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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, In a nutshell, I left the UK in 1990 to live in France, was unable to keep up mortgage payments and unable to sell resulting in a repossession in 1991. A DCA chased me (I don't know whether they purchased the debt or were working on a commission basis), the last I heard from them was about 1997. Since 1999 I have been living in Italy and have rebuilt myself. Neither the DCA nor mortgage company have contacted me since 1997, but I do not think that they have my address. There are no CCJs listed against me at my last UK address. Is there anything that they can do now as I continue to be a non-resident? If my address became available is there anything that could be served against me? Thanks for any advice...
  2. Hello , I'm new here and I was looking for some guidance. I have had a Barclaycard since the early 1990s , indeed i believe probably before 1988. I took this out following a meeting with an advisor at barclays. I was told protection was compulsory and that I needed it to protect myself from any problems with the goods I was buying etc . I did not need it for any other reason as I had excellent cover from my employment for sickness etc . I was young and naive and was led to believe it would be a condition of me getting the card . I have had this protection on thus card ever since . I have always been in debt to them ever since ,except for a 2 year period when the card was dormant and paid off and until then the average I owed I would say was aleast £6000. This may be a conservative estimate . I have been very foolish with money all my life but I have never defaulted on the card or made late payments. I recently was told that the cover was PPI and strongly believe I was missold I have written to them make a complaint and am waiting for their decision. i have asked them to cancel the ppi as it is not the cover i thought it was and i was not asked if this was required . my query is that BC have told me it may take more than the requisite time to deal with the claim. is this normal? also if this is upheld how do they calculate any redress? I suffer with depression and anxiety and would appreciate any help many thanks
  3. Hi. Long time since I last posted on CAG. I am hoping someone can help me guide my Brother. He had a loan for £1000 way back in 1991. PPI single premium was added making his total loan £1,112. He still had his original loan agreement which made it very easy to fill in his claim form for missold ppi. He originally had gone to his bank to take out a pension plan with scottish widows (still running) whilst there he was encouraged to take out a loan also. That was his first and last loan! On to the misselling of ppi, when he called back into the bank to sign the paperwork for the loan, the form had been prefilled. He hadnt been given a choice on taking out the ppi. he states that when he questioned the figures prior to signing it was only then he was told it was required for the loan. lloyds letter just consisted of a breakdown of his ppi figures and conclude that he is entitled to a refund of £6.33 including interest. Im a little bemused and wondered if I should be doing a spreadsheet to include 8% interest? Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance P.S The offer letter arrived Thursday and the cheque arrived this morning. Quick service.....
  4. Morning guys A little bit of advice please - I successfully reclakmed PPI from HFC Bank for a loan I took out in 1991 - I accepted their offer but noticed that they had withheld £900 for a balance they claimed was still outstanding. I was pretty sure that this wasn't the case - the account was manged ultimately but not transferred to Reston's their in house rottweilers who basically harangued me to repay the debt and I vaguely remembered taking out a bank loan to get them to get them off my back Anyway to cut a long story short I did some more digging and found two letters from Reston's in 1998 confirming that both accounts had been repaid and were now closed - specially that they were accepting the sum of £x in full and final settlement I'm assuming having read some of the other posts on here that they can't withhold any money that they feel is outstanding if I can prove that it isn't. I've written to them pointing out that these account were fully settled and the amount shouldn't have been withheld - this was the advice from the FOS who I'm pretty sceptical about getting involved due to the time it takes them Does anyone have any advice about anything else I should be doing other than this or should it be as simple to sort as I've been told?
  5. I took a top up student loan in the last year of grants/first year of phasing in of student loans. Due to not earning enough through my early employment career, I deferred, and deferred, made the odd payment here and there. I was made redundant in 2005 and was unemployed for nearly 2 years, during which I had a lot of debt sorted out through the CAB. SLC didn't agree to any arrangement. Fast forward to December 2012/January 2013 and I get a letter from Link Financial, unfortunately I haven't got a copy of this, but they definitely passed themselves off as acting officially on behalf of SLC. Not wanting to be falling in to debt problems again - and particularly with a government endorsed organisation - I phoned Link Financial, initially demanding that the debt be handed back to the SLC, eventually coming to a £50/month payment arrangement with Link, which is taken via a debit card. I have obviously now learned that Link are, shall we say, somewhat of a rogue outfit, who resurrect bad debts to fill their own coffers. Is there anything I can do now that I have actually made an arrangement with them? I just received an arrears letter today which triggered research that lead me to this forum, and a while ago I received a similar arrears letter, which was a bit scary as I hadn't missed a payment, tried to call them on their 0843 (or similar) and put in their queueing system for 45 minutes, and hung up before I spoke to anyone.
