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  1. Over the past few months a large number of Facebook pages have been set up (mainly by Sovereign Citizen/Freeman on the Land activists). A common feature of these pages is the use of highly dubious methods of 'beating the bailiff'. The most common feature, and one that is sadly costing debtors dearly is the advice to refuse to speak or correspond with the enforcement agent and instead, to pay the amount of the actual 'debt' (Liability Order, parking penalty notice, court fine) direct to the creditor (minus bailiff fees of course). From further reading it would appear that the reason for refusing to 'engage' with the enforcement company is that by 'engaging' the debtor becomes a 'joinder' and therefore is agreeing to a 'contract' being entered into (a daft Freeman on the Land theory and one that has no basis in law whatsoever). A rather worrying suggestion that I have seen on quite a few of these sites recently is the advice to debtors to make a complaint about bailiff fees to the Magistrate's Court under the provision of Regulation 1 of the Magistrates Courts Act 1980. This is novel idea and one that again is being sold by 'Guru's' and has no basis whatsoever in law. Of course as with all such scams, there is no evidence whatsoever of any court 'successes'. This is despite the highly inaccurate 'claims' on these Facebook pages that once the summons is laid before the Justice of the Peace that the Justice will either issue a summons directed to the bailiff requiring him to appear before the magistrates' court to answer the information or more ludicrously; that a warrant would be issued ordering the bailiff to be arrested and brought to court to answer the charges. A copy of a recent 'template' is provided in the following post.
  2. I have an issue with my housing association. But I can't see where to post about it?
  3. I sold a motorbike on Ebay yesterday, the buyer messaged me and asked for the Reg Number and Chassis Number which is fair enough as he wanted to do a HPI check before arranging collection. He messaged me earlier to say thanks for those details and the search has requested the following: V5 registration document serial no and V5 registration document issue date. I wanted to check that he actually needs this information and why that information is requested before giving it out to him. Just making sure it's genuine info that's required as when I've done them in the past I've only needed the Reg Number. Thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone, I posted today regarding a CCJ that has been registered against me for an old Santander overdraft. After receiving advice I am going to ask for proof of the payment they say I made in 2009, and once I'm satisfied, I will pay it in full as I am trying to put ourselves in the best position for a mortgage and can't afford CCJs. My concern now is though, is if this one has found me from the past, will the others? I had an Egg Card, an MBNA Card, an HSBC personal loan, and a Capital One Card. The HSBC loan was with a DC for a while, and became statue barred. I have written confirmation from them that this is the case and have not heard anything regarding this debt since. The Capital One card was for £240, so not a huge amount. I have never been contacted regarding this but am worried it might have gone to a previous address. If I do get a CCJ for this though, due to the amount, I would pay it immediately in order to protect my credit file. My main concern is the MBNA, and EGG Card. I have not seen any letters for these in many years, and I can't recall seeing any since the address I actually had them in. The Santander account that has registered the CCJ now, was from that address and they made no attempt to find me by way of searches etc, just sent all correspondence to that address and then I got a default judgement. My question is, is there anyway, short of physically going to all my old addresses, to find out if any other DCs are trying to contact me? So I can deal/dispute/pay anything before it reached the stage of a CCJ? If an amount of £1000+ ends up as a CCJ I'm going to struggle to pay it immediately in order to protect my file. NB My credit file shows no debts as all have passed 6 years on default date. Santander defaulted in Nov 2008, but I have never seen EGG or MBNA on there. I can only go back as far as September 20014 though. To my knowledge, I haven't made payment to any debts for over 6 years so likelyhood is they are statue barred anyway but would like to know if any DCs are actively trying to contact me before they go to court. Any advice appreciated, even if it's to be told that I have to just sit with my fingers crossed. Many Thanks
  5. Hello I've been on the Work Programme with Ingeus since October 2013 and up to now most of the people there have been OK with me. Some of them have been really helpful. Earlier this year, arthritis in my neck and shoulders started to get worse and I am currently getting physiotherapy for it. I have other problems with chronic back, leg and groin pain, so some days I am as stiff as a board and find it very difficult to move about. I am on a lot of pain medication. Ingeus know about this. About a month ago they changed my advisor. In my first appointment with her she seemed OK, but was a bit aggressive in her manner. She booked another appointment with me for two weeks later, but on that day I woke up and was in a lot of pain and could hardly move. I called her about four hours before the appointment time to ask if she could rearrange the appointment because I was in a lot of pain. She said “well, anyone could say that couldn't they?” and “I've only got your word for it”. She went on to say that I may get sanctioned because of this, and booked another appointment. I am worried now because this seems to me like Ingeus want to punish me for being in pain. My GP has told me that these health problems will probably get worse, so its even more worrying. I’d be very grateful for any comments or advice on what to say to Ingeus, because I don't know the rules of the WP and I'm scared to say anything that may cause them to sanction me.
