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  1. Bit of and odd one.. My brother(S) realised yesterday his debit card hard stopped working, declined at shops and causing an error in cash points. His girlfriend (F), also at lloyds had her card eaten by a cashpoint and so today they both went to a branch to order new cards. Hers went through fine and she was told to expect a new card in 3-5 Days. When they looked at his account there was a problem, they had to call a number they had never seen before on the screen. After a while the woman came back to ask for F's bank details. Then about 20 minutes later the woman came back and took
  2. Can anybody help me..... I need to get a copy of a letter sent to me by Lloyds TSB when I was a customer of theirs. I do not hold an account with them anymore (I have closed it and am now paying off the overdraft) yet need a copy of a letter they sent me stating that the bank charges incurred were fair. Unfortunately I have mislaid the original in a house move. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  3. Hello, new user here and my problem is not as big as the ones I read here but still would love to get this sorted out as its been 4 months now that this is happening. I used to live in a property where the water and utilities were under my name.. I left that property 4 months back and before doing so I called all utilities (British Gas, Northumbria water, DSL etc) and closed all of my accounts and paid all of my final bills. All of them assured me that everything has been paid for and your accounts are now closed and nothing will be charged anymore. But the problem is that
  4. Following on from the success of my previous bailiff problem. I was discussing this forum with my best friend. She very silly of her, got on of those photoshoot sessions, and bought the photos. This was back in Sept 2009, the credit for this is through black horse/lloyds tsb. Now the full amount of the photos was around £900. And over the last 2 years she has paid more then the £900 and there is still a balance outstanding of £800. Now shes not too clever and quite young so I said i'd see if there was a way we could get all the charges/interest stopped. She has no idea
  5. Hi all, i have had a lloyds tsb credit card since 2007, which i have allways paid on time but last year my father became very sick and i had to give up work and become his fulltime carer so now i am basicly living on £55 a week and still haveing to pay £180 to the credit card each month, which i have done so far by selling most of my stuff but i just cant afford it anymore. so my question is, is there any way i can get them to stop the interest or lower the monthly amount any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. in 2006 we took out a loan, it was taking over an old loan as well as borrowing additional money, my husband was off work at the time due to an accident, at the time we thought this would be short term however on further investigation we found out he was going to be off indefinantly, blackhorse knew about him being off at the time of the loan, they also only suggested PPI - added in a lump sum to the balance of the loan, on finding out about my husbands long term work prospects we called to cancel the ppi, we had only had it for a very short time. however the staff at blackhors
  7. Dear all, I am new here and I apologise if I ask immediately for advise. In 2009 (January) I opened with Lloyds a free bank account because as an international student there were not many other options. While doing this, I told them I don't wan't any overdraft. Zero overdraft. That seemed apparently fine because there was one situation at a UK train station where I could not buy a ticket with my Lloyds debit card. It was rejected. I found out later that I did not have enough money on the account. But so far good. 4 days ago I ran into negative amount without noticing, because I
  8. Hi, just wondering if anyone can help or has information about the following. My partner has a ccj against him from LTSB for his overdraft and loan. We have been paying £50 a month for years but then our payment book ran out. Like before we went in the bank for a new one and they gave us a number to ring but we can never get through. When we have been late or missed a payment we have alway had a letter from sechiari, mitchell and clark (I think) Informing us we have 7 days to pay and we have done. But since we ran out of paying in slips we have neither heard a thing from TSB or the ccj so
  9. Hi, I have just read on moneysavingexpert.com that many customer could face additional compensation due to the delay between the offer and payments made: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/reclaim/2011/10/anger-at-lloyds-tsb-ppi-compensation-delays I was one of many who waited 82 days between my offer and receiving the cheque which was yesterday. It claims that anyone who has waited over the 28 days is due to compensation, but the articles does not state how to claim this, a spokesman for Lloyds states "In recognition of the delay some customers have experienced we will
  10. Ok, so please don't judge - we know where we went wrong! So, in 2006 my hubby (boyfriend at the time) was earning approx 18K per year, his bank, Lloyds, offered him a credit card which was originally set at 2k credit limit, very quickly they increased the credit limit all the way up to 14.4K, roll on 2011, we've now had to use the equity in our property to pay this card off as the minimum payment every month was no less than £370 and to be quite frank its been crippling us. I know we shouldn't have used it BUT we were poor, with a young family and it made ends meet (we don't drink o
  11. I have a thread on the BC account regarding my various cards. With the Lloyds one, I've been unable to keep up with payments and requested a short term freeze on interest and reduced payments. Both of these were refused so I've haven't paid them for three months now. I sent off the CCA request and got sent a print out of their current T&C's but nothing else other than, going by other threads, a standard we don't need to supply you with anything else as the account pre dates May 1985. I then sent off the improperly supplied CCA second letter and have now had the, we have supplied you w
  12. Hi there I SAR'd LTSB re all my accounts with them and they have now responded. In with the bundle they included the original CC agreement and all statements since. Very nice TYVM. How can I work out if the interest rates charged were fair. The late payment fees were 12.00 set amount so I think these are ok and wont be claiming these. But Im not sure about the interest rates that haved been mentioned in other threads. Madge
  13. Hi, I need a little advice (again) please. My current account with overdraft has now been referred back to LLoyds TSB bank and now I'm worried. Does this mean I will be charged interest etc again? Moorcroft agreed to accept £20 per month and this has been ongoing for the last few months. My main question now is where do I send my payment of £20 which is due on 4th November? - local branch of LTSB??
  14. Hi everyone need some advice on this one two weeks ago extended my overdraft to £4150 as was a little under pressure with money cudnt believe they would agree as my credit rating is not great any way the overdraft extension ended today and I presumed wud go back to £4000 checked online today and bang!!! Overdraft limi 0.00 they sent mr an official letter on the 9th to state they would reduce to £4000 on the 19th of September which I have kept under lock and key I haven't rang them yet but I have sent an email to there senior CEO mr osorio to seek his views and help due u
  15. I have an old Lloyds TSB Trustcard, which is giving me some grief.... I have been trying to get copies of statements etc since 2006, and thought that I was finally collecting everything today, however I went to the bank and there was only a short letter saying they didn't have any information. There's some history.... I opened the Trustcard account in November 1998 just before I went travelling, I was 18 at the time and working part time. The account was closed in July 2003 when I lost my job and then sold to Activ Kapital in September 2005. I am still paying the remaining outstanding bal
  16. I have put me in the heading but it is my brother-in-law. He has a credit card balance £17K in court next Friday having been adjourned back in September as TSB did not have all their information to hand! This has been brought on by TSB who do not want to go to trial but are looking at summary judgement. He has now got a Solicitor and Barrister representing him, they have complimented him on getting this far, so that is also down to you good people on here, thanks. TSB are relying on the following cases, American Express (claimant) and Karl Robert Brandon, Tuesd
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