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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Was looking for advice, on how to proceed:- On the 16th July, Vodafone took a payment from my debit card of £250. I queried the payment with the customer service team but they had no knowledge of the payment, i was told that i needed to take a copy of my bank statement proving the payment to my local store (12.5 mile round trip). Which i did, who simply put a note on my account saying the payment had been taken. I went home and spoke to another rep who confirmed it was a mistake and that a refund would appear in my account within 5 days - The refund never showed in my account. I tried calling up again, to be told a refund had been processed and would appear in my account within 5 days - again, there was no payments made in my account. I tried speaking with an online adviser, who claims the original refund had been cancelled but she could 'see' that a new refund had been initiated and that it would be with me yesterday. I had little surprise, when no money showed in my account yesterday. Loosing £250 has really made a big impact on my life, I was planning on using the money to take my son away for a few days during the summer holidays, but instead; the money has now gone towards paying our mortgage! - someone should be held accountable! During the online chat, i had threatened to go to small claims court if the money wasn't in my account by the final, final deadline. The Deadline has obviously passed - Should i enlist the help of the small claims court? or should i go to the police? - Theft is theft, no matter how it is jazzed up! Would i also be in a position to cancel the existing term of my contract under a breach of contract?
  2. Morning Everyone, This Forum has helped me on a previous a Previous occasion and i was hoping for further advice on a new problem. Ive been contacted via mobile text from a company called CCS. Upon searching , I Discovered that they are a debt collection agency for the DWP. I Called The DWP debt dept this morning and asked them if I owed them funds. I was informed that I had indeed taken out a social fund loan of £250 out in 2008. I had just left a spell in rehab and had forgotten all about it. I did'nt claim benefit until July 2013 Until Nov 2013, J.S.A, so no repayments toward the social fund loan were taken until then. I have gone through my letters this morning, and found that i had being paying the DWP back at £2.96 per week for this JSA period. No payments have been made since Nov 2013 , the last time i received Benefit. I am not on benefits and not in paid work, living at home with my partner, Which i informed the DWP of this morning.The DWP debt department have been sending their letters to my old address for the last 2 years.I have given them my current Address tHis morning.Although i have received other documentation i.e pension statements from them at my current address, The Lady at the DWP informed me that the debt has been passed to CCS, and they cannot deal with me directly. I informed the DWP that i will not be dealing or responding to the CCS debt collection agency in any way shape or form , and i will throw away any letters that i recieve from them. I will only deal directly with the DWP. The DWP Lady said she will e mail CCS with the conversation we have had telling them that i will ignore all their letters. Can anyone advise my of my next step , im willing to pay the approx £200 back at £5 per month either by direct debit or cheque/payment card. Sorry for going on and on. Hope to get some advice to ease my nerves. thanks. xx:|
  3. Colleague's boyfriend took the car and was speeding. (If it at all matters, he took out temp cover with another company). The insurance company Policy Wise has now sent a letter to say they want £250 or they will cancel the insurance policy. Just checking that they are able to charge this amount? Surely they have to have a breakdown of costs otherwise it is seen as a penalty? Thanks Edit: Just checked the policy documents and it does refer to the £250 charge as a Penalty. http://imglnk.uk/img?i=oOoujV.jpg
  4. Customers of Yorkshire and Chelsea building societies to receive refunds of arrears charges in £8.4m windfall About 34,000 mortgage borrowers with Yorkshire Building Society are to receive refunds averaging almost £250 each after mistakes were made in the calculation of mortgage arrears charges. In all, about £8.4m will be paid to the customers affected, some of whom have mortgages with Chelsea and Barnsley building societies and Accord Mortgages, which are all part of the Yorkshire group. Borrowers will receive an average of £247. The group is to refund all mortgage arrears administration fees charged since January 2009 and interest on those fees, even to customers who were not affected by the mistakes in calculation. The problem came to light when the City regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, questioned whether Yorkshire's procedures were robust enough. The society then reviewed its treatment of some customers who had been charged arrears administration fees. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/10640632/250-refunds-for-34000-building-society-borrowers.html
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