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Found 18 results

  1. ...he agreement when they dropped off the car. Do Not Sign It. this is all to familiar to yea ole auxilis debacle covered here in many threads...scary very scary... Showing results for 'auxilis'. - Consumer Action Group this link points to the whole threads not the posts ..hit 'programmable' word below Programmable Search Engine CSE.GOOGLE.COM...
  2. ...Beware your insurer referring you to KINDERTONS for courtesy car (also AUXILIS)...
  3. ...this is all to familiar to yea ole auxilis debacle covered here in many threads...scary very scary... Showing results for 'auxilis'. - Consumer Action Group this link points to the whole threads not the posts ..hit 'programmable' word below Programmable Search Engine CSE.GOOGLE.COM...
  4. ...0% cover all costs, the whole claim will never cost you a penny. this is exactly the semantics auxilis played and it cost people £1000's when they lost in court (court costs, defendants costs and Hire purchase still had to be paid by them) another claim was settled before court....
  5. ...the only worry that came out of the auxilis situation was they wanted to make the hirer the claimant of the court claim to get their money out of the defendant , thus if there is a loss or the defendant wins, under law, the claimant is responsible for paying, thus becomes personally liable for it. i would ensure that if they do what to name you as the claimant and make you sign the claimform, you have it in writing that should any loss resulting from the whole case occur, they would be paying it not you. dx...
  6. ...r half off at her work and then Im going to sit in the coffee shop and have a good read through the Auxilis threads. As for exactly what my claim against the third party is, Im not really sure. I mean originally the claim was damages to my vehicle with the third party admitting (and still admitting) full liability, but its clearly now going way beyond that so I dont really understand how far this is goes... After a good read in the coffee shop Im going to ring chief, Mansfield solicitors and Aviva in that order and see if anyone can give me any kind of written assurance as to exactly what my liability is and why. Im also going ...
  7. ... driver admitted fault car was paid off. I was paid out a year ago For injuries. Auxilis have now asked me to hire a solicitor they have instructed to get the hire car frees back. Do I have to do this? They have sent me a digital hire agreement. They cannot provide me with any documentation of me receiving vehicle or handing back as destroy after a year. I can only assume I had the car for the time length they are saying. Do I have to hire the solicitor in my name they say i don’t have to pay for ?...
  8. ...work location and my husband works in a rural location we required a car asap. We were referrred to Auxilis by Admiral and despite feeling uneasy about it all we agreed to the contract. The following day we were contacted and told that they would deliver a premium automatic car the following day to our home address. I said an auto was not necessary nor a premium and as my son was not in a position to work at this time we agreed for a car to be delivered to our home the following day as we could use the only other car available to us for a day or so. I made a separate call to Admiral and asked very specific questions regarding the hire a...
  9. ...e lots of complaints about Hastings and their conduct and we have had a couple of references now to Auxilis and I would recommend very strenuously that you record all phone calls as per our customer services guide and keep a very tight paper trail. Confirm everything in writing. If there's anything you disagree with then make it clear to them in writing that you disagree with it. Also, I'm not aware that Auxilis is a repairer https://www.auxillis.com/ I think that they are some kind of proxy/agency which has set themselves up to deal with the logistics of insurance claims including the arranging of repairs and I'm sure that t...
  10. ...ut is this the agreement with Hastings or is this a subsequent agreement which you have signed with Auxilis? I want to know what your agreement with Hastings is. Any agreement with Auxilis is subordinate to your Hastings agreement almost to the point of not being valid – possibly. Have you made any notes or statements in relation to his verbal statement "I just didn't see you". If you did make these notes then how soon after the accident did you make them? And you say that there was no witness other than the wife who was in the car – and didn't hear him making the statement. He was out of the car when he made the statement. ...
  11. ...Here's a little bit of reading to start off with https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/search/?q=auxilis &quick=1 It seems that Auxilis are going to make a name for themselves with this kind of behaviour. I see that you've been here since 2007 so this is very lucky because it means that you are well aware of the advice which we constantly give here to record your calls so luckily you've got recording of the conversation you had with your insurer about the courtesy car and that will really help us push your case forward. Bravo...
  12. ... me. I recieved an email from the claims dept and was told to contact a company called auxilis to arrange a courtesy car (their exact wording) and repairs to my vehicle. This I did and the courtesy car was delivered 2 days later. A few days after that the insurance vehicle assessor came out and looked at the damage, and a week later he sent in his report to my insurers. Some 3 weeks later, my insurance company got back to me to say they had written off my car and a with a write off offer. During this time (nearly a month) I had what I believed to be a courtesy car. I was then shocked t...
  13. ...hey will pay you out without quibble, that you will not have to engage with any other party such as Auxilis to make it happen – and that you will assist them in any reasonable way to recover their losses. That's how I see the picture. I would be amazed if you can show me anything in any of the insurers terms and conditions which contradict this I'd be interested to see what site team member @unclebulgaria67 has to say about this...
  14. ... PS - car was returned a long time ago (this all happened November last year) and I asked Auxilis what the costs actually were and it was about 2.3k...
  15. ...s and will be after them if necessary. It wont harm you to co-operate, it just amkes more money for Auxilis and their solicitor though so hold your nose. have you sent the car back now? if not do so immediately as they charge about £50k a year for a car worth £20k new...
  16. ...lternative can be obtained by the policyholder. I would cooperate with the Insurers and Auxilis to get this resolved, but make sure they both have a letter on file that you are not happy with the courtesy car/hire car mix up and may take any necessary actions later, if they ever attempted to recover any costs from yourself....
  17. ...You say that the Auxilis contract "apparently does". Have you not seen it? You say that the third party driver was as blind as a bat. Is there a possibility that he shouldn't have been driving? How do you know that he was so visually impaired? Can you tell us briefly how the accident occurred? Also can I say that it's very unhelpful to simply give your answers to my questions simply as an extension of my sentences. It makes it very difficult for me and other people to read. Apart from anything else I suggest that you start using the quotation function on this forum and also if you are going to give you answers a running co...
  18. ...your own money (so you were not impecunious). Speak to your solicitor and tell them the above, Auxilis will probably be keen to settle the bill at a heavy discount....
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