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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks, will have a look. There are soooo many different threads on this site that I find myself getting completely lost sometimes. Spence
  3. Hi there Guys I have sent a DPA letter to Halifax dated 2nd Feb with £10 postal order. They responded on 9th March stating that they have ordered copy statement and should be with me within 21days. Obviously that has now past and I have received another letter from Melanie Wallington dated 11th April stating that they will respond no later than 16th May!!! What is going on??? I have looked on the forum for letters to complain to the bank etc, but can't seem the find them. Any suggestions? Anyone else having the same problems? Your help is greatly appreciated Spence
  4. Thanks KnellyK, Was beginning to worry as hadn't used the "MCOL" that others were referring to and didn't want my claim to suffer. I now understand. Thanks Spence
  5. Just read other threads and people are referring to MCOL. What is that?? Spence
  6. !!UPDATE!! The court granted a Stay in proceedings at the request of the Abbey. That has now ended and I have not received any further correspondence from them at all. I have written to the Court and stated my position and requested that there be no further stay, that directions are made and the matter is set down for trial at the courts earliest convenience. Just now waiting to see what happens next. Keep reading about others who have received GOGW and other offers. Nothing for little old me................yet Spence
  7. Hi again Since posting the above, I have read a few other threads and note that some of you have been given a 50% offer of settlement when the defence has been filed. No such luck for me...... Not that I will accept the offer, just feeling a bit left out at this stage. Spence
  8. Hi there Guys Tried posting a thread a while a go, but for some reason the site wouldn't let me. Anyway, I am here now. Spence -v-Abbey Maidstone County Court 6MS03947 Claim issued 21 December 06 Amount claimed £4657(including interest) Def Acknowledged service 10 Jan 07 Defence Filed 22 Jan 07 Allocation Questionnaire needs to be filed 8 Feb 07, will be served today 25 Jan 07(together with £100 fee-was not expecting that. Good job it is pay day!!) Just sitting and waiting now Spence:)
  9. Well I had the standard "we'll look into it for you response" dated 25th July and then on 1st Aug a standard" we've looked into it and your not getting your money back" letter. Now I am sending off a LBA and sit out the 14days. By which time I would have got paid and can afford the the small claims fee. Spence
  10. Hi there Guys & Dolls Finally got all of the statements from my account since Dec 2000, having originally sent Data Protection Act letter with £10 PO back on 28th March 2006!!!! They came through piece meal to start with, then nothing. I called and spoke to Jackie SCOTT on 01908 344535 on 22nd April 2006 asking about the delay and I was informed that there is a delay in obtaining old accounts from Micro Fiche. They had my letter on 4th April and the request was logged on 12th April (I sent the letter to an address I found at Triton Square, Regents Place in London, so that delay was my fault I guess:oops: ) Anyway, I heard nothing more until today Saturday 15th July when a package arrived for me:o . I had kind of forgotten about it due to pressure at work etc The "war office" was enquiring what it was about, but as it is my cash that they have "stolen", and I was not shackled to her at that stage, I decided to ignore the request for information as I do not want to have to share it with her beyond what I consider is appropriate once I have used it to pay of bills etc;) . I feel a small bunch of flowers (sainsburys of course) and a meal out at the local Nandos, again not telling her of my windfall. Anyway, calculated the figures, done the spreadsheet (without interest at this stage) and sent it off with a nice polite letter requesting it's return within 14days. Total figure sought is £3636.50. Should no positive response be received then I will calculate the interest at that stage. Anyway, that letter is being sent today (17th July) and the fourteenth day is the first day of my holiday. I cheque arriving just before I go would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath. Therefore I can do nothing until my return. Anyway, will keep you Guys & Dolls informed as to progress. Spence:cool:
  11. Well done Lee Just joined the forum today, having sat on the fence over the last week or so on whether to proceed with this or not. Having read your thread, I am going to go through with it all. Only concern is that my mortgage is with them and don't want them to do anything silly with that to show me "whos boss" Spence
  12. Thanks for that. Disappointed to note that the Abbey seem to leave it to the last minute whereas other banks cave in earlier. just need to be strong. However, a little worried about the fact that my mortgage is with them just in case they decide to get funny with me. Oh well, just see what happens. Spence
  13. Hi there Guys & Dolls New to this forum, joined today (28th March) and sent letter of to Abbey, albeit to their Regents Place address in London as off their website. I included a £10 postal order. No idea how much they have charged me over the years, but it will be loads. Anyway, has anyone actually received either a full or satisfactory settlement with their claim? Just after a ray of hope to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel Many thanks Spence
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