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Found 116 results

  1. Hi there. I recently ordered an iPad online via the PC world website and took delivery of it on Tuesday. I had opened the outer cellophane packaging to take a look inside, however the actual contents remain unused and are, of course, in brand new, factory condition. I have since changed my mind and wished to return the iPad under DSR. According to PC worlds Terms and Condtions regarding returns, I can return items via post or in an actual store. So I then went to a store yesterday only to be refused a refund in store as the item had been opened. After arguing and pointing out the returns procedure, making note of the DSR, I was still refused by the manager who was adamant he wasn't going to refund me. I then went to another store around the corner and asked a member of staff "Can i return an item I bought online, that has been opened, in store for a refund?" He said "yes, under DSR." This man was helpful, however I needed to speak to someone else to actually process the return. Of course I was also turned away with the same rubbish saying since it has been opened I need to return it online via collection or post. I said I have returned an item previously that I have ordered online (which had been opened) in store. Their reply "Yes, cheaper items are fine but things like iPads have a different policy". What a load of BS. Following that waste of time, I made a call to their head office CS who also don't seem to understand their own policies, only to be told the store will not refund me. The person then opened up a complaint against the store. This is from PC worlds website: Link: (can't post link due to post count but can easily be found on their website) Here are their T&C's regarding returns: I really don't know what to do now. Sure I can get a refund the long way via post but it is now a matter of principle. They're not only going against their own policies, but are refusing my consumer right to return my item. What action can I take to get my refund and more importantly how can I take this up further, and with whom, to make it clear thats these bad business practices will not be tolerated by consumers? I paid via my visa debit card, perhaps a chargeback is possible? Order total was £499 Any feedback or advice will be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  2. my daughter bought an ipad on 18/09/2011 and took out the extra whatever happens cover. around 4 weeks ago my daughter and her friend were messing around and her friend jumped off her bed ontp my daughters handbag which had the ipad in it as she uses it for college. ipad was badly damaged. took to currys and they took a statement of what had happened. we then got a letter back saying that they were not going to replace or repair ipad and that we could appeal the decision. they wanted a letter stating exactly what happened again with a list of everything that was in her handbag. we sent off another letter appealing the decision and yesterday we received a letter saying that they are still refusing to repair or replace. please help. my daughter relies on this for her college course :-x:-x:-x
  3. Please please please can you help?? I Purchased my TV in Aug 2007 for £1999. Purchased Knowhow's whatever happens policy for TV in Aug 2008 at £7.99 per month. Paid a total of £479 over the 5 years! TV developed a fault and was sent off on the 19th July. I phoned knowhow on 19th July as I was concerned with the way it was transported as PLONKED my heavy 50" Plasma TV into a case on its side and transported it in the van on its side. It was logged as a complaint (which is still ongoing). I received my TV back, fault supposed to been repaired, on the 26th July when I open the wrapped bubble wrap I felt that the top edges and the top of the TV frame had deep scratches and scuffs and a big dent in the rear of the TV casing. I take great care and pride in my gadgets and this cosmetic damage had not been done prior to Knowhow taking it. I contacted knowhow again informing them they had cosmetically damaged my TV. They took the TV again for investigation. On the 2nd of Aug I recieved my TV back with a replaced front frame and rear case. Quite impressed however, on inspecting the TV I found a dent and scuffs in the new replaced rear case of the TV. Not that big so I was okish about this until I turned my TV on and low and behold, this was the first time I had switched the TV on since 19th July, the original fault I had reported and sent away for had not been repaired. The original fault was red vertical, coloured horizontal lines across the TV screen which, until the TV was warm, the TV would turn its self on and off. The TV was sent back for a 3rd time! They had to end up writing the TV off as it was passed their 21 day policy. Eventually I ended up getting a voucher code to which I took to my local Currys, happy that I was going to get a new TV, when I was informed the value of the voucher and their supposedly equivalent like for like TV of £699 ps51f5500. After an hour of disagreeing and getting no where with trying to get them to understand that the TV they were trying to replace was NOT like for like as for starters it didn't have the same connections let alone the same amount! Well after an hour I walked out with no TV. I have phoned Samsung and they advised me that the TV Currys offered is far less inferior product and advised that the equivalent today was a ps51f8500 at £1749 TV which is exactly what I had researched as being a replacement. So far I have got no where with this. No offer of compensation for cosmetically damaging my personal possessions. No offer of an apology. And no like for like offer according to Samsung themselves. But the topping was the offer of a £699 TV which is what I have nearly paid in premiums alone! Samsung have said it was a top end TV at the time I purchased it. So they should replace with a top end like for like in today's equivalent which they are not honouring. I am not accepting this offer so what should and can I do and where do I stand with this? Please please help. Oh I am severly sight impaired/Blind and my TV was a major part of my normal daily living and to have been with out for over a month now has been very hard for me. I only have a tiny bit of sight left in my left eye only and rely on larger scales to help me with my day to day activities. Knowhow are fully aware of this. Many many thanks in advance for any advise anyone has got to give me as I am not accepting this offer. I am also being told by Knowhow t,hat I cannot even get my old TV back! Is this now not theft as I haven't accepted their offer and want my TV back which they are saying I can't have back now? Can I not claim criminal damage for the damage knowhow caused to my own personal possessions? Please please some please help not a happy bunny
