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  1. On 2 December 2011 a delivery man arrived from Home Delivery Network with a parcel. I wasn't expecting anything and asked the courier if he was sure it was for me. We checked the address together, it was correct and so I signed for it. On opening the box I found a Sony Vaio laptop. I had not ordered a computer from anyone, and had certainly not paid for one. There was no delivery note but there was a sheet of paper (no letterhead) giving details of how to "return my purchase". The choices were by taking it back to the store, these being Dixons, Currys or PC World, or Online via the Contact Us button. I sent an email to PC World, using the Contact Us button. The reply was "we don't use Home Delivery Network. Can you prove we sent it to you?" I sent them a scan of the note enclosed with the computer. They replied that it would be dealt with by their Litigation Department. That was on 12 December 2011; nothing since. I then emailed Customer Services at Currys, explaining the situation and enclosing the emails to and from PC World. They replied on 15 December 2011 saying "I have found details of the order you refer to and there is a possibility that the company that delivered the product to you are subcontracted by Yodel our registered distribution group. We are currently investigating the situation and can only apologise for the inconvenience this may be causing you." Since then I've heard nothing. I believe I've done everything I should reasonably be expected to. Does anyone know the legal position on this i.e. is the computer classed as Unsolicited Goods? If so at what point can I claim the goods as mine? Regards
  2. hi i bought a TV from curry's on credit (£512) i have been paying £25 a month for two years i have just received a close of balance letter for £476.22 here's the breakdown YOU BORROWED: £512 OPENING BALANCE INCLUDING FEES:£620 PAYMENTS AND OTHER CREDITS: -£308.88 INTEREST CHARGES AND FEES: £164,80 INSURANCE PAYMENTS: £0 CLOSING BALANCE: £476.22 Seems everytime i payed £25 i was only paying back £8 - £13 back they also added 2 insurance charges in one one right at the start 08 JAN: OPENING BALANCE £620.30 07 FEB: PAYMENT £25.74 07 FEB INTEREST £13.76 22 FEB INTEREST £17.29 07 MAR PAYMENT £25.74 Etc it also states buy now pay later loan , i was under the impression the payment would keep coming untill the full balance was gone this doesn't seem quite fair, is there anything i can do? thanks
  3. I ordered a Panasonic Plasma TV online very late at night and had a confirmation email to confirm this. The next morning 22nd December I went to do some Christmas shopping only to find I had no money left in my bank. After querying this with my bank it seems currys had taken payments for 2 TV's totalling £900! I rang customer services first thing to explain this and was assured by Natasha at customer services that one had been cancelled and the money would not be debited as it would just 'fall off' now the order had been cancelled. I went again to check my bank the next day 23rd December and still no refund, then again on the 24th - Christmas Eve... still no refund. After Christmas I checked again but assumed it may be taking a little longer due to the bank holidays etc so decided to leave it a few more days. Now into the New Year I was back at work so checked again on 6th January 2012 - I again rang customer services just to confirm the money had been refunded and to my horror was told by Joanne that it still hadn't been refunded. I was told that they would do a 'manual refund' that day. I wonder if I hadn't rang then how much longer would it have taken? I was also informed that it would take 3-5 working days before the money would be back in my bank.As it was Friday that meant I wouldn't be able to draw on it until at least the following Wednesday. Still leaving me without my own money that they shouldn't have taken in the first place. I have wrote to customer services a week ago and still a week later not even had a reply. I've just wrote to the CEO but won't be holding my breath. I think its awful they should be allowed to do this. Their policy states refunds within 7 days. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  4. Hi, I will get a voucher from PCWorld soon, to buy a new laptop . My old laptop was HP brand with 17inch screen. DO i have right to require same brand and screen size? Any idea? THX
  5. My mum went in to curry's last week to buy a new washing machine. Confirmed delivery 31/12. Night before call came to say would be delivered in morning and the call in morning to say would be there in 15 mins. 5 mins came a call to say out of stock delivery wouldn't be until today. Well i said to mum get right back in there. She went back in and complained about it and got home and then the phone call came to say courier would deliver within 30 mins. They came, installed and took away. Yes a problem did occur but as soon as she spoke to someone it was resolved within 2 hours. Well Done x and believe chocloates were delivered today for the lady who sorted it out.
