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  1. Please Can I Have some advice. A friend of mine has been charged £558 for unauthorised calls to premium rate numbers. BT keep flailing around and its really not working for him dealing with Phone Monkeys & He's considering legal action. Back in April 2012 a phone bill came through for the above amount for calls to Babestation. Now he has checked and he was at work while most of the calls were made, and BT are saying they were made from the property now me and my friend are both quite clued up about telecoms and we both know thats not the case. We believe someone hijacked the G
  2. Heard of slamming? I hadn't until this morning when I found that my number had changed and my Broadband doesn't work any more. Turns out that my phone contact has been taken over by a new provider - and no one knows who it is!! It is a nightmare trying to sort it out and when the service eventually goes back to BT, there may have to be a new number etc etc etc. Anyone know about this stuff? I called OffCom. It will take them 4 days to find out who the new provider is
  3. Hi to anyone that can help. Ive been in a bad situation financially for a while and on arrangemenst with mortgage, council tax, gas electric. I try and make what living i can from ebay and so one thing i have to have is internet and phone. Havng shopped around i signed up to BT as I was happy their monthly price was as good as i good get for a reliabel internet service. To try and keep this short they basically sent me a bill around May time billing me for all services up to August - this was around £280.00. If i did not pay it they would cut me off. I was completely confused - i though
  4. Hi, I took out a contract with BT for home broadband, I thought I would take out their £17 a month deal and see how it goes. I was not sure if I would need their Unlimited £25 per month contract at the time. I always used the internet for the exact same things, every single day. First bill £17 as we agreed. Second bill, I receive an email kindly notifying me that somehow I have managed to use more of my allowance and that there will be an additional charge. Second bill £26. Third bill £85. So I called the company to complain, obviously a problem here as I use the inte
  5. Hi all. In October 2012 I hand wrote a letter to BT saying that I would no longer require their broadband and calls service after the end of October. Then at the beginning of November I received and paid my October bill. I also received an email from BT Residential Services dated 8th November which acknowledges that I have chosen to close my account. I have since had bills for November, December, and now for January. In December I spoke to customer services and I explained my situation, and that I have an email from BT Residential Services which acknowledges my request, but the lady to
  6. Hello CAG I am looking for some advice in matter of dealing with BT. I have cancelled BT's services (land line + BT Broadband Option 1) in April 2012. Cancellation went through. During a phone call conversation with BT Cancellation Team on 13th April, I was told that I've exceeded monthly data allowance in Feb2012. Therefore a charge of £35.00 would apply, BUT as it was my first time of exceeding the allowance, I would NOT be charged the penalty fee. To my surprise the consultant confirmed the withdrawn of mentioned penalty fee. To my even bigger surprise the mentioned fee appe
  7. I called out BT as our phone line had suddenly become noisy. My daughter had taken the handset and base into her office and used it all day with no problems so we knew it was not the equipment. Despite this when the engineer came out he insisted that it was our phone. We told him it was not and that the line should be investigated further. I have today received a bill for £151.00 which includes an engineer callout charge of £130.00!!!! I am unemployed, just divorced and live on my own currently on benefit and this has emptied my bank account and in fact made me overdrawn which i
  8. But briefly here is something worth to take to Ann Whittaker BT (yet again) If you are on quarterly billing (more obvious there but worked on monthly too) You have to pay line rental in advance as well as Broadband if you are with them. I paid 3 months in advance I believe it was in November. In February I get a bill saying something about an increase in charges. Oh well this is life. But when I look closely I can see that they have refunded me what I paid for two of the 3 month and have re-invoiced these two month at he higher rate. I think the difference
  9. Hi I have had numerous issues with BT with billing on the telephone service and BT Infinity service. on the Telephone service has a recurring card payment which BT have not been taking which a complaint has been raised 5 weeks ago, to date no response and have paid bill manually yet my phone line been restricted saying your bills overdue by 0 pounds and 0 pence!! BT Infinity My account is in credit and has been always, today I come home from work find a letter telling me my account has been terminated and the rest of the monies for the remainder of the contract are now due and
  10. Hi all, Before I contact OFTEL, I want to appeal to BT. We used to be able to ask to be put through to High Level Complaints department,,,, but now I can't get past other desk-jockeys that want me to repeat the problem time & time again, then say that they can't help. I have been told to write to the Correspondence Centre,,,, but I now need to go higher than that. Can anyone give me the address of the highest department that I can write to (preferably the C.E.O's) please ? I find BT unnecessarily bad,,,,, but once you get through to the top people - they do tend to
  11. Hi all, I have popped by to see if anyone can help with a issue my dads having with BT. My dad signed up for broadband with BT and was told 60 days cooling off period, upon broadband activation my dad experiences slow speeds and connection issues over this 60 day period, Each time he contacted BT they did this check that check and fobbed him off. in the end my dad asked me to speak to BT and i explained that the intermittent issue with the speed was past a joke, rated at 10mb BB his download speeds were barely 27kbs and at times didn't have a connection. and my mobile dongle was out
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