  4. Hi All, I bought Television- Samsung UE46ES6800 from you on 05/01/2013. I now find the goods have the following fault: Take too long to power on, too slow when changing channels and smart hub don't connect to network. Tv don't recognize network connected devices, slow in all processes...etc.. I contacted Samsung directly and after the visit by Samsung Engineer he advised to change the MAIN BOARD, which I don't agree as the TV is only 5 months old and I don't want a repaired premium TV only 5 month old. But after I visited Curry's store later and spoke to one of the manager in store he refused to replace the TV as he says its more than 28 days old and cannot be replaced as per their policy (he was very rude at the visit to store). As last resolution I have to send it to repair to Samsung service center. Now the TV is back from repair center after changing Main Board the above mentioned problems still there along with the picture is really of poor quality now and still can't find any of my network connected devices. I again contacted Samsung and they again booked in for check and says they can't find any defect the the TV is good but when this time the technician who came to deliver the TV also tried to connect the devices but failed and even wrote this on delivery note. So later I been to Curry's store back again and spoke to one of the staff and he promised that store manager will call me next day and took copy of the all documents along with my contact number but as usual they never bother to call me or contact me in any way. Can any body please suggest me what to do next. Thanks in advance.....
  5. PC World sold me a void Whatever Happens Policy and refused to repair a valuable laptop 23 months later blaming me for their errors. Having taken many months of installments they maintain that the blame rests with the customer for being sold a policy with a void product code by their incompetent staff. I am taking them to court but wondered if anyone else suffered in a similar way at the hands of these faceless, unaccountable, clumsy buffoons? I am so sick of their attitude I intend to make very long and loud warnings about this useless organisation and it's amateur attitude
  6. I ordered a washing machine on Wednesday 26th June for delivery on Friday 28th June. I took a day off work and dutifully waited in. I received a phone call at 12.30 pm from the delivery man saying he would be with me within the hour. 6.00 pm rolled around and I made the 1st of numerous phone calls. I was told that my delivery window was 2.25 to 6.25 pm and that I still had 25 mins left in which the delivery man could arrive. I called again at 6.35 pm only to be told that my washing machine had been signed for and fitted. I stated categorically that this was not the case. I was put on hold and then put through to the depot where i spoke to Anna at 6.50 pm who reiterated that the machine had been signed for and was delivered and fitted. She failed to understand that if this was the case, then I would not be calling. She finally agreed to investigate what had happened and would call me back. I called Currys again at 7.30 pm and spoke to a lovely man called Arun who noted my complaint and who contacted the depot again requesting that they call me back. I told him that I could take a delivery tomorrow (sat 29th) but had to leave by 10.00 am as had plans for Saturday that could not be changed. 7.40 pm I received a call from the depot asking about how many door bells were at my flat. Told him only 1 as I have a separate front door from the rest of the house. He told me he would call me back. Waited up until 10.00 pm for a call that never came. Saturday 29th June - called Currys again and spoke to Richard from 8.00-8.12 am, he informed me that there would be a delivery on Sunday 30th and that I would receive a phone call on Saturday to let me know what time. No phone call. Sunday 30th June - called Currys again and spoken to Kalswom at 11.10 am. She informed me that the depot would call me back. 12.00 pm - no phone call received, called Currys again and spoke to Kalswom and eventually her manager Ahmad. He offered new delivery dates, failing to understand that I am unable to take any more time off work. He also suggested that as I was unable to do the dates and times he offered that I should cancel my order. When I explained that I could not take any more time off work but could accept a delivery after 5pm, he was unable to offer this, he eventually put the phone down on me. 1.00 pm - my partner seeing how distressed I was over this called Currys again and was put through to the depot where he tried to sort out the issue. He was also told that he would receive a call back from the depot. 4.25 pm - as we have received no call again from Currys. I called to try and rebook a new delivery date. I spoke to a customer service man called John, who was very pleasant and reasonably understanding of my situation. As my partner has agreed to take the morning off work (as a private contractor, he will not be paid for taking this time off) on Friday 5th July, I asked for the 7.00-11.00 am slot. He was unable to get hold of the depot to confirm this slot. I was informed that someone will call be back on Monday 1st July but he was unable to provide me with a time frame for the call. Given their past history of this weekend of not returning calls, I am not hopeful. Currys has failed to understand the meaning of customer service and that mistakes they make need to be rectified by them and not the customer. They seem to believe that customers can take time off work at the drop of a hat without the subsequent loss of a day/half days pay or precious annual leave. I look forward to updating this post with positive news but am not at all hopeful.
