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  1. Hello New here. I am hoping to get some advice on a problem I'm having at the moment. I have also posted about this problem on the MoneySavingExpert forums so if anyone here is also a member of that you may get a feeling of 'deja vu' reading this - just trying to get as much advice as possible, no disrespect to anyone who has already helped me! I recently checked my Equifax credit report to discover that the Halifax has been reporting late payments on my current account since November 2011! I realise I should probably check my credit report regularly but I didn't think I had any reason to and checked it merely out of curiosity and the fact that I am now starting to save money. I will make sure I check it more regularly in the future. I got into debt with the Halifax back in 2008/09, owing on both a credit card and an overdraft. I defaulted on both (ignored demand letters instead of doing the sensible thing and calling to make payment arrangements), but worked hard to clear my debts in 2009 and managed to do so. On 31 July 2009 I went into my local branch (Lincoln) and paid in a cheque for £49.81. This was to pay off the £47.14 I was overdrawn by at this time as well as the £2.67 interest I was told would accrue that month. The cashier assured me that no further charges would be made to my account and it would retain a £0 balance following this. I have no proof that I was told this other than the fact I deposited a cheque for a very specific account (to cover what I owed + exact amount of interest). Subsequently, I was charged interest of £1.26 in August 2009. As far as I know I have never received a bank statement informing me of this charge, but I admit that if I had received a bank statement I would probably not have checked it thoroughly given the assurance of the cashier that no more charges would appear on my account. What I can categorically state is that I have not had a bank statement from the Halifax for a number of years (I now bank with Lloyds TSB) and I have NEVER had a letter/telephone call requesting that I re-pay the sum owed. If I was aware that I owed this meagre sum I would have paid it immediately. I work ten minutes from the bank so could have called in to do this in my lunch break most week days for the last four years. I have been debt free (aside from this £1.xx debt) since 2009 and am a lot more responsible with my money these days. I was hoping to get a mortgage soon (after my previous debts are wiped from my report) but this is not going to happen unless I am able to have that information removed from my credit report. This is stopping me obtaining even the most basic of products (a Nationwide FlexDirect account), so a mortgage is out of the question. Presumably this is because it looks like I have owed a debt for a year and a half and made no effort to pay it off. I am wondering about a few things: - 1. If the Halifax has a £10 agreed overdraft buffer for all current accounts, do they even have the right to report late payment charges to credit reference agencies when they have not demanded that I repay the overdraft? My understanding is that overdrafts are repayable on demand and there are no set time constraints in which to repay. 2. The effect that this is having on my ability to obtain credit is disproportionate to the amount owed. Is there any chance of it being removed on this basis? 3. Can the Halifax just start reporting late payments to CRA's without informing me or asking for payment? If not, is a bank statement deemed an acceptable form of 'asking for payment' ? If I have made some kind of error then I guess I will just have to live with it, but it feels really unjust that I have paid off my debts, been a lot better with my money for the last four years and now this is hanging over me and preventing me from obtaining credit. It is such a ridiculously small sum and causing me a lot of aggro. Anyone in their right mind would pay such a fee immediately if they were aware of it. I've sent the Halifax credit reference amendment department a letter setting out my position but I would be grateful if anybody had any advice just in case I don't get a positive response. I have basically asked them to amend my report to say that I have been up to date the entire time on the basis that I wasn't aware of the debt. I've also asked them to explain why they only started reporting late payments in November 2011 when the interest has been owed since August 2009. I hope I haven't shot myself in the foot by asking that; I'm just hoping that it might help me to understand why this has happened. I have since paid the interest owed and closed the account (damage control), but Halifax head office tells me that they will still be able to deal with my query. Thank you in advance for any help Much appreciated!
  2. hi.. any advice please ..got home yesterday and found a card in door from an agent from moorcroft re HALIFAX..asking for total of 235.00 and please ring.. .i havent a clue what this is for. ..i used to have a halifax account about 2 years ago ..it was a basic account with no overdraft or anything. ..havent used this account for a few years. ..i know i didnt ask for a visit. ..and dont know what to do. ..i know also i will not be ringing him. ..as i dont want to converse with these....
  3. I have two defaults on my CRF which come up for 6 years pretty soon. Another creditor has just placed a default 4 years after the account defaulted. I know OFT Guidelines state between 3-6 months, but they're only guidelines not law. This means my CRF is now wrecked for 4 years longer than it needs to be. Is there anything I can do?