  6. Good evening dear caggers! Day before yesterday I bought a photo camera Olympus D-720(14 mega pixels, 10 optical zoom) from Currys. Yesterday I tested how it works and found that the quality of pictures is worse than the quality of those made with my old Samsung camera(10.1 mega pixels). The image is not really bad, but it is definetely not that clear, I can distinguish the differrence. I was very unhapy about that, that's why I packed everything back and visited Currys today. I told them that I want to exchange it for a Cannon camera, which is 50 pounds more expensive. I was eager to make additional payment and have a more expensive product, but they refused to do so. They told me that they can't help me because the product was opened by me and this goes against their policy. Well, I can't say that the camera is faulty, but I am dissappointed with the quality of images it can produce. I asked them to let me speak to a senior manager, but they told me that I can meet him only on friday. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me advice how to behave while talking to him on friday. I want to come ready for that conversation.
  7. I am so upset with the awful service at Currys. Yesterday I bought a red HP Pavilion g6-1241sa 15.6" Laptop for £399 with my credit card. When I got home and switched it on, it was fine but after an hour so online, the touchpad became unresponsive and the mouse froze. I switched it off and back on again. The mouse worked for a few minutes, but it started to lag and became 'stuck'. I lost all confidence in the product as this was only the first day I'd had it. This morning I took it back (restored to factory settings, sealed and packaging as it was brand new) and informed staff of the problem. They tested it and said it's fine. We cannot refund you as there isn't a fault. Even though I told them it happened on and off. They refused to listen and treated me appalingly. Instead they told me to record it on my phone the next time it happens and bring it in as proof!!! Their customer service is awful. I will NEVER buy from them again but now I'm stuck with an erratic laptop that works fine one minute then faulty the next!! What should I do?? Help :-(
  8. In October 2011 I purchased a desktop computer on-line from PC World. I was looking out of the living room window while it was being delivered. The computer package was dropped upon my drive. I phoned PC World to reject the computer within the hour. A time for collection was arranged with them. I waited at home all the specified day but there was no collection. The following day I arranged another day for collection when my spouse would be at home. A van from Yodel came to collect the computer and the driver told my spouse that he had received a phone call to make the collection but had not received any paperwork and he proceeded to produce a makeshift collection receipt. Ten days after the computer had been collected I became worried as I had not received the refund from PC World. After spending much time on the phone and emailing "KnowHow" I got nowhere. Each time I contacted them they insisted on a collection number that I could not give them. In the finish I wrote to their chief executive officer giving them 7 days to give me a refund. Again no answer. I have had to get a refund from my credit card company. Until I have an apology I shall do no more business with the Dixon group of companies.
  9. I purchased an Advent Modena Laptop from the PCWORLD website on 09/08/2010. Roughly 6 weeks later I had to send it for repair due to a webcam malfunction and various parts were changed, At this point I decided to buy a WHATEVER HAPPENS policy. The laptop has since been away numerous times, and each repair has caused other problems as the recovery partition has not been reinstalled and the copy of windows has not been validated and one time I was even sent the wrong charger. Each time I have had to spend time and money on the phone trying to rectify each fault. I decided to have a look on the 'Knowhow' website to have a look at the T&C's & benefits of my policy. I was quite surprised that they have a benefit called which states a ‘No Lemons Guarantee which states if your computer goes wrong after 3 repairs you can request a replacement’ I then read on to read the small print which states ‘If you have originally purchased a product labelled as ‘previously owned’ or ‘non-pristine’ our 7 day and 21 day promises do not apply and you will receive vouchers to the value of the original price paid’ After reading that I was then wondering why I was rejected a replacement when I was on the phone to an advisor after my laptop had broken for the fourth time. I asked if a replacement of the product was possible and the advisor said that it wasn’t and all that they could do is get it collected to be repaired again. I received a call in response to my last letter dated 3rd August, 2011. I was informed by the advisor Marie, Customer Action Team, that if there was a problem when I received my laptop back from repair, I would be offered a replacement or give me my money back. I was satisfied with this and felt that my problem was being fairly dealt with. I feel I am being treated unfairly as when I asked to have my call transferred to Marie this was refused. On Friday 12th August I received my laptop back from repair for the 7th time. I was handed the laptop & charger from your delivery driver and was asked to I signed the paperwork. It became apparent that the charger