  7. Hi everyone, i have signed up to this forum because i am at the end of my mental state and needed some advise and from what i have read on here this is a great community with excellent help for those that need it and that person is me ! We purchased Coverplan on our laptop and have been paying the direct debit for months, we were rusing out of the house for a business meeting and "smash" the laptop went down the stairs and was in a very bad way, this was aweful because i had all our images on there and the thing wouldnt turn on and was in a mess. So, i called Knowhow who told me the unit would be being picked up and that they estimated i would get the unit back within 7 working days, if they could not fix the unit by the 42 day which was April 19th i would be entitled to a write off. Well after Knowhow ringing me almost everday to report the unit was waiting on several parts the 42nd day arrived on the 19th of April and i telephones them to ask when i would be getting the write of confirmed. I was talking to a Richard who assused me the unit would take 3 days to be written of and on my notes he had argued with another rep that said i was not under a 42 day policy when it states that i am when you ring them up and give them my details !? This went on for almost a week and after speaking to a Mrs Catherine Crapper who is a manager she also assured me it would be written of, then out of the blue a phone call with a gentleman asking for my email address so he could send the voucher code to go and get my new laptop and this is were it went horrible ! I was contacted last week by a guy from Knowhow that started the conversation with the following "Mr ******* im calling to tell you that there is no way i writing this laptop of so you have no chance sir" .................I was gobsmacked and amazed as he followed that by saying "we have unlimited time to repair your laptop" i asked what would happen if i was still waiting at Christ,as and he said "Thats your problem sir" Can someone help me here ? Its been over 50 days and its still not fixed and we have been told they do not know of they can get the parts to fix it ! I need my laptop for business and i am currently grounded when it comes to using a laptop because of them. The worst customer service call centre i have ever delt with in my entire life ! Regards David
  8. I have been trying to return a fridge to Currys that I bought online and was delivered 3 days ago. Having called their 0844 561 1234 phoneline and got a no since the fridge has been plugged in it is classed as used, i disagreed as plugged in means plugged in, putting food inside the fridge means used. Anyway this conversation went on between the terms of retuning a product to Currys focusing on the definition of installed and used and plugged in. Since 99% of the items sold by Currys are electrical then they by their own terms and conditions have no returns, since all goods need to be plugged in. I got a supervisor to call be back and even he would not assist me, I asked him to contact his manager, but he told me they would give me the same answer, no refund. If someone can please point me in the right direction on sorting my problem. We bought a fridge online from Currys and it was delivered Wednesday. Having left it overnight as per the delivery drivers instructions we then plugged in the fridge. Straight away was making a loader than normal noise for a small fridge, I checked the websites and decided to wait another day to see if the fridge got more quieter, it did not. After speaking to customer service at Currys I no longer want the fridge and want a refund as stated on their website.
  9. I bought a Beko WM6355W washing machine from Currys on 14th November 2009, less than 3 years ago. It's been used sparingly since then. We are pensioners who live alone and don't have a mass of washing to do on a daily basis. In fact quite often we don't even have a full load for a couple of days. today I put a wash into it and set it going. That is, I pressed the button to set it going, but nothing happened. I switched off and tried again and still nothing. On another restart I pressed down both the cancel/start button and the on switch at the same time and a message of E08 came on the display. I presume this to be an error message. So, a knackered washer under 3 years old folks.... Is this likely to be considered to be an unduly early demise under the sale of goods act? The last washer I had, an Indesit, lasted me almost 9 years. If the SOGA could be invoked how do I go about a complaint? I'll call Currys but I doubt if I'll get far. I mean, it's out of warranty isn't it, and doesn't have an extended warranty. For the sake of it, I will mention that I have bought all sorts of things from the group including a 3D TV for my son, a tumble dryer, an Ipad thingy etc. I doubt if this will swing any favours but it should point me in a new direction if not. _______________________________________________________________________________________ The Sale of Goods Act requires a durability factor which is generally determined by a recognised body. So, I've done a bit searching and found that the Product Life Institute of Geneva gives a household washing machine an expected life of 10 years. 3 years is a long way short of this. As a concession to the use so far obtained from the Beko I would be prepared to accept a discount of 70% against a new one.