  6. My nephew was self-employed for a part of last year. He therefore submitted is self assessment forms, which they received 24 april 2014. He confirmed this by phone and at the same time they informed him there was a huge delay, particularly with paper applications, and to expect to wait at least six weeks. He rang last Saturday to see how it was all going. A very helpful chap confirmed that it had been approved on 25 June and he should therefore expect payment into his bank this Friday, today. He was told the amount. There is no rebate this morning. He rang them at lunchtime, and they didn´t know what he was talking about, except that they agreed they had received his application had been received. It would not be looked at until 7 August at the earliest. They were as confused as my nephew. It transpires that the person he spoke to on Saturday incorrectly gave him the details from the year before. It took about half an hour for them to realise this. The chap he spoke to apologised and said he had never known that to happen in the seven years he had been working there. This has caused my nephew a few finanical problems, I mean after all, if the tax man says he is going to pay you a set amount on a set date then we believe them don´t we?! Anyway, I feel after such an error (and they have the call recorded apparently) they should now pull his application out of the system and deal with it swiftly and manually. After all, if it only happens once in seven years, it won´t be that difficult will it? And we will make a complaint of course, we have the address, to ensure that it doesn´t happen again in the next seven years, hopefully. Other than them being stupid, is anyone aware of anything we can throw at them letterwise, do we have any rights when this happens etc? Many thanks for reading.
  7. Hello I am new to this forum I really need some advice. I am currently on long term sick leave from my job as a GP's receptionist. There is no likelihood of me being able to return in the near future and my latest certificate from my GP covers my absence until 10th August 2015. My GP is being very supportive and I am on medication and have been referred to specialist services where I have had my initial assessment and I am on a awaiting list for additional treatment. I know that my long term absence has an impact on my employer, I feel guilty about this, but it does not change my ability to work, I have not control over my condition at the moment. I am in receipt of SSP, my employer does not offer any occupational scheme, and I have asked them to provide me with an SSP1 form as my SSP is due to end soon. I have now received a letter informing me that a meeting has been booked for this Thursday 2nd July and that I need to attend to discuss my sickness in detail. The meeting will be with the partners (husband and wife team) and the practice manager, and I can bring a colleague or union representative. The reason for my absence is anxiety and depression and there is no way that I can attend this meeting at my place of employment. It would not be fair to ask one of my colleagues and I am not a member of a union. I am concerned that although the letter I have received states they want to assess my ability to return to work, I think that the senior partner in particular wants to assess my illness. I am very vulnerable at the moment and I am seriously considering resigning as there is no way I am well enough to work in any job let alone the stressful one I have. The senior partner is extremely dismissive of his staff, he is basically a bully and has made things difficult for staff members who have handed in their notice to leave to go to other jobs, and he has made things difficult for other colleagues who have been off ill. I don't know what do. I am going to ask that they given me more time to get advice and I want to try and see if my local mental health team can offer me some support. I cannot attend this meeting alone, my husband has said he will attend with me, but I know my employer will not allow this. The senior partner has made it clear to one of my colleagues & immediate line manager (who is the only person from work who has been in touch with me before this letter), that he doesn't believe my illness is genuine and he has even threatened not to pay my SSP, which he hasn't done. What should I do? I am so stressed which has made my anxiety and depression so much worse over the last few days, I am not due to see my GP for another few weeks, not sure whether I should go to him to discuss my fears. My employer has not asked to see a medical report, although he has on several occasions told my colleague to inform me he will be doing this if I do not return to work. I have no problem with agreeing to access to my medical records as both my GP and the local mental health services information on medical record would back up my version of how I am feeling at the moment. I feel that I am being forced into to making a decision I do not have the mental capacity to do so at the moment, I feel bullied, and paranoid. Any advice or opinions would be appreciated. Sorry if this post is long and rambling, it has taken me ages to write. R
