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  1. Hello forum, I hope someone can help me as I'm feeling quite stressed about my situation. I am stressed at the lack of customer service I've received where people misquote prices and don't seem to care you have a timetable you need to stick to - they're quite happy to mess around with timings and not be accurate enough when they quote timings, they just don't care and they just want the sale. Quick bit of background and then will ask my questions. I ordered a Tamla lazy boy sofa 3 seater and a 1 seater (manual recliners) and was told 7-8 weeks for delivery. I was unaware at the time there was a free carpet offer on. The offer was only for 16sq m of carpet anyway on certain carpets. This is what I'm having issues with. To begin with it was never really made clear which carpet was actually included as 'free' but he seemed happy for me to think the £12.99 per sq m was included. This matter was cleared up on a later visit and I switched my attention to the carpet that was actually included in the offer. The sales rep seemed knowledgeable but when it came to sorting out the carpet, he quoted me something that would only have been confirmed by the guy who came to measure my front room. He had not been given any information about my order, just told to measure the front room and quoted me for the price of a £5.99 per sq m carpet. Anyway, I went back to the store in Dartford twice to decide on the carpet and was told that the carpet fitter was not aware that I had ordered a lazyboy sofa which is why his quote was different to what the store quoted. I'm still not sure I was actually quoted correctly at all. I had opted for the £9.99 per sq m carpet anyway which was included as the free carpet and had to paid the remaining balance. I even took a picture and confirmed it with the same rep as before that that was the carpet that would be delivered. He told me it was called pewter. I have since found out that pewter is not the colour I wanted. I generally don't do colour coordination or know the variations of colours but if I show you a picture and point to the actual sample I want then how can you tell me a colour is pewter when it isn't? The carpet fitter came on Saturday morning - called me at 8 am to say he'd be there in 20 mins - so I'm rushing around to get my boy out the house and left my partner to deal with the fitting. When I came back I saw that the carpet was not the colour I was expecting - I had confirmed it twice in the store, even took a photo and made sure it matched with that I told the same sales rep. as above, he wrote pewter. The problem is, and now my questions: I cannot find anything on the contract about what to do if SCS mess up and have the wrong colour carpet delivered, particularly if the carpet seems to be the £12.99 per sq m carpet not included in the deal. It has now been fitted and even my partner said to the fitters that it didn't look the right colour but they weren't going to not fit it or contact SCS to check for any mistakes. It was really early in the morning and my partner let them fit the carpet, he doesn't mind the different colour but I usually sort this stuff out. If I had been at home then would I have been able to say 'no' to the fitters and call SCS there and then? The fitters didn't seem to care about having the wrong carpet. So, I now have the wrong colour carpet. It's not a major problem but my new sofas will clash and I don't know how SCS could confirm one thing and still get it wrong. I just don't know my rights. I'm ok with a different colour carpet but I don't want to be charged any extra for their mistake if they have given me the £12.99 per sq m carpet. 1) Is there anything in law that covers me for the mistake made by SCS meaning I don't have to pay extra if they've delivered and fitted a more expensive carpet? As far as I can see if they have misquoted then they bear the loss because I have already paid them. To add, if it's not the more expensive carpet they've delivered then there really isn't a problem at all and I can just complain that it's the wrong colour and leave it at that and call them incompetent. There is nothing in the contract that I can see that covers this type of event, only matters arising from defects. 2) Is there anything in law that covers me for any mistakes made in their quotations for the carpet fitting, underlay and fixings? - I am wondering if I have been misquoted and paid more than I should have. The fitters were supposed to bring 2 gold bars for the 2 doors but they didn't. I also haven't received the rug doctor cleaning kit which I was promised. 2) I am now worried about my lazy boy sofas not being delivered on time. If delivery takes longer than 7-8 weeks what can I do about it? It seems futile to complain to head office but is there anything is law that covers me? I'm not sure what this would be exactly. 