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  1. Hi all. This is probably a very very stupid question but I would truly appreciate some clarification on it! I had a credit card with lloyds TSB a long time ago on which I was missold PPI. I put in a claim. Since putting in the claim I have gone into an IVA and no longer have access to that card or my ltsb current account. I recieved a letter from lloyds some months back saying they owed me £129.03 pence and would pay it directly into my account to settle the complaint. I assumed this would just come off my IVA or my balance and thats that. I heard nothing more. a
  2. Ive just filled out an allocation Questionaire for the Courts for my bank charges case. I'm not sure how long it will take Lloyds to reply. Are they now defending in the courts? Looks like i may have to prepare for court?
  3. Hi, ive just put my ppi claim on my credit card. Inrelation to charges on my credit card,ill send the s.a.r and do the legwork to recover My general questions are.. Has anyone had much joy with there credit card charges? also in relation to bank charges..is it really not worth the effot? They have ripped it out of me over the years.im aware of the ruling etc,just wandered if anyone is getting through. do they have any contact numbers to get straight through to there complaints department,all i have is a link to an email.?
  4. hi does anyone know how long its taking lloyds tsb to pay you back your ppi claim.i recieved a letter on 29 september saying they will be paying me all what is owed plus interest and they will now be forwarding a cheque.i havent heard anything since and i wondered if anyone on here knows how long people are wating,cheers
  5. I have been a customer with Lloyds TSB for over 15 years. My primary account is with another bank. I only have a basic account with Lloyds. I recently checked my credit reference file and it showed 1 x late payment/ arrears for this account. I was quite surprised as I had not used the debit card associated with this account for approximately 1 year and have no direct debits or standing orders with Lloyds TSB. I have subsequently found out that 3 x continuous payment authorities brought the account into the red, then bank charges and interest brought it over the limit. Whilst over the limit a f
  6. Hi all Question : with charges reclaims can we claim beyond 6 years ? I have just had a bog off letter from LLoyds for my husbands Gold credit card I wrote to them with a SOC for the total of over two grand all charges plus interest they Lloyds have said they will pay a total of £1.00( yes you read it right ) per charge plus the fos 8%. total £26.41 Big of them !!!! Im now looking to give them 10 days before I file in court Will keep you informed Thanks for looking Tonks
  7. When I first became a freelancer, I met with my bank manager and he really worked his magic on me - sold me loans with ppi (currently chasing), and income protection, critical illness (or health cover) and accident protection insurance policies all in one sitting. I was young, daft and foolishly trusted him to be honest with me in that meeting. About 3 years later during a hiatus in my work I read the paperwork for the income protection insurance and realised that even though the bank manager at that time was aware i would be freelance, and NOT working regularly 16hrs + a w
  8. Hi there I could do with abit of help as i am in abit of trouble with a overdraft i have a £2,000 overdraft and over xmas times got hard and i used it all, now i am working and my wages my the over draft off but i have to us it again to pay the bills, i do not want to me stuck in this rut any longer i am getting to the point where i cant sleep at night over it. I am unable to get a loan any anything like that to pay it off and have a payment plan with a loan, i really dont want to talk to the bank as i dont want them to close the account i end up with them taking my wages as soon as it goes in
  9. Hi everyone, I thought I would tell you about my daughters treatment by Lloydstsb. 3 Years ago she was with this 'dead head' boyfriend, she was working but got pregnant so her work sacked her, (I know they cannot do that, but they did) of course they did not say it was that but it was, anyway she had a baby boy early he died after 5 weeks, (hospital treatment or lack but that is another story) anyway her boyfriend got her to get a loan from her bank Lloyds we and she had always been with them and had a good relationship, she got a £1000 loan, she also got him a mobile phone on contract, s
  10. hya i really need advice..bank charges have resulted in me losing my bank account and have now got debt collectors hasseling me on Lloyds behalf..i want too reclaim bank charges and ppi..but also need to stop debt collectors moving things on..i.e.baliffs ect...what should i do??? please help my head is spinning..:???:
  11. I got into bother when I broke up with my partner 7 years ago and accumulated a number of debts of which two were Lloyds credit cards. All the other debts defaulted me therefore have dropped off my credit file but the Lloyds one's did not default me. I paid both accounts off, the last one in December 2010. I recently obtained a copy of my credit file and the Equifax file is still showing the two Lloyds accounts as being open, with credit limits and as being at nil balance. I never receive any statements or correspondence from Lloyds TSB to suggest to me that the accounts are still open on thei
  12. Hello Can anyone advise me how I can obtain transcripts for; Recorded conversations between myself and Lloyd's insurance for past claims. I have been told that I need to contact the 'data-controller'... But which one?... as I was informed that, although the names are identical, in fact, Lloyd's Insurance are totally separate and independent of Lloyd's TSB Banking. Any help regards this matter would be gratefully accepted.
