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  1. Just a 'normal' £600 penalty + interest claim but (as usual?) I may have to take, or threaten to take 'them' to court. I understood from somewhere in the forum that county court procedures have changed, as have N1s ; but I can't find where I read it and I need to bring myself up to date. As soon as my pension arrives I shall seek to renew my copy of 'Small Claims procedure...' but I may have to take some action earlier. Can anyone point me in the right direction PLEASE? Ken
  2. Hi I`ve held a card for 9 years and had not used it for a while - I was also living abroad for 2 years and the card had a small amount of credit on. On my return I made a mistake and put a purchase on the card thinking it was my debit card and so it went into default, the first time ever in my credit history which has been spotless all of my life (62 now). I know I was stupid to forget to change the address as well but it was a time of great stress and my memory is bad due to an illness. I knew nothing of this for a year. As soon as I found out I settled even paying the extra £100 of charges on a debt of £89 and have been writing to them since to try to get them to clear my credit history. They will only suggest I put a note of correction on but I do not want to do that as many lenders are prejudiced against them.. They say they sent me statements but they stopped after a while or they went into my spam folder and have no record of them. I think they are breaking the COBS section 6 due to my clean record with them previous and claim it gives a wrong impression to lenders as I am a good payer that is, on the rare occasions I have borrowed. This is causing me great distress.
  3. Hi There Having agreed a token payment to MBNA of £1 per month until circumstances change, they have just sent a letter saying they have "transferred ownership of debt" to Link Financial Outsourcing Ltd. Any comments/advice will be welcome
  4. It has come to my attention that a bunch of [EDIT] called Restons have obtained a charging order without having a CCJ. surely this is an abuse of process? I notified Restons, and they acknowledged, that I was living outside the UK. I did not receive any County Court Summons. I have since checked the Registry Trust and I do not have any CCJ. My understanding is that a summons has to be issued from the court to give the debtor a chance to pay before a CCJ is entered. Only when the CCJ is not satisfied, or any agreement to pay is not maintained can a charging order be sought. How can these [EDIT] abuse the system like this? Any comments gratefully received. Frank.
  5. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?834-Fair-Treatment-for-Credit-Card-Holders-and-Borrowers Maybe you should use this?
  6. Hi, why must I select a prefix?
  7. Hi, why must I select a prefix?
  8. Hi, why must I select a prefix?
  9. postman6065


    Hi, Just got my sar back from MBNA credit card & am trying to find out what interest rate to use when claiming back the charges. The only ones I can find are an intraductory rate when the card was taken out @ 14.9% in 2001 & another one in 2004 @ 22.9%. Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
  10. Just received letter from idem servicing saying Idem Capital Securities Ltd have purchased our MBNA debt and that Idem Securities will be administering it. checking on companies house (below) we noticed that they are registered as non trading company, which is strange considering they have just purchased MBNA debits for 55.7 million. As a non trading company they only have to declare shares and assets, what about all the profits from their grubby business, shouldn't they also have to declare TAX. Idem Servicing do now have CC Licence under idem Capital Securites Ltd Idem Servicing is trading under ICS Ltd. On our letter it states that all terms and conditions of our Credit Card account will remain unchanged. Our debit is managed via CCCS who Idem claim have been notified of this. We will wait and see. On UKData site it says to check carefully all Directors of non-trading companies (I have already done the work for you. By the Director names you have a link to their information). Is being company secretary/Director of 162 companies enough? COMPANIES HOUSE INFORMATION Name & Registered Office: IDEM CAPITAL SECURITIES LIMITED ST CATHERINE'S COURT HERBERT ROAD SOLIHULL WEST MIDLANDS UNITED KINGDOM B91 3QE Company No. 07350538 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 