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  1. FOS are now at the point of escalting to the Ombudsman. So nearing the end hopefully
  2. Done. I have pointed out the RMA also that any further action to collect amount will be deemed as harassment.
  3. I thought as much. I guess if they ring again I should tape such conversations.
  4. intercityman

    Mbna Cca

    I CCA MBNA early this week and guess what RMA are now chasing for arrears. A small amount but not something i can pay right now. Do you think I should send a copy off the cca to RMA and if so do I need to send another £1 postal order ? I suspect MBNA have done this because i CCA them, is this not retailiation so to speak ?
  5. I am just awaiting the Fin Omb. report, so will tell you how i go very soon. Its not a quick process thou with barclays.
  6. intercityman

    MBNA Antics

    I have chase MBNA once for Card fees and they hiked up my APR on my outstanding balance making it dificult to pay off quicker. They are now pestring me and threathening me to take out a Loans.co.uk application to secure the debt against my ooutstanding balance. She also said she could force me to sell my house if i couldnt pay the credit card. Intresting. I thought unsecured loands could not force that ?
  7. Seems egg have final come up with the goods It look like a Credit Agreement that is enforeable, so next will be charges Just for any one intrested it date 1999. I am going to scan a copy as I am concerned that no card limit is shown. Will Scan and posta copy ASAP
  8. FOS arent that effeicent. Still Waiting now !!! Barclay's appear to be dragging the feet. Still all is not lost if FOS dont come up with good I assume the courts is an option.
  9. Dudley Trading Standards just fob you off and say use the Financial Ombudsman. Great Response, although expected. Suspect FOS wont be much use either. Seem some people are above the law.
  10. Can any one advise on wheterh i should continue paying this card. As I am worried if I continue to pay it I am letting them carry on with there antics. I am going to go after egg for charges as well when i have £10 spare to SAR them. Any advice please
  11. I have dropeed Trading Standards an Email outline eggs breach. Strangley enough egg have nowadd the £1 to my account. And apolgised state they are looking into it. I have respond and said that they are still in breach as such, and in the meantime until its found the account is in dispute
  12. Intresting you CCA them and they off the fee's back. Not heard that happen. You sure iyou didnt send a SAR ?
  13. Ok so I cant take them to court. But is the anything I could do now. If it unenforcable, i am assume that in THEORY they cant add intrest or add fee etc etc.
  14. I have sent the letter to obtain a copy of the Credit agreement I have with them for my credit card. The Letter was posted on the 6th Feb 2008, it now the 21st Feb. 15 Days have elapsed And I thought I'd seen that they had to provide this in 12 days. ( Please correct me if I am wrong ). What should my next step now be. Any advise welcome.
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