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  1. Hello My husband has very recently had an accident at work. He is a maintenance manager and responsible for H&S He has been with the company for 20 months. He has a broken leg and arm, following falling from height, after not securing the items they were moving trying to save time, because of the pressure on them all to complete the job. He is not in a union and anticipates returning asap. No one else was hurt and no one else was put at any risk. The team simply didn't secure the load as well as they should have done and he tried to be the secure reinforcement needed by sitting on t
  2. Hi My misses was driving the car on Thursday (A3 S Line 2011) she was stationairy waiting for the lights to turn green when a HGV ran straight into the back of her and smashed all the back of my car in which also result in her being thrown into the back of someone elses car, there is only minor damage to the car in front and very little to the front of my car but this HGV from Bidvest Food Services is not for admitting liability even though the police has done him for driving without due care and attention The bloke has obviously been messing with a hand held work device, or a mobile
  3. I am a driver. The vehcile I drove today has a very very badly worn drivers seat. I have reported this via defect card 4 times since january. As I finished my shift today my lower back was hurting very badly. I asked for the accident book so I could enter the injury in the accident book. I was told it should not be entered into the accident book, but should do an occurance report instead. I was under the impression that all injuries at work can/should be put in accident book. Your thoughts?
  4. I have been involved in a car accident where as a car reversed into mine while I was sat stationary with engine off. At the scene of the accident I swapped details with the other driver, who contacted me the next day to say that if I was to get a couple of quotes, they would look at paying for some of it. The garage I took it to have advised me to go through Accident Exchange, instead of going through my own insurance company to save my no claims. Has anyone any knowledge regarding this or any advice? Thanks
  5. Good day all, Am after a few pointers please as unsure of which way to go to ensure I do everything correctly. I had a work accident in November 2015, HGV Driver, a slip plate hadnt been fitted the right way round, on exiting I slipped crashing onto the road. I broke my leg, foot and ankle with damage also to the ligament. I have so far had 3 surgeries under general to have metal plates, pins and screws fitted. The healing process has been a terrible ordeal and I have been unable to weight bare until only recently. At present the consultant cannot see anymore surgery is required
  6. I'm having a really frustrating time with my direct line at the moment regarding an accident I was involved in on a duel carriage way roundabout. I was in the inside lane going forward onto the 2nd exit. He was in the outside lane and needed to take the next exit. As the roundabout was full of traffic it seemed like he was running out of time to get into the correct lane to take his exit. there were cars bumper to bumper behind me but a gap appeared between myself and the car infront. I was going around 25mph at the time following the flow of traffic. Next thing I knew I heard him
  7. Just entered the murky world of accident management company after having a non fault accident, my own inexperience and what I feel was sharp practice by insurer. I am now in the position of having to deal/use with one of these companies, my position is after repair garage one supplied (credit repair)valued my damage at unstripped £7589.12 this deemed 66%. Having been led to believe this would be a total loss by the advisors, I looked at the book price and retail price of my car retail £8000 max for age mileage, this is not 66% damage but 90%+, to my surprise this was authorised for repair
  8. Hi, My car insurance is up for renewal and I have had a quotation from my current brokers on the best deal that they could discover. However the Statement of Facts they sent me includes the following incidents and I suspect that some of these are not required to be declared as they have passed their expiry date. Accidents and Claims 18 Jan 2009 TP hit Driver 05 Nov 2010 Driver hit immobile object 14 Aug 2011 Driver hit TP 27 April 2013 TP hit driver in rear 21 Mar 2014 TP hit driver Convictions: 1 Jan 2011 sp30 3 pts Ban 0 Fine 0 5 Oct
  9. Hi there. I was involved in an accident that wasn't my fault last night. They reversed their car into their drive and didn't see me as I was driving past and swung out into my car. There was a witness who saw it all. I haven't informed my insurer yet but have already received a text message from the other party's insurer: 'Admiral ref.******* - We are sorry to hear you have been involved in an accident with our insured. We would like to help with any damage caused to save you claiming with your insurers, paying an excess and we will also supply a free replacement vehicle to
  10. Hi I broke my shoulder and wrist in a car accident four years ago. The other party admitted liability and I have accepted their offer. My solicitor sent me a letter for me to sign to accept and the last part said I gave my permission for the other party to pay my compensation directly to my solicitor. Has anybody got any idea if this is this normal? I know their fees are being paid by the other party Thanks Dex
  11. My mums partner had an accident at work and was off for a couple of weeks as he hurt his back. He is being encouraged to make a claim by his boss and the union as it appears the accident was caused by a breach of health & safety. He works for a cleaning company that is contracted to multi national company. I am a bit concerned as he has only been with them for 6 months and it may go against him. He has been given the company solicitor details and been told to pass them onto to whoever is dealing with his claim. 2 questions; 1) Should he continue with the claim
  12. Whilst I was waiting at a mini roundabout a Lexmoto motor cycle tried to squeeze in on my left (I was also turning left) and damaged my car with two long and deepish scratches. No personal injury. I got out of the car and spoke to him briefly. He apologised but said it wasn't his fault(?). He blamed the non-existent ice on the road. I was blocking traffic so I asked him to wait while I moved my car. As I got back in my car he drove off. I went to the Police and reported it who have now said they will prosecute him for not remaining to provide details and for driving away from an acci
  13. Evening. On Christmas eve i ran into the back of someone else. 100% my fault and because of the holidays the car couldnt be inspected until Jan 8th. It is perfectly drivable. Took it to local repairer that esure uses and it needs front bumper, front cross member, both wings dented and both headlights. Had to call insurer twice to get dates to get the car booked in and was booked in tomorrow 26th. The repairer has called to say that the courtesy car has a fault and we will need to wait till thursday. Not much of a problem as things like this happen but i had arranged a day
