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  1. Hi all, I have read all the threads about CLI (Credit limits international) regarding fines from minor traffic offences in Florence Italy but I wonder if anyone actually faced some serious issues by ignoring the letters? Did any bailiffs knocking on the door, any court hearings, credit scores affected etc? In my case, it is for a traffic offence in Florence and entering a traffic limited zone in 2015. CLI claims that their client is the Firenze Municipale and they are collecting the debt on their behalf. However, I have (as many others) never received th
  2. Related topics...may be of interest to you. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/search/?&q=Florence&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy
  3. Hi, This is my first post. I hired a car in Italy in Oct 2016. While driving in Florence I drove through a traffic restriction sign. This was on a sort of roundabout, and went through it 3 times in quick succession trying to work out where to go. I later received recorded delivery letters from Italy for the traffic offences. I believed at the time it was from the authorities, don't have them now so can't confirm one way or another. There were three letters for the three separate offences, of which I only picked up one from the post office. I believed at the
  4. I was just reading this thread which has now been closed: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/415098-credit-limits-international-italian-highway-code-debt/ The issue concerned a speeding fine and the same thing has happened to me. I was caught speeding in Florence in 2015 and received a letter from Credit Limits International demanding £248. The company included the original copy of the fine from the Florence Police which was €69. I have no doubt the speeding happened - though this is the first I heard of it. I negotiated with the company exp
  5. Thanks dx100uk - but would it be possible to get an more detail as to why? Presumably, the debt is valid and has been purchased at whatever percentage on the debt by Credit Limits International from the Florence authorities?
  6. Afternoon all, I’ve received a ‘formal debt recovery notification’ letter from some outfit called Credit Limits International (CLI), asking me to make payment for a debt owed to the ‘Corpo Di Polizia Municipale Di Firenze’, with regards to the Italian Highway Code. I’m unsure as to what the debt is for - I’ve not received any notice prior to this. It does, however, have a ‘Car reference’ that appears to be a number plate. All I can think of is that my wife and I hired a car during the summer of 2015 - when we got married (!) - in Florence, and perhaps it refers to tha
  7. I read through that today. It’s interesting, but can SWIM use the planning permission as a defence? Also florence’s case is quite different. They have since put signage up relating to number plates as far as I am aware. Also she had her ticket as proof of payment. As I said before SWIM dose not as it was thrown away.
  8. Well done Florence. Ido not know why they went to Court when they had no chance of winning if you turned up. You did very well standing up to them as they would have had to insult you hoping that would crush you enough not to get your points across. Well they really underestimated you so very well done.
  9. Florence - magnificent news! And in the middle of such sad personal news as well. Well done for having such backbone and standing up to the creeps!
  10. How did you get on Florence? I was thinking about you today (you were in my thoughts yesterday too).
  11. Florence my condolences on the loss of your sister. You are having a tough time of it at the moment. It beggars belied that these thieving rogues pursue motorists who they know have paid to park and thus there has been no loss, but continue to Court because of a slight error in entering the reg. number. There have been many occasions that these crooked parking companies have lost in Court involving similar errors but they still pursue others doing the same mistake. And the reason is clear-loads of people pay up. Morally bankrupt crooks aided and abetted by second rate legal companies
  12. http://servizi.comune.fi.it/servizi/scheda-servizio/polizia-municipale-pagamento-multe-e-informazioni-sui-verbali Click translate once on the site......also Statute of limitation is 3 years in Florence.
  13. don't wait Florence for a response from them... you MUST file a defence by Tuesday 16th October whatever happens that's easy too
  14. Florence, when you get time, have a read of the other threads on the forum where the OP inputted a "wrong" registration number. You'll see theirs/yours are some of the simpler cases. You paid your money. The PPC made no loss. Legally you're right. And they're wrong. As long as you prepare your defence properly, it's likely Premier Parking/Wright Hassle will dirty their underpants and withdraw the case. If they really are so stupid as to continue to court, they will get a right kicking from the judge (and you!) They are simply trying to scare you, even though t
  15. Apologies as I've probably posted on the wrong board! I've just returned from holiday. Before I left I read a thread that I really wanted to respond to but didn't have time to do so before gallivanting off to Florence. I'm pretty sure it must have been a legal thread. Essentially I recall it being about a magistrate remonstrating with a defendant who pleaded "not guilty" when the Mag thought they should have plead "Guilty". I think it was about "historic debt collection" and possibly TV licences. Anybody point me in the right direction? I've looked but can't find it
  16. Why is why Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary selling a profitable and effective company his Department of Health owns, Which save the NHS and UK Taxpayers £70 MILLION pounds a year? "On the government’s own estimates NHSP saves the taxpayer around £70m a year by organising last-minute or replacement staffing for NHS trusts" "NHSP supplies staff cheaper than those obtained through private agencies which Simon Stevens, the chief executive of NHS England, has castigated for charging “rip-off” rates." "It is thought ministers hope to realise about £50m for a 75% stake in the fi
  17. Way back in 2013 i went to a Fracking event.Outside the Winter Gardens Blackpool.To learn a little that is all. Met Gayzer Frackman the chap who took the Energy Minister to court. I like Gayzer,first person i ever met in the Fracking movement. 10 minutes that is all it took for a Baptism of Fire as Gayzer and Nick Grealy expert on Shale Gas went face to face. I must have been 2 feet away. Now each Thursday he is talking about what has been going on.Now i am not to sure what is going on has been going on because i am not that close to any groups. Any particular person. Just do my
  18. LL is responsible for fabric of building but can recover costs of damage caused by criminal act or negligence. If they cannot show that the tenant has done it deliberately or is culpable by negligence then they should not make accusations. A complaint would be in the offing them. L or R crack is a stress crack so frame twisting or similar. The angle of the crack will tell you direction of force causing the crack. Thermal expansion unlikely, there are tests you can do on strained glass to see where the problem originates but as it has been replaced then these ca
  19. ECB seeks to lend out more bonds to avert market freeze - sources FRANKFURT The European Central Bank is looking for ways to lend out more of its huge pile of government debt to avert a freeze in the 5.5 trillion-euro short-term funding market that underpins the financial system, central bank sources told Reuters. 24 Nov 2016 Chinese official defends Chinese takeovers of German firms - newspaper BERLIN Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong on Thursday def
  20. Long story short. Returned from holiday in Florence in early July booked thru Booking .com to find an unauthorized debit (around £170) on our HSBC statement in favour of Best Western Hotel. Transaction date was prior to our departure from the UK, and we stayed at a B&B, not a hotel. CrCards cancelled & replaced to forestall further unauthorized debits. Immediately queried debit with bank, who magnanimously credited the charge, and will send us a form to complete. Never arrived. Two further enquiries at our local branch, and we were told we'd get
  21. US stocks turn positive after Trump win US markets trade higher, and the FTSE 100 closes higher after Donald Trump's win. From the section Business Related content What does Trump win mean for markets? Markets meltdown fails to materialise US Election 2016
  22. Why Toblerones are shrinking Why you may have to fork out more for less when it comes to chocolate biscuits and ice cream. 8 November 2016 From the section Business Related content Outcry as Toblerone triangles are downsized Toblerone triangle change upsets fans Toblerone shape scandal? Walkers and Bi
  23. British government bond yields rise to highest since Brexit result LONDON British government bond yields rose to their highest since the results of the country's vote to leave the European Union on Friday as a weakening pound stoked inflation expectations. 9:44am BST British banks keep cyber attacks under wraps to protect image LONDON Britain's banks are not reporting the full extent of cyber attacks to regulators for fear of punishment or bad publici
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