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Found 372 results

  1. Earlier today I completed the last STICKY on the very important subject of vulnerability. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?456344-Bailiff-enforcement-All-about-Vulnerability(1-Viewing)-nbsp If any regular posters have any comments that they would like to raise about the thread they would be most welcome. A copy of the thread can be read in the following post.
  2. Let The Diet Begin The world is about to go on a carbon diet. It won't be easy — or cheap. Nearly 200 countries across the world on Saturday approved a first-of-its-kind universal agreement to wean Earth off fossil fuels and slow global warming, patting themselves on the back for showing such resolve. 'Historic' Paris climate deal adopted Paris deal met with calls to action from Canadians 5 key points in Paris Agreement On Sunday morning, like for many first-day dieters, the reality sets in. The numbers — like calorie limits and hours needed in the gym — are daunting. More info-and what do you think of this agreement Some scary comments on the article. Better get a move on some are thinking. Many of us do not fully understand how bad things are,or could be if things do not get moving fast. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/paris-cop21-climate-deal-fallout-1.3363024 Better put this on.To show how things can be done. 5 Countries That Prove The World Does Not Need Fossil Fuels. http://theantimedia.org/5-countries-that-prove-the-world-doesnt-need-fossil-fuels/ It clearly is a worrying situation.So for those that like a good read.And also trying to reassure myself that things will be done as quick as possible. Fossil Fuel Phase Out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fossil-fuel_phase-out Sounds like China needs to get stuck in and get moving rapidly. In some places there you can hardly see your hands in front of your faces. Breathing must be difficult at times and unhealthy. Well there you are.A few articles from the Web, i really do not know that much about the problem but got a feeling many of us will soon know plenty. I can not keep saying winter after winter well it is the jet stream,the direction of the wind that keeps giving us warm winters. When i was young winters were winters,year after year. Something is amiss. Perhaps you can tell me,or say how you feel about this problem. I hope the leaders are not speaking with Forked Tongues is all i can add. And i suppose if they are serious Fracking has had it. Scientists Say Fracking Makes Climate Change Worse, Not Better http://ecowatch.com/2014/10/15/fracking-not-lower-greenhouse-gas/
  3. I'm new here & sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I lost an employment tribunal case and I was ordered to pay £35,000 for an organisation and a union, I'm an individual (employee) and I do not have legal representation. In addition, I do not have the ability to pay as I have been out of job for 1.5 years and I have no assets I wonder what should I do? I know that I can declare myself bankrupt but I want to avoid it if it is possible as it will have significant impact on my career. I have no previous experience or knowledge of what can I do and I would really appreciate your help.
  4. Hello I might share a water supply pipe that enters my house, with a neighbour. I live in Wales. I say might as there is no branch pipe to their house in my cellar, so the branch off would have to be under my dining room. their house unlike most in the street, has no external stopvalve in the pavement, and there is no water supply pipe in their cellar [ a tenant of the house and i investigated] my deeds do not show that we have a shared water supply pipe. i have asked the landlord and the water company to determine if they have their own supply pipe, and if they do not to make arrangement. the landlord has not replied. i first alerted them to the shared-pipe possibility in late spring 2015. i intend to replace my water pipes, and for it to feed only my house [if we are indeed on a shared pipe]. the water company is trying to avoid giving the neighbour a new supply, and is giving me laughable guff that the neighbours water supply is my responsibility lololol [ive never heard such nonsense] --- my question/s: 1. i have read that, if the shared supply is not mentioned on my deeds, that i have no legal duty to supply the neighbour with water thru my pipes. i need to quote the statute, or regulation number. what is this please? 2. when i replace my pipe and feed only my house. can the water company get a court order to force me to reattach the old water supply pipe? 3. more generally, how should i proceed thanks Jon
  5. Hi Guys, got some previous help from people and was hoping for just a little bit more info as I try to get myself out of this mess specifically what would be the impact of having an partially satisfied debt on my account when I have a CCJ on it already? CCJ was on 06/08/2014. making repayments on this and it will be satisfied fairly shortly. plus have the intial default for this debt which is 31/01/2013. A default for a overdraft dated 31/05/2014, will be making a full and final offer soon and lastly a credit card debt with a default 05/09/2012 for an amount of £323. For the debt of £323 lowell have offered to accept 50% payment but the debt will marked partially satisfied. I just want to know how much this would actually make a difference. Because of the low amount I could just repay in full and have it marked satisfied but would this make any difference to other lenders? Would it help to have at least one debt as satisfied or is it really a case once I have 3 defaults and a CCJ then it makes no difference? getting abit confused by all the info out there about this really not sure if having 2 satisfied debt/ccj and 1 partially satisfied debt is any better then having 1 satisfied CCJ and 2 partially satisfied debt any input would be greatly appreiated