  8. Hi all - I hope someone can help with this query - thanks in advance for any advice! My situation - I've been on a Debt Management Plan for a few years and use one of my two bank accounts to make the payments. Last summer while I was making my usual DMP payments I noticed online that an overdraft facility had become available on that account, interest free for a year. I thought it'd be a good way to help pay off the few creditors who were still charging me interest, including a couple of payday loan firms. The problem is that in the coming months every time I clicked on the overdraft link online I was allowed to borrow more - taking it from £200 up to almost £6,000 now. I was stupid to keep clicking, I know... But the bank gave me this overdraft despite me: a) not paying my salary into the account; b) having multiple defaults on my credit record; c) making payments to two or more debt collection firms each month; d) using payday lenders and, e) even more stupidly, gambling online - a big part of how I ended up in this mess in the first place. So - they are due to start charging interest on this overdraft soon and it's going to tip me over the edge (again). I really don't want to default and want to find a way through it. But my question is whether I should complain about a breach of their responsible lending guidelines. Would that serve any purpose? Do I have a case? What might they do, for better or worse? I've actually had refunds from a few payday loan firms who acknowledged they should never have issued loans to me, so I'd have thought a mainstream bank must have some sort of similar view? Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  9. THE ONLY THING WRONG WITH THE GOVERNMENT'S CALCULATION OF AVAILABLE PENSION IS THAT THEY FORGOT TO FIGURE IN ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DIED BEFORE THEY EVER COLLECTED OLD AGE PENSION. WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO? Remember, not only did you and I contribute to our Pension, our employer did, too. It totalled 15% of your income before taxes. Read some More
  10. Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can help me/provide some advice. A couple of years ago my landlord (Housing association) applied for a possession order. At the time my rent arrears were around 2k. I agreed with the judge to pay back the arrears at the rate of around £15 per week. I have recently had a period of unemployment and as such fell behind with my agreement, and for the last 6 months or so have only worked sporadically, usually not applying for HB when I havent been working. As the arrears have risen to about 2300 I recently called my landlord to let them know I had secured an 18 month contract at a new employer - and was able to start making weekly payments of £30 per week on top of my rent to start clearing the arrears. I have stuck to this since the agreement though unfortunately one of the payments went missing (since turned up) & they have now sent me letters and are saying they are applying for an eviction warrant. Is there anything I can do, In an ideal world I would like to continue paying the £30 per week on top of my rent to reduce arrears - my current arrears are just under 2k and at a push I could probably get my hands on anything up to a grand to get them halved. Any advice would be much appreciated
  11. Hi, I'm not sure whether there will be a problem here but don't want to wait util there's a crisis before posting. My friend lost her job last year when the young disabled man she was caring for went into a home. She also lost her home at the time as his dad had bought a house for his son to live in. Although the family gave her time and space to adjust this has worsened her existing health problems and she'sapplied for ESA. She managed to find accomodation and apply for ESA. She had her appointment with the dreaded ATOS and keeps telling me "I know I'll fail". The woman who she saw at her appointment was "chatty". (I and other friends warned her to avoid trick questions, and she spotted them but I think may have fallen into the trap.) The problem is that when she moved she had to register with a new GP. The new GP is not sympathetic. My friend has diabetes(which is seriously affecting her sight), asthma, chronic fatigue, mental health issues and chronic pain. She is undergoing tests to find out what is causing the pain. The job she was in before she could do at her own pace. She worked from home, the boy she cared for was at school during the week and she looked after him at weekends and during school holidays. She was also on call for any incidents during the school week. It's unlikely she will find anything similar despite an excellent reference. She has few qualifications and had been doing this for almost 20 years. She tells me herself that she just needs a short space of time to get more clarity over her health, maybe get a treatment plan in place and recover from the shock she's been through. I would be seriously scared for her to be thrown onto JSA and the sanctions regime as there are so many jobs she couldn't do. I feel she would be sanctioned very quickly. If she does (as I dread) get zero points she has nothing to live on while the mandatory consideration takes place so tells me that she has to apply for JSA. Is there anything else she can do? I have advised her to contact the council should it happen to get her housing benefit etc reinstated but I'm scared that she'll fall into a deep depression. I don't live anywhere near so I can only help her by phone/internet (she lives over 400 miles away.) Any advice appreciated.