  10. I purchased a cooker from Currys online and received 2 emails confirming the delivery date as 15/3. My o/h rang them in the week, to confirm time of delivery, and was told they would contact us nearer the time, or we could track it online. I dutifully booked the day off of work and arranged for a qualified gas fitter to come out. At 4.30 14/3 I got a phone call from a really rude woman at the manufacturers telling me that the cooker was out of stock, they didn't know when it would be back in, and it was all my fault because I didn't ring her to check!!! I rang Currys and asked what was going on, explaining that I had made all these plans, and had emails proving the supposed delivery date, and the answer was "oh yeah, you should have rung the manufacturer!!" By this stage I was starting to loose the plot, and explained that when I order a bottle of milk from my milkman, i dont ring the farmer to check he has milked his cows that day, thats his job!! I also asked them to explain why nobody had told me to ring the manufacturer, and why I had been promised delivery on Friday on 3 separate occasions? All he could say was there must have been a lack of communication!!!! I cancelled the order, and was given another number to ring to complain, they just put me on hold for 12 minuets and then cut me off!! SO this morning i decided to give them a call as still no sign of the promised refund in my bank.Did the usual waiting on hold for 10 mins, and first spoke to a blatantly rude girl, she said that the order wasn't cancelled so I cant have my money back, I asked to speak to a Manager, she refused. I said I would hold and wait for a manager to come free, and she said she was nor prepared to do that. I gave up and called back to speak to someone else. He advised me, that they wont refund my money cos the order wasnt cancelled even though I had the name of the man that I had cancelled it with, AND he admitted it said as much on the system,he said he had to speak to the manufacturer as they couldnt be sure it hadnt been delivered!!!!!! this is the same manufacturer who told me the cooker was out of stock for the forseeable future the day before it was due to be delivered!! So there's £400 sitting in these shysters bank account that is legally mine!!!! seriously do not touch these lot folks, they need to go the same way as Comet!!
  11. Hiya all, this is quite straight forward really. Took my Samsung Freesat box back to them today (purchased less that 2 months ago) with a list of all the problems it has, its unreliable/does not work properly. They insisted they would not be able to refund me but are sending it off for repair as that is the manufacturers policy. I explained it is not fit for purpose etc, made an official complaint and told them I would never shop there again. I even offered to buy a new laptop if they would offset the £200 for the useless Freesat but it was all like water off a duck's back... So, are they right -do they not have to refund me? Thanks if anyone can clarify this for me. Cheers Steve
  12. hi all. my daughter bought a hp laptop from currys. ..in christmas 2011. .so about 3 weeks out of warrant, went down to their store and with no qualms they said it was a manufacturer's problem and not there's.... ..the problem was a cracked screen in the pixels. ..not on the main screen... ..cannot see a thing. .this was not dropped or anything else. ...quoted the sales of goods act to no avail. .said i had to get a independant look at the laptop then go for HP.... ..and not curry's problem.. .also they did not even bother to look at the laptop.. ..any help and advice will be great.. .never done this before. ..thanks
  13. Hi all, my first post. I could use some advice please regarding a declined claim with my whatever happens policy. Here goes... Early in December I was out taking photographs along the coast. I was changing lenses on my Canon EOS 500D camera when I suddenly swayed, lost balance and fell backwards landing on my back. The part of coast that I was photographing is very rocky and made up of large boulders and sharp rocks. As I fell, the camera was thrown from my hands and both the lens and the camera body sustained very bad injuries! I had a light ruksack on my back which contained my iPad (in a genuine apple smart cover). The iPad took the brunt of my fall and saved me from some otherwise potentially nasty injuries. The screen was cracked and the back dented. Amazingly, it still worked... I immediately hobbled in to my nearest Curry's branch and spoke to a helpful attendant. In no time at all both items were sent off for repair under my 'whatever happens' policies. This was on the 5th December 2012. A few days later I received a phone call from Whatever Happens saying that the camera was beyond repair and that a voucher would be sent out to me but to allow a little extra time due to the Christmas post. I was well chuffed, excellent service. Well done Currys. About a week later I received a letter on the 16th from Knowhow regarding my iPad stating that the damage the engineer had found on the iPad exceeds what we would expect given the circumstances. The iPad was sent back to Currys unrepaired. I felt like I