  6. I feel the sorting office at the tax credit office is in adequate for the job required, now over the last couple of months I have sent mail, which was requested by the tax credit office Oct 2013, they would reconsider my claim, but I had to send them prove, which I did, didn't hear anything back, so tried to contact them a further 3 time over 3 months, still no reply When I make threat to go back to the tribunal service, they reply, but they make out, Im at fault for not sending the items as requested, which I know is untrue, as they were sent recorded delivery At this pointy Im forced to make a complaint, but they wont deal with me while my claim is on-going at the tribunal service, as of 8 March 2014, my appeal came to an end, and wont being appealing any further Right now Im trying to sort my claim, either by changing my details to include the disability element or allow me to end my claim, and make a new claim, which I want backdated from 9 Oct 2013, as this is when I was told the tax credit office would reconsider my claim, and because of this my appeal with the tribunal service was put on hold till I knew what was going on On 17 March I wrote to the tax credit office, asking for my claim to be sorted, or closed, now I know there is the help line, but I have no intention of phoning them, as the calls to the tax credit office for Oct/Nov 2013 cost me around £10 I think I give them until 28 April 2014, which is 6 weeks after my letter was sent, after this I think I have to lodge another complaint , to see why there has been such a delay in getting a reply
  7. If a person is considered vulnerable, the enforcement regulations provide some protection from bailiff action. However, such protection is only possible if the bailiff/enforcement company are aware of the vulnerability at the earliest possible stage. Vulnerability for ‘enforcement’ purposes is very difficult to define and being disabled does not necessarily mean that a person will be excluded from bailiff enforcement. For example; some people may be constantly vulnerable (due to permanent lack of mental capacity or very severe disability etc), but others only temporarily vulnerable (for example, through suffering mental illness for a short period of time, recently bereaved, pregnancy, unemployment etc). Each case is unique and will be looked at individually by the enforcement company or bailiff. By and large, when it comes to bailiff enforcement, vulnerability is usually reserved for extreme cases. An example could be where the individual is unable to manage his or her own affairs etc or where the medical condition of the vulnerable person could worsen if a bailiff were to visit. The Taking Control of Goods: National Standards 2014 Although the National Standards are not legally binding, they are nonetheless a very helpful tool for the enforcement industry and creditors. On the difficult subject of vulnerability, the National Standards provide that the following groups might be considered vulnerable: The elderly People with a disability The seriously ill The recently bereaved Single parent families Pregnant women Unemployed people Those who have difficulty in understanding, speaking or reading English Motor vehicles and vulnerability The statutory regulations provide that a vehicle that is used for transportation needs of a disabled person will be exempt from being taken into control as long as it is displaying a valid blue disability badge. Bailiff fees and vulnerability Further protection for vulnerable debtors is provided under Regulation 12 of the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 and states that if the enforcement agent visits the property and identifies the person owing the debt as being vulnerable, that he should not remove goods. Instead, he must give the debtor a chance to seek advice from a debt advice agency/charity etc. If he fails to do so, the enforcement fee of £235 is not recoverable. Do I have to provide any evidence that I may be vulnerable? Usually evidence is required. In the first instance, it is vitally important to contact the enforcement agency at the earliest opportunity (on receipt of the Notice of Enforcement) as this could avoid the need for a personal visit being made. Initial contact should be made by telephone and a brief outline of your personal circumstances should be given to the operator who will usually advise what documentary evidence they require. Very often a letter from a doctor or specialist is required or a copy of a letter from the DWP confirming an award of Disability Living Allowance/ PIP/Carers Allowance etc. Bailiff enforcement and vulnerable households. Unfortunately, there are a number of internet sites that encourage people to send a letter to the enforcement agent to claim that they are from a vulnerable household in the mistaken belief that the enforcement agent will return the debt back to the council or court. These letters are mass produced and accordingly, have become popular on many of the Freeman on the Land/debt avoidance websites. Given the serious misrepresentation of the regulations in the letter, it is hardly surprising that the majority of enforcement companies do not take the letter seriously. If there is serious disability in the family (for instance, where the parent or partner is the registered carer for a son, daughter or spouse) whilst this does not exclude the bailiff from taking enforcement action against the debtor, it is nonetheless vitally important to bring such instances to the attention of the enforcement agency at the earliest possible stage as it may affect the approach made by the enforcement agent and possibly lead to the debt being managed in-house by the enforcement company’s Welfare Department as opposed to it