  12. There are posts on forums that Experto Credite are about to go belly up. If you search "Experto in trouble" in google you will find the posts. Posters are saying that Experto Credite can't pay some government department (HMRC/VAT?) and they have stopped paying staff. I have plans with them for debt they have bought from MBNA (Varde?). Should I keep paying them? I am worried that my payments will go missing or be frozen if they go bust. Anyone else here have payment plans with them?
  13. This thread is designed to assist you with obtaining as much information as you may need to get a good understanding of certain types of benefits including 1. Universal Credit (UC) 2. PIP (Personal Independent Payments (PIPs) 3. Contribution based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) 4. Contribution based Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for people who are eligible for UC The link below was first published 22/03/2013 and updated 23/04/2015 If you wish to know more please follow the link below and then spend some time looking through the large amount of links and data listings to find your benefit or question. Please see here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/advice-for-decision-making-staff-guide Although this link is meant for the Approved Decision Makers (ADM) anyone can read them to gain an entry level of knowledge for your benefit. If you follow the above link and wish to know about being sanctioned you would then need to find the relevant number of the document within that link, in this case the link would relate to K1-K9 and so on. This link above covers so much information and may be of use to you. Getting to know what is/maybe required of you can be found within this link. I also covers living together as a married couple (LTAMC) since many posters often ask how many nights can a partner stay over that question is answered here for you in detail. See E4 for this information If you have found your question in the link and still need to ask questions please start your own thread within this part of the forum see below. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=160 Note to readers sorry for the long list in the link/s but they are worth reading and you could benfit from what you find contained within.
  14. Hi All, Hoping you can assist... I have received a letter from Gemini Parking Solutions about a parking ticket that was issued on March 30th. I believe it is a notice to keeper because it references the POFA 2012 and mentions that they have requested my details from DVLA as the registered keeper. However, I have read that they are not allowed to do this earlier than 28 days after the PCN is issued. Which brings the first date that they can do this to April 29th. I sold my car (to We Buy Any Car, not sure if this is relevant) on the 3rd April. How did Gemini get my details, when from 3rd April WBAC would have been the registered keeper??? Thanks in advance all. C
  15. Hi can anyone one help I am a single mum with three children two disabled, I have received a letter from HMRC saying that they have been informed that someone is living with me when I have not and have concrete proof can you help please Thank you
  16. Hi all. A very good friend of mine has had to resign from his job at the local council department (planning) due to the extreme stress he was put under. He raised this isuue many times with the department running up to his resignation but they did not offer any help at all. My question is if he were to send them an SAR, would this cover internal memos/emails about him? If so, please can someone help tailor one to cover this as I only have a standard SAR letter for bank charges era from years ago. Thank you in advance for any help offered, Buel10
  17. Not sure where to start with this...but am in the process of getting my affairs in order. I am awaiting various SAR replies, CCA replies, some PPI claims and at some point some charges claims. I am trying to do things in a sensible order now rather than going off half-cocked! Had some very useful advice from DX that made me look at things in a different way but moving on from that i'm trying to consider some of the next moves I may need make, and i'm trying to get my head around what the law says. Firstly I should point out currently my debts are being managed through the CCCs and I have one CCJ i will be paying for a VERY long time. This CCJ also carries a Charging order on my property - but i'm staying put so no worries there! Most of my defaults are three or so years old and I am paying nominal amounts on them. I suspect of the three non-ccj debts that have been sold on two of them will not be able to provide a valid CCA. One of these debts for some reason doesn't have a default against it but shows as an arrangement to pay on my credit file every month. Is this allowed/legal/acceptable as they bought it with this arrangement in place? I've seen estoppel mentioned but I don't know if it applies to me? If i understand things correctly this DCA can register a default on my account if i were to stop paying - and this will be the case until such time as i have paid this debt in full or come to a full and final figure? With regards to the other debts if i just pay for the next three years and then stop on the basis for example that the debt is unenforceable i cannot be punished on a CRA by any means ie second defaults can't be registered, i cannot be taken to court, etc as i will have already had the default registered on the account. Hope this is making sense. Would welcome any input - especially on the legal side of things. Hx
