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  1. This is a true story about how Lloyds TSB has treated my family. My grandparents married in 1912. £2,000 was settled on my grandmother by her family (a marriage settlement). In 1927 Lloyds Bank became - and still is - the sole trustee. My grandmother died in 1949 and my father became the beneficiary. He died in February 2011. My sister and I are the last beneficiaries and the trust has to be wound up. Present value of trust fund: just under £2,000!!! Lloyds TSB completely refuses to acknowledge there has been any negligence or wrong-doing on their part. As far as we are
  2. My daughter has just had someone make an online booking for a hotel suite in London for £425 that has been charged to her mastercard, I am very unhappy with their response so far. I went into the bank with my daughter & informed them that She would be working in France from early December until Easter, the bank called their card services as well & advised them whilst we were there. I don't understand therefore why they would accept an online London hotel booking for £425 in January, it's also miles away from her normal spending profile. Went into the branch wh
  3. I've been doing several pieces of research and I'm trying to figure things out. I've been reading several articles on CAG If I give you background of our dealings then perhaps you might help more. We took out a loan with Llloyds TSB in March 2009 for two investment properties with significant capital input from us, which was fine and paid for 12 months, but my partner took out a temporary overdraft at the end of 2009 (not allowed a permanent one at the time) to cover a bill for the one of the two properties (for a necessary large repair) knowing that both properties rental income would p
  4. Hi there, hope someone can help me out! I had a Credit Card from Lloyds around 2004, credit limit £1750. I stopped paying them and to be honest I ignored everything... Defaults on credit file and eventually a CCJ being filed. Then the attachment of order came from a County Court/DCA - Which I am now paying £30pm, the debt is now almost £3000 Well anyways, I can't do nothing about that, lesson learned .. But I am now wondering if I can claim back charges on this Credit Card? I imagine there to be quite alot, in fact I'd say it was the very reason why I terminated payments becau
  5. hi all.just a query and advice... .i missed an insurance montly payment, my fault for getting the wrong date..... .my query is.. .when they applied for the payment from Lloyds this was instantly rejected and was charged £20.00 from lloyds for the missed payment.. .however when i do the same with my other direct debits which i miss .. i get until 3.00 pm in the afternoon to put money into the acount to avoid charges... ...that is all other direct debits... ..so my point.. ..why is it always car insurance direct debits that are instantly refused... ..but not others.
  6. My partner took out an unsecured loan with Lloyds, in Jan 2011. It was for £5000, and over 36 month's, so he's repaying monthly instalments of £174.00, and Interest rate is 15.50 % He recieved a letter/statement today, regarding an update on repayments which is a tad confusing !? We cant understand why, he is being charged different rates each month ? eg. £44.00 then £59.00 then £62 this is debited from his account, in addition to the normal £174 repayment for the loan. We understand he has to pay interest, but this would mean he has paid £650 ?? So all in all, he would
  7. after digging through my old file boxes i came upon a bank statement from dec 1991 ,i had a secured loan cant remember exactly how much think it was 5k but i also paid £14.40 pm ppi ,what im asking is do you think this is worth a shot or is it too old ,and how can i retrieve the details, ie start date of loan and how much ,or shall i just bluff them and send in the letter/fos form /and stat interest /and account number.and see what they say ??????
  8. Hi all, After the bank charges disaster, i owed lloyds around £1100 in charges. I agreed with lloyds to pay back this at £10 a month, which I have been doing since 2010. Right through this process, I have also been having letters off Credit Security saying that I should be paying them because I have defaulted. Everytime, I have replied to say I have not defaulted and pay the agreed amount every month to lloyds. I had a phonecall off them yesterday and theyve now told me that lloyds should have notified me to pay credit security, and that they will notify lloyds to send me a
  9. Hey members First off happy new year. I am planning to issue a small claims court claim against Lloyd's TSB on behalf of my mother and farther. Here is what has happened so far : I submitted a complaint about PPI mis-selling in March and got a letter late march to advice they will not be uploading my complaint and would be free to take it to the F.O.S which i did. The F.O.S in august 4th returned the file to Lloyd's TSB advising them to make a redress offer within 10 weeks. Lloyd's TSB finally issued a offer letter dated 28th November I made many phone call
  10. Hi everyone, I'm currently having problems with Lloyds TSB. I've been with them for a few years and have never had any problems. I got myself into trouble with payday loans and when the due date arrived i had no funds in my account because i switched to a different bank and got my wages paid into that. I randomly checked my Lloyds TSB account a few weeks back and it's now -£440 because they agreed to provide me with an unplanned overdraft. Which is stupid because they wouldn't even offer me a £50 overdraft because my credit history is poor. I've now received a few letters stating the
  11. Hello, I have been told by letter that lloyds tsb will not refund excessive bank charges as they (the charges) are not unlawful? Has anyboby else had the same reply recently from lloydstsb? What do i do now any ideas? Thanks mumsurfer
  12. Hi, I have a query about the llyods tsb platinum credit card. In september i receieved mail from llyods stating i am guranteed a credit card with a minimum credit limit of £3000. I applied in november and got a response three weeks later stating iv been accepted and my credit limit has been set to £5000. Just a few days i checked my credit card and the limit was reduced to £700, i called llyods and they stated because they received some negative information from experian they reduced my credit limit as they are a responsible lender, i asked if they are allowed to do this and they sai
  13. Hi I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. So basically it all started when i tried apply for a second current account with lloyds tsb. I already had one current account with them but reuiqred a second one. A couple of days after applying i recieved an email stating my original/1st current account would be closed because they noticed some unusual "account activity" on my account and they had "concerns" and made business decision do close the account and put a block on the account. I remember a few months back i noticed transactions on my account which i did not
  14. i deposited £300 at my local branch via atm machine but not showing on my account. tried to resolve at branch however they are saying nothing was deposited and that the machine was not working porperly. Boggest problem is I have lost the receipt. i have never had problems like this before. what can i do please help.
