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  1. Hi, Hope somebody can help me. I had a barclaycard 2001-2002, i am an anulled bankrupt, i know that if i claim bank charges back that i will receive the monies as i have spoken with the official received of my bankruptcy, who said i would receive any monies claimed, i might add that he claims to know nothing about claiming bank charges back either, said he'd never heard of it, somehow i think he must be on another planet! Anyway i want to know if the interest that barclaycard have charged me on their statements can be claimed back or not or is it just charges like late payments and over ov
  2. Hi Simcap and theyvbinrobinme! Thanks for your help, i'll contact you again if need be. Cheers:)
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply, i'll have to have a look for the letters. To be honest with you, i'm finding it a nightmare trying to find anything on the site but i've got all night to look!:o
  4. Hi I have statements for HSBC going back to 1998, Lloyds TSB back to 2000, MBNA going back to 1999, LLoyds TSB credit card going back to 1999 and barclaycard going back to 2000.
  5. Hi, I have two accounts with the Abbey, a basic account and a normal current account. I have all the original statements, and need to know how i go about claiming back my charges. Can anybody help please?
  6. Hi Can anybody help me please? I had an account with HSBC, i have all of my original statements and need to know what i have to do to claim back my charges.
  7. fastbird

    fastbird v MBNA

    hi, can anybody help me? I had an mbna credit card and need to know how i go about getting my charges back and interest if poss. I have all the original statements but need to know what i do next?
  8. Can anybody help me please? I had a barclaycard and now wish to make a claim for charges. I have all of the original statements but am unsure as to what i can actually claim for in the way of charges or interest?
  9. Thanks UK, just checked out the link you sent and its for requesting copies of all the statements. Although i said i was blonde, i did actually keep all the original statements for all of the accounts, so could you please advise what i do now? Also how do i go about setting up a thread with the various banks?
  10. Hi Ukaviator, Sorry if i am coming across as a bit dim (its probably the blonde coming out!) What is a Subject Access Request? Fastbird:o
  11. Hiya bottomburp and martin3030, I'm pleased to report that my trustee of my bankruptcy rang me this morning and said that i am to speak to the official receiver who dealt with my bankruptcy. I rang the official receiver who said he would look into it and ring me back. I was surprised at how quick he did this, within an hour! Anyway, he rang me back and said that if i was to make a claim for bank charges then all the money claimed back would come to me, and nobody else would receive the money. So needless to say i am extremely happy. Now the fun bit begins, i had bank accounts with Ll
  12. Hi just to keep you updated, i rang the insolvency service number that bottomburp advised, to which they said i need to speak to the trustee who dealt with my bankruptcy. I have just rang them and explained the situation and they are looking for my file and will telphone me back and hopefully answer my question. I will keep you posted when i get a reply.
  13. Hi bottomburp and martin3030 thanks for the information, i will check this out first as i dont want to end out making the wrong move. thanks:p
  14. Hi bottomburp and Martin3030 Thanks for your information, i shall check this out first as i dont want to end out in deep water, been there done that before, hence going bankrupt!!
  15. Hi Uk Thanks for that information, i will now start going through all the statements, and checking out the site and hopefully i may be another winner! Thanks again:p
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