  18. Hello Everyone, I have recently received a letter from Lloyds Bank writing to advice me of their 'concerns' about previous advice regarding my Fixed Rate ISA with Scottish Widows, take out in 2012. First question: Is this just a ploy to sell me another product which wouldn't necessarily be of any benefit to me / reduce my interest rate? I have been looking at the new Fixed Rate ISA's currently available on Money Saving Expert and interested in 'The Coventry' at 2.10% AER until 2019. Second Question: Does anybody have any experience through banking with them? Positive or negative. Finally, I would be gratful for any advice with regards to moving / saving my money to gain the best interest rates / return on my savings (currently over £10,000) Thank you for your time and I appreciate any feedback and advice from you in due course
  19. Hi all Thanks for taking the time to read this. Recently, my wife's insurer made an error which has caused us quite some inconvenience. In 2013 my wife was driving her Megane and was involved in an accident in which 2 other cars contributed. She was in no way at fault. (I can describe but it's not relevant). She had a £400 excess. She was fully comp. She received a payout less the £400 excess and any other costs. When we asked about the excess and any other costs, she was told that she didn't have legal cover so they won't pursue it and she would have to do it herself. (It took a LONG time to even get to this point, because of the complexity regarding the 2 other parties who were arguing over fault). We hired a solicitor, who was nearly useless too because we told them we didn't have legal cover. In the last month, I convinced my wife to start chasing up the excess and that we would have to ring the (third party) company and battle through to try and get it back. Before she did that, she rang her insurer to confirm some information. The lady she spoke to was very helpful, and said that it actually looks like she DOES have legal cover. The helpful lady further researched this, and it seems that online when taking out the insurance, my wife didn't select legal cover but on the phone to confirm the policy, she took out the legal cover at the last minute. So basically what has happened: My wife bought legal cover. She tried to use the legal cover. The insurer said she didn't have it, when she actually did. 1 - 2 years later, the insurer are finally providing the legal cover service and beginning to reclaim the excess from the third party. Is there any trouble that the insurer should be in? We plan on writing a letter of complaint, are there any particular things we should include? Any response is much appreciated!
  20. Hi lovely people, I haven't been on this site for ages but I remember last time I had a problem I found it invaluable. Right, this is a long and complicated juicy nightmare ebay problem which I refuse to back down from. To start with, I bought a perfume from ebay - all looked fine on the description, seller had good feedback so I went ahead and bid. On receipt of the perfume I noticed it was a blatant fake and contacted the seller straight away. She seemed friendly and said it was a gift and had not realised it was a counterfeit as it was sealed. We arranged for me to send it back to her and she gave me her address and said that she had already refunded me. I know from experience that sometimes refunds take a few days to clear and I went ahead and sent it back. First mistake, I know, and second mistake - I sent it back just as normal 2nd class, with no tracking. I have never sent anything back before on ebay to a seller and was not aware of their tracking policy. I then realised that I had been conned as I never received the refund. The seller didn't contact me regardless of the messages I sent her off to ring up ebay customer services. Rang them and they said that I had to open a case against her but because I didn't have a tracking number they could not confirm if she had received the item back or not so could not refund me. I had to wait a few days whilst they tried to make contact. Obviously the seller did not respond to their messages every time I rang them about it they kept churning out the no tracking number spiel, so no refund. In the end they closed the case saying that they could not verify delivery. In the meantime I noticed that the seller had received another negative feedback regarding selling a counterfeit perfume. I appealed the case and highlighted this fact but again the same response from ebay. They suggested I tried to contact royal mail and try and get compensation. I reluctantly started a process with Royal stating that it might be lost in the post, hoping that maybe they could track it down. On Friday this week to my utter surprise I received the 'perfume' back. On the label that the post office stuck on 'item never called for' was ticked before it was returned to sender. I was really happy and optimistically thought that I could now get this sorted. I contacted ebay customer support stating that I would like the case reopened as I now have the perfume back and could they please advise me what to do next. In response they said: "In this case, we cannot verify the item was held at the post office or was returned to the sender as we have not received a valid tracking number so we have closed this case without issuing you a refund. Please understand that we’re also unable to grant an appeal on this case." ??? Not sure if I am being thick