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Found 14 results

  1. Defence Secretary announces massive £2.5bn investment in UK nuclear submarines READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-secretary-announces-massive-25bn-investment-in-uk-nuclear-submarines
  2. Took a fixture out of it's packet and didn't pay for it when I bought other items of shopping at a national DIY chain. Was stopped at the exit by 2 staff. One wearing shop attire,the other plainclothes. I was asked and immediately admitted the theft. The uniformed staff asked me to come into the store. He took me to pay for the item with the packet I had discarded. I paid at the card self service point. He then asked me for photo ID but I only had my bank card. He accepted this after the other plainclothes staff indicated it was OK. He seemed to take a photo of the card with a phone. He then asked me to come to the booth so he could take a photo of me with the phone. He didn't ask for my address or any other details. I asked him where the photo went and he said ' crime line'. I said what's that and he said not to worry, that's it, you're fine to go.. I think he could see I wasn't quite with it. After this he said I was fine to go. I said I was sorry for being a fool and he said don't worry we all get tempted. It was all quite odd. .I'm not in the best state of mind due to redundancy, no excuse for theft. . my head isn't quite all there...so wasn't asking the right questions at the time. I presuming that I wasn't allowed to just pay for the item and there is no more consequences? Are there further ramifications? ..and what is crime line? Plus it looked like he was using a mobile phone for his photos ..like his own mobile. .i know this sounds laughable but that can't be correct can it?
  3. A former Oxford professor has criticised a car rental firm for charging him a 'Brexit tax' when he returned his vehicle, even though Britain has not left the European Union yet. Lord John Krebs, a zoologist, questioned the addition of £2.19 to his bill when he dropped his rental car back to Avis in Marseilles airport. He said he was told the charge was a 'Brexit tax', because Britain voted to leave the EU. Lord Krebs, now President of the British Science Association, refused to pay the 'tax'. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3759287/Car-rental-firm-slammed-imposing-2-Brexit-tax-haven-t-left-EU-yet.html#ixzz4Iif9AUvH
  4. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/the-simple-westpac-banking-error-that-gave-christine-jia-xin-lee-46-million-20160520-gozv5q.html Unbelievable true story linked above, where an Aussie Bank provided a young Lady with an overdraft of over £2 million pounds. It only picked up the error, when she made 14 transactions on Paypal on one day. I suspect that if convicted in a court, she will end up in Prison, but this Bank will struggle to recover much of the loss. Nb. Sorry to those people who clicked on this thread thinking that a free £2 million overdraft was available:madgrin:
  5. Good Housekeeping’s seventh annual Christmas dinner survey, which sets the festive benchmark for where to buy the cheapest Christmas meal, reveals that a basket of festive food to feed eight people costs a total of £20.26 or just £2.53 per person, based on buying 11 Christmas dinner essentials*. If you can't be bothered with faffing around different supermarkets, you can get it all in one place if you don't mind paying the extra http://www.goodhousekeeping.co.uk/consumer-advice/save-money/christmas-dinner
  6. Hi, i wonder if anybody can give me some advice.. I have just gone through a credit reference check to rent a house, i have done this before without any issue and even had a mortgage approved so my finances are good (988 score on experian!) . I work full time and have always paid my bills, i have no overdraft or credit cards. The letting agent flagged up a CCJ on my account from 07/06/2013 which was filed by Npower for £2,185. I moved out of this property on 01/03/2012 after only living there for 12 months. I worked 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and for the last 3 months i barely spent anytime there as i met my current partner. During the first 6 months i was sent a bill for almost a £1000 from Npower for my electricity. I immediately rang Npower as this 1 bedroom under dwelling which i was barely in could not realistically cost that much for electricity. My mum paid less for a 4 bedroom house over a year. They agreed this seemed high and agreed to send out an engineer to look at the meter. It was agreed that the meter did have a problem and the engineer agreed also that the house could never use that much electricity with the amount of electrical items i had and that i was one person there with a very busy job. The outcome was that they were going to remove the meter and put in a pre-paid meter. a few days later they changed the meter, i recieved a pre-pay card. I rang Npower and as far as they were concerned the problem had been sorted i paid a more realistic bill of a couple of hundred pounds and I continued using the pre-paid meter which cost me £10-15 per week for the amount i was there and i continued with this for the remaining 9 months without any correspondence from npower. In 2012 i moved in with my partner and have done since. Now I have found out that Npower actually filed a CCJ for the amount of £2,185 for this address. I have no paperwork as i cleared out old paperwork after relocating to the south. I have never recieved a letter about a CCJ or any arrears. Can anyone give me advice? I am not prepared to pay this extortionate amount. Thanks
  7. Up to 10,000 Axa pet insurance customers are being moved to NCI Insurance as Axa leaves the market to concentrate on "key products" – motor, home and travel cover. By August 30 2015, all customers will be shifted on to NCI's insurance books. NCI told MoneySavingExpert that it would provide "similar levels of cover" to Axa, and will "continue to insure any medical conditions identified while customers were with Axa under the terms and conditions of the new policy." But a number of customers who have already been moved to NCI say they are facing huge price hikes, particularly for cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Many insurers will refuse to cover animals with pre-existing medical conditions, however, pet owners who want the most comprehensive type of pet insurance will need to opt for "lifetime" cover. Insurers will set a high maximum amount per year – say, £10,000 – but you will still have to renew the policy each year, and some insurers can refuse to renew it. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/insurance/pet/11598970/AXA-pet-insurance-customers-face-price-hike-of-up-to-2000.html
  8. Taken from the BBC http://www.bbc.com/news/business-28015456 Payday lender Wonga must pay £2.6m in compensation after sending letters from non-existent law firms to customers in arrears.
