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  1. Hi, I'll try and keep it short..... Recently got an Experian credit report to see what debts I had in the hope to improve my credit score for a mortgage application.... All the debts that I thought could be there were there, however also as expected they were all defaulted [agreement ended] due to non payment for a period of over 5 years.... One of the debts, a Lloyds TSB overdraft, where I still owe £711, has resurfaced. A letter has came in from Lloyds saying that the debt has been sold on to a debt purchaser....... Can I ignore this seeing as the credit report says
  2. Hi, I have had a response from Lloyds - they have sent me a reconstituded copy of the CCA. It does not contain a signature, although I believe it doesn't have to contain a signature in order for it to be enforceable. It's for credit card and it has my husband's name and address on it but nothing else. No credit limit on it. That was document 1. Document 2 was entitled 'Your Lloyds TSB Credit Card terms and conditions. Applicable from 26th November 2011' The account was defaulted on in 2004. They have given a statement of the account in another, separa
  3. Hi everybody my first time in using this forum I have a problem with a well known high st bank that I had a credit card with some years ago,due to getting myself into financial difficulty I went to all my lenders and negotiated a repayment plan with all lenders. After paying all lenders I found out a year later that a certain bank had placed a default notice on my credit score even though the account was settled. I asked the bank to explain why as the payments had been adhered to and there response after many visits to the bank and telephone calls that they could not remove it.
  4. Oh here we go again....... ...I have an old debt with Lloyds tsb going back to 2009 which at the time I was desperately trying to sort out a pay arrangement with them and was ignored and passed on to the first debt collector and the fun (stress) began. Back then I sent a cca request and had no response, it then got passed onto the next DC who I also cca and so on. It's been quite for a few years (admittedly I have moved and accidentally forgot to tell them....oops) with no letters suddenly out of the blue I get a nice call, letter and text from Debt Managment Se
  5. Hi Ive put in a complaint about the miss selling of my select account.2001 to now. I was told at the time in order to get a loan and a bigger over draft I had to take out the account, they also said loans would be cheaper if I had select account. Was also told had to have account as no free accounts. Lloydstsb have said via phone call complaints department. That i was not mis sold as I had select account so my loans would have been cheaper.Then in another breath he said I was mis sold account but would only refund first year fees. I said can you put that as your f
  6. Hi I have been having some real problems with lloyds tsb , my ltd company took out a loan with them for £15k a year ago when they refused to renew the overdraft , they left us with a £2k overdraft and then put the rest on a loan , the problems started again this year when they removed the £2k overdraft and then returned a loan payment as unpaid even though i paid the cash in for the loan that morning , its a long story but its now getting out of hand and they are forwarding my company debt to there recovery team , I have offered them £400 a month until the bebt has been re paid but they a
  7. Recently CCAd Lloyds TSB Here is their reply. I would appreciate your comments as to next step. Thank you.
  8. Please can someone advise me in very clear easy-to-grasp language as I have cognitive problems due to M.S . About 6 years ago I was offered and accepted a credit card from Lloyds Tsb. I fell into debt due to marriage break-up and after a mental health breakdown I defaulted on payments. There is no excuse for that, I know, and I have been stupid. I paid occasionally when I could, but buried my head in the sand. I had a few letters from lloyds, but nothing much, and then heard nothing. I still bank with lloyds. A year ago I moved home. Yesterday I had a letter fro
  9. Hi Guys Ive had serious failings at Lloyds and today it has just got worse. Could i take Lloyds to court over poor treatment and failure of service for BCOBS? Its making me ill and im fed up of dealing with people who cant do their job properly and fail to notify me of any changes to the account
  10. Howdy Folks, Want to know how to deal with this. Had an account with lloyds that fell into arrears and collection and recovery. They begun to pursue and i refused to pay a penny to them and eventually i get to a Team Leader who confirmed he would close the account with no further charges due to issues that i had with Lloyds and hey presto, he did it. Now since coming back to Lloyds due to being fed up with RBS i have had nothing but problems, When wanting to mirror 2 x current accounts with RBS, Lloyds wouldn't do it... "009 Indicator" which just quote "Drops Off When
  11. My parents were at the bank sorting out their finances. My mother decides she wants to transfer me some money that she owes me. Their personal banker proceeds with the transfer, then tells them that I have a loan and she would like to speak to me and books an appointment with me via them. Obviously trying to sell some BS. The thing is, I'm a grown up man with my own bank account etc. My parents are not involved in my finance and they did not even know I had a loan. Is it not a data protection act violation telling them about my loan etc.? What if this leads to a family dispute? Thank you.