was the incorrect one for my laptop, it was a TOSHIBA charger and my laptop is an ADVENT laptop. I spoke to the delivery person who told me to contact the call centre once again. I thought that they might have changed the charger but the plug was incompatible. The lid of the laptop which had been replacement had deep scratches and would not go when rubbed with a cloth. I then rang the number that 'Marie' gave me if any problems occurred on return. When I finally got to a human voice I asked to be put through to MARIE in the CUSTOMER ACTION TEAM. It seemed like the advisor ignored me so I repeated it and the advisor on the phone told me that this wasn’t possible. She then transferred me to Technical Support. When I was transferred, I was told that my laptop would need to be sent for replacement again! The useless advisor told me this would enable them to replace the top lid and locate my charger. Further into the call, I was told that the laptop would be sent away for one week which is quite ridiculous for just replacing the charger & changing the lid as this would take twenty minutes as I have done it myself on another laptop. I was very dissatisfied with this service, as a student I have got coursework to complete over the summer break and I have no laptop to use. My was sent away on 14th October 2011 for repair due to a hard drive failure which is surprising as it was only returned less than a month ago to the last repair. Just after 38 days of it fully working, it developed the Hard drive fault again, once again I phoned up 'knowhow' to sport out a repair and the guy on the phone said because it is the same problem that has occurred as last time within a two month period I am going to ask for it to be wrote off. On hearing this I was very pleased because I was going somewhere, and he told me to take it into my nearest PCworld/ Currys to sort it getting repaired as it couldn’t get collected from home. Took it in and repeated the conversation I had, and the girl behind the counter said it should be back within a few days. Once I got home I decided to check the ref number I was given and it said that it would be completed on Monday 28th Nov....but last night when I checked it, the date had changed to the 5th December. I was quite ****ed off on seeing this so once again I phone them up and the guy said on the phone. The product has been repaired and is awaiting delivery back to the store. At this point I interrupted him and said that I was booked in for a write off not a repair and the guy then said that a write off wasn’t mentioned and it was just in a for a standard repair. What do I do now, it was booked in for a write-off but they haven’t done that they have repaired it. I am a student and need my laptop in my studies and can no longer rely on this laptop as personally I think that it not fit for purpose. No product should have to be returned so many times in one year for repair. I just don’t know what to do about my laptop anymore it is beyond a joke, I have thought about seeking advice from Trading Standards about to suitability of this product but I am not sure if I have a strong enough case and if any good will come out of this. I know that they have broken a few laws (since I am doing business studies) but they are not arsed about them. I just need a reliable laptop that I can use for my studies. I have thought about selling it and buying elsewhere but I won’t get all of the money back from the price what I paid for it.
  10. 38 days after reporting accidental damage to my daughters latop & CURRYS still cannot decide wether they will fix the Acer. Despite writing letters, & weekly phonecalls nowbody can give us info or decision, & guess what I'm still paying for the monthly "whatever happens" cover, so...where do I go... I would also like to know if the repair is finally rejected, who Regulates "whatever Happens", ie FSA etc?? Thanks !
  11. Hi everyone, I'm posting on behalf of a friend with an issue that he has with Curry's. My friend bought a washing machine and dryer with full payment and was told that they would pick up his old washing machine and dryer and fit in the new ones. Only to find that even though they had took both machines, they only brought the new washing machine and said the dryer has been delayed and a Curry's employee will ring him later to deliver the dryer. Long story short, my friend waited for hours and after 3 people were meant to call him up, noone bothered. He then went down with his wife to the shop and demanded his money back but they refused him a refund and said that the dryer was not available..even though they had advertised it was. After words exchanged they finally agreed that there was 9 dryers available at another Curry's store and that one should be dispatched and delivered on the Thursday, that was another 3 days waiting. I've now heard that Curry's didn't bother to ring until the very early morning of Thursday (Today) and they said that they have no dryers in stock!!...we've looked at the ads by Curry's and it states "Guaranteed Next day delivery!", more like if you actually have the item in stock. My main question is, with all that has gone on, is my friend entitled to any sort of compensation for having to wait so long as he is going on holiday soon and needs to dry all the clothes aswell as his daughters and her friends who are at uni and expecting them to take them back this weekend. Or is there any good will gesture Curry's should do as he is majorly unhappy with this poor service.