3) I don't know how long I have to inform them of the situation but need to know my rights first. They quote 72 hours for sofa delivery issues but say nothing about carpets. I want to call head office to find out their policy on this but after reading reviews of their customer service I'm not sure I will be given the right information. I will go to SCS today to sort out the rug doctor kit and the gold bars issues. I will tell them I have sought legal advice in case I have been misquoted prices and have been delivered the carpet not included in the deal. I will not be paying any money to them but will ask them to make sure that the tamla lazy boys are on track and again quote that I have sought legal advice in case they are not delivered on time. Until someone can advise me on my rights I will just let them know I am aware of mistakes they have made and will take the matter further if I get any hassle from them. I apologise my writing's all over the place but is anyone able to help me? thank you in advance
  2. I defaulted on a wonga loan over a year a go (427 days according to my account) but I haven't heard anything from them or a debt collector. I defaulted on other debts around the same time due to not having a job and I've been repaying them through the debt collectors they were assigned to. Should I make an attempt to repay it or just ignore it until my situation is better? If I'm being honest I don't feel that bad about not paying it back
  3. Can anyone please help me. I have been advised to make a written complaint to the bank who gave me a considerable amount of money as a personal loan in 2006. I don't have a clue where to start. Thank you
  4. Hello all, I have recently made a claim for income based job seekers allowance and was asked to attend a DWP compliance meeting based on my living arrangements and wondered if anyone could help and tell me if I am eligible for JSA or not. I cannot live with family as such currently I am staying at a number of friends houses but one in particular I put down as my main address when making the claim. I have informed the DWP compliance officer that this is my friend that let's me stay at his house and there are 4 others living there I do not know. They are all full-time students and I crash on the couch sometimes. Now I am worried I will not be eligible for JSA whilst looking for work as I literally have no money left and am in need of that help whilst I am searching for jobs. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  5. Hi All, Basically its like this. I work at a military establishment with a woman who is starting to drive me nuts, basically. She has obsessive compulsive disorder - don't get me wrong, I fully respect she has the condition but she's making my working life that much more unbearable. She's even confiding in a work colleague that she went to see a psychologist because she said that I stress her out at work and to hear that second hand from a work colleague was not too pleasant to be honest. I have had a problem with pen chewing and putting things in my mouth, chewing my nails etc. as far back as I can remember and there seems to be no signs of it letting up - despite my best efforts, I find myself relapsing and every now and again, which has become a bit more occasional of late, find a pen or something else in my mouth, be it my fingers for biting my nails or whatever. However whenever I have been at a workstation using the keyboard or been somewhere else and this is usually some while after I have bitten my nails, for example, then she is there cleaning the desk area and I am made to feel like a dirty person - don't get me wrong - I fully respect her condition but I'm being made to feel that I can't even put my hands near my mouth or pick up a pen in fear she's going to put in a complaint and I think that I am going to be on the receiving end of something unpleasant and the fact that she has a mental illness will work against me. Furthermore, she is rather cold toward me in the office and I feel the tensity in the office is going to reach a peak before long. We have been open and honest about our feelings in the office as well. I can't help what I do at the end of the day and as I explained, since I've been a nipper, its been a recurring problem for me. Can someone offer me some advice as to what the best solution is as I will not take kindly to an official complaint from my supervisor as I feel I've done little wrong and am trying hard to work on a problem I've had difficulty in resolving in the past. Regards
