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  1. So... Lets see where to start. Back in March I purchased a Surface Pro 3 Keyboard, Knowing that i was going to purchase a SP3 at somepoint in April. That I did. It remained in storage for a while until I purchased a SP3 and decided to use them together. When i started using it, I noticed a rather severe battery drain that would kill the battery life of my SP3 when attached. When not attached, it was fine. Lasting almost 8 hours with one use. So I returned it back to Curry's while I was home in Portsmouth for a quick holiday. They said to me that they would take it away and that I would need to talk direct to Microsoft about getting a replacement. I was told the existing one was going to be recycled / destroyed. So going along with this (Microsoft did this before a long time ago), I left it for a little while then on the 14th May, I contacted Microsoft to be told that I had been informed incorrectly and that I would need to get it back from Currys. I was also told it would fall under standard warranty and that it would need to returned direct to them for exchange. I wasnt impressed as it was clear that Currys had lied to me and by this point I Realised I was £109 down and also without a working keyboard. This is when I finally decided to email into CEO Sebastian James after getting nowhere with trying to track down my keyboard (Apparently Microsoft hadnt received the original back) Yesterday, I got a less than impressive response after fighting it out over the weekend. Well.... Lets say I was fuming after receiving this. So I kicked off on Twitter today. And Oh BOY! It got a result. I finally managed to persuade them to look into it again today and they eventually folded. They gave me a voucher for £109 that was used in store to buy a brand new Type Cover 3. Needs to say, it shouldnt get this far in the first place, but Im glad its finally resolved. Ive just picked it up and works a treat! For reference, if anyone does have any issues; You can contact; And also on twitter.
  2. Hi Guys I have one for you, something that I find is bugging me since yesterday. I have had a go at Currys and sent an email to their CEO because their service was appalling yesterday. Long and short of it... I wanted to purchase a Surface Pro 3 for me. I opted for the 64 Gb i3 edition. I Reserved and Collected on-line for the Crawley store... I attended the store to find out they had no stock and hadn't bothered to contact me to tell me they had no stock... Even though their site said otherwise... The boss of the store was a little unhelpful and completely ignored my query about the Reserve & Collect Feature being available but no stock present... Anyway he told me to reserve in Horsham which I did in the store at Crawley. But to counteract that, I rang customer services to confirm the amount of stock they had. I got told, "No Stock in Horsham either"... Great another reserve and collect that would have ended the same way... I then asked where stock might be as it says they WONT offer it for Home Delivery... I was told Romford was the nearest one?!?! What?!?!?!?!?!?! Then Bristol, Then Newport (IOW) and then Eastbourne... So i slogged it all the way to Eastbourne with another Reserve and collect which for the 3rd time, didn't work but luckily they did have stock. The guy who i was dealing with in Customer Services promised to ring me back while I was on the train but he didn't bother. I finally got it from Eastbourne, But i rang back to complain about the fact they made me run around to get it... I asked for £50 compensation . £20 for train, £10 for phone calls to them and £20 for the running around after them. They declined and offered £30. I asked for a voucher I could use in store, they refused and said they would only do a financial BACS Transfer... I declined the offer it and said I wasn't interested and emailed their CEO because I found it unfair that there staff had been unhelpful in store. The fact that I had to travel to Eastbourne to buy this and also had to run around after them by phoning them, it wasnt enough to even cover the train cost and also hone calls. ---------------------------------------------------- They rang me back today to tell me tough luck and that the £30 is what they are willing to offer me, but i still dont fully agree with it. Any ideas on this one?