19/08/2010 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC): 7499 - Non-trading company Accounting Reference Date: 30/09 Last Accounts Made Up To: 30/09/2011 (FULL) Next Accounts Due: 30/06/2013 Last Return Made Up To: 19/08/2011 Next Return Due: 16/09/2012 Last Members List: 19/08/2011 CREDIT LICENSE INFORMATION Application / Licence Details Licence Number:0642971Licence Status:Current Current Applicant / Licensee: Business Name Company Registration Number Idem Capital Securities Limited 7350538 Categories: Consumer credit Credit brokerage Debt administration Debt collecting Right To Canvass Off Trade Premises:No Trading Name(s) (Current): Idem Idem Servicing Issued Date: 20-Apr-2011 Date Maintenance Payment Due: 19-Apr-2016 Legal Formation: Body Corporate (incorporated inside UK) Current Individuals that run the organisation: Name Position John Grogor Gemmell (http://www.cdrex.com/john-grigor-gemmell/263517.html?p=2 ) Nicholas Keen ( http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/903889113 ) Richard Dominic Shelton ( http://company-director-check.co.uk/director/903106523 )
  11. Hi We had an MBNA credit card back in the late 90's, credit limit was £4000 which we paid in full each month, hubby was in a fire in 2000 and i had to give up work to look after him, our income was minimal and was making 100 mile round round trips 3/4 times a week to hospital and we maxed the credit card, then we defaulted, about a year later we were contacted by dca and set up a direct debit, which we have been paying ever since. Our payments have risen every year or 2. The dca keep sending letters offering us large discounts they say we owe £16,000 and have made us full setlement offer discounts of between 75-95% every few months, the best offer we had was pay £2000 and the debt willl be wiped. I have just cancelled the dd and want to put the amount in dispute. What hope do we have or resolving this, as we have been paying for 11 years and our debt just grows. I am putting in SRA to MBNA
  12. I have requested from MBNA that they refund charges amounting to £408.00 (£470.84 with interest)on my MBNA / Virgin credit card. The response received yesterday was the standard " we have done nothing wrong, we wont refund you anything"response. They have stated that they have exhausted their complaint process and that it is their final response.These charges are all £12 charges yet they were advised in 2008/2009/10 that we were in financial difficulties. In dec 2010 we entered a payment arrangement with them, which ran for the whole of 2011, and from this month have now just entered a DMP . During these times they continued to add charges and over the limit fees. My questions are these: 1 .From Jan 2012 they have agreed to freeze interest and not make any further charges. If I pursue this refund claim could I potentially antagonise them and upset the upcart re the DMP ? 2. If its ok to continue to pursue this, shall I send them a LBA and hope they then re think, or not bother as they have said this letter is their final response on the matter ? 3. The next step, then I am assuming would be the FOS, I tried them with Halifax and they were next to useless and I am intending pursuing them through the court, but is it worth trying them with MBNA and then if I have no luck try the court ? Many Thanks in advance for your advice.
  13. Shelzy123

    Mbna -

    I am currently having problems with my MBNA cc. I transferred a balance to MBNA then set up a £100 payment on the first of every month for that month. I didn't worry about the statements as I have never intended to use or have ever used the card for anything than to pay off the balance I transferred. I have just only discovered (due to a change in financial circumstances) that although I was making the regular payment of £100, it was showing up as a payment for the previous months statement, therefore I lost my 0% on interest and have incurred a late payment fee of £12 each month. This has happened since last July which has resulted in over £200 in interest & charges. In hindsight I know I was silly & foolish not to query the lack of statement but as the regular payment was being made I have no reason to think there was anything wrong. Are the cc company responsible for telling me that I have lost the promotional rate I signed up to? They also said they sent a statement every month (via email) although we have never received anything (I have checked the spam filter). Does anybody know if there is anything I can do?