  12. Hi all,a friend of mine, his sister-in-law (90 yaers old) is having a problem with an electric cooker purchased from Currys 13 months ago.The problem is that one of the electric rings will not turn off.He has been to the store where the item was purchased and he was told that the cooker was out of warranty by one month and there was nothing they could do until he mentioned that they the retailer had an obligation to the customer for 6 years and produced the proof of there obligations.They then told him ah!!we know about that you will have to get an electrician out at your cost to see if it is a manufaturers fault then get him to write a report for you to send to Currys head office to see if they will bear the cost. Surely this is not correct the customer should not have to pay out for anything.Any help would or advice would be much appreciated.
  13. Last June I brought a DSLR camera from Currys, in mid September it developed a fault so I took it back to the shop only to have their so-called "camera expert" look at it, tell me it worked just fine and he'd fixed it as I was in a hurry I accepted it. When I got it home the problem was still the same- it was failing to focus in viewfinder mode so the next day (19th of September) I went back and explained to him that I wasn't happy and got the reply that I only needed to use live view mode as it was identical to viewfinder mode! I had to explain to their "camera expert" what the problem was/what was causing it/how the 2 modes work differently/if I only wanted to shoot in live view I have a perfectly good compact. In the end after arguing for some time (I swear they think if they keep you waiting/argue with you long enough you'll give up) he accepted there was a problem and told me that as the camera was over 3 months old (just) I would have to accept a repair and they would have to send it back to Nikon. Wasn't happy but the guy on the desk told me it would take 3-5 working days so on that basis I accepted it. 10 days later (after trying to call their customer service who deny all knowledge and the shop isn't answering the phone) I pop down the shop to check on the progress and the manager tells me they only faxed Nikon for a return code the day before when I pointed out I said at the time I'd agreed to the repair I'd mentioned some things coming up I needed the camera for and been told it wouldn't take long he asked me to wait while he looked into things then left me standing in the middle of a swelteringly hot shop for 40 minutes - he looked disappointed when he came back and I was still there (I'm an old hand at this I brought a bottle of water).. .what had he been doing all this time? Browsing the web to find out that as far as the strictest letter of the law could be twisted they never had to give me a replacement and I had to wait for them to bother to sort the repair out.... .I pointed out if something fails within the first 6 months under SOGA it is assumed that it was down to a fault and he sneered "You can argue that in court". I then pointed out the law covers if something hasn't been used much explaining I'd only used it 3-4 times in 3 months to which the unbelievable reply was "That's excessive use" In the end I had to play dirty and emailed the CEO of DSG- I doubt he saw it, his PA probably sent it down the line to someone whose PA sent it down the line and so on but within 2-3 hours of my sending that email - the manager called me and said if it wasn't back by a certain date then they would replace it and just a few hours later someone else called to say if I wanted a refund or a replacement they would give it to me. Amazing when I went in on the 6th of October to get my replacement while the guy was getting it, I saw the repair docket and was not suprised to read that they had only booked a courier the day before and only sent the camera to Nikon that day!
  14. Hi all, we have a broken oil radiator which we've purchased just about a year ago from Currys. When we tried to claim our warranty we were told that the type of radiator is out of stock at that branch and we would have to wait or accept a voucher valid the amount we've originally paid for the heater. When checking their online shop the heater in question is still advertised as available for reserve and pick up BUT £10 more expensive! Now: Would it be pure courtesy of Currys to direct one of those heaters to the store(s) near us or do they have to arrange for local availability? Of course none of the similar heaters is available at the same price and I am quite reluctant to accept the voucher. Would be grateful for a clarification, thanks!