  3. Hi All, I am new to this and I am wondering if there is anyone that can offer me a little advice? I bought a new fridge/freezer from Currys in November 2011. It was delivered promptly and carefully by two Currys delivery men (Just trying to show that they're not all bad!!) Unfortunately when it was delivered it turned out to be faulty and it had to be replaced. Currys dealt with it adequately, not quickly but got the job done in the end after several visits to first see if it could be repaired - It couldn't! So in December we received our replacement fridge. Unfortunately on this occasion it was delivered by a sub-contracting delivery company who quite clearly didnt have the care and courtesy of the Currys team. Not only did we not get the promised phone call to advise us when they were half an hour away (so we didnt get a chance to empty the old fridge) but they turned up nearly an hour out of their allocated time. We advised them that on the first delivery the men had to take the fridge doors off to fit it through the front door, to which I got a sarcastic reply of "and so you ordered the same fridge again?" and then mention that they didnt have a toolkit so couldnt do that. So anyway they unloaded the new fridge off the van and left it in the garden, in the rain, whilst they tried to manouver the old fridge out of our property. They dragged it along our tiled hallway and tried to force it out of the door. As a result they made quite a mess of our hallway floor, and in the end they miraculously found a toolkit and removed the fridge doors in order to get it out. We got in touch with Currys after we had mopped up the mud and water left walked through the house (Yes it was wet outside and they were hardly careful!) which is when we noticed the long deep scratches on our floor. They asked us to get quotes for the repairs which we did and after 4 weeks of being told someone would phone me (they never did!) they finally told us that because the delivery was done by a sub contractor that it was not down to Currys to settle the claim. We were then passed on to this sub contractor. We were passed to them in January and still their insurance company is stalling and haven't even sent someone out to assess the damage yet! I have had to send all the photos and quotes etc to them all over again but I dont seem to be getting anywhere! I would just like to know firstly whether I shouldn't have been passed to them, after all Currys arranged the delivery so surely it is their responsibility? And also what can I do to get the sub contractors to actually do something? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Its been 16 weeks since the fridge was delivered, its beyond a joke!!
  4. Hi This incident occurred a while ago (I wasn't aware of CAG back then) but it is something I've always pondered over should I find myself in the same situation again. I was at Curry's looking for a small portable TV for the bedroom. Now normally I stick to good brands like Sony, Samsung etc. On this occasion however I decided to buy a UMC set, the price was really good. The TV was on display but you could not interact with it (no remote). Having bought the item that day, I was disappointed to find the that the unit switched inputs/channels at an agonisingly slow speed. Something like 8 seconds, it was ridiculous. I was soo dissatisfied, I went back to the store the next day to return it. The assistants tried to brush me off saying its normal, but I wouldn't accept it. Then the assistant manager phoned the 'store manager' who was home(?) who agreed I could return the item but would incur a £20 restocking fee. (thus I get the cost of the tv unit - £20 back). My question is, was Curry's in it's rights to charge for a restocking fee?
  5. The hinge on my laptop broke . It was under manufacturers guarantee. So I returned it to PCWorld on the 13th October. They said it would take a couple of weeks. It didn’t . I was called on the 13th of November by KnowHow. I was advised by the member of staff there that as my laptop had still not been repaired for over 28 days, I would be entitled to a replacement. She said I should take ID into the shop and if they weren’t able to replace the exact model, they would upgrade. She said they may be able to give vouchers instead. When I got to the PC World store, on the 15th- with all my ID , after waiting 40 mins to be seen, the first person I spoke to called the knowhow line. Knowhow told him that the laptop had actually now been repaired and would be back in store on Wednesday 21st. So it would be up to the managers discretion whether I could receive a replacement or not. I didn’t think waiting another week was acceptable Then began the wait to speak to, the assistant manager. The Assistant Manager had to ring the knowhow line- not sure why. He just did. He learned that the laptop was on it’s way back and said he couldn’t replace the laptop or give me vouchers because I might have taken delivery of the repaired laptop and now be in the shop trying to get a free one. I was, it seemed, something akin to a shoplifter. He said once he had tracked the laptop down, he would be able to issue a replacement- cos that was the only issue. He just needed to check I wasn’t a shoplifter/fraudulent. It seemed that as soon he confirmed that I wasn’t a criminal mastermind, and merely someone who had spent nearly £400 on goods I expect to be fit for purpose, the replacement would be mine. But once he had tracked down the laptop to Wednesbury, home of the famous black country pork scratching, he gave me another reason why he couldn’t replace it. His reason being this time is because a laptop is like cash. Now, it’s not is it? A laptop isn’t cash. It’s a laptop, right? Okay just checking let’s move on. That's some metaphor thing he's got going on yes? So, then he starts doing his typing thing on his little computer. I was really upset and frustrated by now, I actually cried. Oh the shame! He told me to calm down. That’s when his body language got intimidating and his language threatening. “You’re not getting a replacement today! I’m not giving you vouchers or a replacement today” But earlier he had said I would get a replacemnet. Three people had said I would. He then contacted the distribution who said the laptop would now arrive on Saturday afternoon. He said if it wasn’t there Saturday afternoon, he would instantly replace it. I asked if I could have that in writing. He said no, and wrote some lies ( Customer is coming in on Saturday and I hadn’t even said said that) . He printed his lies out. I pointed out the lies and asked again could he confirm in writing that he would replace the laptop were it not there on Saturday. He said he wouldn’t. He said what we would do instead is “review the situation on Saturday.” He went and asked his friend as well- the other assistant manager. That one wouldn’t come and talk to me. Rude. Oh and all this took around two hours. It went on for ages while one assistant manager checked with another assistant manager. I finally got a phone call today to say my laptop was repaired and it has now been collected but I wanted to let other people know about this shocking service. Two hours in there and staff being so rude. I have never experienced anything like it. I hope if a representative of CurrysPCWorld is about, then something can be sorted out in regards to theri policies and that other people don't have to put up with it.