  14. Hi , hope someone can help me out here. I had an account that was defaulted. I paid off (so i had thought ) my balance of £1941. I had been paying this card back since 2008 and paid it off in full in 2011. In fact at the time I paid over by £45 to cover a payment that was going to be due on the account. MBNA still managed to find a way of charging me, and as I did not check any subsequent mail from them, they charged me £182 in total. I had told them to close my account at the time of my £1986 payment I made to them. I have asked them to remove the default , however they blame me, which i think is unfair. I got angry and told the person on the phone , if they do not put me through to someone with some sense and authority I will default the other two cards I have with them, which I have never missed a payment on. I had never missed a payment on the card I have paid off(thought I had off) either. She said someone will contact me in 48 hours , so I am waiting for this person to call me. I feel as if I have been treated really badly and unfairly. No letter came to say they would default me, and Stupidly was unaware of the charges until too late. Can anyone advise what my best course of action is ? If you need more info , am happy to provide Thanks in advance
  15. what does this mine on my mbna statment. Continuous Authority or Subscription Transactions: If you have previously given authority to a merchant (e.g. annual subscriptions or insurances) but you close your account, then we may not pay those amounts. If you do close your account, we recommend that you contact the merchant to make alternative arrangements for payment. cheers
  16. Hi All, Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I sent a SAR request to MBNA as I wanted to claim my charges back. I only received 4 years statements from them though, plus on the statements I noticed some PPI transactions, (these didnt amount to much). So I wrote back requesting the further years statements and any documentation relating to the PPI, stating that this was not limited to the 5 years (in scotland) So yesterday I got a letter from them, saying they have issued a cheque for £78 in relation to the PPI transactions. No mention of my missing statements. But I havnt seen any documents relating to the PPI so how do I know £78 is a justified offered? I didnt even ask for the PPI to be refunded, all I wanted was the missing statements plus details of the PPI policies so I could work out my own figures. Plus it states on the letter this is their final correspondance to this matter (or something similar), what should my next step be? Thanks
  17. kathb00


    :mad2:I sent my Data Access letter of on the 19th December. I rang them yesterday to find out why I hadnt recieves my statements as it had been more than 40 days, only to be told by them that they have 56 days to respond. I argued with this but didnt get any where. Any advise please !!!!!
  18. Hi All, I'm off work at the moment and have been for several months on 1/2 pay. I made my creditors (credit card debts) aware of this and offered pro rata payments which were All accepted in December. Now MBNA have written to me asking for me and a medical practioner to complete a Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form. I am being treated for depression (who isn't) but this is only one of the conditions that I am currently signed off work with. It's my chronic pain conditions that cause the depression! Why would they start sending threatening letters (if I don't reply in 28 days they will start phoning)when I have it in writing that they accept my reduced payments and do I have to get my GP to complete these forms? I would find this very embarassing. Anyone here to help Thanks x
  19. Hi guys i am not sure if i am posting in the correct place feel free to move the post if need i received a letter from a law firm * which i have attached * my question is can the firm take a charging order against my house if the actual loan/credit card was an unsecured loan/credit card? can i CCJ be applied for after this long? what can i do to make them go away? the loan/credit card was taken out back in 2002/2003 i have received a number of calls from the law firm but i have not spoken to them i hope to reply as soon as i can please provide me with as much information as possible thank you in advance
  20. Hi Caggers mbna has finally admitted they have only part of origin agreement ( front part of application form no T & Cs ) Do they need a copy of the original agreement to get a judement or can the courts make a judgement without one? and is anyone in a similar position
  21. I would like some help with a collection agency. I had a credit cardwith MBNA since around 2001. In June 2009, I requested the CCA from them andgave them about 45 days to respond. They did not so in August 2009, I issuedthem with a default notice. They continued ringing me trying to collect but Isimply reminded them that they were in default. In January 2010, they passed the alleged debt onto DLC and I thinkHillesden Securities, who have tried to collect on the alleged debt. I notifiedthem that MBNA was in default and that the alleged debt was unenforceable. DLCthen sent me a copy of a T&C (bearing in mind this was over six monthsafter I issued MBNA with the default notice) and said that I still had to pay.Some of the employees on the phone admitted to me that the alleged debt isunenforceable, but the company persisted. In October 2011, I