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  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone has recently received a cheque for their ppi claim from Lloyds TSB? I submitted my claim last october and received a letter dated 9th august this year, the offered me £6886 which includes 8% interest and they went back 10 years, I was impressed and then I waited and waited and waited, it has now been 11 weeks since the letter, I was originally advised by Lloyds that they would issue the cheque within 21 working days, then a further 4 weeks and then a further 2 weeks etc, etc.... Is anyone else still waiting for their cheque even though you received the offer
  2. Hi All I wonder if someone could give me some advice please. We have been paying about half-a-dozen DCA's minimum amounts for 5-6 years or so, amongst them BLS on behalf of Lloyds. I've recently had a letter from BLS threatening CCJ action etc if we don't contact them. The letter says they assume we have no intention of paying this debt on a voluntary basis but as I say, we are and have been paying without fail £6 per month. Shall I phone them or write to them? Or just ignore it? Any help would be appreicated. Many thanks, Pru (the debt is around £600)
  3. Hi We got into financial difficulties around 1998/2000 after a failed business and ended up paying nominal payments to a couple of Lloyds DCAs for years. After changing bank accounts last year, I didn't renew the direct debits to these dcas and they started chasing. I sent them CCA request letters (there are two small accounts of £600 or less involved here and two Trustcard accounts of about £1000 each). They responded with something like they couldn't comply with the request & were referring it back to Lloyds. Next Lloyds wrote to us chasing and then an assortment of DCAs inlcuding Ro
  4. Hi, I have a few other threads for LTSB, but this new one is specific to my Loan and interest etc. I hope that I haven't duplicated over two threads but I wanted to keep this one separate. This is long, and I will try to be as concise as possible. I would like to ask for advice as what to do first, and wether the interest payments added are legal and correct. I am missing some information, and I have sent 2 SAR’s to LTSB, the 1st accidentally went to HBOS (address incorrect on ICO register and recorded signature failed so reclaiming from RM for ‘lost’) and I await the documents
  5. Hi, i sent sar letter plus £10 to lloydstsb,they've sent all information within the 40 days. All late over limit charges plus interest came up to £750.00(8% interest) So sent letter asking for money back within 14 days or i would start court action.No reply after 14days. Should i sign up to Moneyclaim or is there a link in your library. Thanks amy29
  6. We have received a default notice from lloyds bank stating that we are over £4000.00 in arrears on a loan. We have met all loan repayments by direct debit and know we do not owe them this amount . On contacting them we were told that the debt was due to them claiming back ppi payment that they refunded to us in December as we had made a claim on it . We have never made a claim from it and have since been transferred from the collections people to the loan people to the ppi people to no avail. We have the names of everyone we have spoken to but nobody will take ownership
  7. A SAR request was sent to Lloyds TSB early June 2011 quoting various account numbers and the account holders names where more than one person was involved. Following drips of small information being received a follow up letter was sent end of June advising 'failure to comply' with SAR request and a small bundle was delivered to a branch of their choice this week for collection. The covering letter addressed the points raised in the original SAR request early June. One of the accounts was a Vantage Card Account going back to 2002 and they have supplied a copy of the agreement signed and ti
  8. Hi, I urgently need some help regarding my Llyods tsb credit card claim and i would be gratefull to anyone that can help out. I had a credit card with llyods from 2002 to 2008. In December last year i sent a s.a.r request to Llyods i received a response to my s.a.r in february 2011. Llyods supplied everything apart from statements before 2004 and one statement in february 2008 they failed to give. I wrote a letter to llyods explaining that they should give the statements before 2004 and the statement in 2008 as statements are held in other formats such as microfiche, they simpl
  9. Hi I was sold a consolidation loan by Lloyds a few years back during an "Account Review meeting" (yes I do deeply regret being stupid enough to fall for that one!) - which was designed to pay off my Lloyds credit card balance as well as three small loans with non Lloyds companies. At the end of the meeting - as the Lloyds rep was printing out the documents to sign she said that the lending department had added a clause stating that to prevent the loan funds being used for other purposes - that provided I dropped off the documentation for the other loans - that Lloyds would clear thes
  10. Hi all Lloyds has defaulted an account that without ever issuing a default notice. The default date was 9/2/12 and the last statement was sent on 2/2/12. I have never received any letters from DCAs or solicitors concerning the account and the next thing I know I'm defaulted. Has anyone else had this happen to them? What can I do about it to get this sorted. Any help appreciated please. I think they're just getting back at me for the charges I claimed back years ago. Just to add, at the end of the last statement it says that fees for period 4/2/12 to 1/2/12 will be debited
  11. So...lloyds.. EPISODE 2..The sage continues Long long time ago in a crap bank far away-- lloyds have added charges onto both of my current accounts.. Im STILL..unemployed,which i have explained obviously. Theres around 70 on one account and 40 on the secondary. the 70 pounds account has no arrangement on it as they simply wont agree to it..ive tried the 40 has got one on..which is good but still unusable! So the other day i got through to there complaints department.The advisor..he was okay actually! said usually due to complaining,he would be able to waive these charges..b
  12. Just a quick question, before I ring LTSB tomorrow. I've had an account with them for a few years and never had any problems with charges, but at the end of January had some problems and went into an unplanned overdraft. They won't give me a planned overdraft (fair enough) but were happy enough to authorise an unplanned one, with all the fees that go with it. On the 20th of January, I went overdrawn by £74.99 I repaid all of this on the 17th of February. Over the 27th-29th of February, they again allowed me to go overdrawn by £50 On the 1st of March, they pushed my account to £