  6. I took my laptop to Currys Crawley store on the 3rd of September 2013 for repairs to a faulty / non-working CD drive. I was dealing with KnowHow’s Customer Service team at the branch. I provided the service assistant with my own flash drive / USB as a precautionary measure for them to save my data should there perhaps be a need for KnowHow to make some change to the hard drive (I asked that a written record be kept that I had left my USB as I did not want to lose it). I was advised the laptop would be taken to their repair centre and 2 weeks after I left my laptop to have the CD drive be repaired, I received a text from KnowHow saying my laptop was ready for collection. I went into the store to collect the laptop but the USB was missing. Fearing the worst, I switched on the laptop as normal whilst still in store and quickly realised that all my data and documents had been wiped out. This is what I had feared when I left the USB as I had hoped that the repair centre would save my documents on the USB before they made repairs to the CD drive. The KnowHow service consultant, immediately and in my presence called the repair centre to follow up on what had happened to my data / documents plus the missing USB. The service consultant advised me that a follow up would be done and I would receive a call from the repair centre to advise me on status. I was told to take the laptop with me home as the search for my data and USB would be done. To this date, I have never received a call from the repair centre with an update /status. After 2 days I went back to store to let them know that I had not received a call from the repair centre. The KnowHow service consultant advised me to give the repair centre an additional 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, if I had not received a call from the repair centre, I was told to return the laptop to the store and they would take it back to the repair centre so that they could put back the old hard drive which had been replaced. On the 26th of September I took the laptop back to the store – this was more than a week after the 3 days that I had been given by the service consultant. The KnowHow service consultant on this day took out a new usb and my laptop for sending to the repair centre so that they could replace the data that had been on my old drive onto the USB. The laptop was with the repair centre for 6 weeks. On the 31st of October, I received a text from KnowHow asking me to go into the shop to collect the laptop. On arriving, when the KnowHow service consultant opened the laptop box, we realised that the 2nd USB (the one that had been provided as a replacement for my missing USB) was missing. The service consultant (in this instance, it was Paul) called the repair centre in my presence to follow up. He complained in my presence about the missing USB as well as similar matters of customer property being lost when they went for repairs. Paul the service consultant agreed with someone from the repair centre I would receive a call from the repair centre once they had located the USB. The repair centre would call me, arrange to pick up the laptop, replace the missing data onto the laptop and return the laptop to me (this is in writing). To date, I am yet to receive a call from the repair centre or from Currys Crawley branch / KnowHow. It has been 5 days now and I am seeking advice on how to proceed with this shambles of service that I have received. How can I retrieve my data? What is the best way to proceed?
  7. Hello All I bought a HP tablet at full price £120.00 in Jan-2014 from Currys and I noticed issues with the terminals and ports right after about a month. It took me a month only because I had not started using it. I continued using it, even with all the issues ( like having to shake the terminals to fix the connection), as I was busy with my job search and new born baby. By August the battery completely died and I sent it off to Currys who sent it off for repair. They supposedly repaired the tablet but the same issue came back this week. They are now saying that it will be sent back again for repair once again and that they will continue to send for repair uptill an year and after that they will charge me for even such repairs. What can I do for this, legally? MCOL? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  8. Totally disgusted in 1st claim against my policy in 8 years. Machine broke, called 5.8.14 no engineer until 12.8.14 said I need new drum. lots of calls to Know How and Hoover to be told on the 26.8.14 by Know How that I had been let down on so many points that she requested that my machine be written off (backed by a Manager) more calls to see when I could get a new machine. Then on 28.8.14 engineer phoned to say he was at my house to do repair, I advised him what I had been told by Know How 2 days previous. Now turns out that they have classed me as refusing a repair and write off has been cancelled and engineer now on holiday until 15.9.14 so I will have to wait. I have spent lots of time and money on all these call and I am having to pay to wash a family's washing since 4.8.14. It's like they are on a bonus if the only have to do a repair the glee in his voice was sickening. Never again will I recommed Currys or Mastercare and will avoid a Hoover product at all costs!