  6. Hi there, I have read the previous posts regarding the N244 forms and the process but i'm still unsure why my case has been declined at the court officer stage. I had received a PCN from the LB of Hackney back in September 2013 which I appealed against and was declined. I then forwarded payment via cheque on the 28/12/14 for the fee of £65. This unfortunately was not sent recorded delivery as i had intended as my son had sent it using normal royal mail postage (lesson learnt, do it myself next time!). However, on my return from my holiday in Feb 2014 I had a further notification requesting £130. Immediately I called the LB of Hackney on 10/02/14 and spoke with a parking officer who advised that they had not received no cheque/payment. Whilst on the call I had called my bank who confirmed that the cheque had not been cashed. I then asked the officer what to do in this instance as i had made payment and would like to get this matter resolved as i couldn't afford for it to escalate. I asked if i could make payment over the phone to which he replied that it would be for the new amount of £130 which i contested to. He advised that in order to pay the original amount that i had tried to pay, I would need to write in to them and provide proof by way of a cheque stub and a supporting letter explaining this situation and that this would place the case on hold. I sent in a letter and supporting evidence as advised on the 27/02/14. However, no reply was received I had admittedly soon after received further notifications within a short period but naively assumed that they would be placing their action on hold as they had advised once they had got to my letter. Long story short, unknowingly they had continued with the escalation and I had learned later down the line (in a complaint response after filing a stat declaration) that they had no intention of replying to my letter, as a charge certificate had been issued on the same day (how coincidental) and as stated by them that "at this point i could no longer make an appeal against the PCN as stated in the notice to owner.....and there was no obligation for us to respond to this correspondence" ?? Had i been advised of this at that particular stage in February i would have applied to the courts through a Stat Declaration earlier, however i only learned of this in June after several months have passed and Bailiffs had taken my vehicle, and several conversations with LB of Hackney's contact centre. It is now going to cost a whopping £958.00 for me to get my vehicle back which as a now unemployed single parent don't have. I had to leave my job as locum worker as i needed my vehicle to commute with clients and could no longer meet the jobs requirements. I had requested a further review of the decision made by the courts officer but this was declined with out an explanation. I am currently in Canada supporting my ill grandfather after his heart op and only received information of the letter advising me that it was declined on the 11/09/14 and that i had 14 days to complete the N244. Given the evidence i provided and the genuine situation regarding this matter i did not expect this outcome. I am not back in the UK until december and am now in a panic as i have until the 14/09/14 and don't know what to do please advise!!!!!!
  7. I was supposed to recive a performance related bonus but it was witheld. The reason given was its because i recive a monthly bonus for something else. The problem being is other staff recived the bonus and they also recive monthly bonus too. Can my company do this? The bonus was not contractual but i have been singled out for no good reason I am looking to take this to a tribuneral, does anyone belive i have any chance? I also feel like pressure is being put on us to resign but thats another thing. Thanks guys.
  8. Hi there. I starts my College in September, and I need to sign off my JSA on the coming up Friday, will JSA still pay me on my normal pay date(Which is 2 weeks every Wednesday) or their will be no payment? And what will happens if I forgot to sign off? Will they ask me to pay all of it back or?
  9. Hi all, I put in for PIP last October, and i have been waiting all this time for a F2F assessment! well i just phoned ATOS to see when my assessment would be or even if they had one for me, the woman on the phone was very good she had a look and she said we have a cancellation but its in london on the 18th of this month, i said i have no way of getting there as i'm 30 miles away, i asked if i can get a taxi and she said yes and that they will book it for me, so happy i phoned them up today. The wait is over!
  10. Spotted this thread on rightsnet.org and it might be worth keeping an eye on it. http://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/6844/ Early days in the thread yet, but it seems, as ever that there's a great deal of floundering and confusion about referrals for repeat ESA assessments being deferred. This is the first mention I have seen anywhere about possible use of the Equality law to defend against future claims of discrimination made by sick and disabled ESA WRAG claimants who are all in the firing line for sanction. First attempt at posting a link, hope it's approved!
