this car, catapulting it forward into the back of my car. Unfortunately this third car failed to stop and whilst I saw them drive away, I was unable to catch the reg number, so I’m assuming they either won’t be traced by the police or even if they are, the car will be stolen, uninsured, etc. I spoke to my insurers this morning and they indicated that in the event that the other driver isn’t traced, my claim would be
  23. I've tried to cover all details, so please excuse the essay. Assistance here would be appreciated Scenario. Scotland (and thus NB revoked 2011 regulations - anything else put in place since?). 9am. Somehow skidded at low speed coming out of a bend, turning 90 degrees into opposite carriageway, leaving front wheels hanging over a shallow ditch on the opposite side of the road, with the car blocking oncoming traffic. Front-wheel drive, so could not be driven out. This was amongst a series of blind bends on a busy-but-very-rural A-road, so I called the Police to deal with traffic in ca
  24. Hi all, Basically I'm looking for a bit of advice really, I was involved in a car accident on the 23/06/14. I approached a dual carriageway roundabout in the middle lane and the third party was in the left hand lane after going past the first exit the third party appeared to be wanting to turn right at the roundabout and me going straight over he collided with the rear end of my car damaging the door, around the wheel arch and wheel of my car, his car is damaged on the drivers side wing next to the indicator. Immediately the third party blamed me for being in the wrong lane, which I
  25. I got a call from a company claiming to be solicitors (Clinch Solicitors) dealing in personal injury claims. The guy knew that i had had a minor accident 2 years ago (and I was at fault), the date of the accident and that I had my wife and son in the car with me at the time. He said my wife and son were allocated a payment for discomfort as they were with me in the car and if they don't claim it, after 2.5 years (3 weeks from now), the insurance company will claim it back. Now I am totally confused why my insurer at the time did not tell me about this!!! At one hand I do not mind having s
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