  9. - really fed up - paid premium delivery price for a silver fridge freezer to be delivered on a Sunday - to receive a phone call this morning (sunday) saying their warehouse had managed to deliver a white one so they'd have to reorder!!!!!!! No confidence it'll turn up when they said as its not on their normal delivery schedule day - ir even on their tracking yet - and I dont expect a response either!
  10. Hi, We have bought fridge freezer (RL60GZEMG) from Currys .Freezer delivered on 10-Aug-2014 and was advised to leave for 8 hours before switching on which we did however afterwords noticed two faults with the fridge freezer. 1-Paint Fault on internal panel - It seems someone made a rework at manufacturing facility and its obvious when you open the door. We have paid £629 for brand new condition whereas this one should have been classified as outlet/discounted due to paint fault. I called Currys and they have booked engineer visit. Engineer came (14-Aug-2014) and took picture with his mobile phone (with broken screen) and advised to wait call from Samsung in 48 hrs. Today I received call from Samsung and they said its working as it should be and there is no fault with the fridge!!! 2- Second thing, Fridge motor was very loud. We waited an overnight to see if that was a loudness due to first kick off but wasn’t, it didn’t go away. I have decided to measure dB with my phone and it was showing 84dB whereas its advertised as 40dB. During the engineer visit i mentioned that point as well and he removed back cover and checked the motor (didn’t say nothing) and did not measure the loudness just said its normal wait until it wears out and it won’t make same sound!!! At the end we decided to return this back to Currys. I have send them an email on 11-Aug-2014 requesting return and no response received for a while and I have called Currys to say that under the cooling off 7 days I wish to return the item. They have told me that as the item has been powered on,they term it as having been "used" and as such they wont take it back. Now I’m quite frustrated and equally confused. Currys doesn't accept return back whereas I know we have statuary right to return anything back within first 14 days regardless of open/unopened condition of the item. Samsung doesn’t recognise above two points and i end up requesting another engineer visit but i do not want to play with fault card even though there is a genuine fault with the product. Can you please advise me how can get Currys to accept this return, who do i need to escalate this? to Ombudsman, Trade office or Citizen advise bureau honestly fed up with this and desperate for any help. Many thanks
  11. The Asus tablet we bought just over 12 mths ago for £250 stopped working because of what store staff identified as a manufacturers fault (the screen froze). We were offered £150 which was refused. Surely if it is a manufacturers fault a full refund. repair or replacement should be offered under the 2yr EU directive. Please advise
  12. I recently brought a samsung 55" tv from Currys (Perry Barr, Birmingham UK), I did not open the box as i wanted to purchase all the other components such as stand, speakers etc. I opened the new TV after 30 days later to my utter surprise to find the screened was damaged/faulty. I took the TV back to the store and was first told by the manager there was nothing Currys could do about it since the 21 days has elapsed. I was not happy about it after 2nd visit , now they say they need to speak to the legal team before they can give me answer as to what can be done. I am still waiting!... . what is my legal position where, and what can currys do to resolve this, all your suggestions and answers is much appreciated.
  13. Hi there. New member and first post from me. Unfortunately, I have a problem and I'm astounded at what I've just been told by Knowhow. Me and my Wife have just recently got married and moved into a brand new House. Family and Friends were very generous with their wedding gifts. So we decided to kit our new House out with new things. Two of these things were a brand new washing machine and Fridge Freezer. We also paid an additional £20.00 for them to install our washing machine. The washing machine and fridge Freezer arrived on time, great stuff. Now the problems began. Firstly, they installed the washing machine in the wrong place. I went into the kitchen and told the chap that's where the Dish washer goes. He argued I was wrong, but relented when I showed him the correct tap fittings. I went off again as I was busy on the phone to BT. Once I'd finished, I went back into the kitchen to be confronted by the delivery driver/ installer apologising to me for ripping the Lino on the floor. By trying to put the machine in the correct place, the Lino had obviously caught the machine resulting in the Lino folding and ripping. The chap had obviously tried to force the machine instead of using lube! They gave me a number and said compensation would be arranged. I was angry, but these things happen right? After they'd left, I went to do the washing up and was horrified when I pulled the plug out and all the water came spilling out directly under the sink. When they'd first fitted the washer machine Into the incorrect position, their installer had failed to plumb the fittings back. To top it off, for some reason the black rubber washer which was needed was no where be seen. They'd also fitted the washing machine incorrectly. It was now in its correct position, but they'd plumbed it to the hot water tap. me and my Wife made calls and their response to our complaints were simply not Good enough. They were saying they could get a plumber out in 48 hours. I decided to go B&Q and buy the components and fix the botched plumbing myself. I also installed the washing machine myself. I couldn't be waiting 48 hours. we're just left with the damage to the Lino. It's ruined. It has to be replaced. The damage was caused on the 10-October-2013. We've just been notified by knowhow that they're not taking responsibility for the damage. This is absolutely absurd. I will not let this lie. They caused the damage. At every step they've been disgraceful. The installation was appalling, even comical. Their customer service had been diabolical. They've ignored us and been dam right Rude to me and my partner. To top it off, they're saying they're not going to give us compensation for the damaged floor. Not even a apology for the sheer incompetence they've displayed at every step. Is there any action I can take? Thanks for taking your time it read my Rant!