  11. CAG in Todays Sun Newspaper. Article titled - Shopping Bill Shock at IKEA Here is the Article in PDF:
  12. Simon1959

    CSA Arrears

    I Have always paid my CSA i have no problem with supporting my children , however i am in the process of being re assesed , as i earn more i would expect to pay more again i have no problem with this As they have asked for 3 wage slips (one of which that i dont have ) there will inevitably be a delay as i,m told that the new rate will run from when the reassesment was requested approx four weeks at present My question is do i have to pay the arrears of in full or can i be given time to pay in installments if i can pay in installments is there a time limit that it should be paid in eg 6months, a year ,etc Thanks in advance
  13. my car was repossed by loans2go as previous owner had defaulted, i was gutted but i should have hpi,d before i bought it , gave the keys to loans2go agents when they called at my home, asked for my personal belongings from the car but was not allowed to enter the car as it "belonged" to loans2go, the agent said she would get my belongings for me, the agent passed me a bag from the boot containing car cleaning products, when i asked for my tax disc, cd player, engine (i bought the car without one in it), carpets cd,s etc, the agent said the cd belongs to the car ,yet i have the front of the cd player, as i had it put in, of the engine the agent said " stop going on and on the car belongs to us now". i have all receipts for engine, tax disc, the petrol i had just put in. i want my stuff back please please help if you can thanx
  14. My daughter was referred by the local CAMHS to a specialist dept that dealt with eating disorders. They said she was boarder line Anorexic and severe Anorexic. This Specialist Dept, felt they were unable to help her as she had complex needs. She was referred back to the local CAMHS. Anyone local to Canterbury may of heard of George Turle House. She has been seen by someone there once, who told her she DOESN'T have an eating disorder at all and if by her next appointment in September, she hasn't increased her food intake and her BMI and weight is higher and in the "normal range" for her age, that she should not bother attending the appointment in September. Is that it? What sort of help and support is that? How can 2 hospitals view point be so different? Where is the support for my daughter to get better? I have to say, I have little faith in GTH. We, as a family, were seen at GTH for a long 10 years as my eldest childrens behaviour was physically and mentally abusive. In that entire 10 years, of apparently trained professionals they didn't notice that my son was and of course is still, Aspergers, my eldest daughter had and has High Functioning Autism, nor did they pick up on myself having High Functioning Autism. I was diagnosed 2 years ago (aged 48) by Maudsley Hospital in London. WTG GTH... Is there anyone I can complain to? I see little point in complaining to GTH themselves...Is there an Ombudsmen for CAMHS? Please help.........any one, please!
  15. i just got a warning from my jsa coach about not applying for enough jobs. i just find im looking at the same jobs but from differnt sites agencys ect. my question is can they check up on jobs you apply for where you have to email the company yourself
  16. Hi. I just have a question regarding ESA. My husband had spinal surgery in October and has been on ESA since the end of September. He has received a letter saying he has to attend a medical on the 13th February but thats the day he is due back to work and all being well he will go back that day. Do I ring and tell them that he is back to work that day and they should cancel the appointment for the medical? Many Thanks
  17. Hi old poster here but had to go by different user name for this because it would be as plain as the nose on your face who I am employee on holiday (common knowledge they are abroad) while on holiday letter sent by recorded delivery letter inviting them to an informal meeting regarding there lateness and sickness at the start of there first shift back obviously they didn't get the letter (there was a card from the postman but didn't have time to go collect it ) can they say in there appeal letter I was not formally invited to a disciplinary meeting in writing
  18. Hi , I hope somebody can give me some advice, I received a letter today from HMRC asking for wage slips from last April 13 to this year, i started working last august and gave them all the info and put in a childcare claim for my 3 children, I unfortunately had to leave this job last sept due to employer changing my hours and i stupidly carried on claiming the childcare, which was £80 per week as i was still activly looking for work. I realised how stupid i was being and rang in feb this year to cancel childcare and tell them i am no longer working, a bit late i know im not going to justify this silly mistake, it was money we had come to rely on. the letter does not mention childcare but asks for my wage slips as they think my award is wrong and they need to update my award by july 11th or my claim will be stopped, can anyone advise me what to do??