  12. Hi. I, like others I've heard of, received a rather offensive letter this week, telling me that my Lloyds TSB platinum MC credit card has been slapped with a £500 limit with immediate effect and will be withdrawn in 2 months. I had received a polite letter a few months ago asking me whether I wished to keep the card as I had not been using it and I telephoned and said that I would like to keep the card. Upon calling the telephone number quoted on the latest letter, I was told that I was required to use the card at least twice per year and my failure to do so had resulted in the imminent cancel
  13. :-xI retired in Sept 2010, having banked with Lloyds for 40+ years. When I retired I, obviously, no longer had a monthly salary paid into my account. However, I am working on a self-employed basis with my earnings paid into a Santander account. I transfer amounts into my Lloyds account to cover DDs etc. I had an agreed overdraft limit + a Credit Card limit with Lloyds (both those limits were suggested by Lloyds). I had no problems, with Lloyds from the date of my retirement until I hit the age of 65 in November 2011 - suddenly, both my Credit Card limit & my agreed overdraft limit were red
  14. Hi, Back in 2010 I had a student overdraft with Lloyds TSB and got it extended to £1500 from £1000 thinking it would be extended til the end of September. I got a letter from Lloyds TSB in June/July stating that my overdraft with be expiring in 28 days without a date of the actual expiring date. I rang Lloyds TSB and the person on the phone informed me that the overdraft expires in September. in July I get a letter saying that my overdraft has expired and my account is in arrears and I need to pay the full amount. I rang Lloyds Debt Collection many times but
  15. On 12th September 2012 two unauthorised direct debits came out of our Lloyds business account for £183.60 each (total £367.20) going to a company with which we have no agreement. We found out about this in December when completing our vat return and phoned Lloyds on 12th of December to notify them. We were informed on the phone that the payments would be recredited to our account and the direct debit cancelled and that this was being actioned immediately. Job done. We phoned back, just to be on the safe side, spoke to another member staff who confirmed that action was being t
  16. Hi everyone, tonight had this guy knock on the door said he was a agent for credit solutions trying to recover a debt owed to lloyds tsb. I replied i no nothing about it and asked the gentleman to leave, he said the company would be in touch. I remember only having dealings with lloyds around 8 years ago. Any advice would be appreciated
  17. Just a quick post so anyone can point out to me possible pitfalls or things to watch out for. After a long history of disgusting treatment by LLoyds bank I am now taking them to court to claim damages and costs relating anxiety and loss of earnings caused by their most recent disgusting activity of telephone harassment. To cut a long story short, their collections department 01273 743574 was repeatedly phoning me. I don't owe them money. They had no reason to be calling. I asked them stop. They didn't. They would ring at all hours of the day. I continued to ask them to stop. They wo
  18. Hello I'm new to the forums I've been looking around and see there's quite a few threads about Moorcroft and I need some advice. I had a Lloyds tsb account which was given a £2000 overdraft when I was 19, I used the bank account still until I was 24 always near the limit of the overdraft I've been employed since I was 16 but lost my job April of this year, things have got tough, not being able to pay phone bills and never having money still not being able to find a job (100% willing to work) I get a letter a few weeks ago saying moorcroft have my debt and I owe them the full ou
  19. Lloyds sent me a letter in July claiming an account was in arrears and demanded payment. I immediately wrote back to them disputing their claim. They have now employed 6 debt collection agencies to deal with this account and each time I have send a CCA and followed up with an Account in Dispute letter and they (DCAs) have not responded again... until now. I sent the last agency the Account in Dispute letter (12+2+30) at the beginning of November and they have replied saying: “ If you read our letter on 22/10 you will see that we returned your fee of £1 advising that the
  20. Hi I had a outstanding balance for around £350 where my account went overdrawn due to lloyds allowing money off my card to which was cancelled but they would not back down but today i have had a letter from a debt collector claiming i now owe £1300 do i really owe this amount or do i need to dispute the amount?
  21. Hii, Although a newbie, I have been viewing for a while, just no need to post until now. With the changes over the past couple of years with new judgements etc, re validity of DNs, reconstructed CA's I do not feel sure of what I should do. My history : approx 5 years ago, I had to take control of spiralling CC's and 2 loans, as I was unable to meet repayments. I called one of the free DMP's and I have been repaying, at a reasonable amount for the past 5 years. Some CC's accepted payment plans, Lloyds have never accepted and have always sent arrears notices. To be honest, I contacted
  22. Been with LLoyds for about 13 years. I have had no late payments ( i did with other companies in the past but £0.00 arrears for coming up to 1 year now which did affect my credit score. I have had nothing but clean payments and a constant income - Uni situations caused that )I had a credit card with lloyds with a £1500 limit. I returned from UNI with monetary issues and reduced this to £500. Payed off all my outstanding utility bills and what not and finally cleared my name of debts / arrears. I had no CCJS/Bankrupt status. Only Payment plans via credit agencies. I called th
  23. Hi there! I am Lloyds customer, i had credit card with Lloyds for last 5 years, recently i had to leave the country and my credit card limit was 1250, which i was overdrawn, i contacted with my credit card and explain situation to them, the plan was to pay it back from abroad, but when i logged in to my internet banking i can not see my credit card,it is vanished. All paperwork left in uk and i dont know any info about my credit card apart from my personal information,why they have had removed my creditcards? Aurika
  24. Hi Please can you help with this query which has been going on years. A bit long..... I have been divorced (absolute granted) since 2008. I had a joint account with my ex husband. I was the primary account holder. I opened my own (Lloyds) account in 2005 and have been using this since this date. To cut a very long story short, my ex husband continued to use the account so he had some means to have his wages paid but he ran up the £1000 overdraft too. In 2009 I managed to get him to pay some of the overdraft off, which was done on 5th July 2009 and at this time I asked for the over
  25. Well folks, here we go again!! Back in 2007 we tried, as everybody did, to take Lloyds to court over unfair overdraft charges. The Test Case that followed meant that we eventually had our case struck out because we ran out of cash to fight further. The thread for that is here Our Lloyds account is no longer in use. After suffering ongoing financial hardship we started a Debt Management Plan with Payplan. This ticked along for a couple of years with all of our creditors agreeing to stop charging us interest, until last year when out of the blue Lloyds started playing games
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