  4. Hello again, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. I am slowly getting things under control here, and have payment arrangements in place with interest/charges frozen (for now) on most of my debts. I am now having trouble with Halifax and the overdraft. I was within my overdraft when I wrote to Halifax initially to express my hardship, I advised that I could pay £20.71 a month and sent an I/e form in. I received a letter from them advising that the payment was acceptable, and no further charges would be made to the account whilst it was bring passed to their customer debt dept. Two months passed with no charges, except the account fee of £15 which took us into unauthorised overdraft anyway, but no overdraft charges were made. Then in October full charges were made, totalling £45. I immediately wrote to them saying if they were now adding charges, I could only pay £1 and since then I have been paying £1 a month. Since November, I have been being charged a daily rate of £5 for being unauthorised plus £15 a month account fee. it annoys me that it is their fees alone that made me go into being unauthorised o/d but as you can imagine by 4000 overdraft is now escalating. i know ultimately, I can try and claim everything back and am going to start a formal complaint and do sar that way. I have wrote to Halifax numerous times, but no responses received since their initial letter. today, I received a letter from SCM solicitors and panicked at first, from this site, I was immediately calmed and reassured to learn that they are actually an in house tactic. I am beng threatened with court action if I do t pay full o/d off in 14 days. I love the way they think I am just sat here with 4,400 available desite only paying a £1 a month!! Plus I didn't think you could be sued for an overdraft, but I'm probably wrong. Could anyone offer any advice on what I should do next. I can afford only £1 token payment at present, which they obviously will not accept
  5. Hi Eveyone, I'm sorry in advance as I'm sure you get a lot of posts similar to this one. Im sat here at 1:40am worrying about a Car finance application because of an only halifax default on my credit file. I know my credit history is fantastic except for this one thing. I need advice. Apologies but i am dreadful with approximate dates. The History Around 2005, Halifax gave me a £1000 overdraft, eventually i over a year i filled it up and was just paying the interest of about £15pm. I did this for 2 - 3 years without any issues. Then halifax changes the OD rules meaning I would be charge the £1 per day i was overdrawn and since I was in the full £1000 I knew i was going to be paying £30 per month from then on and that was to much. I went into my local branch and pleaded to an adviser. I asked her if they could freeze my account and I would continue to pay off the OD, she informed me the only time they would freeze the account would be if I went considerably un-agreed OD where it would then be enforced as a debt as such. So i asked if i could apply for a credit card or loan to pay off the overdraft and then just pay the loan. she declined. The lady stated that "halifax have to be seen as responsible lenders, and if I cannot afford to pay £30pm for the overdraft how could I repay a £30pm loan" to which I replied, "I could just afford the repayments on a £1000 loan but at least that £30 would be paying off the debt, with the overdraft I could be paying £30 for the rest of my life and still owe you £1000" The lady told be that she was very sorry but there was nothing she or I could do. being young and strapped for cash I thought "well stuff you, I've told you I have a problem, I have asked for help and you wont so i'm not paying it." i ended up un-agreed OD of £1500 with charges before they froze the account and sold on the debt. then I was contacted by the debt collection company. I explained the situation to them, Obviously they didn't care. I explained that I would be happy to begin paying off the £1000 but would not be paying the £500 charges as those charges could have been avoided, the lady became very rude so I have ignored them since. Which brings me to now...... I know that the ONLY bad thing on my file is that one default from halifax but it is affecting my wife and I massively. I just managed to scrape sub-prime car finance 6 months ago at a rate of 79.65% apr Its killing out income. Is there anything I can do. It seems crazy that I should have plenty of credit with places like littlewoods, vanquis, Landline, ect ect. but for things like a small loan or car is a NO GO, for one small thing that happened years ago. I'm sorry for the huge message, I just needed to get the entire picture accross. Mike.
  6. Hi I have recently discovered that I have PPI on my Halifax loan, I am already bogged down with several other company's, I have tackled Studio 24 and now my aim is for the Halifax, I have sent a request for SAR (Friday 26th) however I am concerned that, they have frozen interest and are allowing me to pay a smaller repayment, will this request have an effect on this ?
  7. Hi just wanting to know if anyone can help me.just lost my job and i owe £2800 on a overdraft with the halifax bank and £2000 on a catalogue.but since iam unemployed a can no longer afford to pay these bills what can i do ? My head is all over at the moment. Please help me . . .