  19. Hi not sure if I've put this thread in the right category, however I just want to see how I stand, I worked for a large health trust for past year on their temporary staffing meaning I worked when I wanted, I was taken off the payroll this may 11th because I had not worked for them since nov 13 when I found a permanent job, however it came to light that they owe me about 40-60 hours annual leave that I accrued 1hour for every 10 that I worked for them, they said that I can only be paid up to 20 hours holiday pay because I should have claimed before their deadline of March 14. Whilst they agree that I should have received a text msg like their other employers they say the duty of claiming my holiday pay was my responsibility to ensure I claimed, no one informed me, reminded me or told me when I stopped working for them, how do I convince them to pay me the whole of what I was due, have I got any rights, thanks for any advice.
  20. Hi I'm trying to help my partner, who's been living with me but has ignored debts of approx £10k for a minimum of 6 years which accumulated before my partner arrived in my life. My partner with encouragement has tried general counselling but it wasn't long enough time spent to get to the root of the problem. Is reluctant to seek further help. With a MH condition I'm wondering if it might be possible though to get MIND to help.... Doesn't want to file for bankrupcy though. Been out of work, then my carer so can't afford to pay loans back. Is there a risk at my home of bailiffs? Are there any other options I can steer my partner towards? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  21. The bank is scrapping its percentage-based overdraft fee in favour of a flat daily charge Barclays customers have reacted with fury at the forthcoming changes to overdraft charges that will cause some borrowing costs to triple. The charges for an arranged overdraft will change from a percentage figure to a daily fee from June 16. Barclays said the measure was intended to increase transparency and make it easier for customers to calculate their costs. However, the changes mean some customers will pay far more for borrowing an agreed amount from the bank. Barclays is sending letters to more than five million personal current account customers who have an overdraft, and The Telegraph has heard from a number of readers who are frustrated with the changes. Roger, a 61-year-old engineering consultant from Essex, said he was leaving the bank as a result. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/banking/10772832/Barclays-is-about-to-triple-the-cost-of-my-overdraft.html
  22. I sold some items on Ebay and I paid my paypal late and got a letter from transcom claiming the fees (roughly 20 quid). I had paid ebay directly by the time I got the letter and my account is £0.00. Firstly can transcom take me to court if the "debt" was never assigned to them. Secondly, if not I assume ebay cannot assign anything to them now as my account is paid up. Cheers all, Billy.
  23. To cut a long story short, a few years back my company had to close and in turn was sorting things out when through the whole process I discovered that there was an issue with a hire purchase agreement I was on with BMW Basically and not to bore you all, I disputed the credit agreement due to a very long winded defence regarding the validity of the agreement, basically BMW continued with their action, repossessed the car and started proceedings. However I put up a valid defence against them and we agree to settle out of court So my question is, as I was prepared to defend the action fully as I disputed the validity of the agreement, and as they agreed to discontinue action, do I have an argument in order to get them to remove the default from my credit file
  24. Can someone point me in the direction of a letter/template i saw quite awhile ago on here, im looking for the one which says about NOT giving a debt collector sensitive information (im trying to set up a payment plan and they have asked for EVERY detail of my illness and income etc) i refuse to give it to them, as i dont know where it will end up, but im sure there is a much better worded letter on here somewhere just cant find it! thankyou
  25. It's a very long story but in short, my neighbour's property was gutted by fire in January (unfortunately, the lady lost her life). My house was extensively damaged by smoke and Liverpool Victoria had a loss adjuster round very quickly to establish that all the contents of my cellar and loft area need to be removed for chemical cleaning/disposal, all insulation needs to be replaced, my carpets and furniture require professional cleaning and the house needs fully redecorated. I have pursued this vigorously as I have 2 young children and our belongings (as advised) are all in cardboard boxes. So far (under duress) they have removed all insulation from the house (which is now very cold!) and striped half the wallpaper (chunks are hanging down off walls and have been for weeks). All the items we had stored in the cellar and loft (which amounted to a substantial sum due to their specialist nature) have been removed almost from day 1 with no list, update or knowledge of where they are or who has them. Every time I call I get fobbed off. Last Wednesday I was promised a call, same again on Friday, Tuesday of this week and still no-one has called. I have formally complained but I might as well not have bothered. What can I do to force LV to take ownership of this claim?
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