  14. BEWARE when buying anything from Currys/PC World if you think you are getting the manufacturer's warranty that you would get if you purchased your product elsewhere. I have discovered that Dixons (Currys/PC World) have a practice of "buying out" the manufacturer's warranty. What this means is that, if you need to make a claim under the manufacturer's warranty you thought you had purchased, the manufacturer may well tell you to get lost and contact Dixons instead. This certainly applies to Toshiba laptops and, I have been informed to several other manufacturers as well (e.g. Sumsung). Dixons may well argue that their KnowHow (definitely a misnomer) service is comparable. IT IS NOT. It is not a manufacturer's warranty and never will be - Dixons are not the manufacturer of Toshiba laptops - Toshiba are. If having a warranty is important to you think very hard before you buy and don't take Dixon's answers for granted - check with the manufacturer first. If in doubt - shop elsewhere. PC World are NOT the cheapest and they are certainly not the best!
  15. I purchased samsung RSA1RTPN from currys online and got it installed on 8/06/2014. From the day one we had the motor noise for 15 mins every two hours or so. Initially we thought this had to settle down. Raised about the issue with samsung and got the engineer visit for 19th June 2014. When the engineer visited did not do anything other than suggesting that If I am not happy I can exchange or ask for a different model. I did played the recorded version of the sound the fridge was making. He did said sometimes older fridges does make this sound. Spoke with samsung centre on 20th June and they said there is no issue with fridge. Spoke with currys on this and they said I can replace with a different model fridge but at that moment I was not sure which one to purchase. Today (26/06/2014 ) I had a decision with the model and called currys. To my surprise currys started asking the EN number and did not had one from samsung. Customer service from currys was not helpful at all. He did said that I cannot have the fridge exchange with I being not happy. There should be any fault accepted by samsung otherwise I cannot exchange. Customer service office was not even ready to explain from distance regulations, trading standards guide perspective at all. Always the customer service officer was saying that If I had plugged in the fridge I cannot replace it. How silly is that ? And I need to keep the packaging. It was knowhow guys who came for installation and took the packaging. So what are my rights ? Tomorrow I am going to call samsung and have a word with them. Let me know If the customer is not happy about the product for xyz reasons. what is the return policy for fridge-freezer ? Thanks in Advance for your help
  16. October 2012 we bought a Logik brand LED TV for £199.99 All was fine until April2014 when the start up failed. NORMALLY there's a red light which comes on and you press either the button on the TV or remote to switch on. The light goes blue and the TV comes on. Now it just stays red and no start up happens. We went to Currys where we bought it and they said they could send it off to their repair centre and have it checked but it would cost us £95 which would be refundable if they find a fault. They also said if we wanted, we could have it checked by an independent engineer and get back to them. Now we thought 18 months is NOT an acceptable time for a TV to last so I emailed their customer services who just said the same. I got some advice from the citizens advice who have a template letter which refers to the Sale of Goods Act. I sent this to Currys head office (registered post) and they have taken two weeks to call us with the same information, plus claiming they do it everyday and people easily have their £95 back. Really, EVERYDAY? Is that really a selling point? We have since purchased a Sony TV (went halves on a special offer in Tesco), so we don't have £95 to spend on a repair. We could get a quote and report from an independent engineer but it's more money, which we don't have. I still have the Logik TV, well packaged and tucked in a cupboard. What I need to know is, is there any point in getting an independent repair? Has anyone done this themselves and been successful in receiving either a refund or exchange from Currys?
