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  1. BT basic + broadband at £10 per month with no hidden extras as long as you are on a qualifying benefit it sounded a great option for me I have been long term unemployed and spend more than that each fortnight on PAYG to search for jobs. I read the website and it mentioned them sending a form out they would need back so I gave the free phone number a ring. So the first person I spoke to asked what benefit I was on, confirmed I was eligible and echoed basically what the website said and the forms would be in the post. 10 minuets after ending the call they rang back told me a date
  2. Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I was last on here. I’m having a problem with BT. If anyone recalls we were flooded out two years ago at Christmas. We had to go and live in a hotel for six weeks and then into a holiday cottage for about nine months after that. Once we moved into the cottage I got permission from the owner to have a phone line installed. This was at the end of February. BT gave me the usual run around. Telling me alsorts of tall tales. Like ‘the reason it’s taking so long (6 weeks past the date they said we have the phone installed) is
  3. Dear BT, I am a new customer - I switched because I was told you were 'The Best'. I am happy with the Broadband services For the most part, I am happy with the telecom services, however, you MUST cease blocking calls to my land line. Specifically, you must cease telling the people you are blocking - that I have made the request to block them. I haven't - the reasons I have not asked you to do this, are A: one of the numbers you appear to be blocking is a hospital and I need to receive these calls - the other is a good friend ... and B: I wasn't even aware this servic
  4. Had BT installed on 4th May. Billed me for £112.81 which is not the issue as it was new installation. Was supposed to have taken the payment from my bank account by direct debit around 12th May. Failed to do so. Got a second bill today saying I missed payment. Now wanting £146. I dont know what to do about this. Any advice?
  5. For the full story : - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39401577
  6. I had been with Virgin since it started in our area, around 10- 15 years ago, and always found them reliable and the bb was excellent.. Left them in September 16 owing to the appalling TV that didn't even let you watch FREEVIEW channels. Went to BT, and boy I am disappointed, and want to leave. the bb has been off/on, not able to reach sites and my mobile won't connect to BT Lodged a complaint which is still open after 3 months India kept phoning me 3 times a day to check this & that, and I couldn't understand them half the time. Phoning me in work ho
  7. I set up a 24 month contract with EE via Carphone Warehouse Shop on (Sunday) 25th July. Coverage was checked and it seemed to be ok. However, when I got home I had no coverage whatsoever and had none for the rest of the week. I phoned Carphone Warehouse who told me that I would have to go into the shop and cancel with them. I work during the week so could only go in on the following Sunday (3rd July). Carphone Warehouse had no problems with me cancelling, but when they tried to get my PAC code from EE which I had to authorise the EE operator told me t
  8. To cut a long story short I believe BT or one of their employees is responsible of untrue or misleading actions possibly fraud to my father of nearly 80. Basically my dad removed caller Id from his phone to reduce the cost. He has the true-caller BT phones so straight away they stopped working correctly. I explained that it was because he had removed caller ID. While I was visiting him he asked me to put it back on for him so he phoned them went through security and I then took the phone. I explained my Dad had accidentally removed caller ID and his call blocking had stopped working and c
  9. DAY 46 I placed an order with my ISP to upgrade to fibre broadband on the 26th April and was told my go live date was the 6th of May. I'm still waiting for this to happen as of today the 11th JUNE. The problem is not with my ISP, who have been great, but with BT (Blocking Technology) and their creature Openreach (ClosedGrasp). They have been telling my ISP that there is a problem with a postcode "mismatch". I have been living in this address for almost 3 years and using the postcode for more than 18 months. I have been using broadband, paying Council
  10. Hey all, just checking my wife's statutory report online for the first time in over 6 years using equifax and there is 1 account which is very odd, details below 13/12/2007 Account fell in to arrears in May 2008 and late markers placed on file, NO PAYMENTS made 100% sure since may 2008 yet this account was not defaulted until 29/6/2010, thats is more than 2 years after last payment. I know its only 6 months and it will drop off anyway, but is it worth me trying to sort this, this should have come off her file 2 years ago. Account in question is Communicati
  11. so does anyone know if CDUK are legit?.... they are chasing me for £275 for early cancellation of an 18 month BT contract, which i cancelled after 12 months due to moving out of the property. BT claimed they have requested payment numerous times but they havent. I got an email out of the blue from CDUK saying they wanted £275. I am thinking about just paying it because i dont want the hassle......despite it seeming really unfair.....but i also dont want to be ripped of by [problematic]....