  14. My wife was involved in an accident, which the other party insurers have admitted they were at fault. As a result of injuries she was unable to get to work and so the her company got rid of her. The job was a temp contract leading to an employed role and she was still in the contract bit of it. Her solicitors have said they can't claim for loss of earnings as she was a temp worker at the time and the company could have got rid of her with no notice. Is this how it works? By the same token if she was a permanent member of staff, could she only claim 1 months salary as that
  15. Hi, I was involved in a car accident 2 days ago, I was stationary at a roundabout and someone rear ended me, upon impact I had pain in my lower right back but I didn't think much of it, no police or paramedics attended and the car was ok to drive home. When I got home and got out of the car the pain in my back intensified so I made an appt with my GP the same day, they said the accident had irritated a nerve and prescribed me pain relief and Naproxen. I contacted tesco(my insurance company) and informed them of what had happened and due to the age of my car they said it would nee
  16. Please forgive me if the terms aren't 100% correct. Different insurers do their calculations differently, but this is my understanding of the basic process: No Claims Discount, normally rated in years, is a discount given which insurers apply to your actual calculated 'rate' or risk. Different insurers use different amounts for the years earned - no consistency. Your Rate or Risk is calculated based on some industry calculations tailored by individual insurers, which consider what is the likelihood of having to pay out to you, and is based on many factors including age, locatio
  17. I have been directed to this site from helpful MSE members. My OH drives to work Mon-Fri and stops in the same petrol station daily at the same time give or take a few mins to get his daily papers. On Saturday out the blue we had through the post to claims from http://www.campssolicitors.co.uk/ for a driver and passenger stating that my OH drove into them and drove off at this petrol station which he did not. At the time and date given he was in the petrol station and remembers the car in question as it was such a new 'posh' for want of a word car. He did not hit the car in any
  18. Hello all, I received some excellent advice from the forum at the start of the year in regard to a disciplinary matter at work for which I was extremely grateful. Hoping for same here. I work the for Civil Service. I am office based but spend around five or six days per month working at venues which are hired on a casual basis as and when required. I am required on these occasions to carry a laptop, portable printer and cabling, as well as files and confidential waste. I always travel by public transport (I am not a driver). In any event my employers strongly encourage the use
  19. Hi all, I got hit from behind and was without a Taxi for a week before a rental was supplied. I am trying to claim for what I have lost. Initially I was told that the previous 13 weeks earnings from the company sheets would be sufficient. I gave them those and now they want tax returns and bank statements. I have explained that two taxi companies merged a year ago and the earnings have increased and the figures on previous tax returns would leave me out of pocket and the bank statements do not reflect any earnings. This is because a lot of the income is cash and doesn`t reach
  20. Hello, I may need some guidance please. Last Wednesday I was travelling home from work, came off an A road onto a slip road which leads to a roundabout. There was a queue of traffic waiting to enter the roundabout. I joined the queue and was stationary when a vehicle behind me failed to stop and ran into the back of my car with quite some speed. I was propelled forward and almost hit the car in front of me., luckily there was no impact as my car came to a stop before hitting them. The guy who hit me got out of his car and stated he was sorry and accepts full responsibility
  21. Hi, I need some advice about an insurance claim via Hastings Direct. My sister was involved in an accident in the middle of November. She was waiting at a roundabout on the left lane when an adjacent truck in the right lane pulled across her stationary car damaging the driver side door, wing mirror front wing and pulling the bumper off. They third party are disputing the claim which is annoying, as all my sister did was sit in her car on the left lane while the other driver pulled across her car. Hastings Direct repairers have said the car is a Cat C as it has suspension damage,
  22. After a few requests from the secretary, asking for the bushes to be pruned, my wife pruned them a week last friday. sadly she got an infection in her right hand ,which spread to her right arm. She has been off sick for nearly a week now after the infection that started in her hand causing swelling quickly spread to her arm, causing that to swell too. As my wife is part time, she only earns around £76 from her employer so I am guessing she won't be eligible for SSP.Is this correct, as I believe an employee has to be earning at least £111.00? As the accident occured
  23. I had an accident at work last month. This was due to erratic behaviour in an office. I am a night worker. I have suffered muscle damage and also permanent dis-configuration of a bone in my chest resulting in what looks like a hernia just below my breast bone. I have been referred to orthopaedics and physio team, however as this accident resulted in an infection I was admitted to hospital as an emergency by my GP, this was several days after the accident as I passed off the pain, didn't want to make a fuss, thought it would pass. I have reported this to my employer via
  24. Hi All, On monday i was on the way to work and i was hit by another car from behind. I was following a car down the highstreet that stopped at a zebra crossing. I pulled up behind it waiting for people to cross. All of a sudden i didnt know what hit me! I was hit very violently from behind. Not sure if i blacked out but felt very disorientated. Got out of the car in shock and legs gave way. I think i hit my head on the steering wheel quite hard- airbag didnt go off. A girl rushed over to me very apologetic, saying that she was adjusting her glasses and hadnt seen me. She said it was all
  25. Hi everyone, I met an accident in mid April 2015. It was a van who hit me from right. It was at a very busy roundabout. There was a police patrol car and motorbike (waiting for someone else may be!) a few hundreds yards from our accident scene. I walked up to the police and informed them that my car was hit by a van. The police did not get down from their vehicle and instructed me to exchange our details ( so there is no police reference number or anything). I took driver's detail ( he wrote on a piece of paper his name, ph number which he said some company he worked for and its number).
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