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  1. Thank you for taking the time to offer your experiences, much appreciated
  2. As I have come to discover, I'll keep hammering away
  3. Thank you for your advice, much appreciated . My annoyance is that the procedure as explained to me by Virgin, my original supplier was that Vodafone should have made sure my SIM was with me, i.e. I call them to say hello I have my SIM, once this is done they tell Virgin to cut my service and they take over. It seems to be backside first. Just the hassle and cost of getting a new SIM/mobile number, then telling everyone of the change is just crazy. The fact of getting nowhere with Vodafone is a pain, I only moved to that provider as my Partner who is already on Vodafone can call me using Friends and Family as my new job next week takes me away travelling a lot. Live and learn
  4. I think I am going to need a season ticket for this site soon, a new year, a new set of complaints I wanted to change my provider from Virgin Mobile to Vodafone, keeping my Virgin number. On 18 December 2006 I contacted Vodafone to provide them with a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) to transfer my mobile number from Pay as U Talk Virgin Mobile to Pay as U Talk Vodafone. I was advised by Vodafone that I would have a SIM sent to me using this mobile number. I was advised that this would take 5 working days to arrive, to date nothing has arrived. On 29 December 2006 at 10am, Virgin sent me a text to say that I was going to lose my service with them on 3 January 2007 as Vodafone were taking over from that date. I have lost my service, still no SIM or answers from Vodafone, tried calling them but got cut off twice and resorting to e-mailing them. Any advice??
  5. Hello First post and wondered if you have any advice you can pass on . I bought a 2nd hand Brava which in the first 6 weeks gave me a catalogue of issues, ending with head gasket problems. Now fixed. It was off the road over two weeks. I lost days in work as I am a temp and unable to get in without a car. When my car gave up after the sixth week the first mechanic took apart the coil plugs and one of them was held together with electricians tape. He said this could have caught fire at anytime and if he had sold a second hand car this is the first thing that he would have checked and replaced. He believes this contributed to the head gasket problems. One of my questions is coil plugs being held together with tape, could this have been deemed as dangerous and should this been checked over by the 2nd hand car dealer and replaced? I was not given a warranty from the dealer, he said that as soon as I drive away it is my problem not his . Also, my MOT certificate says it has 67k miles on the clock, the receipt and the car it is plus 80K miles - what do I do about this??? Your advice is much appreciated. Merlot
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