  17. Hi, I bought a surround sound/DVD in December 2013 and at the of January it broken as no sound worked through the digital output. We took it back and they sent it for a repair which took two weeks. I was fine with this. The same has now happened again so I need to take it back. Clearly this is the second time in just over six months. Can I therefore insist on a refund or a replacement to the equivalent model? I don't want it repaired again as I can only assume it will happen again in a couple of months. Thanks
  18. I have a Currys Whatever Happens KnowHow insurance policy on my laptop. I bought the laptop in September 2009, and have had no faults or claims until my son accidentally spilt coffee on it on the 10th April 2013. I didn't know this would be covered until I rang up and asked and they told me it was. So I took the laptop down to my local Currys store within the hour and it was sent away for repair. I was told it would be sent away straight away, but it was not. It was sent away 6 days later. This was one of the many, many lies I was told. I picked the laptop up 14 days later on the 24th April from the same store, and was told it had many items replaced like the mainboard, disk drive and hard drive etc and also that it had a full valet and technical check. The valet was a lie as it still had coffee stains from the spill! And the technical check must of been a lie as another new fault occurred! It wouldn't stay on longer than about 2 minutes. I tried to fix this using my knowledge but whatever I tried, the laptop just shut off within 2 minutes. I couldn't understand why this would happen after the 'technical check'. Okay I was quite annoyed but I just rang them up, explained, and took the laptop to the store the next day (25th April). On the day I returned to the store ready for the second repair, I explained the problem to the KnowHow staff and they didn't believe a thing I said! I just stood there in disbelief at what they just said to me. They tried to set the laptop up themselves, to discover that it did indeed turn itself off and wiped the smug smile off their faces. A normal member of Currys staff approached me also, and also couldn't believe what they said and even she knew more than the KnowHow staff did! They arranged for it to be sent off again, and funnily enough, collected it the next day. So I was told it was in store 4 days later on the 30th April and I got told that the fault was my battery and wouldn't replace the battery. Obviously they did something more if the fault was gone. But as always there was a new fault now! The screen was flickering and the speakers produced a crackling sound. I honestly wanted to throw the laptop out the window I had enough! I didn't bother trying to rectify the fault myself I just closed the laptop and returned to the same store again. Once again, I was approached by yet another member of KnowHow staff with the same old careless 'know it all' attitude. They're not alone as most of the Currys store staff are the same. They really need to sort their staff customer relations out! I got the laptop back on the 11th May and once again there was a new fault! The fan stopped working and overheated the laptop. I absolutely give up with KnowHow and there shoddy repair service. I returned to the store the next day and wasn't believed again and I just didn't listen to a thing they said. Obviously they don't understand how to relate to a customer, and they sent it off. I sent an email to Currys customer service during this time basically saying what this email says, and a few days after that a KnowHow manager rang me. He completely understood where I was coming from and had requested a write off for me once they received it. I rang up today to see the progress and was told that the repairmen refused the write off regardless of the £100's wasted on previous repairs. I have the multi-care policy and this means it has to be repaired within 42 days, and I'm at 38 days now since the 10th April when I took it in. I explained this to the staff on the phone and she told me I won't be granted a write off. She said it can be repaired 100's of times if they wanted before they choose to write it off. I still haven't received my laptop back. Where do I stand? I have had enough with Currys and KnowHow! I want a write off and they won't allow one regardless of these 4 repairs, the disgraceful customer services and lies I have been told! 38 days without a laptop now and I really don't know where to go from here.
