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  1. Hi all, I have come across all of the other threads on this subject (of which there are a few!). I am making a separate thread about mine as I do not want to hijack another thread as my situation is a little different. I recieved a letter earlier in the week at work from CJCH solicitors (copy of letter attached). I have not recieved any emails previously to receiving it either like in the other cases I read about. I do have an illegal copy solidworks on the computer which I got about 4 weeks ago to learn how to use it for my own personal use. We dont hav
  2. If using VPN is it safe to assume they cant get location identifying IP and network details?
  3. I got an infringement letter in the mail. I'm in the US but I'm going to post here because it the single best forum threads going regarding Solidworks. There are currently two oiler thread regarding this topic, they are linked at the bottom of this post. I received emails and a letter for the law firm Ha**ess D***ey representing Solidworks. Same exact letter as Robby212 (Post #121) in the first thread. We have a solidworks license but it's used by my partner in another state. I installed solidworks w/ bad license to check some drawings before sending out quotes. It was l
  4. if your works agrees to cover you under their corporate site licence, there is nothing 'they' can do about it. i'm specifically unsure how the solidworks end user agreement works, but, .... what used to happen with things like autocad and coral draw etc etc 10yrs ago is...our employees often installed say a free full or trial, cut-down/student versions the programs, then open up a file that caused them to access features only available in licenced versions - thus unlicensed usage started. they would then get emails claiming unauthorised usage for £1000's.
  5. That is definitely another solution. Speak to your manager to see if they can include you on the licence they hold for the software. Explain that you are facing paying $4000 for the Solidworks usage, while you were trying to update skills.
  6. so lets over view the actual situation here shall we.... you installed a piece of solidworks software on a personal PC because knowing the software would improve your chances of promotion within your employer because they use it and thats where you naturally want to go. UP the well known fleecers , we call them ambulance chasers here, contacted your employer as a scan showed a 'link' to them for a unlicensed installation. your employer gave them relevant information that sufficiently identified you as the culprit. the fleecers then contacted you
  7. Have just received a letter from CJCH solicitors claiming my company has been using a cracked copy of Solidworks 2017. We have 3 paid for seat of Solidworks 2015 and have never used either a legal or cracked version of Solidworks 2017. CJCH have said they are going to send me the MAC addresses of the computers that have used the cracked version. After discussion with my design team one of them has imported a couple of model files that were created on a cracked version of SW2017, these models were sent to us from a factory that we use to manufacture product i
  8. Hello all, I have read a good few threads on solicitors fishing for unauthorised use of SW. But it seemed that in each case some sort of evidence was provided and one of the recurring advices was not to reply (if letter was sent via email only) Here is a copy paste of the letter I received (omitted company name and reference numbers just incase the [problematic] roam this forum as well): The letter was headed with FAO: to my name (guessing as they got this as I am the director of my one man ltd co) LETTER BEGIN Dear Sirs, +44 (0)
  9. Hi all New to this forum but have read all the threads about these Dessault cases with great interest. I received the same email yesterday and would be grateful if someone could tell me what the outcome of their situation was given that over a year has passed since this discussion was active....are you all in prison? Or sold your homes to pay for a licence?! A little bit about my situation; I am a designer and have from time to time used Solidworks although it is not my default package hence the reason I couldn't afford to lump out the thousands they ask. I am a soletrader and only d
  10. Hi chaps. I know this is a few months on but I’ve supposedly received one of these emails from CHCJ and got a slightly different story. Im a designer who uses CAD (specifically Solidworks) regularly. However up until March this year, this usage was wholly on an employed basis under full license from the companies who employed me within their office premises. I have just set up on my own (as in - less than. 6 weeks ago) and after a bit of searching bought a second hand Solidworks machine I found on Gumtree which was loaded with what the chap assured me was a legit copy
  11. Firstly - thank you for the quick response and taking the time to do so. Calmed the nerves slightly... however I've spoken to the reseller again today - had to check if he was still coming for our planned meeting - he wasn't. However he also let slip a few things as I questioned him pretty hard on what this is all about. 1. He said Dassault won't care if I used the software or not - and have stated their attitude can be summarised using the following metaphor (one which Dassault staff use themselves) If someone steals a porsche it doesn't matter if they get 10 feet o
  12. there are numerous Solidworks threads here none have ever gone anywhere you are safe to ignore them. https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-8889411648654839:3134625398&q=Dessault Systems Solidworks&oq=Dessault Systems Solidworks&gs_l=partner-generic.12...65446.65446.0.68293. dx
  13. Hi All, hopefully you can advise me on a sticky spot I’ve just landed in. I’ve had what I believe to be a perfectly genuine threat-o-gram from a firm of solicitors representing Dessault Systems, makers of the Solidworks CAD package. They’ve correctly identified that I’ve used their software without a licence, but erroneously connected it with my very small business operation for which I own a domain and sell a few bits and pieces online. I manage my website, email etc on the same PC that on which I have Solidworks installed. The two uses are wholly independent.