  6. Liverpool city council are pursuing me and my husband for unpaid community charges dating from this time 1991/1992.. .. They say a liability order was granted in 1995/1996 AND PUT IN THE HANDS OF JOHN CRILLY AND SONS BAILIFS....... .. I have been in dispute with the council over these claims for a long time me writing to them and them replying through the complaints procedure and out of the blue i started getting letters from a debt collection agency (newlyn) asking for me to pay and i wrote and explained to them that i was still in dispute with the council over this matter and asking the council to provide the liability order.. . After several letters going back and forth not getting any questions answered i have heard nothing since january of this year.. . Out of the blue yesterday a bailiff knocked (rossendales) at our door and said i owe x amount community charge and can i pay it.. ...i told him that we disputed the owed money and had been in contact with the council over this and as far as i was concerned thought it was sorted. He said he would sit in the car contact the council and write me a letter would post it through the door when he had done this it took him over an hour with him sitting in the car outside my front door... .. He never showed me any warrant or liability order and the letter states that hi is going off a liability orders dated feb1995 and april 1996. ..the letter also states i have 5 days to pay the outstanding amount also i must mention i am disabled and am worried that they might take my car...... Can they still do this if they cant show me a warrant or liability order i firmly beleive i do not owe this amount please please can anyone advise me asap thank you
  7. Hi guys,I've got a few PPI cases going one of which I have won & will give details on later BUT the same letter which got me a positive result (through MBNA) ) have also been refused with a different lender/insurer Santander)so I'll post the negative first as I may need to clear these hurdles in future and it seems pointless to get people copying details of my good result and ending up in the 'poo'. First things first my claim is based on the fact that I am an insulin dependent Diabetic of 34 years so I had a pre-existing medical condition and would not have been able to claim if problems arose through this.If you don't suffer from any such condition then you may be best stopping now, if you do read on (be warned its a long one) My claim letter is as follows - Dear Sir/Madam,Account : Debenhams xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx I took out a Debenhams store card in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .It was closed in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. At the same time, I was sold a payment protection policy. I believe I was mis-sold the insurance policy on this card. I have a longstanding medical condition but your staff did not ask me about my medical history. I was not warned that previous medical conditions could be excluded.I am an insulin dependent Diabetic and have been so for 34 years. Therefore, under the terms of the policy, I would not be covered if I found myself unable to meet my credit card repayments. Your salesperson did not point out to me that I would not be covered by the policy. If they had done this, I would not have taken out the policy.Companies selling insurance policies must make sure that the policy they are selling is suitable for the customer's needs. The policy I was sold is quite clearly unsuitable for me because I am a Diabetic and have been for 34 years including at the time of my application to open this account.I now contend that I was mis-sold this policy. I claim back all the premiums andInterest I have paid in connection with this payment protection insurance policy plusStatutory interest at 8% (or whatever other rate the courts might order) from the firstpayment that I made until the date of your settlement of this claim.I would like a reply as soon as possible but, in any case, within the eight weeksallowed for responses to complaints by the Financial Services Authority.yours faithfully TenMen10On the 9th May 2012 I received a (very quick) reply -Dear Mr TenMen10Thank you for your letter received 18th April 2012. I understand that your complaint is regarding the mis-selling of PPI.I can confirm that PPI was applied when you opened your account in store on 22nd February 1997. I have enclosed a copy of the Credit Agreement for your reference, which shows that you have requested insurance.I can confirm that on the agreement you signed it required you to tick if you required the PPI, which you did. Therefore it appears that it was made clear that the policy was optional and that you elected to take out the insurance.Once a customer has decided to take the product, a policy summary and policy document is mailed to the customer to review. We also offer a 30-day no-quibble guarantee wher the product may be cancelled, and any premiums refunded (subject to no claim being made). This allows time to compare the policy to that of any other insurance companies.Since you opened your account this insurance has been showwn on all statements, when a balance has been outstanding and could have been cancelled or a claim made at any time.As to ascertaining personal information from the customer to determine their suitability, this is not an advised sale onder the FSA's ICOB regulation. We have always given the details of the policy and let the customer make an educated decision if the policy is suitable for them.In your letter you have advised that you were no asked if you suffered fron a pre-existing medical condition. However pleasse understand that having an illness prior to the the cover being taken does not exclude you from the you from the insurence this simply may mean that you cannot claim for this condition in the furture. This info is clearly detailed in your policy, additionally this is the only one aspect of the policy and you would have still been covered by other benefits of the insurance. Whist I can appreciate that this may may not be the outcome you were expecting, I trust that i have addressed all opf the issues all of the concerns that you raised. If you remain dissatisfied you may refer to the FLA (eic etc)............. Now, assuming you haven't nodded off yet do any of you guys reckon I'm worth continuuing?It seems a pretty thorough reply and I must admit covers everything. I've had a look around on the CAG and other site and I'm chasing my tail a bit and ready for giving up.Advice??
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