  13. Hi, I have an account with LLoyds TSB which since 2009 I've received DLA for my 6 year old son & Carers Allowance into. I am a stay at home mum & have no other income except for Child Benefit which goes into this account also. I read on another site that if you receive benefits into an account then the bank are unlawful in making charges on the account if you become overdrawn. I only very occasionaly am overdrawn & when I am I now put enough money into this account the same day to ensure i don't receive any charges. There was 1 day last week though that I went overdrawn by
  14. Hi there. I recently cleaned out the garage for the first time in 4 years and came across various statements from 1993. On a bunch of TSB statements, I came across something called 'Motoring Club Premiums' which was paid monthly. I have attached a PDF showing this. My question really is, can it be claimed back. I've asked my old man if he remembered taking it out, and he's sure he didn't. I have thought about sending a SAR to Lloyds, but I assume that they'd sit behind the 6 year rule, so didn't send the SAR off. However, if I do SAR them and they turn back to me and say they do
  15. I just interested in where the 8% interest limit comes from, in my case the have offered my a repayment off my PPI + 8%.interest They have not detailed how the figure has been calculated, they have offered about 4000GBP My PPI was on an overdraft product, it has been going for more than 6 years Its my understanding that Lloyds would charge interest of 24% if I wanted to borrow 3000 over 6 years. If I go over an agreed overdraft limit they want to charge me 15 per day, by talking out this PPI product Lloyds have had in effect a free overdraft from myself. Q. Do I have to a
  16. here is my siyuation with my lloyd credit card which im going to SAR along with my lloyd loan and current accounts with overdrafts on other threads. dont know what if anything i can get back but am sure they have done something wrong any advice appreciated. im going to bullet point my journey to make it easier.(hopefully) lol x - feb 2009 started missing pments -jul 2009 letter from lloyds chasing arrears - aug 2009 dmp started lower paments begin - aug 2009 letter from dmp stating lloyds accepted dmp lower pments - oct 2009 DCA letter from MHA chasing arrears - oct 2009
  17. hello there first i apologise if this thread is in the wrong place please remove if it is. i have used this site before and got 3 catalogue debts written off due to cca the help was amazing and now require help again. i am looking at claiming some charges back here is my situation: i have got 3 lloyds accounts all with charges and a credit card with them. all have charges going back as far as i can remember as i have been with the bank for nearly 20 years. about 3 years ago i entered into a debt management programme and stopped using all bank account and got myself a basic acount w
  18. here is my siyuation with my lloyds loan which im going to SAR along with my lloyd credit card and current accounts with overdrafts on other threads. dont know what if anything i can get back but am sure they have done something wrong any advice appreciated. im going to bullet point my journey to make it easier.(hopefully) lol x Jan 2007 took out loan mar 2009 started arrears missed pments got into a mess apr 2009 lloyds letter agreeing reduced pments for 6 months may 2009 Default notice from lloyds aug 2009 1st pment rec'd on dmp sept 2009 sment from lloyds showing pme
  19. Not sure if this is the place to post this but here goes. My wife has an account with Lloyds TSB and the new charges are crippling her account. I am wondering though if she has a case for disputing them. Here's my reasoning: she has a current account with no overdraft facility. This means that all payments from her account have to authorised against her balance. Surely if Lloyds authorise a payment and this makes her overdrawn this overdraft must be considered authorised - in the current charge structure Lloyds have every reason to authorise payments that cause an account to go over the overdr
  20. Hi, Back in 2010, I came to an agreement with Lloyds TSB to make monthly repayments on my overdraft. This overdraft dates back to when I went to university. These repayments were made as agreed, and Lloyds offered me a loan to get rid of the overdraft. I rejected this loan as it worked out that I would be paying more overall than I am at present. Now, Lloyds have written to me saying that I have an unplanned overdraft and will be charging me £10 for every day in a month that I am overdrawn up to a maximum 8 days, so £80 a month. I cannot afford to repay this overdraft in one go. Can Lloyd
  21. Hi, I have been trying to change my address since October/November 2011 and LLoyds still cannot change it. I have been unable to get my cards or for them to confirm the change, however I am receiving all the mail refusing to change my address! I am abroad and cannot come in to a branch, yet Lloyds continues to have my account registered to my old address. Why!??? Can someone assist? Edit; In October/November 2011, I sent in a change of address form when I moved residence in the UK. I left the UK for a bit due to a family emergency, only to find out that my address did not c
  22. Hi, First post so be gentle with me! I sent a SAR request to Lloyds for all my personal accts and business accts before Xmas. They have missold PPI to me in the past, but I need the agreements to collate how much and when. Everything relating to my personal accts came on Day 40, with the following letter-> "Thank you for contacting LLoyds TSB Bank plc to request your personal information held in automated systems and manual files. I am pleased to enclose the information, which has been compiled in accordance with the act. We are still collating information with re
  23. Hi,Just wanted to get some other customers advice with this problem. Lloyds TSB put all my repayments (Credit card, overdraft and Loan) into one repayable loan. I set this up around 2 years ago for £2500 and have never missed one payment of £96 per month. I now have £396 left to pay on this loan but this month I was worried I am unable to make that payment.I am moving house and so need to pay deposit and first months rent. I am changing my jobs and am now working freelance. I am guarenteed 8 work hours per week for one and am waiting on my other 2 contracts for another 20 hour
  24. Hello everyone I have an issue with Lloydst tsb. Recently I have been charged for unplanned overdraft. I believe that this money has been taken unlawfully. I have found a 'step by step' complaining procedures lately. There were 3 letters to be sent out gradually. Can anyone help me with that? I cannot find anything like this on the forum. Thanks, Joanne
  25. Good morning all, I have a very long going issue with the dear people at Lloyds, i have written and rang and tried and tried over the years to get something even a meeting from them but to no success Every 6months or so, they send my debt to a new DCA, who i send the same letter saying it is not enforceable due to the fact that Lloyds have never responded to my communications including a SAR, of which they sent some of it to another address but never all of it to me, and never produced anything to do with a credit agreement. anyway, i have trouble dealing with all of this and th
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