but I have the parcel back with the stickers on etc, I can verify the situation. I even took photos of the package and uploaded them to my one drive with a link that I pasted into the reply as there did not seem to be a way of attaching images. I said to them that this is the evidence that proves that the item was held at the post office. I went on further to ask them directly if I should send it back to the seller as track and trace this time so that they could keep tabs on it being returned. I didn't want to do anything with out their confirmation. This was their reply: "In this case, as you did not supply valid tracking showing the item had been delivered back to the seller, we closed the case without issuing you with a refund. For this same reason, we’re not able to approve your appeal." BUT I HAVE THE PERFUME BACK!!!! Arrghhh. This surely cannot be fair. It is not worth ringing them again as I get so frustrated and I will probably end up crying! Can anyone please advise me what I should do? I am thinking of writing to the ebay head office (I have their address) and even sending them the perfume as I don't want the thing. Someone even mentioned contacting the perfume company (in this case PRADA) stating that ebay have allowed this to happen and that the seller of the counterfeit product has made money from the transaction and has got off scott free. Another reason why this has upset me so much is that this was supposed to be a birthday present from my family who have saved up to give me the money and I feel like I need take this further. Many thanks in advance for your help and for reading my plight. I know I made some blatant mistakes but I now feel like I am in the right but ebay have washed their hand of me.
  21. I received a retention offer via email so I had to speak to the live chat team to accept it. I was quote the price and all was good. I then received a confirmation email a day later that noted there was a price increase of £3 per month. Yeah it's only £3 but it's the principle. I got onto the live chat and was told recontract offers are immediate and there is no cooling off period and the misinformation I was given was not a valid reason to 'nullify' the contract. I'm absolutely livid at how sneaky they were!
  22. I have read that payment for a PCN is an admission of liability in itself and closes the file. I have been assisting a friend who wrongly received a PCN (she paid over the phone and I have a complete set of evidence to confirm this) from Manchester City Council back in October 2013. She did nothing to appeal it until she sent in Form TE9 to the Northampton County Court TEC in February 2014. Unfortunately she forgot to 'tick' a ground which resulted in an enforcement officer visiting her house in July 2014 and her having to pay £392 to satisfy the debt. I attempted to file a 'late witness statement' for her (Forms TE7 and TE9) but the Court Officer rejected this application as the PCN had already been paid in full. There is no point in appealing this Order as no doubt the response will be the same. My question is - what now? Can I make an application to set aside the PCN on the basis it was wrongly served and the contravention never occurred; do I issue a claim for unjust enrichment against the Council or is this the end? The Council referred my friend to the TEC advising her to file a late statement and acknowledged that the matter is out of their hands. I would appreciate some help here as I seem to have exhausted all avenues - I can't appeal the PCN as it has been paid (admission of liability) and I can't go to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal as my friend never received a Notice of Rejection of Representations. To say I'm stuck is putting it mildly! Any help appreciated
  23. I received a letter from Boston County Court asking me to fill in an earnings declaration as Arrow/Carter had applied for an attachment to earnings on a ccj that they apparently obtained in 2010. I have no Knowledge of this and have not entered into any correspondence with them regarding this 'ever'. What do i do?????? PS as i was away it has already gone past the 8 day deadline that the court gave, i did try to call the court on Friday but couldn't speak to anyone. Also i am self employed
  24. I will finally be debt free in the next week or so. But before that happens I need to agree a settlement figure with Barclaycard. I had a card with them and egg and I have used neither in donkeys. I now want to get a realistic settlement figure for both cards as a lot of what they say I owe is compound interest and charges. I've thought about hitting egg with a proof of agreement request but to be honest, I'll just be happy to get rid of the millstone round my neck. So can any of you offer me some advice on how I should go about this? They have passed my accounts to Mercers but I want to settle everything directly. And should I go ahead with the egg proof of agreement anyway?
  25. I've been in PSL for too long and I've just been offered a house somewhere else, far away. They want me to take up residence and pay rent from Tuesday, even though I only got the offer yesterday. Is that above board? I'm bartering and stressing. I have rental obligations here and i can't just up sticks and move like that! I could give it my best shot, but let's be reasonable. Whateth say ye oh knowledgable ones. For I have an illness, one that afflicts my ability to deal with general lack of common decency among certain organisations.
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