  19. Please can someone help me regarding the below please...... Dear Sir/Mam, I bought atablet a little while ago (1.5 yrs ago) from Curry’s, Staples cornerbranch. My details areas below The tabletwhich I thought I had bought was Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Now when I bought thisfrom curry’s I was told it is on a finance plan called infinity – which coversme with whatever happens policy including loss, theft, water damage etc andlots of online storage. My understandingwas after 24 months the product will be mine and I do not have to return backthe product. They will also refund meback 25% of the money paid during this 2 yrs period if I decide to trade it. But it came to light that I have to return the product after 24 months duringan incident last year. I didn’t want to buy a tablet outright and wanted apayment plan, which possibly could have been interest free. The sales personwas really pushing me to go for the infinity deal as it would cover me fortheft, loss, provide me online storage facility and load of other stuff. Myresponse to that was, I don’t need all of this, can you pls suggest pure andsimple payment options for which I can buy the product interest free in ayear’s time. But the sales girl pushed me for infinity and suggested that itwas the best deal I could have. She explained that infinity comes with knowhowand if I need any help I can contact anytime and get any issues sorted. So atthe time I thought that infinity was the better option as it covered me for alot of things if they ever happened. I also inquired again that at the end of the two year period the product willbe mine and she went on to say that it’s like a mobile contract and if anyissues you can bring it back within a week’s time. I took her word and neverread the full agreement (like all of us do). I was not shown that the productwhich I thought I bought was actually never bought – it was a lease I had takenout and also there was no clarification with regards to no cooling off period. She printed all the paperwork for me to sign. Last year I hadlost this tablet from my work place at Heathrow airport. I got a crimereference number to get a replacement; I was very low as I had bought this formy dad as a present. The infinity deal Ihad taken out, to my surprise did not cover for loss. Rent smart flatly denied replacing thetablet. During this process I had gonethrough the entire terms and conditions of the infinity deal. To my shock Ifelt cheated, duped and lied to. I feel I have been missold a product. So Idecided to visit different curry stores and inquired about this infinityproduct. I visited staples corner again, central London, Watford, harrowbranches when I had lost my tablet last year. To my shock all the salespersonal never reveal that infinity deal is actually a lease and not an installmentplan to buy a product. They do not reveal that it does not cover for loss, theydo not reveal that at the end of the 2 yrs period you return the product andyou almost pay double the price, they do not reveal that it does NOT have acooling off period. I was very very lucky that someone had actually returned mytablet back at my office I would like tomention that I have a taped conversation as a proof from one of your curry’sbranch where your salesman lying to the customers about infinity e.g. thesalesman advises that it covers loss whereas infinity does not cover loss andalso he suggests it’s a payment plan with a 2 yr contract like mobile phone which is again not true as it’s a LEASE, this is just an example of the blatantlies the salesman say to get higher sales. What I amtrying to get at is, what if some kind hearted person not returned my tablet. Iwould have had to pay the entire 24 months with no product in my hand. I have beenduly paying the monthly payments but I feel cheated and missold theproduct. I want to keepthis tablet and do not wish to return back at the end of my “LEASE” as I feelthis is a rip off and a missold product. I wish I had taped all of theconversation during my actual buying (I thought I was buying but I was actuallytaking out a lease) process. There is no way the tablet is worth £ 552 (£23x24). I would really appreciateif someone can get back to me and advise if I am allowed to keep this tablet asI feel really cheated on this. Kindly try andput yr selves in a customer point of view and respond. Regards, Vish
  20. Currys Advertisements on products, for instance the laptop deals on media channels such as online, newspapers, TV builds attraction to the potential consmer. When you go to store to purchase the product offered for the price advertised you are informed about offers such as add-on software packs, antivirus and insurance. The representatives drill you to purchase the offers umpteen times even after declining the offer. Then you realise even if you opt out from these add-on offers there is still an £30 non-optional charge for what they tell you is a backup that is already on the system it took an unrealistic 6 hours to put it on and will take the same 6 hours to get it off. Even Windows installs faster and a simple backbone backup of the new system which is probably the same on all similar products is imposed on the customer. So the customer actually ends up purchasing the product for £30 extra. Is this right thing to do?
  21. Hope someone can advise if I'm doing this correctly. I bought a HP laptop 30th December 2012 from Currys (St Andrew's Quay) for £399 - I withstood the pressue to buy the whatever happens as hoped SOGA is all I'd need. I returned the laptop for repair 21st June 2013 (within the 6 month period) as it had developed a fault with the headphone socket - plugged the headphones in an could still hear sound through the speakers. The laptop other than that is in immaculate condition as it's being well looked after. 29th June 2013 I was informed that the repair had been refused due to customer abuse It's only ever plugged / unplugged headphones into the socket (take them out of my i-pod and plug into laptop and vice versa - but can be lots of times each day) I e-mailed to dispute this and ask for the repair to be completed under SOGA as the socket is clearly not fit for purpose. 18th July I got a call from the Executives office saying that the socket had been split (inside the laptop) which means it's customer abuse and as gesture of goodwill they will pay for the labour if I pay for the part. I said no to the above and sent LBA (e-mail and post) with 7 days to agree to repair for free under SOGA or I'll take it to small claims. 19th July I had an e-mail back to say the final response is as previously advise they refuse to repair under SOGA. I've started to fill out the MCOL claim and will issue it on Thursday 25th July. I'm I correct so far? Is the defect an inherent fault or a latent defect (I think latent as it worked until it failed)? Who do I address the claim to Sebastian James and or just to the "Legal Services"? Can I claim for the cost of traveling to take the laptop back to the store (fuel / time) for the initial refused repair? Do I claim the cost for the repair or a new laptop? Can I claim for time taken to write e-mails / letters / post? Any thoughts or comments appreciated
