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  1. hi every one, i am in the process of taking barclays to court to reclaim my charges, which over the past few years runs in to quiet a hefty sum, they did offer me a £1000 to which i turned down. i followed all the steps in the process, got the AQ filled it in sent it back with payment, the case transfered to my local county court, Now they wont hear the case and have transfered it to yet another county court, Barclays have put up a defence, had to swallow a dictionary to understand half the words, but with it being transfered from my local to another court is it a good thing or do they inten
  2. So hi, well this is a roller coaster ride for me, i am in the process of claiming quiet a hefty sum from barclays, read all posts and ive followed some cracking advise, but i dont seem to have read any where, where any one as been in the same situation as i am in now, I started to claim for unlawfull charges made from my account with barclays which by this time was well overdrawn on my overdraft, i sent out the first letter for a list of charges made to me, (got it) sent 2nd letter asking for them back, and so on, so the next stage was to take them to court, did that, still no reply from them,
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