was being called a liar. I WAS FURIOUS. After a coffee to calm me and a moment to collect my thoughts I suddenly thought to myself and silently applauded how well the engineers have been trained at Whatever Happens. After all, how many other companies get their employees to throw themselves backwards on to a rock to find out what damage could be caused to an iPad? Naturally, I appealed against their findings and sent a very detailed letter of events ‘Recorded and guaranteed by 9am' via Royal Mail on the 17th December. In the meantime, I went back to Currys and purchased a new TV; an early Christmas present to myself. The TV was paid in full with a debit card. Less than a few days later I received a phone call from ‘Hugh Moir’ of H.M. Investigations (Knowhow’s third party investigators). I felt the call was a joke really and a complete waste of my time. Hugh asked what had happened to the iPad. I asked if he’d read my detailed letter to Knowhow, which he had, but that he wanted to hear it again…. He also asked about previous claims for the same iPad, which there was one (knocked off a table, screen smashed. Repaired under whatever happens). What he asked me next left me dumbstruck, I could not believe what I was hearing. He gingerly asked why I had spent my voucher for the replacement camera on a TV? Yes, you heard me correctly. Hugh Moir of H.M Investigations (according to his website westyorkshireprocessservers.com, a retired police officer of 30 years) acting on behalf of Knowhow asked me why I spent my voucher for the replacement camera on a TV. I went ballistic. I reminded him that I HAVN’T EVEN RECEIVED THE VOUCHER YET and then asked him why he hadn’t checked his facts out first. He was answerless and made an excuse that the system wouldn’t have that kind of information regarding the transaction. Clearly presumption is obviously the order of the day here…? The phone call came to an end and despite the above I felt it went favourably. I asked if there was a chance that he might submit his findings to ‘Gary Perryment’ as soon as possible as I was away on my annual holidays from 2nd January and it would be nice to have my iPad for that. Well, 2nd January came and went as did my holiday, iPadless. I expected to find a letter on my return on the 17th January, but no. Nothing. I phoned Knowhow on the 17th and was told that an email would be sent to Gary Perryment to find out what was happening. Four days passed without hearing anything so another phone call was made to Knowhow on Monday 21st January trying to chase this up. I was told this time that my appeal had been declined. No answer as to why could be given but that I would hear from ‘lady in the office’. I am dumbstruck, furious and gutted. I have read countless posts on this forum of similar stories. How is this company getting away with this? Can someone please kindly offer advice on what course of action to take. I am done with being Mr. Patient. I am more than happy to take them to court and willing to spend good money on a solicitor to do so. Thanks to all in advance.
  14. Hi all, After going through quite a tough break up I was moving home to my parents house and my TV fell off the back of my Dads lorry when we were unloading it, it fell onto the corner of a wall below the van which cracked the screen. I was quite upset (straw that broke the camels back) but then remembered I was covered with KNOWHOW from Curry's so gave them a call. They then came to pick up the TV....anyway, they've now said that the TV damage is "too extensive for the explanation given". What can I do? I'm quite annoyed that they've made this assumption when I can prove I moved and the TV was damaged by the move, it seems I've paid all this time for a policy which wasn't going to do what it says on the tin. Thanks
  15. Hi Everyone, I hope i can get some advise here More than 2 years ago I bought Samsung 46"LED tv ,that tv was Ex-display (No stand,no wires ,no remote with some scratches on the front and dent back panel) People from the shop where I bought that tv promise me to find the stand and some other staff but till today I didint get anything.The problem was my landlord not accept tv fit on the wall so I was forced to lay the TV on the table and believe me it was not easy because the TV is big, heavy, and there was no stand. Television slipped from the cabinet which has more than 1.5 meters on Hard areas which had been made under the ceramic tails (because the house was renovated)I will add to, I tried to secure the TV all time . Call knohow they take tv and after 1 week back not repairing "the damage is exceeded" I send them 1 more letter with the explain in full whats happened, and still not accept ? Please let me know what should I do Regards Remik
  16. Just had a gas cooker delivered and installed by Currys (Mon 7 Jan). Had to email them to ask what to do because we found some damage which has been covered by white paint. Sent the email on Mon just after the delivery men had left. Get a reply to this email tonight. They are saying that if we've used the cooker then we're not entitled to a replacement. Is this right? In fact we don't want a replacement just the damaged parts replaced.