was sent a letter by a county court stating thatHillesden are taking action against me and that I should try to mediate andsettle out of court. Hillesden told me in a letter that the CCA was changed inApril 2009 so that there are no longer any defaults against creditors afterthat date for failing to supply the information required in CCA 1974. Nobodyhas ever mentioned that to me before and I think they may just be trying toscare me into paying them. I was sent another letter (this week Feb 2012) fromthe same court stating the Hillesden are now proceeding with the court action.There was more guidance on how to mediate and settle out of court, and Ibelieve I have about two weeks to return the document to the court. I would like to know if the alleged debt is enforceable and if I shouldtry to settle out of court, or are they just using scare tactics to get me topay them something? Any help is greatly received as I am VERY nervous aboutthis now. Thank you so much for your help and advice posted by steven4064 on behalf of savememoneynow
  22. I held a credit card with MBNA for 10 years and never defauted. The last few years I did not use it at all and there was £12 credit on the account. Last November, during a time of great personal stress, I accidentally paid something with the card instead of my debit card and never knew I had done this till recently. I did not receive any letters from MBNA as I had overlooked telling them a change of address because of not using the card for so long - I had forgotten all about it. I know this is very stupid and irresponsible and it is the very first time (I am 61) I have ever done anything like this but I was in such a stressed state. My credit history has been spotless. As soon as I knew I paid it in full - £189. It is reported on Experian that I defaulted (and it is settled) but I think I have been treated unfairly as it is the first time I have ever not paid and think it should be a late payment and not a default. In fact it gives creditors a false impression of me as I have been a good risk and there has been nothing ever negative on me. I am thinking of asking MBNA to remove it on the grounds that it is unfair and if they wont, asking Experian to do so. I dont want to put a correction note on as I have heard it is not a good idea. Can anyone advice on how to write the letter and what to do if I get nowhere? Many thanks for any help. I am so upset to have this bad record.
  23. Hi I am hopeing someone can advise on the following. Had a mnba virgin cc for a few years and built up a debt of around £9000. last year was struggling with loans and other debts and asked mnba to accept token payments for six months. they refused but i still logged onto there website and paid £1 every month. every month got letter stated i need to pay the missed paymants as these were now at 6 it was inpossible. then got termination letter in month 7 , went to log into site to make payment of £180 usual amount as the six months were up but could not login. was told to phone them which i did and they gave me there bank details to make payments. following this i thought , because i asked for 6 months token payments and they refused now they are not going to get the full monthly payment of £180 but £100 instead which i have been paying for about the last 6 months. my questions are as follows how can i find out what i owe, i do not know if interest is still being charged and what the balance is. i get no letters from mnba and i can not login into there site. im affraid to contact them incase i might rock the boat and they start court proceddings. also i have decided to increase my monthly payment to £200 as this will mean the debt will be cleared in about 4 years. will mnba continue to accept this or will at some stage i get a letter saying they have sold the debt or are taking me to court. any responses will be appreciated fernal
  24. PERSONAL BACKGROUND :- I had several Credit Cards and was paying them on time every month but after a change in circumstances, I started to borrow from Peter to pay Paul (if you know what I mean) in order to continue to make the monthly payments. I eventually ended up taking advice and I have since entered into an IVA (March 2011). My debts with MBNA were around £15k and I knew that before my IVA, I was being charged penalties for missing or making late payments. I decided to send a SAR request on Nov 10th and have just received it this week. Having looked at the transactions, I have been charged £12 eight (8) times for missing payments during my last year. Although the amount is £96: Can someone advise me if this is not only worth claiming but would a successful claim be possible given the circumstances above. Many thanks for reading this thread, i have more SARs on the go so please keep a lookout.
  25. kathb00


    Hi i asked a firm of solicitors (Belmont Thornton) to help me claim back my unfair charges and my PPI . What a disappointment they, want 25% of any money I got back for this. Well got a letter this morning saying that MBNA said "no" and Belmont Thornton want me to send them all relevent documents which I have to get from MBNA. So what exactly are they doing for their 25%? So I have decided to try and do it for myself. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Can i write to MBNA and ask for statements. I did this years ago and got my charges back from my bank but have forgotten where to start.
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