  15. Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I had an overdraft with Lloyds TSB and had a grievance about a bank charge I felt was unjustified. I stopped using the account and complained to them via a phone call. I never heard back from them regarding the issue, and haven't used that account for over a year. Recently my wife (the account was in both our names) has received numerous letters from Credit Security Limited chasing the full amount of the overdraft including the disputed fee. They have not tried to contact me. My wife has also received several phone calls which
  16. I am currently having some issues with Lloyds and i would appreciate any help. Like most others on here i went through the motions with the bank charges etc only to be told no thanks. my bank charges were from 2003 - 2007. Anyway since the fsa court battle late 2007 (i think), i agreed with Lloyds to repay £30 per month towards my overdraft on the current account as it was for over 3.5k and wanted Lloyds out of my life. I had maintained regular payments and never missed one payment, when out of the blue late last year lloyds wanted the payments going to £70 per month. I could not afford
  17. Hi, Can someone advise me please, this is going back a long time. Back in 1998 my company went into administration leaving an overdraft of £7,600 with Lloyds. At the time I had been paying overdraft insurance of £83 per month which I assumed covered me for my overdraft if anything went wrong, however when I tried to claim I was told it did not cover me for insolvency and I would have to pay the debt back. It then took me over 10 years to pay this amount and intrest back to the bank and their collection companies. Do I have a claim for mis-sold insurance? as I do no
  18. I have fended off 3 DCA's over the years by requesting CCA's on an overdraft that was increased (without request). Now one is persisting saying no CCA is needed for an overdraft. I have made an SAR which has been returned without any agreement for a facility despite it being increased. The account was closed, by Lloyds, in 2003 and the debt sold. I had made token gestures of payment over the years , however most of the debt demanded has been increased through interest. Is this unenforceable? In the SAR one DCA states they recommend closing the file and returned my £1
  19. Hello, I have been looking over my mothers accounts because she couldn't understand why her debit card had such a high APR. She insisted that the APR was a fixed rate of about 12% when she took out the card, now it is 32%. She has not signed or agreed to the amended CCA. She does not hold the original CCA. The bank sent out a "reconstituted" CCA that states the credit card rates may change at any time. TSB have stated they will not produce the original CCA and that they will only give a reconstituted agreement. Can she dispute this? Can she reclaim the money that has wrongly been taken from
  20. Hi guys! I need your help. I need an ATM Dispute form, but there is nowhere to download it from (or I can not find it). I left England and I can not visist any branch to take it directly from them. So, if you know any websites with atm dispute forms for LLOYDS TSB, please let me know. Any help will be much appreciated. Best Regards Simon
  21. Hi all I complained to Lloyds recently about a default which was registered aginst me 5 years ago because they failed to change my address. My account went overdrawn due to some transactions even though the account had been frozen then they continued to write to me at my old address, despite me hand delivering 3 change of address forms to the branch! Anyway, got a letter saying it wasnt their fault so I tried again and outlined the facts. Got a call from a friendly guy who took all the info, then wrote to me telling me that the default would be removed and in compensation for the bad
  22. I received a statement in August from LTSB stating that I was overdue 2 payments and that they were passing it to a debt collection agency. I was not even aware that I had the accou t. I contacted the agency and asked for the CCA and relevant statement. They referred me to LTSB as they said they couldn't help. I heard nothing more from them since. Then I called LTSB directly and requested a copy of the CCA and back statements. After much persuasion from me, they finally agreed to supply these at no charge and said they'd be sent out to me. I have since
  23. In 2007 me and my brother started a business , we each took out a secured loan with Lloyds for £25,000 after two years of trading we were doing well and decided to purchase the land and buildings we were renting, the mortgage went through in aug of 2009 , the problem was it went through without buildings insurance a week later the busness next to us was set on fire by the owner the fire burnt down our buildings as well it took us a year to eventually rebuild. in that year the company had to rent additional property as well as pay the mortgage for our own property once the building
  24. Going after them for a debt mainly made out of charges but dunno how hard this is gonna be to win as bank charges arent so easy anymore but they broke so many promises and thats why this debt has esculated so i thought id start with a cca and maybe a sar but any advice would be appreciated as i know banks arent easy to fight anymore xxxkia
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