  15. Hi Everyone I would really appreciate your help with this as I am really unsure how to proceed. I bought myself an acer laptop from Dixons online in May of this year. The laptop was £810 after an onlline discount, I know I was crazy for spending so much on a laptop but I had experienced a long period of unemployment previously, I had no plans to go on holiday and I wanted something that would have the power of a full desktop system. I also purchased whatever happens coverage with this and this continues to come out of my bank account. This coverage was advertised to me as doing exactly what it says on the tin, I was even given an example of how I could drop it from an upstairs window and it would be replaced with no questions asked. Within 3 months of owning the product I noticed that there had a scratch like blemish on the screen. However this was curious as it was not as if the screen had been hit with something and there had no damage to the outer screen covering. It was as if something was under the screen cover itself or between the layers of the LCD. If it had been a £200 laptop I would have thought little more of it as I would have expected the quality to have been less. However given its value I was glad that I had purchased the coverage and contacted them soon after. List of events are as follows: - Taken the laptop into a Currys store to be told my staff members that they did not think the issue was bad enough and if I wanted something done about it I should damage it by 'accident' and bring it back. I argued back on this point stating that I did not want to do it and they eventually sent it off to be investigated. - Chased KnowHow via telephone as I had not received a response within their timescale and was told that the issue was being classified as being cosmetic damage and hence was excluded from the whatever happens policy. - I contacted them via email to express my disappointment of this and quoted the SOGA on the policy of the product not being fit for purpose. I was later contacted by telephone informing me that they would look again at the issue. - I received another phone call from KnowHow which became quite heated when they told me that their engineer's had inspected my laptop again and it had now been reclassified as neglectful damage, and hence was not covered by Whatever Happens or SOGA. - I spoke to a member of my local consumer council and they informed me that Knowhow could not prove neglectful damage and hence I should write back assuring them that it was not neglect and if something had happened to my laptop it was without my knowledge and most certainly accidental. - Following this I noticed one evening that the blemish had moved further down the laptop screen and where it had been previously was now perfect. - KnowHow informs me that they will be unable to do anything without me taking the laptop to a independent qualified engineer and seeking his opinion. I take the laptop to a local computer repair store as I assume to operate such a business they must be qualified. They confirmed to me verbally that it did not appear to be screen damage and most likely a trapped hair under the screen bezel as they felt the design did not appear sufficient to keep such debris out. However I did not want to bother them for this in writing and they were unwilling to open the laptop as they feared they could invalidate the manufacturers warranty. - I informed KnowHow of this and asked them to inspect my laptop again, they were unhelpful and stated that if they were indeed qualified they can open the laptop and there would be no issue with warranty. Fearful that KnowHow could use this as their next escape clause I sent them another email asking them to provide me with a list of approved engineers in my area and explained that as I am working a full time job and doing a part time masters that I did not have the time or money to chase this issue up with third parties. I also asked them what type of inspection was conducted on my laptop that enabled them to confirm that it was neglectful damage. Considering that I told them that it was under the screen I naturally expected them to look under the screen. - I got another email back informing me that they were unable to provide such as list but encouraged me to take the laptop to another engineer. He also confirmed that the inspection was made visually with no opening of the laptop screen. I sent an email back requesting that they take it back and give it a proper inspection given the fact that the blemish has since moved. - I finally received an email back from them stating that they would not do this without me first taking it to a third party and that they would not reply to any further email from me without this report. I would be really grateful if someone could advise on this. Some friends have told me to try small claims but I know nothing of that process and most of all I feel so stupid for spending so much money on a purchase in the first place. Due to my workload I have difficulty doing much of anything at the moment, never mind being able to track down a possibly acer approved engineer. The only way I could see that happening would be for me to take time off work but this will either result in me loosing money or using up holiday entitlement. Thanks in advance for any advice provided
  16. I bought a refurbished laptop around 2-3 weeks ago from Dixons. It in an Advent Modena M200 with Windows 7 Home Premium. Twice now the laptop has shut itself down during updates and led to the computer not starting. I tried to reinstall Windows from the partition on the hard drive as start-up repair couldnt solve the problem and I had not yet made a system restore point. After all of my previous Windows had been deleted, the computer stopped installing and then had no operating system. I used an old laptop to email Dixons where it was bought from informing them I had no way of calling their helpline which was an 0844 number. As I only recieved an automated reply asking me to call the number I was forced to reinstall Windows myself from a Windows 7 installation disk I have but registered the Windows with my product code on the bottom of the laptop. The same thing happened again and my computer wouldnt start again so I decided to contact Dixons again and I got a phone call this time. However, they said that because I'd been forced to reinstall Windows that my warranty was voided even though it wasn't my fault it was because they sent me a faulty laptop. I am still within the 21 days period where they are supposed to refund or exchange me for any faults. Ive seen lots of people on the forums say they reinstalled their windows and still had it fixed and also I wasnt sent any warranty conditions or anything with my laptop and I cannot find them online. Does anyone know whether the man I spoke to was right because he would not let me speak to a manager even though I know it is my right to. I believe this laptop voids the Sale of Good Act as it was faulty - help please!!Thanks in advance
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