  8. My family have been put through HELL due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE, [see below], so I recently contacted my bank HALIFAX to beg them to refund the last 5 years of bank charges based on their moral obligation to offer a duty of care and help a long standing customer and his family, who have been seriously financially disadvantaged due to the actions of AVIVA INSURANCE over the same period of time. I contacted my branch manager, who knew our full history and who was fully aware of our long standing predicament and was sympathetic, but she explained it was out of her hands. Halifax head office confirmed on Friday 14th December 2012 that they would not refund any bank charges because they were legal and part of the T. & C.'s of our account. They explained they were sympathetic to our situation but the answer was no! I explained that our long standing stuation is extraordinary and my family continue to suffer, but based on my belief that our 5 year fight against AVIVA INSURANCE will soon receive the full glare of media attention, [our story and my film 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' is being considered by a number of UK newspaper and tv media outlets], I suggested that it would benefit The Halifax greatly to refund these charges, thereby supporting a family who have been 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' They reiterated their decision...NO! 'shafted by aviva insurance!' youtu.be/KWn8G9L21z8 'SHAFTED BY AVIVA INSURANCE!' [You Tube] One man fights to protect his family and his home against AVIVA INSURANCE! After 5 long years of fighting AVIVA INSURANCE and with Christmas 2012 almost upon us, our home remains in a ruined state, my family continue to suffer and AVIVA INSURANCE continue to callously ignore our long term water damage building insurance claim, repeatedly proven by numerous independent expert reports! Please watch the film and spread the word!
  9. Good morning everyone. I have just received a large envelope from 1st. It contained a large bundle of photocopied statements which, apart from having no OC markings on it appear ok. However, there is no corresponding credit aggreement (signed, recon or not), no terms and conditions and no details with regards to interest rates. There are, inevitably, PPI charges and corresponding interest charges (charges I have not yet reclaimed). Do I send a letter asking for the T & C's and aggreement? Is this a sudfficient reply from the DCA? I do not wish to evade the debt, my main aim is to be armed with enough knowledge so as to have my very small payment accepted and that the DCA does not progress the litigation issue (bankruptcy etc). I would be extemely grateful for any help and guidance. Thanks in advance
  10. Requested a SAR from Halifax and they have sent me the information but there is no Default Notice or Termination Notice. I have 2 credit reports, which I downloaded online on different occassions which show different Default dates. I have also disputed the information before and Halifax seemed to have gone to mess up with the file following these disputes. At one time they told me there was no Default recorded and later wrote again to me apologising for providing me with misleading information. Currently the debt is with a DCA but the records from the SAR shows the debt has been handled with several DCAs. Should I make a part offer/full and final offer and ask them to remove the Default Notice? Total overdraft debt is in the regoin around £2300 which is made up of interest and bank charges. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Just when I urgently needed to print some bank statements to send to the council, this is what I've got: Aren't they proper plebs? Then I went into the local branch, they welcomed me with the usual "Nothing I can do".
  12. Hello In first, sorry for my bad english, im french ! I would like to talk about my problem, i explain the situation step by step : - In may i opened a basic account with halifax, a guy asked me my agreement and my french passport, i gave them ! - He asked me what i do in england, i told him im a professionnal gambler in sports, so i wouldnt like any overdraft, credit, checkbook, and just a simple card for withdraw my benefits ; thats a fifty-fifty relation ! - Few minutes later, my account has been open, and that was ok. - Two month later and many withdrawals from sportsbooks after, i receive a letter at the end of july. - In this letter, halifax ask me to give one proof among them : passeport, wage slip, or proof of credit. - Naturally, i gave once again my passport, i still dont understand ... finally i understand thats a pitiful trap for see if they can found any problem for closure ... - I must clarify that im french guy, with french id, and french passport, not a romanian, or extradited policy of course, no legal problem in england, all of my bills has been paid. - I made essentially withdrawal by wire transfer from my sportsbooks, deposit by cash ( biggest of 3000 £ ), and two deposit by check ; one is a big check of 10000 £ another of 700 £ - I have around 40000 £ in this account, thats the reason why im afraid ... I sold my car and bought another with the same account, and i use this account for my car's insurance, internet, gym, and water The problem is i cant access at my account, i cant buy what i want, and i cant paid anything, that include the most important : water ... Do you know how many time i need to wait for unfreeze my account please ? any guys ( or girls ) have this problem ? Thanks in advance !
  13. Halifax removed money from my bank account to pay my wife’s Visa card after a complaint to the Financial ombudsman they have now agreed torepay plus 8% With the removal of the money noted above I incurred bank charges andinterest charges, that would not have been incurred had the above money notbeen removed. Halifax has refused to refund these charges. Despite the account being in dispute and there being an agreement toaccept a nominal payment on the account Halifax broke this agreement anddefaulted the account. They registered a default against me with the threemajor agencies. Ombudsman decision- asked Halifax to return money taken and toreconstruct the account and to remove default . Halifax has agreed to only thefirst. and the ombudsman has conceded. this would mean that only half the money taken would be returned and Iwould still have to take the default. I have refused to accept the FSO and Halifaxdecision. I have asked or a final decision from the ombudsman but am now thinkingthis will again be a waste of time as this will be decision no 5 ( I’verejected 4 ) I want to take court action but am not sure what to claim for and theprocess. Any help would be most grateful
  14. Despite being told by two advisors that standing orders are available, I am unable to set up standing orders from my new "online saver" account. The online help pages also state that this can be done - quote "You can also make payments and set up Direct Debits and standing orders from your account statement page." I was able to do this from the old "Web Saver Reward" account. The bank should re-introduce standing orders for this type of account. I used a standing order to maintain the reward status of my current account to avoid having to do this manually.