being passed to an individual enforcement agent. Will my debt be returned to the council/court? Only in exceptional cases. This is because, since the regulations were overhauled in April 2014, most enforcement companies now have in-house Welfare Departments and what usually happens, is that once vulnerability has been identified, an affordable payment arrangement is set up and the account managed in-house by the trained Welfare Team. Note: If any visitors to the forum consider that they may be vulnerable and are having difficulty getting the enforcement agent to accept their explanation or evidence, then please ask a question on the forum. We are all here to provide help and assistance. Bailiff enforcement All about Vulnerability.pdf Before Printing the PDF TIP If you DO NOT wish to print Page 1 (Cover Page) of the PDF, please ensure to do the following: Ensure you go to your Printer Settings and set it to 'Print from Page 2' (this way Page 1 (Cover Page) should not print out). Note: This will save you Ink & Paper
  8. I am posting to get some advice, in regards the DLA TO PIP transition, as I have heard a lot of concerns with the medicals. Basically, My husband stopped work 9 years ago due to mental health PTSD caused by his work accident, he was retired from work in 2009 due to permanent ill health with a work pension and (after many appeals and a long fight) he was awarded a Industrial Injuries Disablement benefit for life assessed at 60%, this was in 2011, he was also awarded short periods of DLA, he was assessed for HRC Care and low rate Mobility for indefinite period (this I understand replaced the life time awards). He is placed in the Support group for the ESA he receives and he is 50 years old. My concern is that in 2011, he was assessed by his Psychiatrist and put on long term medication, and then transferred back to his GP as they have long lists for patient in Leicestershire for mental health care under a Psychiatrist, since that time his diagnosis has changed to Schizoaffective disorder with Anxiety, he does not go out, answer the phone or even associate with anyone much. I don't know when his transition will take place but my concerns are: 1)Will he be required to attend a medical and can they refuse to do a home visit? 2)what will happen is they come to do his medical and he is not answering their questions or able to, due to his illness? 3)I AM THE appointee used by the DWP for his benefits, so will this be honoured and what if they say not I can not fill in his forms etc. I know my husband is not able to speak to them on the phone, he will not even answer the kids phone calls, let alone the DWP? He does not go out, and sleeps due to his condition and medication most afternoons, only will ever eat if he has food prepared and we can not go out, as he sweats profusely and causes embarrassment if we have tried, to take him to a café etc.! I am concerned that his condition will worsen due to this assessment and any help is greatly appreciated so I can prepare for this transition to PIP. The GP is not very good, and he has a CPN but as he does not go out, they have not bothered to come and see him, just giving a card just in case there is a emergency as they are short of staff, so don't know what support they can or will give in the application, he is on medication, which is taken 3x daily only if he is given this and supervised. Thank you
  9. Here Goes, I was caught shoplifting in boots. I feel so ashamed I haven't been sleeping . On this particular day I extremely tired I had been in hospital the night before Dad who was very ill. I went in there to get some stress tablets and nappies. I used self scan ( I thought I scan the item in) I placed them I'm my bag for life. Put my card in. I thought I paid , but to be honest I was so tried I pulled my card out before the payment completed. i left the store thinking I paid. Only to be chased by a security guard. I explained it must be a mistake. I showed to my receipt. To my horror it had only scan the baby wipes and not they other two items. So I had only paid for baby wipes. The security Guards was really aggressive, saying women they me think there to good. That it was his store and how dare me think I steal things. He demanded my I'd and made a photocopy I tried to explain I made a mistake and never intended to do. His reply was ' there something wrong you, your a lair, I offered to pay he refused. He had his manager there he told here don't speak her she a lair. show my CCTV he called the police. the three police offices arrived . I have to say the two male police officers were very nice. Listen to my story ( police were very fair and can't praise them enough ) . I explained I never been in trouble with police in my life until now. So I was given a community resolution order I also sign I banning order. I left the store mortified. But to my horror this security has shared my photo and information on my local area. Everywhere I go shopping I have security guards following me around the store. Or waiting outside. I feel like a criminal. I now dread going shopping. It's giving me anxiety. What I most afraid of I work in the same area. I worried one of the security will disclose to my employer what I have done. I may lose my job. I have not told anyone except you xxx
