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  1. Sorry for the spelling mistakes by the way. The original post was written in a bit of a rush.
  2. Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can give me a quick response to this question. My car was clamped early November 2010 for not having an tax. I didn't realise it had been clamped as it was parked down teh street and didn't actually realise it had run out of tax. Appartently the tax ran out in August 2010, I didn't get a reminder from the DVLA and had always been pretty reliant on these. Anyway the DVLA depot in Uxbridge wanted more than the car was worth to release it so my only option was to let them scrap it. I went down to the depot before it was scrapped to get my belongings and
  3. Thanks. Its crazy isnt it how many companys are out there to rip us off
  4. Hi They have since written back to tell me that they do not hold a credit agreement in their office and that my account has been closed. So so dodgy. There are prob so many people that if in my situation just panic and pay. This is suppose if how they make their money. Any idea of who i can report them to? Thanks Marvin
  5. Hello all Quick question. I have a Topman and Burtons store card and also a Lloyds Credit. Like banks these companys tend to issue you with rediculous admin fee's for direct debits bouncing and late payments ect. Are we in the position to claim these charges back? Regards Marvin
  6. I have decided just to pay the full £35. It seems like teh wise thing to do. I will possibly look at trying to claim teh admin charges back at a later date. Marvin
  7. It is the standard fare as i boarded the train without a ticket, however what i am quierying is the £20 admin fee they have put on top as i didnt reply to the original letter in time. Can they do this? I mean £20 does seem a bit much. Thanks Marvin
  8. Hi all To cut a long story short i recieved a train fine some time ago and decided to appeal against it. They fined me £20 plus another £20 for admin charges as the yhad to write to me twice. Anyway as i didnt appeal within the 21 day timescale they are refusing to consider my appeal. They tell me i need to send a cheque in and thats it, case closed. I dont mind paying the penalty fare even though i think this is excessive, however i refuse to pay another £20 for a late/admin charge. Any advice Thanks Marvin
  9. Thanks Sparkie where can i find more information? regards Marvin
  10. I need some advice and wonder if anyone has experienced similar correspondence. I recieved a letter from Buchananclark and Wells on 19th December 06 asking for a payment of £60,49, they inform me that they are colllecting on behalf of their client Activ Kapital Assett Investment. When i called a women at Buchananclark and Wells she advised me that it was for an old Barclays loan, i explained that i hadnt been with Barclays for 8 years and that i owed them nothing. She explained that this was irrelevent and they would be proceeding. I called Barclays and they had no record of me
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