  12. I've got an issue with BT. I was living in a property with a BT Phone Line and BT Infinity Broadband. I paid for each bill in advance via Direct Debit. When I came to move out of the property in July/August 2012 I gave notice of this to BT. As I never generated call charges only line rental fee's I assumed nothing was due as my line rentals were prepaid upto September/October. The property was then occupied by my mother and no further communication was received from BT. I then cancelled the Direct Debit to BT in September as I was trying to keep my bank account uncluttered. BT
  13. I just got a BT mobile bill for £3,309.40 for August. yes three thousand pounds !! 5.4 gig over my allowance- let my son watch some sponge bob square pants whilst away camping in the van on a rainy day. I normally stay within the data limit. the month before i accidently switched off my WIFI and went over but this was capped at £200 and the data blocked. when the bill was paid someone took the cap off and data was munched on sponge bob. WHICH are on it, can anyone suggest anything else? pretty scary amount and BT where totally unreasonable (i kept my cool and didnt even swear) obviuosly
  14. Both my phone and broadband have been giving problems which I first reported to Plusnet on October 15th. Our experience: 1st engineer visit: nobody came but they reported they had and the fault was fixed 2nd engineer visit: the engineer was rude and made the buzz on the line worse 3rd engineer visit: came, tried and said you get a buzz on the line with wireless: we hadn't for the previous 20 years! 4th (Underground) engineer: said he'd fixed it, he hadn't 5th engineer: didn't turn up The service people give the appearance of competence but that has not been out experience
  15. well to cut long story short bt was sopposed to install broadband in jan this year engineer came out had working infinity and no working phone line 2 apointments changed or missed by them was phone call from me and cancelled install and new order. first order was get broadband infinity and phone line and £75 voucher for sainsburys online offer when I rang to complain when person did not show for the second time had working broadband but no line (funny claim need working phone line for broadband ) not true they cancelled whole order and replaced told call was recorded an
  16. Hi. I placed an order with my partner for bt bb and phone last night and went thorough the order process, credit check passed etc. all confirmed for activation on 20/02. Waited for a confirmation email that by this morning had not come so my partner called to see what the delay was. She was told that due to her credit check they require a £100 deposit !! There was no mention of this throughout the whole order process at all. Now my partners credit history is perfect but has a lowish score because she's not used credit much as had not needed too but she gets accepted for thing
  17. My mother has recently moved to BT for her BB and is getting BT sport as well as openzone. Now I have set it up so she can watch the sport on her PC or on her Ipad ( Ipad2 I think , no retina display). She has a Internet ready TV but when I tried to get Sport on it the browser crashed.She uses it to watch Ipayer etc so it is connected Is there any option other than connecting the Ipad to the TV via a cable to get BT sport on the TV. She is not on sky , only freeview
  18. seriously not happy got my bill sent to me tonight and 2 services I cancelled last year, namely 1571 and caller id, due to the fact that they were going to start charging for them and I never use them, have been added back onto my bill and charged for! and to add insult to injury spent 28 mins on hold waiting for them to answer the phone and guess what, on the dot of 8pm the message of "thank you for waiting we are exceptionally busy and your call is important to us" guff the message changed to we are now closed I guess my call isnt THAT important to you if you cut me off
  19. Hi Everyone I have been a BT customer for many years but recently got so fed up with them that I decided to change providers. I was under no contract. One of the reason I was unhappy with them was I suspected I was being overcharged. Once I cancelled the service I checked online to work out how much I had paid them over a set time. I have bills going back to 11/09/12. At this time, the amount I owed them was '0' as I had just paid my bill. From this date up until 12/12/13 they issued me a bill total of £622.22. I checked on my bank statements and during the same period I had paid the
  20. Hi does anyone have an email address for the CEO of BT My mother has been a customer for many years and just after christmas decided to switch her Broadband to BT as well as her phone. Both her and I spoke to the sales guy on the phone and he agreed as part of the package to give her caller display and 1571 for free. All went well until the last bill of the old contract arrived which included charges for 1571. I called and complained and was treated like a liar so I told the guy to go and listen to the calls. Today complaints called my mother and said she had
  21. I am wanting to know if anyone has any way to speak to BT and actually get listened to. We used to have several lines with BT Business, two mobiles and two fixed lines. We cancelled these at the end of the contract as we had closed the business and both gone back into employment. BT completely ignored us when we cancelled these lines, the fixed lines were based at our home, and we switched the lines to Sky after drawing a blank with BT. However, BT continued to bill us, even threatening to cut off our one residential line well after we were established paying line rental to Sky. I have
  22. BT have provided us internet for the last 5 years. It is a slow connection (0.5->1.0Mb/s) because we live 5 miles from the exchange. These speeds we have always accepted as we live in a rural area. In the last few months the internet keeps dropping out and slowing to 50Kb/s. At this speed the internet becomes all but unuseable. BT can fix this temporarly by "resetting profile" at exchange but problem always takes several days to resolve then comes back again in 2-3 days. Now they are saying line has degraded and they will not repair the line and offer to terminate my service. This woul
  23. Having spent 3 days trying to access customer services via their BTChat I gave up. Spoke to customer services - got a Sales idiot who assured me they could provide me with BT Infinity at my new address because I was such a valued customer - even though she did not know the postcode that I was moving to - lies and more lies. Spoke to another customer services lady and eventually managed to give notice to terminate my services. Received confirmatory email with details (Order Number: HMNIAZZ05500357406) of what would be charged by way of early termination charges. My BT serv
  24. Hi everyone, My first post on here is about the cancellation of BT broadband charge. We have just moved house and cancelled our BT line and broadband at our old address. We had completed the term of our contract so there are no penalties for early termination. We have swapped provide to go with Sky at our new address. I have just received my final bill from BT which includes a £30 charge just for cancelling Broadband and not staying with them... Can they REALLY do this? Whether I am satisfied or not with the service I have to pay to leave?!?!?! That's like goin
  25. "]Hi I have a DCA chasing me for an old account with BT I left them because of the awful way they treated me, I am still claiming JSA What is the best way forward please The account is showing closed on my credit file with a default registered on July 2012 but nothing since. Is it the DCA company doing this I have thought about a make a offer letter I have read other threads re defaults and if unable to get removed. Thank you
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