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  1. It was normal with the banks to charge their current published rate, which is 34.9%. Thats what i'm going for, though i've decided not to go for the claim for interest charged....or CCI charged on the interest charged!
  2. So how did you work out the interest matey?
  3. Hey, welcome to Cap One......they should be fearful of us Nat West maulers! I've got the same problem which i cant seem to get an answer to! You clearly got the same pages as we did.
  4. There's nothing on them, Basically the statements were A4 pages of print out......with more than one specific statement on each page.......as though it was a continuous print out of statement details, without them actually being statements!
  5. The statements i've been sent dont have a rate on them, just the amount charged in interest......anyone know how i get them?
  6. Guys. Having won £4k v Nat West in a fairly straightforward way, originally going for contractual but deciding to take full repayment of charges after an offer before getting to MCOL stage, we've decided to claim back a couple of hundred off Cap one, but are going to go contractual again. Having got the statements, there's no indication of the rates charged (Interest Applied) on any of the pages sent. The statements are not seperate sheets, but actually follow on from each other on normal A4 paper, so i'm not even sure they're actual statements. Does anyone have a list or an ide
  7. Hi Having gone through a Nat West claim for £4k successfully we now have a smaller claim (around £200) for Cap One. Can you confirm how you got to your 34.9% CCI rate? It's easier to ask as i cant find any references in this section.
  8. Or you could take the moral high ground and inform them of their mistake!!!
  9. Bank it in a high interest easy access account.....but dont spend it. They'll come asking for it eventually.
  10. Not sure what you mean by "looking for wording...." but sounds like a win to me. Ours took 3 days before it reached the account.
  11. Hi Jos. My view, and it is only a view as i have no legal background whatsoever, is that you have applied the UBR of 29.69% against their UB of YOUR money. It's not linked to whether your account was in credit or not....it's a rate of interest you are applying to the money they took from you and you're using, in their words, an average interest rate which they deem reasonable to charge in the same circumstances. It's a tough one, and i fully understand the problem you have, however they do seem to be concerned NOT to let this one go to court. If they were constantly basing decisions
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