  13. Hey Will keep it short, I complained about the mis-selling of the loan, Got a refund of the interest credit back to the loan account in January 2012, and agreement a payment plan. Got the letter from Consumer debt recovery confirming the payment and that the account was closed. The payment book that was meant to have been issued never arrived, See Picture one of the letter 2 days ago got a phone call and today this arrived Lloyds TSB say the first letter was sent in error and told me to bin it (as if i will do that) but say i still need to pay the balance
  14. Hi, I seem to be having some real issues with Lloyd’s. I used to working in England through a limited company, two years ago, the job market ran dry, I managed to find a software contract in Brussels. I get back to England every 2-3 weeks. I have been using the wages from that job to settle a large tax debt and an outstanding company overdraft. I managed to get the tax debt paid off. I then started on the company overdraft. I managed to pick in Brussels about the rumours off pip misspelling. I knew I had a ppi policy on the overdraft. I requested a copy of the policy
  15. Hi I really need some advice regarding a recent PPI claim I have submitted to Lloyds Bank. My story..... My father took out a loan for me back in 2005. The loan did not have PPI. As I would be paying back the loan, a monthly standing order was set up to transfer the money from my account to my fathers account 3 days before each payment was debited from his aco****. The bank told me I had to have PPI to cover me as I was ultimately paying the loan. The situation was no PPI agreement, then no loan! I sent all the details to Lloyds using the standard PPI claim form and I have rec
  16. I'll preface this by saying I know it's not a massive amount, but I'm finding it slightly disconcerting! Recently I've discovered that every time I check my Classic account online there's £1 missing! First time it happened I just assumed I'd forgotten something, but couldn't place it. Second time it happened I got a little more concerned as I was short on money. Now it seems to happen every time I check my account online. I've just checked my account now to see if a payment's been taken and, low and behold, I'm short by a quid again! Does this happen to anyone else? Is it just a glit
  17. Hi, everyone I wonder if you could help. My wife’s phone was stolen from the secured locker in the female changing room in Virgin Active two week ago. We had informed the police and the airtime provider straight away and had obtained the crime reference number. We hence tried to make a claim from our mobile phone insurance with Lloyds TSB (premier account holder), unfortunately, we received the letter today saying the claim was reject on the basis of exclusion clause hiding in the T&Cs states that “Theft of the phone and accessories from any unattended building or premi
  18. i have great hardship problems this last year as lloyds tsb refuse to stop microsoft taking money every month (£100 sometimes) from my personal account without my consent, i am a pensioner and 85% disabled, my health has deteriated as i cannot buy food ,i have a debit card & because of little mobility shop on line, so i need a bank account, but not to the extent taking my pension...
  19. My son had a unauthorized overdraft with Lloyds Bank since last year and the interest is mounting up and now he owns £417 from £287 original. He is no longer using the account. We have written several letters (recorded) explaining that he has lost his job and has no income. He has gone back to college full time and his parents are supporting him. He is not getting any benefits and therefore has no means of repaying.We asked for the account to be frozen and also sent a cashflow statement from National Deptline stating that he had no income and offered a settlement payment of £250.
  20. Hi there - wonder if anyone else has had or is having the same drama....?? I applied for an SAR to Lloyd's because I believe I have been mis-sold PPI on my credit card. I received a LOT of info, including past statements but there was no information regarding my original credit card application. I don't have a copy of it as it was a long time ago, but believe I filled out a form (unsure if it was web based or via post / branch). Surely I should've received a copy of this original application, plus PPI insurance details as part of my SAR? Does this mean they are
  21. Hi, I've had my SAR for a week or so and I just noticed 1 missing statement at the end... April 2008 - Statement - Last payment ever made - Payment received - Thank you May 2008 - Missing Statement June 2008 - Statement - Balance from previous statement / interest charged July 2008 - Statement - Balance from previous statement, charge off account, refund of interest August 2008 - Responsibility for this account passed to Credit Operations Department. I had a letter with SAR, stating "The statement for may 2008 is not available on our system". I just wondered why it is
  22. Dear All, I am ever so grateful for CAG for providing such a valuable service. I hope to find help related to my query. I had taken a personal loan from LLoyds in around 2003/2004 for £15k and paid half of it through installments until I was hit with redundancy and could not pay the rest, around £7000. But since then I have never been in touch with Lloyds until last December, where I requested for SAR after Robway had suddenly started to chase me. I requested for SAR for four things, Firstly to determine whether i was sold PPI secondly, to see whether my loan w
  23. Hi I am trying to determine which creditor will be next for me to start re-claiming for all of the outrageous charges I have been ripped off with over the years. I need to choose one of my creditors for February and Lloyds CC is high on the list. I was wondering what other peoples experiences are with them and what they are like defending etc. So far in 2011 I have been stung for just short of £300 in late fee’s/over limit fee’s. so I will need to SAR them for the previous 5 years (pretty much the same I’m guessing). It will be the Court route I will take not the FOS
  24. I opened a Lloyds bank account in 1995 and have held the account ever since. It has never been subject to any of my credit searches and has never appears on any file. Suddenly I received notification from Equifax that it had been added to my credit file. I haven't signed, deviated or agreed to any changes. Could someone clarify if this is normal procedure and companies are allowed to add to a credit file after such a length of time not appearing on the file? I still have the account, have no intention to stop using it or closing it. The holding branch has lost the original signe
  25. Can anyone tell me bank charges can be taken from benefit payments? I want to try & re-claim my bank charges but i'm unsure if i should make a normal hardship claim or try & get my charges re-funded based on the fact they were taken from my benefit? I have tried to research this subject but keep getting conflicting advice. I live in Scotland if this makes any difference? No other money was going through my account other than benefit payments. Thanks. Donna x
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