  10. Let us imagine.I hear many things. In my day,when you bought a house you did it up over time and that was that. Looked for a cheap house perhaps a little run down and bought it. Then spent many years saving a little and spending on your home. But i hear whispers,ok cannot be proved and i have not the time to delve to deep. Many landlords may have contacts and when a cheap house comes up puff,it is bought as quick as that. The first time buyers have no chance.Does this happen,perhaps you can tell me. I am not in a big town but i spoke to one landlord who had one hundred properties. And another who together with a few others connected to estate agents had 400 properties. Rents for some of these properties make me laugh,and because these are so high i have heard some landlords get ripped off,take anybody who says they will pay the rent. Instead of lowering it a touch and getting decent tenants. When finally many weeks later and the house is wrecked,just brush it off. Has many properties so perhaps expected. And if what i have heard is true,word gets passed round and the same happens again. And one is doing this over and over again.Now this part i can not understand at all. Maybe he is just stupid. So many will hopefully read between the lines of this short thread and say what you think of modern day living. And first time buyers and landlords in general.And tenants and rents that many must find it is hard to pay. And if first time buyers who deserve their chance in their local towns and cities are losing out through underhand practices this should be sorted by some sort of law,or changes to how houses are sold.Do you think this is reasonable. What can be done. Something seems to be building. Do you know strange things that are going on in your town,city. I will be very interested on what you will say i hope of your experiences in your place you call home. If renting for six months perhaps.You never know. Some places i believe in France have 10 year leases.At least you would feel secure. And am i imaging how run down the outside of many tenanted properties are. Inside maybe ok,or maybe not. But outsides that many you see are clearly not maintained. Not the gardens the properties themselves. Do councils have to check these out when let. Have a team to check this ,the property is in fair shape for letting out. Independant people.And teams. Things need improving. But that is my view,and expect some reaction. I feel some thumping at the door. Come on in and introduce yourself.
  11. Get your wallets at the ready and your running shoes on; it's time to grab a bargain as Black Friday is almost here. Despite being an American tradition, falling on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States (which is the fourth Thursday of November), the annual shopping bonanza has gone global with hundreds of retailers around the world slashing their prices to tempt shoppers with big bargain deals. Source-Link When is Black Friday PLUS everything else you need to know about it http://www.getreading.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/black-friday-plus-everything-you-10178785 Have you any tales to tell about this day.Any experiences.
  12. Hello, can someone advise me please? i ordered a phone from vodafone online at the end of august, it was faulty, so sent it back within their 14 day returns policy. Had an e-mail on the 9th of sept to say they had received it it perfect condition, and were starting the refund process. Did a live chat next day, the advisor said 7 days for a refund, but normally get it in 2-3. phoned them after seven days, and told it's 7 WORKING days, so you will definitely have your refund in 2-3 days. Left it 5 days, was told "they shouldn't have told you 7 days, it takes upto 14, but you've already waited 11 days so it will be in the next 2-3 days. That didn't happen, so i e-mailed a complaint to customer services, who promised a reply in 48 hours. No. i filled in an online complaints form, a few days later a person phones saying he's from customer relations, and they haven't given you a refund because they havent got your bank details. He says go into store and give them there, they know nothing about it. Live chat said "don't worry, we will phone you between 8-9 to sort this. No call. 2 days later, live chat said, no really, we will call you back between 8-9, NO. Live chat then say, "we can't call you back, we don't have the ability to do that, and they can't find the advisor who told me that. I phoned 191 a couple of days back, and spoke to really helpful Kay, who agreed that this has been going on too long and it's disgraceful, and I'm processing it now, and the refund team will call you in 15 mins, then I will call you in 30 mins to make sure its been resolved. Did she? my a**s. If they just said from the start we want to keep your money as long as possible in the hope you might just give up, i would understand. But the lies......... please help. Thanks.
  13. Scottish gin threat as juniper stocks disappear THE JUNIPER plant which is used to flavour gin is being killed off by disease leaving Scottish stocks in a “critical state”, according to a new report. Read more: http://www.scotsman.com/news/environment/scottish-gin-threat-as-juniper-stocks-disappear-1-3927219#ixzz3phho8kWs
  14. After a few requests from the secretary, asking for the bushes to be pruned, my wife pruned them a week last friday. sadly she got an infection in her right hand ,which spread to her right arm. She has been off sick for nearly a week now after the infection that started in her hand causing swelling quickly spread to her arm, causing that to swell too. As my wife is part time, she only earns around £76 from her employer so I am guessing she won't be eligible for SSP.Is this correct, as I believe an employee has to be earning at least £111.00? As the accident occured on her employers premises, is he therefore legally obliged to pay her full pay while she is off sick?, furthermore, can she also claim for loss of earnings from her second part time job? As the company only employs around 4 or 5 people, are the company obliged to have an accident book? .the law states that a small company are not obliged to do so, but what is interpreted as a "small Company"? Her employer did not provide my wife with any PPE. My wife provided her own gardening type gloves. Any help with the law and any implementations would be greatly appreciated.