  17. hi all, i purchased a washing machine on line from curry's on 26th december 2012. my wife and i are pensioners the reason we chose to purchase from curry's was, they offered free delivery and collection of our old machine, and the new machine had a five year warranty, the first paragraph of the conformation of order e-mail states, we will contact you to confirm a date for delivery. at 17.15 hours 3rd january 2013 while my wife was alone at home, they called to deliver the new machine, we had not received an e-mail or telephone call to confirm a delivery date, even though we have an online account registration with our e-mail and phone numbers, the old machine was still plumbed in when they called, we were still waiting for a delivery date so my son could disconnect the old machine ready for them, my wife age 65 tried to refuse delivery, they cajoled my wife to except delivery browbeating her with threats she would not get another delivery for 4 to 6 weeks, they carried the machine into our small kitchen and left it there with all the packaging still on the machine for my wife to remove, when I arrived home half an hour later i was incensed at the delivery driver, and angry at my wife for not refusing delivery. (who is recovering from removal of kidney and later womb through cancer) fortunately my son lives near and came and plumbed in the new machine, but we still have the old machine in the kitchen it is far to heavy and awkward for my wife and i to move down a narrow hallway, I know we will be held at fault because my wife accepted delivery, and that curry's don't give a toss now they have been paid, i feel impotent against them and the way we have been treated.
  18. Hi I purchased a washing machine from Curry's in May 2008. All fine until last year when door seal went. Repaired as I have a Whatever Happens policy. Last year 2 main boards replaced within 3 months and then on Friday it stops turning. My policy states if I call on a Friday they will come out on a Tuesday but they said not possible and they came today. Guy/engineer says it may need a new motor and he orders new part and it should be available next week. I call as I'm not happy. Family of 5 and no machine. They say they have 21 days to repair as they don't class it as essential. They are also supposed to call a few days before to try and diagnose so they can have parts ready but they didn't even do that. I could scream. I'm now doing a 60 mile round trip to my parents to get washing done. The policy is fine as long as the machine is still usable while waiting for parts but totally crap if it breaks and can't be used. I would advise people not to bother with a policy and just save the money so when it breaks you can just purchase a new one. What I want to know is how many times are they allowed to repair before replacing cause this is its 4th repair and I'm fed up.
  19. My daughter bought a new plasma t.v from currys in jan this year ,now has a white line at top of screen ,rang the branch who gave us their repair centre no ,phoned them and they gave us another no (which by the way is in CAIRO IN EGYPT IF MY GEOGRAPHY IS CORRECT) who then told us as it was a small item we could take it to a local repair centre of theirs in manchester which the woman said was only 30miles away ? we live in west yorkshire more than 50 miles away? when told this was not poss she arranged for an engineer to come out and see it on tues last week between 9-2 noone arrived i phoned at 5-45 to be told the engineer should have phoned us to tell us the part was damaged on dfelivery to them,my daughter had to take the day off work for which she do`s not get paid for,the woman on the phone was sorry he had not phoned us to let us know he would not be comming,so arranged another day sunday again another no show my hubby was up from 6am so no excuse noone was home!! this is bad customer service from currys and samsung we still have reciept and just wondering if any one had any advice about this matter thanks in advance:x
  20. I had a Freezer delivered last week and was advised to leave for 8 hours before switching on. I did this and its very loud. I have called Currys to say that under the cooling off 7 days I wish to return the item. They have told me that as the item has been powered on , they term it as having been "used" and as such they wont take it back. If we think its faulty then can send an engineer but if he cant find anything , they will charge us for that too. Really all I want is to send the item back. I have read all of the details on the web around distant selling and it doesnt mention items being "used" or whether currys can take this view on "used". Its not stated anywhere in their T&C's and even then I'm not sure whether they are accurate. I'm confused. Can I return this item as all I have done is turned it on.
  21. Hi, The faulty lg 55lm760t had a tuner fault, its 5 weeks old from Currys, no loan set was granted. Pickup was arranged for monday, but driver was sick so Monday morning i had pickup canceled and they picked up tuesday. Looking at the Knowhow web/repair page it tells me my parts are not in stock and they are on order, page states monday the tv has to be returned to me. Will i be able to call up tuesday and and request vouchers to go get another tv, its killing me without any tv in the house so i'm just looking for info just incase i dont get a 7 day repair. If i havent my tv back by monday?/tuesday can i phone knowhow and get a voucher code to get a tv on tuesday?/wedensday from instore? Or is 7 days from monday sunday, so i can claim on monday? I just need a tv so bad, my life is tv so without one im extremely sad. Thanks for any info given