  22. So the latest [problem] from the fantastic team at Currys PC World Knowhow. I phoned the team on 17th September. Told them that my cat had knocked my laptop out of the windowsill and damged one corner resulting in a dead HDMI port and audio wasn't working. I was told to take it into store and it would take around 5 days. I took it to the store, told the guy there same thing and he checked the damage and said it would be no problem. I then left it til 20th and called the team to see what progress was being made. They told me it had not been picked up and was not going to be until 23rd sept. I chased it the following Saturday, and was told it had all been repaired and was coming back to store by the Monday 30th oct. Then on the sunday I get an answerphone message to say the laptop was awaiting parts and would not be delivered on time. Called back and one of the team told me that it had been damaged when they were putting it back together. Admitted it was their fault. I then called several time s over the next week, and got told several different stories. On Tuesday 8th October it was 21 days, was told by the team and the store I was elegible for a write off and a new laptop of same spec. It was a good laptop so was happy at that. on the 11th I got a call to say the write off was being processed but they would only go to the value of what I paid for it, and there was nothing in the store at that spec for that price. Wasn't too happy at this, but said ok just to get a laptop and had the view that I could upgrade it. An hour later I got another answerphone message to say the write off was rejected by head office. Called back and was informed it had gone to head office and the damage was inconsistent with the fall and they had 2 different stories of the event so were rejecting it, and my laptop would be back at the store by the Monday. Monday comes, and there is no laptop in store, so called again, it was being reassessed, and got the news that the store had written down that it had fell down the stairs, and there was a crack in the mouse rest and a bulge in the case. I went back to store and spoke to the guy that booked it in. He confirmed the damage was not there when he sent it off and that the story was not the one I told. He called the team and confirmed this. I then called on Tuesday and spoke to the engineers. They admitted they had caused the damage, and assured me, with manager backing it would be written off by Friday and I would have a new laptop. I then called back on Friday and was told due to excessive workload it hadn't been dealt with. I then refused to get off the phone until I spoke to a manager and as a result was promised a call from the write off team by close of business. I got a call from Shaun from claim investigations, and was told that the laptop would get repaired but was not going to be replaced. He was extremely arrogant and told me there was nothing I could do. they would reapir the damage they had done as that is their legal obligation, but could not tell me how long it would take. I questioned the 21 day agreement and was told as per terms and conditions, I can request a replacement after 21 days, but they do not have to give one. So it is now day 35 without my laptop, I have no idea how long it is going to take, and I have been told tough, there is nothing I can do but wait. Knowhow?? know nothing I think........
  23. Hi I'm trying to find details of the area manager for a Curry's store I have a complaint against. A young girl said she emailed my complaint off to Head Office on the 8th September but so far no response so I emailed them myself on the 15th September but no response. I called Knowhow as this is who she said she emailed but they have no record of the complaint but was told as my complaint was with the store I should contact them. I emailed them on the 26th September but once again no reply. I have rang the store on several occasions and asked for the name of the area manager but they refuse to give out the information and the amount of times they say I will receive a call back but don't is just a joke. So if anyone can help find out how I can get the information I would be grateful.
  24. I bought a Kodak Hero 5.1 Printer from Currys in January 2012. Recently I have noticed the print quality is terrible. The colour prints perfect but the black is faded and missing despite putting a brand new ink cartridge in less than a month ago. I went through Kodak's support service on their website and after following all the instructions with regards to the missing print it says my printer needs a new printhead. Now a new printhead is going to cost me as the printer is out of warranty but surely a printer should last a few years. My last printer was an Epson and I had that for 4 years before giving it to a friend who still uses it on a daily basis!! Do I have a claim against Currys under SOGA as the printer has developed this fault within 2 years or would I be better off buying a new printer?
  25. Store miss-sold £300 dyson to me. kit they assured me came with product was not in box as promised. customer complaints (call cost over £2) won't give me contact number of store and say I have to return to store to raise this, and they are happy I was not missled. I spoke to 3 people before I left store and they all told me the same misinformation. Why can't curries give me a chance to talk to local store? Why should I have to travel1 hour to resolve a problem that they entirely created? Infuriating customer service Never buy from Curries. Dyson stop selling your products through them, they devalue your brand, and certainly spoilt th whole experience for me.
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