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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, i'm contacting you on behalf of my Sister who's got in to financial trouble with Brighthouse through no fault of her own and is now unable to pay them but doesn't want to hand back the items as they've paid a fair bit off of them! Now, they've been with them for about 6 years and I have all of the contracts available to me I'm hoping that the SAR shouldn't be needed and I can proceed with a claim on their behalf. I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on what to write to them, what to put in the letter and where to send it? To be honest i'm annoyed as hell at Brighthouse as they've let my Sister get in to this situation without any regard to her being on benefits and issues with benefit caps, rent, the lot as just last year they allowed them to walk out of the store with around £70 p.w worth of debt including the OSC & DLC, all within a month or so of each other and 2 of the items on the same day! I'm hoping that with any refund of OSC & DLC that they get 'should' clear their outstanding debts with Brighthouse and also possibly give them a little cash to help them with rent issues they're having as well. My Sister did have a company called [removed] dealing with the case but they dropped them sometime last year after Brighthouse called them to say that they were a cowboy firm and would stitch them up - my Sister didn't carry on with the claim now because of financial difficulty i've decided to step in and help them as much as possible to claim back what's rightfully theirs because then my Sister knows that no matter what Brighthouse say i'm not going to stitch her up and am acting in their best interests. If someone could point me in the right direction towards what to do next or to point me towards any templates i'd appreciate it. I will also be applying for all their late fee's to be paid back to them also if this is possible although I feel that the amount they've paid on OSC & DLC is an extortionate amount for which they'd be happy enough with if returned to them. Just a little update, the agreements she has (there's 12 of them) for both OSC & DLC total £3729.70 and the DLC alone is nearly £2499! I've noticed though on 1 of their agreements for the TV that's been paid off fully that there is no mention of OSC or DLC whereas ALL other agreements do either mention both or at least DLC so we're at a loss as to why that is as the agreement was taken out in 2015 and they had other agreements before and after that date which had both OSC & DLC included in the breakdown! Considering it was a 47" smart 3D TV I find it very strange to say the least so it's very possible I might have to SAR them to get the relevant info. On the agreements which only have DLC mentioned there is no breakdown of the OSC i'm unable to work that out, does anyone have any idea on how to do this from the agreement totals or similar? I also can't get my head around how to apply the 8% interest to the claimed amount because agreements were taken out over a 6 year period so obviously some items will have 5 years @ 8%, some at 4 years @ 8% and so on I don't want to get that wrong when trying to claim against them and having them laugh at me for asking for too much in that regard! Any help would be appreciated as i'm going alone on this mission at the moment! Thanks - Another thing I noticed is that their interest rates are all over the place! I've seen 29.9%, 64.7% and more recently 99.9% APR rates, i'm guessing some of these are hidden 'service' charges and I have no idea how to break them down as there's nothing stated in regards to the extra services! Any ideas anyone?
  2. Good afternoon I currently have an ongoing complaint which has recently progressed to a complaint being made to the financial-ombudsman. I recently received some letters from bright house regarding a late payment fee which say's on all 3 letters that the date of Agreement being 21-11-2017. Is this the actual day they claim the agreement/contract was made? As One of the items is a Television id took an agreement on in november 2014 and should of been paid of by now but which they claim over £1000 is owing on When challenged about this i stated that we had items 2-3 years after that and told them they would of not allowed us more items if we that far in arrears at which he said he only knows what was written on his pda (called to our home)
  3. Rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse has been told to pay £14.8m to 249,000 customers by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). BrightHouse will compensate customers who had cancelled agreements after one downpayment but had not been refunded. It will also make payments to those who signed up to lending agreements that "may not have been affordable". The FCA said BrightHouse had not acted as a "responsible lender". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41732865
  4. First of all, if you are a Brighthouse customer and you are reading this then... WHAT ARE YOU DOING? But seriously... Once again Brighthouse has messed around with its insurances and changed to "Brightcare" We take a deeper look into it - Are you finally getting a fair deal? Answer - NO But something you should be aware off... Finally its optional! You can remove it! So it means you can cut your bill right down - And not take it at all. However Brighthouse claim that their products must be insured under the agreement. So why not consider home and contents insurance? Itll be a hell of a lot more cheaper. It does make you wonder on this... They've gone through 3 changes in nearly 2 years and thats just ones FKO been able to count. The firm is under increasing pressure to perform and its rapidly losing ground with its investors but looks to be on track to get FULL FCA Authorisation. Like Pay Day Loans, there is a market for this, but it needs to be reduced as BH was using its customer base as a Cash Cow.
  5. BrightHouse product insurance claim denial. I have had a apple macbook air since 09/2015 and paid for the required product insurance since this date, I have also never missed a payment. On 17/05/2016 I had to visit Queen Elizabeth university hospital for an outpatient appointment and I took this laptop along with me. Upon returning home and unpacking the car, I realised that I couldn’t find the laptop. I went no where other than the car and hospital with the laptop. I have contacted the hospital lost property and 101 lost property and it hasn’t been handed in. Upon contacting BrightHouse I was first advised to report to the police and call back with details as technically this is ‘theft’ as someone maybe had found it and kept it. This sounded plausable. I was then called by Pam at the Saltcoats BrightHouse branch telling me I would not be covered as I ‘lost’ the laptop and advising me to tell the police it was ‘stolen’ so that I can claim on my insurance. This was a very shocking call and I refused to lie and terminated the call. After this call I had a looked at my insurance and it clearly states: • Portable electronic equipment hire purchase goods are covered where the theft, loss or damage occurs when temporarily removed from your premises – provided the goods remain in England, Scotland or Wales. This clearly states to me that the laptop, being portable electronic equipment, is covered for loss when temporarily removed from the hire purchase address, my address Can anybody help or advice me on this please? Thank you in advance for your time.
  6. Hi everybodyl, new on here and have a big problem with Brighthouse. I currently have 5 things with them up until recently could afford the weekly payment. 8 months ago found out wasnt really well and currently cannot work Going back to Brighthouse situation, I have explained this in a letter to head office and the store and asked if I could pay what I can. My original payment was 58 per week (so stupid of me to get to that) and I offer 25. I also asked them to send me a detailed breakdown of what I have left to pay on each product. I also said I wanted contact in writing and didn't want to speak to them. Since then which was 5 weeks ago I have around 5-10 calls a day and have had 8 home visits. In my letter I told them not to come on to my property and to stop ringing me. I asked vodafone to send me a breakdown of my calls and so far I have had 190 calls from them. I am so worried and can't get to sleep at night. I have a butterfly feeling all of the time which isn't good fir me at all. I really don't know what to do. I rang them to tell them to stop ringing and calling at my house and send written info on waht I need and they just state that I signed with them they can do what they want. I also asked if I could make the payment I offered by card there and then and they refused. I would really appreciate any help and so sorry for my story Thankyou
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