  15. It started with a letter from Restons the other day saying they wanted payment of under £1000 for a debt which I believe to be statue barred. The letter said if I didn't pay I would get taken to court for a CCJ and would request monthly payments. If the court does not allow this, the full amount is required forthwith including any accruing interest, fees and costs. If I don't pay by a set date their client may be prepared to accept installments and return the expenditure and income form by the previously mentioned date. They also draw my attention to the fact the client says I can clear the debt at a specially discounted settlement figure and if interested I should call them. Can they offer the discount rate because they purchased it cheap in the same letter as threatening a CCJ? As I said I believe this to be statute barred. I was a full time carer for my mother for over 10 years and several existing student debts fell by the wayside. Something made me sign up to the 30 day free trial with Equifax just now. I see Cabot have stuck a default on my account and say it defaulted in 2010 - I thought it was longer ago than that. It know what it was for - a credit card. Stopped caring and moved in 2012 and became very ill, which I am still suffering now. It seems this big default Cabot put on my credit file in 2011 was defaulted in 2010. I thought this was further back that this. I have had about 4 DCA contact me re this debt since moving here, none of which have even mentioned getting a CCJ which makes me wonder if this IS statute barred? Advice on this would be useful please. Secondly, whilst searching my file I find a CCJ issued in 2013 at my old address by I do not know who????? Advice on this is very much appreciated as I believe it would definately be statute barred. The previous Restons issue was the latest issued credit card I had at that address. Once I could deal with these things but since becoming ill I really need some advice on this please. As it stands I have one CCJ lasting til 2019 at a previous address and one possibly about to be issued. I don't work due to my illness, so they are barking up the wrong tree here. Just as an after thought reading about Cabot - The letter states it is Cabot Financial (UK) Limited v Me and the letter opens: "We are instructed by our client Cabot Financial (Marlin) Limited, appointed by your creditor Cabot Financial (UK) Limited..." The credit card was not with Cabot originally, obviously, but I now see that Cabot have changed their name on my Equifax file to: Credit Card from Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd (I) Get me up to speed - is this correct or is something going on here that is not quite right?
  16. despite coming from a poor background, i went to a grammer school and believe in the streaming system. If properly implemented it can help all kids get to the best they are capable of being. Admittedly the current system should be able to do better than it does, but striving for mediocrity targets seems to be the way with the current system rather than striving for each to be the best they can be. the grammer school streaming system did have its faults, but putting the best together, and giving targeted help to the lower achievers has simply got to be the best approach.
  17. just need a bit of advice please , i have a neighbour that has a jeep which he covers in mud then leaves outside our house for weeks on end , when the mud starts to wear of he goes out in the middle of the night to cover it in mud again then puts it back outside my house , obviously i do not get on with this neighbour just wondered if there was anything i could do about this without getting myself in trouble as obviously i am quite wound up about it
  18. Hi all, i need a bit of help - brief back ground: Unfortunately – back in 2004 I was heavily reliant on credit cards and the inevitable happened, meaning that I had to stop paying the cards due to the loss of my job and other circumstances. Needless to say that since then I never applied for any type of credit – except when I took my mortgage, and hey presto all the cards company surfaced via – so called debt collecting agencies. they write asking for exuberant amounts – yet I would like to challenge them and get this debt written off since now it’s almost 6 years well it will be at the end of Dec. My credit file shows that these debts are still present I would like advice on the following if I may please: 1) I want them to provide me with the original CCA agreement – if they can’t provide such paper trail could I inform the credit agencies and say since they can’t provide proof I want it taken off my credit report? 2) if they do provide the paper work for them being that they are 6 years old debts can they still enforce them? Or should I write them a letter pointing that now the debt is not enforceable and they should stop writing to me? 3) Are they any legal pointers I can refer to in my communications with these debt collecting agencies? Any help or advice would be great And may I say hats off to the people that are on this Forum sharing knowledge and wisdom. These debt collecting agencies are making my life a misery.