  15. Good evening CAG, Here I am again for some advice please. I have an ultimate reward account, which has only had benefits being paid into it since about Sep last year. I asked them back then if I could move the £250 overdraft to a basic account and pay it off at £10 a month so that I wasn't charged the monthly £15.00 account fee or the £5.00 per day unplanned overdraft fee ( regularly costing me upto £35 a month if the benefit wasn't in in time for the charge) They told me that the only account I could move it into would charge me £1 a day for the overdraft so technically costing me £30 a month. I left it as it was and carried on stealing from Peter to feed Paul. Two weeks ago I wrote to Halifax and again asked them if they could move this to a basic account. I got a phone call from them a few days later saying I would need to speak to a financial advisor and was again told that they could change it to an account costing me a £1 a day. I asked for the phone number of the financial advisor and Halifaxs complaints procedure via post or email and have heard nothing since. I have now arranged for my benefit to be paid into a different account so that I stop losing it and have drafted a letter to send off to Halifax. Could somebody please let me know that this letter is okay to send. Dear Sir or Madam, Re: Account number xxxxxxxxxxx I wrote to your bank on xx March regarding the above Ultimate Reward account that I have. On xth March I received a phone call from an agent called 'Xxx' from your Xxxxxxxx Road branch and he told me that despite financial hardship I could not move the overdraft to an account to pay off gradually and would need to phone a 'Halifax financial advisor'. I explained this would not be of any help to my situation, but asked him to email me the details anyway. I also asked for a copy of your complaints procedure as I will be making a formal complaint about the way I have been treated. I have received nothing via email or post. As I have not received anything since my letter dated March 2012, please accept this as my formal complaint. I am not asking for anything other than understanding to my situation, and help in clearing this £250 overdraft without being charged fess for a service I have never used and crippling unplanned overdraft charges. I understand that under the Banking Conduct of Business Regulations, it is unlawful for you not to treat my situation fairly. It is for this reason that if no feasible arrangement can be agreed with Halifax I will be making a complaint to the FSA. I look forward to receiving your response Up2 As always, Thanks for your help Up2
  16. A long time ago, I had a Halifax account with an o/d of £200. When Halifax introduced their ridiculous new fees structure (2009?), I paid off the overdraft in full and told them to close the account. As I was banking online and had paper statements switched off, I didn't give it a second thought and carried on with my life, as you do. Today, I got a letter saying that this is time for my "overdraft yearly review" and that they "regret they can't offer me an o/d facility anymore" and that I should let them know how I propose to repay the o/draft and that if I don't, then they'll start adding charges, bla bla bla... HUH? :!: Well of course, they can add what they want, doesn't mean they're going to get it, lol. Anyway, will be penning a juicy little letter over the week-end telling them exactly where they can stick their account, their overdraft and their charges but jesus, these are the morons in charge of the money? Never fails to scare me. Will update as soon as they respond.
  17. I had a credit card with the Halifax and made payments regularly got behind etc and had lots of charges everymonth, a few years ago I reclaimed all the charges and got my amount down to £300 I then this year made a PPI claim and they gave me £300. I now owe them nothing, the whole amount was made up of charges and PPI. Now I still have a default on my account and feel it is unfairly making my credit file. How do I go about getting this removed? Is there a template letter for this?