  22. Hi all, Enclosed is a copy of an email I am trying to send to currys/knowhaw/whatever happens or whoever is running this fiasco right now. Customer "services" will not allow me any contact details for head office or the team who deal with this. If anybody on here is involved in this process I would kindly request that they contact me as soon as possible either by PM on here or preferably using the contact details provided on my whatever happens policy. Many thanks. Dear Sir / Madam, I am sending this email as a last resort as I'm afraid I am having great difficulty in resolving an issue with my washer dryer Hotpoint WDL540G purchased 02/08/2009. Whatever Happens Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Perhaps best if I give you a few details to begin with.. We contacted your customer service team on 27/06/12 regarding a fault with our appliance, it having become particularly noisy of late. The hotpoint engineer duly arrived on 28/06/12 to assess/repair. He expressed that it was his opinion that the machine was unlevel,fiddled with the feet and promptly left. This made absolutely no difference to the noise level produced by the machine. As the machine was growing noisier, we contacted hotpoint through the whatever happens service line once again on 09/07/12 and explained the situation, and, having told my wife that she was "probably using the wrong program" or "overloading the machine" they arranged for an engineer to return on 11/07/12. He put the machine onto a program and listened for a while, agreed that it was slightly noisy and explained that it could just be due to age/wear of the casing of the machine. Shortly before he left the machine went onto a fast spin and the noise of which we had complained became much more apparent. At this point he concurred that it was indeed unacceptably loud and arranged to return and fit a new rear tank heater damper kit, which includes the drum bearing etc. He then returned on 19/07/12 and completed these works. Unfortunately, this also did not cure the problem. The machine was still noisier than is acceptable, particularly during fast spin cycle, with a metallic sound,as if something was loose within the machine. Again we contacted whatever happens customer services and they arranged for the engineer to return on 26/07/12, which he did. He fiddled with a couple of programs and again concurred that it was "slightly noisy" and it was probably due to age, but being as he had, in his opinion, rebuilt the machine, he could not affect any further repair that would reduce the noise level. The machine is still unacceptably noisy and we have stopped using it due to the metallic noise it is producing, the dryer being ineffective and clothes still being heavily wet after a cycle has completed. I spoke to whatever happens customer services on the evening of 26/07/12 and explained the situation, and they said they would arrange for a senior engineer to contact us the next day re: visiting for inspection. There was no call from a senior engineer. We contacted whatever happens customer services shortly before close of business on 27/07/12 to enquire when the senior engineer would be contacting us and were told that we could expect a call from him within 48 hours, and that if there is still a persisting problem with the machine, it would qualify for replacement under the terms and conditions of our whatever happens agreement, a decision of which we would receive by 30/07/12. This was confusing to us as we had not requested a write-off, which we queried. Customer services explained that the situation had already been referred to the write off team, and apologised for not letting us know. Come 30/07/12 we had still not heard from the senior engineer, my wife contacted whatever happens customer services to enquire as to the progress of the case, and was told that she would have to speak with hotpoint to acquire an authorisation code for the write off.She was patched through to hotpoint, who informed us that there was no senior engineers available in this area for approximately 1 month, and that "because the engineer had closed the case, having found little fault, it was unlikely that there would be any case for replacement". My wife asked to speak with a supervisor, who was unavailable at that point, but Anita replied by voicemail later that day, stating that she would try to arrange a visit from a senior engineer, and also to try to arrange a replacement machine, although she thought this would be unlikely. She said she would try to call on 01/07/12 with a decision either way. Having heard about this fiasco from my wife upon my return from work on 30/07/12, I took it upon myself to speak with a member of your team to try and resolve all this to-ing and fro-ing. I was assured by the gentleman that he would be contacting hotpoint and sorting it out first thing today, and that he will contact me by 10.00 am. By 5.30 pm I still had received no such call. I decided to make the call myself, and, explained to another of your team the whole situation again, by this time, starting to lose the will to live,as I'm sure you are reading this. I also explained that, although we had not personally called for it, that the 28 day time limit for repair, as set out in the terms of my agreement with yourselves, had now elapsed since the fault was first reported on 27/06/12 , as had the 2 working day timeframe for arranging an engineers visit, fault last reported on 26/07/12 (we do not live in an outlying area). As stated,the fault still exists with the machine, and is logged on the engineers last report as " slightly noisy" which, I feel is a matter of opinion. The thing is not fit for purpose. He explained that it was not within his power to proceed any further and that it was a matter for hotpoint to send a request to your head office / write off team. I asked for contact details for your head office to explain the situation in person, but was told that there is no contact number or details to do this. I then phoned hotpoint and asked to speak with a supervisor. This opportunity was denied me by their member of staff, but they did relay the information to the supervisor, who said that they would arrange for an engineer as quickly as possible,and that that visit would be on 04/08/12, yet another 4 days beyond your time frame. I now feel this has gone on long enough and we have been bounced from pillar to post with conflicting information all the way. To recap, the date of our first reporting the fault was 27/06/12 and the situation is still unresolved to date. Although we would have been more than happy initially, and even after the first 2 visits to simply have the machine repaired, I would now ask that the 28 day clause be invoked with immediate effect please.