  19. LACEF News is an excellent online "news" website ( link below) which has been set up by the founder of LACEF (the Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forum). Anyone with an interest in local authorities, council tax, benefits (including Universal Credit etc), bailiffs etc will find a daily visit to LACEF News of interest. There are even news articles about important legal cases. New articles appear throughout the day. LACEF News is certainly a page worth bookmarking. PS: To read full news articles (as opposed to a short extract) you will need to complete the short ‘sign up’ form. https://flipboard.com/@barrieminney/...news-vvnps43sy
  20. I like going out to markets.Having a look around. Listening to what people are saying. The banter ,the friendship,feel the atmosphere of the market.The massive variety of goods. A special place. I have noticed in our local market some are struggling. In fact a few are leaving in trouble,owing rent etc. Some have done moonlight flits.Perhaps to scared or embarrassed to face things and certain people. After trying so hard. Perhaps many are just scraping through not making much at all for the graft they put in.And hours worked. So if you are a market trader or know a market trader in your town or city how are things going. Do you think the pound shops,the low cost supermarkets that sell everything that have arrived in the last few years have affected you.Do you think anything lately has affected you. Is your rent fair or do you feel to steep. Choking any hope of profit for you. Did you have a dream that came true. Or did your dream turn into a nightmare for you. Do you think your rent is to high.For the space you have. Are you tied into a long contract,years perhaps. And after a short time you realise it is not going to work and can not get out of the situation. What help and advice was given to you.Before you signed papers,contract,rent agreement ,things like that. If someone before you has tried the same products and failed are you told this may not be a good idea. Maybe you are doing well. Good on you if you are. How are the people next to you doing. Do you feel like changing what you are selling but not able to because of rules. Are you being chased for rent by the market manager. Dreading the day off the week he or she comes round. How do they try to help you if you have found yourself in this situation. He or she obviously knows what is going on. Do you know anybody who has fled,overnight after trying so hard. Just wondering what is going on in your market.In your town or city. Is your market busy or have things gone quiet for the last year or two. What do you think caused things to go quiet. What would you like to change in your market. To help you perhaps.Advertising more,improvements to the market,painting,appearance anything you can think off. Is your market thriving,booming. What do you think made this happen.And why.What caused the upturn. Help others with your experiances Have the Bailiffs ever been in your market to a stressed,worried trader and possessed everything. The dream of being a entrepreneur gone. How has it affected your household,are you in trouble but keeping quiet,just holding on by your fingertips. Do you think if your rents are to high it is time for you to group together and say enough,give us a chance. A united front. Just wondering that is all. Wondering how something that has been in Great Britain so long is doing. From the people that matter the Traders.. If you are a customer of the markets,feel free to pop in and have your say. Without your support the Traders would really be in trouble. Get in there and support them.Feel the atmosphere,check things out. If you are outside looking in a link for you to have your say.Only takes a minute or two. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php 2.14AM Time to fly. Bye for now Tawnyowl.
  21. I rent a ground floor flat from the Housing Association. There was a leak from the flat above (also circle 33) which poured into my cupboard over a period of weeks. (Just found out today after I noticed a stench which smelt like a gas leak). It has ruined the electrical items stored in the cupboard, but circle 33 has stated that they will make good the leak from above and damp proof my cupboard, but I will have to claim on my own insurance for the items damaged. Is that correct? I thought they took responsibility but I could be wrong......
  22. http://leaderlive.co.uk/news/153109/parking-enforcer-swaps-sides-to-fight-penalties.aspx it's absolutely disgusting that he STILL profits off the misfortune of drivers that got caught out by PPC's. More so that the local media is actually advertising his business.
  23. Having done some reading and useful links I came across this story and could help some motorists that have had a PCN issued by a CEO for having their ticket blown over and facing down for more info please read here http://metro.co.uk/2015/08/17/heres-how-to-get-your-parking-fine-cancelled-5346489/ Linked from Scoop.it and metro.co.uk
  24. I know i am, it's not just because it's about people claiming benefits, but all the inaccuracies contained within these programs, the one on channel 5 about benefit cheats, is the latest, a Liverpool lad , claiming what was described as sickness benefits ,for PTSD told the undercover reporter that he was getting a total of £1,500 per month ,inc DLA , I find that very hard to believe, which makes me think of those IDS and his sanctions work leaflets that were based on lies , Also are those that are cheating the system really that dumb that they will boast to someone they hardly know about the hows and why's of what they do? Are these tv companies paying for stooges for entertainment value, and to help keep the governments hate propaganda against people on benefits alive ? if it isn't about cheating the system in some way, it's about their health conditions ie" too fat to work" ect
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