  18. Hi Trying to cut a long story short, I am only 19 and don't have too much credit in my name which I think is making it hard for me to have a current account. I'm fine with not having one, but I went into a Halifax branch to get some advice on how I could improve my credit in order to obtain a current account. The young man I spoke to said, quoting word for word, "You're clearly in the sh*t if you can't get a current account and we can't change that." He said it really loud and he wasnt even behind one of them screens it was just at a stand in the middle of the branch so everyone could hear and I was embarassed. I rang Halifax to make a complaint and they said they would investigate - I didn't hear anything back at all but I did get £25 for all the call charges I had got ringing them which I was happy with at all. Yesterday I went back into my city centre where the branch is with my young daughter to get some bits and pieces. I was in the queue for an outside food vender, when I realised the boy I had spoken to in store was a few places in front of me in the queue. He noticed me too and immediately started saying, very loudly, to his friend (That bi*ch made a complaint about me I could have lost my job etc). Again I was absolutely fuming and went home to call Halifax back and make another complaint. Then, about an hour later I signed on to Facebook and had one friend request... guess who? Yep! Bold as brass that idiot from the branch had the nerve to request me as a friend on Facebook!! Before rejecting it, I realised we had 31 mutual friends on the site so I'm guessing he knew of me in order for him to add me. What am I meant to do now? I feel like this is harassment. I don't want to take it as far as the police but I do want something to be done. I have made numerous calls back to Halifax and keep getting promised someone from a high place will ring me back and they aren't doing so. I tried the Financial Ombudsman and they said they cant do much because I haven't had a financial loss in this situation. Any advice would be so appreciated! ...Sorry I said it was a short story... I tried!
  19. Hello everyone, I stumbled across this website and thought it was brilliantand your advice that you guys give is amazing so hopefully you can shed some light into my darkness. THis is my problem - myself and my husband bought ahouse 5 years ago - mortage of 245k. Now the house is negative equity (220k). I have just been made redundant we have no savings - I phoned the Halifax yesterday to see if we could go back to interest only mortgage. They took some details of our finances and said a big fat NO! They could not help at all either by changing to interest only or by increasing the time of the mortgage (currently 20 years). They said I would have to phone on a monthly basis to see what we could pay but it would mean going into arrears every month which would effect our credit rating. Is there anyway we could change their mind to let us go interest only ? Surely they would prefer taht than us loosing our house. I am so worried!!! My husband is going to see a mortage advisor tommorrow from the mortgage shop to see if he could offer any help - do you think he will??? Any help would be great.
  20. I am a new member of the forums and I am in a difficult situation and dont know how to sort it out so I would be grateful for any help. I have been reading the forums to see if I can find a similar situation to mine but as yet havent found one. My situation. - I have almost 10,000 debt on a Halifax credit card. I have always paid on time each and month but now the interest is such that I am paying £150+ a month in interest only. I have not worked for 3 years. I was self employed but went out of business and have not been able to find another job. I am 60 years old which is making it more difficult and not in the best of health. I am married but my wife suffers from ill health and she claims benefits. I do not get any benefit in my name, the benefits office told us that the simplest way was for my wife to claim as a couple and therefore I have no personal income at all. My wifes name is not on the credit card account, I had the card before we married. We have a mortgage with the Halifax which is in my wifes name only as she was in the process of buying her council house when we met so I couldnt go on the mortgage. We simply cant meet the payments any longer and dont know what to do. Can anyone help point me in the right direction please. Thank you.
  21. In summary I received a DN and my CCA was terminated early than specified on the DN. Contested the unlawful termination of the agreement but go no response. Requested a CCA and the reconstituted copy contains the status of the account after the termination as if it was never canceled and it has current due dates and showing incorrect information regarding the balance on the account. Below is a Step by Step of events 1. Received Default notice notifying agreement to be terminated on a certain date 2. CCA terminated early than the specified time on the DN and debt tranferred to DCA. 3. Paid the arrears specified on the DN to Halifax though the agreement had already been terminated 4. SAR and requested a copy of CCA and received a reconstituted version with a statement showing interest added and arrears due after the CCA was terminated. It cannot be therefore a true copy as some of the information included is after the CCA was terminated. 5. Wrote to Halifax regarding CCA copy and unlawful rescssion of the agreement. 6 Received statements from my SAR and reclaimed bank charges which I have now received an offer for though they are denying liability 6.Received no response regarding the unlawful termination/rescisson but they replied to my CCA letter saying that even if the CCA is uneforceable under Consumer Credit Act it will still be enforceable under contract law. Now I need help about my position in law regarding and step by step of what I need to do.
  22. Requested my Halifax Credit Card information using the Subject Access Request and only received statements. What about the CCA? What about my original application? Do I need to write to them asking that they provide me with all the information. What else should they have included? Also my account has been defaulted as a result of late payment fees. Halifax are aware that I am in financial difficulty and my other accounts have bank charges frozen for three months. The credit card has £180 outstanding balance and they are accepting a £10 payment from me though this does not stop them from applying late payment charged. So for every £10 I pay Halifax charges £12 in late fees and they end up getting £22. They have phoned me recently and said if I stop making the £10 payment they will close my account and pass it over to a debt collection agency which will badly affect my Credit File. I am now confused as to pay the whole amount and start my claim or let them close the account.
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