  9. Start to get out of debt free from £2-00 a catchy title, but for the initial cost of £2-00 for your credit file you can start to get out of debt. You can only start with the first step. If the thought of being in debt is a hard pill to swallow, please be aware that as of 06/04/2014 there are new rules in regards to debt enforcement. If you currently are not sure if you have any sort of debt apply for your credit file and check it thoroughly, see if you have any defaults listed, if you do contact the creditor, ask for details via a CCA if appropriate, then come to CAG and ask for advice. DO NOT IGNORE a letter threatening Court action. If you debt goes to Court and the creditor gets a CCJ by default i.e. You did not defend the case against you, you could see a whole new way of enforcement come your way, in the form of an ENFORCEMENT AGENT, this will be under the new rules in regards to taking control of your possessions, this will be VERY expensive from the 06/04/2014 seeing you getting a significantly higher debt than it is already. There are a number of CRA's (credit reference agencies) where you can get you file for free like noddle, or the big ones like Experian, they offer a free period but can be expensive if you forget to cancel within the free period, or you can apply via a written request which costs just £2-00. This could be the best money you will ever spend, due to the changes that occur on 060/04/2014 where things will get even worse. Get on the road of being debt free just like me with the help of the great posters on CAG, they helped me big time now I am debt free and am much happier now than I have been in a long time MM
  10. I ordered mine a few months ago, now I can't access it, I take it you can only veiw it for a short period of time. Need to remember to print it off next time.
  11. I received a letter from Advantis Group saying that they are acting for Lowell Group for an outstanding debt. They have said in the letter that if their client decides to take legal action and a CCJ is granted and I do not repay what I owe, they may then apply for an enforcement order, asking the Court to: 1. order my employer to deduct the value of the debt from my wages. 2.appoint a bailiff to visit my home to reover goods to the value of the debt. 3.place a Charging Order on my home or other property. I am really worried about this as I have two young children. They are saying that one of their agents will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to come to my address. I am worried sick can they do this. Can you please help?
  12. I have recently had to arrange my Dads funeral and was asked for a £2,000 deposit. The total funeral costs for a very simple affair, came to £4,534.00. I was told,if deposit wasn't paid by the day of the funeral they would not be able to go ahead with proceedings. Considering I had only just registered his death that very day,I explained that insurance policies had not been sorted yet and I hadn't the money. They still inssisted I had to pay. Luckily my friend stepped in and paid it for me. As you can imagine, this was a very traumatic day for me. Please could someone tell me if this deposit was higher than normal and were they within their rights to ask this of me? Thankyou debgirl
  13. I'm facing a sanction because I turned down a below minimum wage job (£2 an hour). This is a door to door sales job with an unkown company that reeks of [problem]. The hours are 40 a week and it isn't enough to cover my expenses. I got a call from my training advisor who told me they are raising a sanction on me and informing job centre I've turned down an opportunity. I asked to speak to the manager and she said because I've been out of work what's the chances of me finding any job and that if I made commission I'd be better off. I told her if I get a sanction I won't have any money for food for six months and she didn't give a damn by the tone of her voice. I said it's wrong this isn't helping me I can't rely on commission and you're forcing me into a minimum wage job, you shouldn't even be making people go for these "jobs" of unkown companies that have no reputation, no reliability. I'm scared I'll get a sanction and be out on the streets, I heard the job centre are ruthless..
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