  14. Hi there! Same sheet for me Here is my tips for avoiding any frustration with your illegal uses of Solidworks: - don't add your company name in folder or Solidworks filename (this is how they find u) - don't show your real company address on your website (this is how they fork u) - use a firewall software (like Glasswire) on each computer and block any process coming from Solidworks (they are a lot of different program name) - this software spreads your datas to a lot of IP addresses in the world c:\program files\solidworks corp\solidworks\sldworks.exe c:\progr
  15. For starters - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/search/?q=solidworks&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy&search_in=all
  16. Unfortunately I bought it but if I was to redo it on today I won't buy it. The main purpose of contacting you by email is to gather some clues about you. Solidworks application is a trojan that provide a lot of data to Dassault about your activities. They gather filenames and try to find the matching website where you are selling your designs/3d prints/CNC ... If you are naming your files or directories with your company name, they will try to find you. Now, even if I bought it, I've bocked all network traffics from this software (with Glasswire). It slows down my computer but it is th
  17. Also just got one in the US. The letter. We represent Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation (“DSSW”) located in Waltham, Massachusetts. As you may know, DSSW provides world-leading 3D design software and solutions to more than 150,000 customers in a wide range of industries around the globe. DSSW is the publisher and owner of all right, title and interest in and to its proprietary suite of software known as SOLIDWORKS (the “Software”). DSSW owns the copyright in the United States and elsewhere for this Software. Our client has informed us that “inse
  18. Hi New to this forum but have read a number of other threads on this subject with great interest, would be very grateful of any advice from the members and anyone who has had experiences of this especially through Solidworks. I received an email yesterday 1/8/18 from a Solicitor in Cardiff acting on behalf of Dessault systems/solidworks stating that "Our client has discovered that your company has been using SOLIDWORKS, without the necessary licenses, that is to say your usage has occurred without the consent of our client or any of its authorised resellers." They then chuck in
  19. Hi DX100UK Thanks for your reply, the only thing I'd say is that I suppose in my case its a little more complex! I don't just want them off my back, I NEED to have a working copy of solidworks to run my business. (I'd expected I'd have to go down the monthly license fee route and this entrepreneurship programme looked brilliant) But either way - I can't just ignore them and hope it goes away - I need to get the software up and running as fast as possible - and I want to do it legitimately which means talking to Dassault one way or another. But it appears these ambulanc
  20. hello .... i'm also receiving threats and thought i'd update here after finding the CJCH thread - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/401391-dessault-systems-solidworkscjch-sols-copyright-infringement-threats edit: and this thread - https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/416326-solidworks-dassault-systems-i-want-to-use-and-pay-for-it-but/ It's certainly unsettling to know someone has my name on a list somewhere. Anyone have any updates what to expect after the emails?
  21. IMO they're getting way too big for their boots in pursuing this course of action. They're annoying genuine and future customers off with this policy. I suggest you tell them your situation and that you were about to embark upon a licencing process but have been put off by their behaviour. By chance, I too am in a position where I'm involved in a startup. Because of my experience with SW - and despite us all knowing it prety well, we've elected to switch to Autodesk Fusion 360, which has a refreshing and VERY pragmatic licencing policy which I believe will see SW's crown toppled wi
  22. unless the have sent by ROYAL MAIL a Letter of/before Claim from a Solicitor stating solidworks as their client and included the reply form they have NOT complied service by email that they don't even know works is pointless
  23. Hello. We are a very small company (only two people). And We have 2 Solidworks legal licenses. But one of our computers came from another part of Europe with a version of Solidworks without a license. For some weeks we have used this version, finally we noticed the problem and activated the legal license that we have. The problem is that as indicated by other people in the forum they contacted us about the use of a fraudulent license. The contact was from the reseller and from CJCH. The most ironic thing is that, although we could have used the unregistered license for a few w
  24. I would like to emphasise my question from an earlier post, and I suspect this is the way they're "finding us": Do you personally own the internet domain to whose registered address they've sent the letter? Do you use the same computer to collect/send email? This is, I believe, the connection they're making - they're recording the machine’s MAC access, and sniffing email traffic (this is easy, it's unencrypted), then doing a lookup on that domain and if the name you tack onto your emails matches the owner of the domain, they shout hooray and send a threat-o-gram to the domain's regi
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