  23. Hi Just looking for a little help. Purchased Apple iMac in 2009. Took out Whatever Happens as Mac cost £1300. Took out Premium cover for £12.99 per month but after a query a few months later I was told no point paying £12.99 as policy states they have to fix in 7 days and told that as an Apple product it goes back to Apple if any issues so can't guarantee the 7 day rule so was refunded and took out the £9.99 policy and this fives them 21 days. after over 2 years of a perfect running Mac it starts to sound rather rough. Call Know How and they arrange to collect Saturday 16th June. The Mac is delivered back the 23rd June. after a very happy hubby plugs it in and starts it up OMG I thought a 747 was ready to take off from the living room. Called KnowHow back straight away and they say another collection has to be booked once again its picked up on Sunday 24th June and delivered back to us late on Sunday 1st July. Turned it on and seemed to be no problem. Hubby went into hospital 2nd July and as my daughter has a imac and I use a laptop and the 2 youngest share a laptop nobody touched the hubbys Mac. I went to use it on the Tuesday and it was turned off and no idea why so turned it back on. Daughter asks if she can use dads computer while he was in hospital but when she went to it, it was turned off again. Hubby comes home 4th July and its turned off again we call KnowHow and they talk us through some tests but to no avail and another collection is booked so Sunday 8th July off it goes again and its due back 15th July. What I need to know is how many days is that classed as being away? They say 21 days or 4th repair and they will replace. is Saturday to Saturday 7 or 8 days. May sound stupid but they say day 1 is the day they collect I assume Saturday 16th June is day 1 does that mean Saturday 23rd June is day 8 when we get it back? Am I making sense cause I'm confusing myself now. Any help would be great. Also since we took out the policy we are told the Apple computer now doesn't go back to Apple its repaired by 'Trained experts' at KnowHow. We were told that the reason the 1st fault wasn't fixed was because the so called 'Trained Expert' didn't connect something back together inside the computer.
  24. I purchased a new TV from Currys megastore on 4 June 2012 they delivered the priduct to me on 14 June 2012 the issue I have is as follows - I want to return this product it's not been opened so everything is still sealed! Currys return policy I now find out is 21 days which has just gone and this wasn't pointed out to me that it was only 21 days! However if purchased online it's 21 days after delivery! As my product was purchased in store but and the delivery is still within it's 21 days how do I stand on this 21 day issue?! I purchased the product on my Visa card. Thanks in advance for any help!
  25. Hiya. Ive been having one hugh headach with the currys whatever happens cover. My darling 2 year old for some reason decided to cover my sons laptop / sofa / floor with washing up liquid. God knows why, so i grabbed my sons laptop to clean it... wiped it down and sat it on its side to drain off. about an hour later i tried to power it back up and it was dead... After a quick panic, i remeberd i had this amazing cover that i bought knowing accidents would happen with the kids. so i phoned currys to tell them and they said to drop it in store to be sent off. so this i did, and a couple of weeks later the unit was returned, not fixed. I was told to send a letter to the Investigation department.... I was a bit confused and no one on the whatever happens line could really help me. only saying that aparently some of the screws were rusted and that it must have had the damaged caused more than 10 days ago. then i was told that the damage found didnt match what i had told them..? so after a week i phoned up currys to chase the letter and to again query what had they found.. as i told them it was washing up liquid. the guy i spoke to said he would look into it for me and phoned the repair team. when he came back to me he said the damage cause was not coverd by the manufactures warrenty and this is why it wasnt fixed. i informed the person that i had the extended cover plan, he checked this up for me and made a few enquierys and came back to me telling me they had made a mistake and that i can return it to store to be fixed. So i did. i chased it up a few times and it was awaiting parts for quite a while. Then the parts arrived, so after a few days i phoned again and was told that the unit had AGAIN been sent back to the investigation team and i would have to wait while they decided... AGAIN. So i chased it up a while later and the person on the phone phoned who ever to find out what was happening. then she came back to me saying they have just said that the unit WILL be fixed, and that it should be on its way home in the next 7 days. So after about a week i phoned up again, thinking that it should be on its way back now... and was told that they were deciding if they were going to repair it or write it off. I phoned back a couple of days later and was told that they were NOT going to repair it now and that the unit was being returned to me UNFIXED. What the hell is going on..? and where do i stand..? ive just phoned currys to get details off their system and a very helpful chap has emailed me the main parts... ive put the dates below. unit bought : 9th Nov cover bought : 27 dec 2011 unit taken in : 21st jan returned to me un repaired : 8th feb told to take the unit back in : 21st feb returned to store : 22nd feb awaiting parts : 2nd march parts arrived : 17th march sent back to claims : 21st march told it was being fixed : 26th march told it was being written off : 30th march told it now wasnt being fixed : 3rd April Can anyone advise me..?? Many Thanks in advance Dan
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